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Paul Aasen (St. Peter, Minnesota) -- Greetings to all of my high school classmates and best wishes. I deeply regret that I will not be able to attend our 50th reunion. I am doing well health wise and enjoying my retirement years working as a daily volunteer at our church (administrative support) and driving a school bus for the local school district.  I was in Seattle last summer attending a professional association 40th reunion so it just didn't work out to return again this year. (07)

After HS, I attended several schools receiving my BA, an M.Div, and a M.Ed.  Prior to retiring in 2000, I served a Lutheran parish in California for four years, before moving to Iowa where I was an admission’s counselor/financial aid advisor at Wartburg College. Subsequently I was Director of Student Financial Aid at Gustavus Adolphus College for 22 years in St. Peter, MN where I continue to reside with my wife Nita.  Paul has three sons, Kevin, and Erik and David who both died in November 1994, and three grandchildren ages 8, 12, and 14. (6/07)


Judy (Abraham) Miller (Greenbank, Washington) -- My first time around lasted 16 years and 3 wonderful boys. Corky Miller and I were married for nearly 25 years until his death in 2002. We lived and worked in Washington and California most of the time, ending up on beautiful Whidbey Island. Gardening travel, volunteering with the Senior Center and neighborhood gatherings along with my children and three grandchildren seem to fill my days. I’m always up for an adventure. (7/07)


Bob Ajax Updated August 2013 (Raleigh, North Carolina) -- I received a BS from the UW in '61 and an MS from Penn State in '68 in mechanical engineering, and am registered Professional Engineer. In 1962, after two months at Boeing, I was commissioned in the Public Health Service and assigned in Cincinnati where I met Corky and we were married in 1963. (The photo on the left was taken at our 50th anniversary party.)  We moved often, living in Ohio, Kentucky, Colorado, Pennsylvania and Virginia/Wash DC, before finally settling in the Raleigh, NC area. I retired as a Captain after 30 years in the PHS and opened an engineering consulting business, providing services to industrial clients, primarily in the Midwest and Northeast. In 2000, I had a heart attack that made the decision to retire easy. Going down the hall on a gurney thinking you are about to die reorders one's priorities in a hurry.

We have two kids – Scott is an engineer/telecom guru who lives nearby, and Kathy, a part time occupational therapist and stay-at-home mom, who lives in Asheville, NC, plus four grand children ages eight to fourteen years. We enjoy the grand kids a lot. I mostly take it very easy anymore. In the summer we spend a lot of time at our cabin at Historic Bath, NC (towns are older back here -- Bath was 300 years old in 2005). Sailing has been one of our hobbies. Two years ago I satisfied one of my long-term goals by taking a single-handed, 80 mile cruise on my sail boat on the Pamlico sound. In 2012 I made a similar trip with my two older grand kids, and in 2013 I made a longer trip with my daughter and her family. Scratched three items off my bucket list with those.  Corky and my primary social activity is ballroom dancing which we do often with friends. We have traveled in almost all states in the U.S and went on the class cruise to Alaska which hooked us on cruising. Since then we have taken several cruises to the Caribbean and one to New England and Canada. Corky has traveled widely with her sister in Europe, Russia and even Northern Africa, but I have not -- I'm a stick in the mud in that regard. We've also enjoyed several vacations in Key West – a really neat place. I’ve enjoyed working on the web site which, in spite of occasional frustrations, has put me in contact with many "old" friends, both in Wenatchee and elsewhere, with whom I've exchanged many e mails. I've enjoyed that.  There are a lot of great folks in the Class of '57. I have fond memories of many friends and happy days in Wenatchee, and miss it there -- it is easy to understand why many classmates are returning to Wenatchee for their retirement years. Retirement in North Carolina, although not home like Wenatchee, is very good. I know there are many jokes about the South but you don't often hear of folks retiring and moving North. I enjoyed the 50th reunion a lot – as one can see from my editorial comments and several of the photos on the site -- I thought it was special! I've attempted , but I'm sure I can't adequately express my appreciation for all of those in Wenatchee who did so much work to make it so great – Thank you to all! My only disappointment is that somehow it seemed that the time was too short to talk to all the folks I hoped to chat with -- Corky tells me that is because I talk too much. Whatever,it is obvious from all the smiling faces in the reunion photos that the reunion and lunches have been happy occasions for all. I greatly enjoyed the class cruise to Alaska and our time dining and chatting with classmates. (6/2012)  Return to Top

Judith Ann (Akers) Sault (Bremerton) – After school, Judy served in the Navy where she met her husband, Thomas, who died in 1997. She was a wife and mother until she went to college at 32, earing a degree in Sociology. Judy has five children, twelve grandchildren and five great grandchildren. After college, she managed a furniture store, then became a stay at home grandma, raising a granddaughter who is now 17. Judy reports that she loves to read, has three big dogs who, like her granddaughter, run her life. She saw the world while we were Navy, but now stays home and ‘sees her family’. (7/07)


Kaye (Anderson) MacKenzie (East Wenatchee) -- After graduating from Central Washington University in 1961, I taught school in Wenatchee for a few years.  I became co-owner and office manager of Jerry’s Auto Supply.  This was my life for the next 37 years combined with family and home.  I have three children, plus two stepchildren and five grandchildren. I retired from Jerry's in 2000, and now with my husband Buck, spend part of the winters in Palm Springs, CA and part of the summers at Lake Chelan. (6/07)

 Orlo Andrew (Wenatchee) -- I married classmate Joy Juchmes in 1958. We have three children, Odean, Teresa and Shaun, and three grandchildren. I owned Harbor Marine, an auto and marine repair business, in Kodiak, Alaska for 15 years. We moved back to Wenatchee in 1989. (7/07)


Sandie (Austin) Russell (Lakeside, California) -- My husband, John Russell and I have three children, seven grandchildren plus one grandchild and one grandchild on the way. I spent twelve years as “Stay Home Mom”, fifteen years working, fourteen of which was a ranch/farm experience which was too quiet, followed by ten years as a full time “care giver”. That was really quiet!  Volunteer: Church jobs, assist “Support Groups” for Care Givers, visit elderly and ill. I enjoy gardening, reading, lunch and shopping with friends. I retired in 1985 from Magnolia Steel which we owned. (8/07)


Dennis Barnes (Wenatchee) --Dennis worked at Pybus Steel for 40 years. Since Pybus closed, he has continued to do reinforcing detailing on a self-employed basis. He probably holds the record for working at the same company the longest. (Can anyone top 40 years?) We offer our sincere condolences to Dennis whose wife, Sharon, passed away in December, 2003. His three children, Jeff, Trisha and Kim, all live in the Wenatchee area. He has three grandchildren, and his first great grandchild is due near the end of March. (Smitty's 3/05)


 Dale Barnhart (Vancouver, Washington) -- I graduated Eastern Washington State University in 1968, that same year, Diane and I were married.  We have two children and one grandchild and lived in Yakima and Vancouver.  We moved to Longmont, Colorado and then back to Vancouver.  I retired from T P Freight two years ago, where I was a truck driver. (6/07)

 Rebecca ‘Becky’ Ann (Barnhill) Peterson (Welland, Ontario) -- I taught grades 2 and Kindergarten in Wenatchee Schools for 8 years.  I've been married for thirty five years to George Peterson, a glazier from Ontario where we now live on the 25 acre Peterson “farm” near Niagara Falls.  I did substitute teaching here in Niagara area and am retired from teaching.  I'm blessed with 2 children, Merry and Fred.  I've survived breast cancer, chemo, radiation, and a heart attack.  I have won some awards as an Avon Lady. (7/07)


Mike Bartram  (Shingletown, California) -- I attended the UW , WSU and Mexico City College, and have a degree in philosopy. I was in the infantry in the US Army, and attended Hastings College of Law in San Francisco where I received a law degree. I was a prosecuting attorney for 35 years in four counties in California. I was elected District Attorney for six years. I am retired from Monterey, Santa Cruz, Shasta, Tehama County DA’s Office. I have two daughters, Emily who lives with her husband Swan in Tuscon, and Molly who lives in Zacatecas, Mexico, and two grandchildren, William and Giovanna. Over the years I have lived in Long Beach, Redondo Beach, San Francisco, Monterey, Santa Cruz and Shingletown, California. My hobbies are backpacking, climbing, reading, gardening and writing.  (8/07)


Hugh 'Terry' Beatty (Oak Harbor) -- Hugh attended Medical School at the University of Utah. He served as a Medical Officer on two Nuclear Submarines as well as Research Medical Officer at the Navy Experimental Diving Unit. He retired as Senior Medical Officer, Naval Submarine Base, Bangor, WA. Hugh has traveled to Jamaica in the Caribbean, the Baltics including Russia, Estonia, Poland and Scandinavia. Hugh and his wife, Monty, have four children and ten grandchildren. (5/07)

 Jeanette (Bickel) Brindos (Gardnerville, Nevada) -- How to put the last 50 years in 60 words? The journey has been long in some ways and incredibly short in others. I married in 1958 and had two children, a girl (Carol) in 1959 and a boy (Paul) in 1962. I have two grandchildren from Carol, a girl (married, so acquired another grandson) and a boy. They all live in the greater Seattle area. Moved to San Jose, California in 1971 and divorced in 1978. Went to work for Lockheed Martin Missiles and Space Company in 1979 and quickly realized I needed a college degree to forge ahead both career wise and financially. I graduated from DeAnza College, Cum Laude and National University, Magna Cum Laude. Who says older students cannot learn and apply themselves? This was done at night and on weekends so that my children and employer were kept happy and growing. I worked in the Classified Subcontracting Area and enjoyed my work immensely. In 1999 I married Raymond, my present husband and not only acquired a wonderful man, but two sons. They are now married and I have three grandchildren from them. All in all I now have six grandchildren. We both took early retirement in 2001 and moved to Gardnerville, Nevada. It is a beautiful, green valley in Northern Nevada and we both have many hobbies, plus a motor home, traveling, etc. etc. to fill our time. (5/07)

 Barbara (Bj) (Bolton) Herron (Wenatchee) -- I joined the Wenatchee Crowd in the 10th grade. Before that I went to Sunnyslope School from the 5th grade. Basically, I’m a southern girl. Guess it is in the blood, I was born in Mississippi. I went to 13 schools in several states (West Virginia, Alabama, Mississippi, Texas and Washington) before the sixth grade. Perhaps that is why I don’t meet many strangers. I enjoy talking to people.

Dewayne and I were married July 1, 1956, between my Junior and Senior years. We set up housekeeping in a third floor walk up. He was drafted into the service a month later. We set off for Arkansas and I stayed with his parents while he was in basic training. I started school that fall in Arkansas. He came home at Christmas and told me he was being shipped out to Korea. I talked to my advisor and she decided I had enough credits to graduate mid year. So we came back to Fort Lewis, Washington, and he left from there. I came back to Wenatchee and looked for a job. It was not easy mid winter.

I worked at McBrides and The Faris Shop. When Dewayne returned we started our family. We have 4 children, Teressa (47) Craig (45) Kevin (44) and Lisa (41). Oh yes, we had 4 teenagers at once. That was a trip, and the only one we went on for a while! We bought our first home in Sunnyslope in 1965. Raising 4 kids was a challenge, but in Sunnyslope, we knew everyone. At that time everyone looked out for the neighborhood kids. They could play outside all day and we never had to worry about anything more than skinned knees and warped bicycle wheels.

Those were busy times with 14 little Blue Birds in my care once a week. Then came Camp Fire Girls, Boy Scouts and camp outs, PTA, room mother, 4-H Clubs raising rabbits, pigs and teaching the kids (both boys and girls) to cook and sew.

I went out to the Junior College and picked up some bookkeeping skills and put them to use when we bought the Milk Route. I worked in the Records department at Columbia Federal Savings and Loan and was payroll clerk at Cascoa Growers fruit warehouse.

Then our parents were aging and we were going to have grandchildren. Dewayne and I were only children. So we felt I would be of more value to the family by staying home rather than trying to work. We are a close knit family. Our parents lived within 5 miles of us (for the most part). My grandmother lived with us for her last 5 years, when our children were young. I feel our children benefited greatly by interacting with her.

I was also care giver to each of our four parents at different times over a period of years. I started by driving their cars, then house keeping duties and dispensing medicine. It soon progressed to performing many nursing procedures. Within 8 years, we lost all four of our parents. They were so dear to us, and we realized not every child knows their grandparent and great grandparent as intimately as ours did.

We are able to travel more now that Dewayne is retired. We like to take our motor home and go fishing, crabbing or just camping. There are special times when our children will bring their families and their trailers for a few days. We really enjoy that. We’ve never had all 10 of the grandchildren camping. But we regularly have five or six of them.

I started learning about the computer in 1998. I took a couple of classes and by that time I was hooked. I joined the Computer Club at the Senior Center because I needed more help (and I felt they would go slow enough that I could keep up!). There is a great exchange of ideas there. I served 2 years as President of the club. I really enjoy being able to communicate by email, write letters, and do research on genealogy. A project like the WaWa is so much easier on the computer. There is so much information at your fingertips on the web. Sometimes it is hard to step away. Dewayne says he is getting used to "computer soup". Oh Oh, the cook was preoccupied.

Our children planned a wonderful 50th anniversary party for us last July. We had about 85 friends and family over by invitation. Our special guests came from Alabama, and we were so pleased to have Pete and Betty Bromily there. They were our Best Man and Bride’s Maid all those years ago. It is a very good thing to know our class has several couples who have achieved the 50 mark.

My twin goals of being a teacher or nurse were fulfilled, though not in the usual sense. I have gained so much love and satisfaction from my marriage and career of motherhood. I continue to learn, and hope to do so always. (4/07)

Love Deeply, Live with Passion, Laugh Out Loud – BJ


Tom Bousquet (Henderson, Nevada) -- Upon graduation, I went to UW for four years majoring in froth and frivolity and a bit of ROTC. Not knowing what I wanted to do (by the way, I still don't), I applied for Advanced Air Force ROTC and was accepted. So I became a graduate and Air Force 2lt on 10 June 1961. Early in my UW senior year I married Claudette Richardson (class of '60m). I was called to active duty 29 Sept. 1961 at Sheppard AFB, Wichita Falls, Texas for Accounting & Finance Officer training for 4 months. Our daughter Aimee was born there. The training was minimally effective, but they didn't know that!

My first assignment was to Spangdahlem AFB in the Eifel Mountains of west central Germany - about 50 miles due east of Luxembourg City. We enjoyed the 3 year experience from Feb 1962 to Feb 1965. Our son Kevin was born there in June 1964. We got to travel some. Highlights in terms of emotional impact were seeing the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam and East and West Berlin. Third place went to visiting the WWI Verdun battlefields. We enjoyed Holland and Italy also. Switzerland looked exactly like the postcards!

My apprenticeship as a Deputy Accounting & Finance Officer over, we were assigned to Bunker Hill AFB, Indiana (since re-named Grissom after the fallen Astronaut, after our time there). Spent 2 years from 1965 to 1967 as the Accting & Fin Officer (AFO for short) there and performed many heroic numeric deeds in accounting for and spending your tax dollars. I volunteered for the Air Force's MBA program, was selected and sent to George Washington University for a year (June 67 to June 68). No froth and frivolity there. I worked my butt off and got good grades - and my MBA. While there I had to request a follow-on assignment. As we were engaged in a war? in Vietnam and I was unsure of my future, I opted to volunteer for a tour in Vietnam. Guess what? They selected me. Surprise, surprise! I spent July 68 to July 69 (sans family) at Tuy Hoa Air Base. This was a good assignment as Tuy Hoa was a built-from-scratch base on the South China Sea with paved roads, air conditioned "hootches" for Officers and other amenities. Nevertheless, I learned that a year can be a long, long time.

From there we went to Tachikawa Air Base outside of Tokyo for 3 years, which Uncle Sam arbitrarily decided to extend to 4 years (July 69 to July 73). We enjoyed Japan but the 4th year was a bit of a drag. I ran one of the largest AFOs in the Air Force. When I arrived I had to sign for and take pecuniary liability for $95 million in cash. Our vault was as big as a small cottage and I had 3 Japanese employees that did nothing but count money (with machines mostly) all day. We funded all of Japan, Korea and Vietnam.

From there it was to Norton AFB at San Bernardino, CA for a 2 year tour (73 to 75) on the traveling team of the Air Force Inspector General as a Comptroller Inspector. We would swoop down out of the sky to inspect all aspects of an Air Bases operations. Of course, they were always happy to see us! LIKE THE PLAGUE! We lived in Redlands and enjoyed that.

From there it was on to the heartland to Strategic Air Command headquarters at Offutt AFB, Omaha, Nebraska for 3 years (75 to 78), where I served in the Directorate of Accounting & Finance as a Division Chief. I can't say much positive about the weather but we had more fun there than anyplace we had (or have) ever been. Great friends and neighbors and mucho partying!

From there it was "go west, young? man" to Nellis AFB in Las Vegas. Here we planted our flag and became confirmed desert rats. We bought a house on a golf course in Henderson (which blends into the South of Las Vegas) and settled in. The kids were finishing/starting high school. We were there from May 78 to May 80. Uncle Sam, in his infinite wisdom, decided to send me to Davis Monthan AFB in Tucson, Arizona. I went there alone for 13 months until I could retire. I retired as a Lt Colonel effective September 1, 1981 with 20 years 2 days service. We've been in Nevada all these years since. I spent several years working in the Convention industry, then 17 years with the Nevada Department of Taxation in several roles, retiring as of January 3, 2005.

So now I'm retired retired, drawing Social Security, enlarging my body and playing (bad) golf 4 days a week. Claudette looks great and our kids and grandkids are spread out. Daughter Aimee is remarried and has 3 offspring - Lyndsay (22 and our oldest), Brandon (almost 20) and Alexandria (11). Lyndsay recently graduated from college in Florida a year early and is now in the workforce in Orlando. Aimee lives in St. Petersburg. Handy! Son Kevin lives in Prosser, Washington with spouse Julie and daughter Adrienne (14) and son Mitch (12). We're very proud of all of them! I recently had my first hole-in one after over 50 years of trying. What a thrill.

So that's it. Way more than you probably want or need to know, but a nice trip down memory lane for me. (2/05)

Patsy (Bowden) Meyer (Lexington, Nebraska) -- Patsy reports that she and her husband, Dietrich, will have been married 50 years in November and have lived in Nebraska most of those years. Currently, she is still working and enjoys it. They have been blessed with good health and keep very busy. They traveled to Germany for 3 weeks in 1999 to visit with her husband’s family. When not working she stays busy. She likes to read, crochet, and also sing in their church choir. The Meyers have three children, seven grandchildren, and eight great grandchildren. Patsy expresses the hope that the reunion turns out good for all who attend and she will think of us at that time. She is sorry to say she will not be able to attend the reunion but appreciated the invitation. She enjoyed reading about those who wrote in. (5/07)

 Barbara (Bowman) Miller (Wenatchee) -- Barbara attended Laverne College in California and also Wenatchee Valley College. She worked in the insurance industry. Barbara is married to Donald Miller (Class of '54). They have two sons, Michael and Robert, and three grandchildren. Barbara reports that they love to travel -- RVing -- to places as wide spread as Alaska, Nova Scotia, and Arizona among others. One of her hobbies is knitting. (Smitty's 5/05)

Becky (Brennan) Lowe (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) -- After graduation I attended Seattle University, but had to return to Wenatchee because of my Father’s health. I attended Wenatchee Valley College and worked for the Chamber of Commerce and then for a local law firm. I married Dick Lowe (WHS 1951) in 1962. Our son, Tom, was born in 1963. In 1964 we transferred with Alcoa to Pittsburgh, and in 1965 we purchased the home where we still live in Glenshaw, PA a suburb of Pittsburgh. In 1967 we adopted our daughter, Theresa (deceased 1994) In 1977 Dick resigned Alcoa and we started EPR Systems, Inc. and also purchased Fuel Equipment Company. Currently we continue to operate the two companies.

We did a lot of camping with our children using a pop-up camper. This gave us great way to travel and see the Eastern States. However, our favorite place was Cook Forest State Park, about 2 hours north of Pittsburgh because it was so close to the forests of Washington. Though we’ve not camped for a few years now, I still go there, and take visitors there to view the beautiful hills that surround the Clarian River.

We have 4 grandchildren, Mathew and Bethany who live in Barnegat NJ and Kirsten who has lived with us, and Samantha who lives in Pittsburgh. When our children were in school I was active as Home Room Mom and also taught CCD classes in my church, as well as involved in scouting. Our daughter was a swimmer so we went to many meets. With our granddaughter living with us I became involved in school activities once again. She was a swimmer, then became a cheerleader so I was their moderator, then in high school I supported her in Cross Country. She is now a senior in college.


I always find a time or two to visit Barnegat NJ where our son and his wife and children live. There is a wonderful motel on Long Beach Island right on the ocean where I stay and it’s a combination visit with family and vacation on the beach for me. I have been fortunate to be able to return to Wenatchee annually to visit. It seems that I will always consider it my home. 2007


The attached photo was taken on the Alaska class cruise in 2008.



Bob Brim (Maryville, Tennessee) – Bob worked for Alcoa as a mechanical engineer, retiring in 1994. He is married to Gail Patrick Brim. They have two children and two grandchildren. Their daughter Julie is thirty eight and teaches seventh and eigth grades in Maryville, Tennessee. Their son Todd is thirty six and teaches fourth grade in Cookeville, Tennessee. Bob reports that he currently spends his time playing golf -- 125 to 150 rounds per year -- or keeping my collector cars running. Presently he has a 1957 Corvette-weekly driver. Also, he has a 1939 Ford Coupe Street Rod with a 350/350 and air conditioning. (Sounds like male nirvana to me, –- bob) (7/07)



Stanley (Pete) Bromiley (Wenatchee) -- Pete joined the Teamsters Union after high school and worked as a truck driver and in construction for Goodfellow Brothers and Morrill Asphalt. His hobbies include hunting, fishing, and traveling. (See Betty Sims Bromiley for family details.) (Smitty's 3/05)  

Richard O. Brown (Wenatchee) -- My wife, Sandy and Ie moved back to Wenatchee after living in Covington, WA for seventeen years. We raised our three children in Grandview, Washington, and now have five grandchildren and one great grandchild. I am retired from Cement Mason Local #528. A perfect day for me would be spent fly fishing, preferably with a good catch. We spend as much time as possible traveling in our motor home. It has been great to be back in Wenatchee. (7/07)

Richard ‘Dick’ Bruggman (Wenatchee) After graduation I went into the US Army and upon returning to civilian life, did a short stint with the US Forest Service. I spent the next 25 +/- years at Wells and Wade Hardware. When they closed their doors, I finished my career as purchasing agent for American Silicon Technologies. I married a girl from Canada in 1963. Sharron and I have 2 sons, Matt and Doug. We also have 4 wonderful grandchildren. We spend a lot of time chasing them around the state with their athletics. All in all I have been fortunate to maintain my health and have had a wonderful life. (7/07)


Jewel Brumbaugh (Seattle) -- This is the first bio that I have shared with classmates. I know that many of you are familiar with various aspects of my life, being queen and a bit of what that entailed, and also my ten years of traveling in my 1973 Dodge camper. But my life has been much more than that and I have decided that I should share more of my story that most of you have not been aware of -- both the good times, and the difficult parts. So here it is.

There HE was, the man of my dreams, standing there inside the door in the Y basement.  I was taking money at the last Tri Hi Y high school dance of the year.  I was there because if I remember right I was president of the Delta Tri Hi Y club and was helping put the dance on to raise some money.  It was the end of December, 1956.  I still remember what HE was wearing, a good looking winter top coat, a truculent posture and he had the most interesting smell, a new smell for me.  (I later discovered it was musk.)  He was standing there with his best friend, an Everett  buddy.  They were on a weekend vacation to get some sunshine and were staying at the Y.  Hummm, a grown man , a stranger, at my Y dance.  He was looking at me and later asked me to dance, and that was it.  I WAS IN LOVE.

A lot of things happened in 1957:  The surprise of being Queen, the fabulous adventure of being Queen, high school graduation,  a summer job as a nurses aid at Deaconess Hospital.  He was gone at spring training with the Rainiers, an up and coming would-be baseball star.  (I had never been to a pro baseball game and knew nothing about baseball, a life in which I ended up participating as an active partner for 20 years.)  By summer I had accepted his proposal (in spite of my parents' wish for me to go to the UW in the fall instead of getting married.)  I was in love and I expected to spend the rest of my life with my love. I was ready to get married.

My queen contract was up September 1st and we got married 3 weeks later, after the baseball season was over.  I was able to stay with him for 20 years in spite of his fairly well hidden infidelity.  Gradually I lost faith, belief and trust.  All the parts that were, were not possible without faith, belief and trust.  After 20 years there was no reason to keep trying.  We had lived in more that 50 different places in 20 years.  He often said to me that I was a fabulous wife and mother, but it made no difference in his behavior. 

I began a new life in Seattle with 3 kids and eventually a new marriage with 2 grown step-kids, a dog, a sail boat and eventually a houseboat on Lake Union.  A  wonderful ten years!  By then the 3 kids were grown or almost.  Gradually his alcohol addiction and PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) from WW2 became unmanageable.  I eventually left that marriage but we stayed friends the rest of his life. 

I finally went to the UW for several years which was walking distance from the houseboat and accumulated 300 plus credits and Golden Key honors.  I felt like I was finding the rest of myself.

Then my world fell apart again.  I gave up going for a PH. D. and retired from  university life to deal with the newly discovered, devastating effects of my first husband's behavior.  Eventually, in the last 20 years I have found peace and forgiveness and I can look back on my life from the view of a 75 year old and realize that I wouldn't give up a thing.  I loved and learned and enjoyed most  of the moments.  I feel I did the very best job I could with what I knew at the time.  For years now I have lived with my best friend. She is dependable, fun, responsible and likes to do the same things I do. My best friend is myself.

I have 3 fabulous birth children and one fabulous step-child and 14 grand children and 3 great grand children.  They are all a part of my life and (thanks to Facebook) I can keep up with the ones who don't live in Seattle.  I love them all dearly and appreciate them and they love me and appreciate me.

I am grateful for my life.  In spite of, maybe because of the many challenges,  I can say that in many ways my life have been a magical and many parts of it have worked out wonderfully.  I have experienced some of the insults of old age in recent years that I know others in our class have experienced. I came close to dying four years ago due to a problem during open heart surgery. That involved a lengthy recovery as other classmates who have gone through the difficulties with heart surgery know. I am in pretty good shape now except for osteoarthritis in all my joints which is pretty much unfixable and a left knee replacement 2 months ago which is supposed to turn out OK in 4 more months.

I am still enjoying life and can tell you that I look forward to and am grateful for each day.  The above photo is me on February 8th, my 75th birthday. It was a wonderful day. Love, Jewel Bergan-Brumbaugh.

The following is a note that Jewel sent this winter (Feb 2017) to add to her bio and provide some information about her family. Kjetil died in Sept. 2012, very suddenly in front of all of us as we were going out to breakfast on a weekend.   My son, Curt, was in town from LA and visiting.  Curt does CPR but couldn't save Kjetil, the Emergency Firepeople were here in 4 minutes and they couldn't save him.  We miss him so.  Brooke, my youngest,  became a 40 year old widow.  She has been amazing getting through the last four years and raising her two kids, now 12 and 16.  That is the Strommen family.   Because the photo was taken the weekend of Ketiil's Celebration of Life Party at Shilshile, his brother and oldest son from Norway were in town.  Kjetil was a fisherman and worked for about 30 years in the area and around the world.  He was a factory manager.  Brooke has been in Human Resources in fishing for abut 25 years.  The Mabe family', Chris & Jim have two kids in their 30's, one, with her husband,  in the dessert in Calif(they are computer wizzards)., and their son in Spokane, he is a fabulous musician.  My son, Curt is a sound engineer and works in studios, music and tv, around the world.  He and his wife have Zola, 19, who is an art, & photography student at Rhode Island School of Design.  There is more family that weren't in the photo, but the above seems enough.  I have 11 grandkids, not counting grandkids of the heart, and 5 great grandkids.

Recently (May 2017), Jewel sent along photos (below) of her first two acrylic paintings from her year and one half of art classes here at Arrowhead Gardens.  The left painting is titled “Dances of Universal Peace”, the right painting, “Racing the Wind”.  Jewel notes that these are my first time working with drawing  and painting.  She is really enjoying learning how to do this, and is looking forward to our reunion.

Betty (Buckles) Thrash (Scottsdale, Arizona) -- I was born in Wenatchee, went to Columbia Grade school, junior high, and high school in Wenatchee until my senior year. But I actually did not graduate from Wenatchee High as my family moved to Spokane where I graduated from North Central High School. I am so gratefully that I have been on your list all these years and I have attended the 10th and the 30th class reunions. After graduation I married Wes Thrash, who is from Ephrata, on June 8, 1957 in Wenatchee. My long time friend who I still keep in touch with, Joan Ulrich, was my maid of honor. I worked in Spokane for Blake Moffett and Towne Paper company and Clark's Equipment Company. However, in August 1958 we visited my mother in Scottsdale, Arizona and fell in love with this place, heat and all. We went back home to Spokane where we had two children, a son and a daughter. But in 1960 we quit our jobs, loaded up and moved to Scottsdale. We have never been sorry for that decision. In Scottsdale, in l976, I went to work for a doctor for whom I worked for 30 years. I am one of the lucky people who truly loved what I did. I have seen the medical profession go through many changes, some good some not so good. I retired last year. I was worried that I would get restless as I had worked off and on since I was 14. I used to pack cherries, and also worked at Larsen's Bakery on Wenatchee Avenue after school, but I have found that I love being retired. We have done some traveling which we love. Our first trip was to Paris, France, and then to China. I think the one trip that was really special was the month we spent in Europe. That was great! Both of our children live near us and we have 5 grandchildren. I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the 50th and want to thank everyone again for keeping me on the "class of 57" list. (1/07)

 Doris (Burke) Halsen (Brinnon, Washington) – My husband, Gayle Halsen and I have three children, six grandchildren, and two and one half great grandchildren. I am retired from Macy's. We live 6 months in Washington at Brinnon and 6 months in Arizona. We love to travel and do things with our friends and our children. We like to hike. Gayle likes to work on his 1940 Ford and I like to sew. We are so looking forward to the reunion. (7/07)


Paul Burton Updated 6/2012 -- (Northridge (part of LA), California) -- When I graduated from Wenatchee HS in June, 1957, I had no idea what I was going to do with the rest of my life. Part of me wanted to go back to high school and do it all over again. Instead I went to the University of Washington in Seattle in the fall 1957. My high school preparation was good, especially from Mr. Babcock the science teacher. I majored in pre-med and made the Dean’s List (honor roll) my first quarter. Then I discovered jazz, taverns, parties, card games, etc. (Seattle had a lot more things going on than Wenatchee). My grades suffered. By the end of my freshman year I was close to being on academic probation. I decided that maybe college was not for me. I then worked for 6 months in 1958 as an electrician’s apprentice at the Larson Air Force Base in Moses Lake, helping build the command center (SAGE Project) for the then DEW line of radar sites in Alaska. (That building is now used as a secure storage site for business and military computer data.) I rediscovered my fondness for education while unloading a truck load of 4 inch diameter electrical conduit (iron pipe) in December, 1958. I remember the day very well. It was snowing, it was 10 degrees, I was stumbling around in the snow and ice with arm loads of conduit, and suddenly remembered warm classrooms, warm dormitories, etc. When I got home that night, I found my previous University papers and forms, and promptly filled them out and sent my tuition payment to re-enroll. I got back in the winter quarter. Since I was late registering, I didn’t have a room at the men’s dormitory, so I was housed in a guest room with a Russian exchange student. He was a gas turbine expert and came to the U of W to get his PhD in engineering. We exchanged stories and cigarettes and talked politics until we were assigned permanent rooms. Ironically, I ended up in Chelan House in the men’s dorm. There were several people from Wenatchee also housed there, although they were all older than me. My electrician’s training came in handy as I worked construction during the summers to pay for my college expenses. I finally got my journeyman union card at the end of the summer, 1966. I was a poor money manager (I was young) spent my savings, and often ended up taking minimum wage jobs at the end of the school year to get through. I fried hamburgers, worked as a janitor, and got a "good job" installing burglar alarms my senior year. I changed majors, graduated in 1961 with a Sociology degree, and went to work for the State Dept. of Juvenile Rehabilitation as a Juvenile Parole Officer in Seattle.

I married my wife, Roxanne, in July, 1961, in Seattle. We met at the U of W in a class named The Sociology of Deviant Behavior, a fitting beginning to a 45 year relationship. (Roxy passed away in July '06 -- see Current News.) We had two children, Russell and Joan, and four grandchildren, two boys and two girls. I am expecting my first great grandchild, a girl, in September 2012. Sadly, Roxanne died July 3, 2006, from heart failure.

I returned to graduate school at the University of Washington in the fall, 1964, and received a Master of Social Work degree in June, 1967. I then went to work for the Veterans Administration Hospital in Seattle (1967 to 1972) was promoted and transferred to Topeka, Kansas (1972 to 1973) was promoted again and transferred to Sepulveda (Los Angeles) California, in December, 1973. I retired from the VA May 2008. From 1967 to 1972 I also worked as a social worker/consultant part time at the King County Jail Work Release Program in Seattle, keeping my interest in the corrections field. The Veterans Administration became the U.S. Dept of Veterans Affairs in 1989 (still called "The VA"). I had a rewarding career, starting as a social worker, then moving into supervisory, department head, and program director positions. I have served on national task forces relating to social work and health care for veterans which entailed frequent trips to Washington DC (and a few other cities as well).

Along the way I kept my hand on the hand tools and did part time auto tune-up and minor repair. I also restored a few older cars, selling some. I also had a part time counseling and therapy private practice in Topeka and in Los Angeles. I decided one job was enough in 1980 and have not pursued either auto repair (except for my own cars) or private practice since then.

In May 2009 Peggy Paterson Day contacted me with help from Lowell Sever who referred her to the WHS 57 website. Peggy sent an email to BJ Herron, who forwarded it to Bob Ajax, who said send the message to me and I could ignore it or respond to it. I responded. Peggy and I dated the summer of 1960 when she was a nursing student and I was working as an electrician apprentice at Rocky Reach Dam. She knew Lowell Sever from working with him at Deaconess Hospital. Peggy worked at the Wenatchee Valley Clinic for many years and knows many of our graduating class. Peggy and I went on to marry other people. However, we were both surviving spouses in 2009. We began corresponding, then visiting, and ultimately got married in September 2010. I credit the WHS 57 website for helping us to resume our relationship after 48 years!

I am grateful to Shirley Cannon, Bob Ajax, BJ Herron, and others who have kept our high school memories alive. I enjoyed our 50 year reunion, like visiting the website, and like getting news about what classmates are doing. (Updated June 2012) Return to Top

 Mike Caldwell (Spokane) -- I Left Wenatchee School 1957  to attend WSU on Music Scholarship; graduated with a B.A. in Music Education ( studied both instrumental & vocal music, opera, madrigals, orchestra, band, marching band, choir,etc.) My work and other experiences are as follows: Sumner High School for two yrs, then hired by A.G. Tiemann to teach vocal music at North Central High School in Spokane. I sang with Seattle Symphony Chorale, and played in the Tacoma Symphony, Spokane Symphony Chorale. I was a Ford Foundation Fellow at the Oberlin Conservatory of Music. I received an MA in Vocal Performance at EWU after study at UW, USC, Michigan, and Oberlin Conservatory of Music. I was performed as a professional singer the UW Theatre & Opera, the Spokane Symphony, the Uptown Opera, Opera Plus in Coeur D'lene, Idaho, and the Oberlin Conservatory of Music, Spokane Symphony Chorale, and just returned from a Concert Tour in Rome, Fierenze, Piza , Lake Como and Milano. My hobbies are sailing, stream fishing, and growing roses. Mike and his wife, Elizabeth have five children and fourteen grandchildren. He is retired from 31 the Spokane Public Schools where he was chairman of the music department at North Central High School and also three years at the Spokane Community College. (7/07)

 Louise (Campbell) Ulbricht (Tacoma) -- I graduated from Central with a B.S. in Math, and a B.A. in Math Education.  Later I returned to the UW and received a M.A. in Organ Performance. I was married for 30 years (until his death in 1998) to Paul W. Ulbricht. Paul was a Fulbright Scholar who lived in Germany until he was 19.  He taught Political Science.  He held a Ph D in International Relations.  My husband was a  professor at PLU while I taught high school math.  We traveled extensively in Europe numerous times.  We have one daughter, Mary always a bright spot in our lives.  I am retired but substitute teach in the Tacoma High Schools and also have two organ jobs. (9/07)


Carol (Cammack) Burger (Frisco, CO. - Winter and Summer; Aurora, OR. - Spring and Fall) -- I graduated from the University of Idaho in 1961, after which I completed a one year dietetic internship at the University of Michigan. In 1962 I married Fred Brownson (WHS '55). We have three children, two boys and one girl. We lived in Tacoma; Columbus, Indiana; and Hastings on Hudson, NY. Fred and I were divorced in 1980. I married Frank Burger in 1998.

I have had a number of jobs over the years -- as a therapeutic dietitian ('70 - '73), teaching and consulting ('74 - '76), President of the Westchester Dietetic Association ('76), Food Service Director at the Hastings Center ('76 - '79), Executive Chef - Backer Spielvogel, Advertising, NYC. ('79 - '90), Owner of the Ridge Street Inn (a B&B) in Breckenridge, CO. ('90 - '00 -- fun years), and I have been retired since 2000.

We spend winters skiing and summers hiking and biking. We spend the winter in Colorado and about mid-August come North for late summer. We keep a boat in Friday Harbor and late summer will find us aboard Solitude. We visit the inland waters along B.C. and the San Juans. We generally ski 60 to 70 days a year and bike 1500 to 1700 miles each summer. I just returned from a wonderful weekend in Boise visiting my oldest son, James and his wife Naomi. I have discovered Boise is just a marvelous little city. (April '07)

 Dee (Cannon) Bailey (San Carlos, California) --  I moved to Spokane to attend school and met my husband, Howie, there.  I left Spokane so husband could fly for UAL in San Francisco.  We have two sons, graduates of UCLA & USC, so there is lots of rivalry in football season.  Both are married and we have two grandchildren.  I retired from my work as a tour director in North America after fourteen years.  I still travel frequently, enjoy hiking, decorating and working in my church. (6/07)

  Shirley Cannon (San Diego, California) -- I'm such a "reunion junkie" that most of you have kept up with my life since high school, but for the 2 or 3 I missed telling, here's a quick recap.. Living in San Diego since 1975 (still miss the 4 seasons, but paradise is pretty nice, too). Retired in year 2000 from P.R. job at San Diego Community Colleges. No big round-the-world travels - just enjoying leisure and keeping up with friends and family. My mother passed away suddenly on Feb. 20, 2005, only one week before her 100th birthday. She lived in a retirement center in Ventura, CA and was active and fun-loving to the end. She was a big fan of my WHS '57 classmates and loved to hear about the reunions and news of every one of you. Brother, Bill, married, living in Edmonds and has a son and daughter, both married and living out of state. I visit Seattle annually and Wenatchee for reunions and other times to remember the good old days. Wish I could join the Smitty's gang. If you haven't been, you're missing out on great times! See you at the 50th. (Edited March 2005)

Jim Cearlock (Wenatchee) – Jim Died in 2007. His obituary is on the Memorial page. Jim served in the US Marine Corps for three years following high school. After returning to Wenatchee he worked for 37 years at Alcoa. He and his wife, Shirley, have four children, Teresa, Jimmy, Janice, and Cheryl. They have traveled in the Midwest and Nevada. His hobbies include casinos, baseball, football, and camping. (Smitty's 3/05)

 Janice ‘Jan’ (Chase) Davis (Wenatchee) -- I left Wenatchee in 1957 and lived in a number of different locations -- Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Manhattan, Mexico City and Costa Rica, returning here in 1975.  I married Kurt Davis in 1977.  We have four children and two grandchildren. Our 30th anniversary surprised us this year.  I owned the Herb Source Nursery until I retired in 2004. I still enjoy gardening. (8/07)

 Gene Clift (Wenatchee) -- I am married to my wife, Rayanna. We have four children, eleven grandchildren, and one great grandchild. I retired from the Chelan County PUD in 2005 and as an orchardist. I collect and restore old cars, and just finished restoring a 1963 Corvair Monza Convertible. I buy and sell parts and enjoy going to ‘Swap Meets’. I serve as Elder at King’s Orchard Church of Christ.  I dearly love my grandchildren and great grandchild! (7/07)

 Bordie Coleman (Wenatchee) -- I joined the Navy after high school. I was a Navy Electrician and flew off 3 different aircraft carriers. I went to Central Washington University and got a Bachelor of Arts degree. I taught Jr. High and High School Math and Science for 3 years in Twisp. I moved to Wenatchee, built my house (in which I still live) and worked as a carpenter. I retired in 1993 and have mostly golfed and bowled since. I have two great children, five grandsons and three horses. (7/07)

Jeannette (Connery) Phillips (Wenatchee) -- Jeannette passed away July 13, 2007. Her obituary is on the Memorial page. Jeannette attended WVC and Deaconess School of Nursing. In 1962 was married to Paul Phillips. She retired from 35 years in the Eye and Ear Clinic, and Surgical Center. She, with her husband, Paul, has two sons, Bill and Tom, and two stepdaughters, Kathy and Carol. They have seven grandchildren. Four boys, two girls. They have traveled to Mexico, Great Britain, and on a Russian River Cruise in May '05. Her hobbies are travel, reading, quilting, and genealogy. She and Paul spent many winters in Tucson, AZ. until her bone marrow disease and cancers made Wenatchee full time home with the joy of watching grandchildren grow, and opportunity to enjoy the class of of '57 luncheons.

Judy Cornell (??) -- Well, gosh, Grad WHS in 1957, of course.  Went to Dominican College of San Rafael, in San Rafael CA and grad in 1961.  Joined the Army in 1961 and completed 16 weeks of Officers Tng at Ft McClellan, Ala.  Was stationed there as a Public Information Officer. Left there for Chicago around64 and was the XO of the Wac Detachment, then a recruiter for colleges in Ill. and Ind and then went to work at HQ 5th Army in the Public Info Office (still in Chicago).  Left Chicago to go to the U of Wisconsin -Madison for grad work in PR.  Then was assigned to Ft Dix NJ.  Left NJ (thank god) in 1968 to go to Korea.  After Korea I was assigned to the Hq of the USA Intelligence Command as there Public affairs/Media advisor this was in 1970.  From there I went to the Defense Language Institute in Wash DC as media advisor.  Then back to Ala  to Ft McMlellan again as the chief of Public Affairs for the Military Police School and Tng center. While therre I had a short sojurn in Arkansas at the refugee center for VN, Cambodians and Laotians as DOD spokesperson.  Then in 1978 On to Alaska where I was Chief of Public Affairs for the 172d Infantry Brigade.  I then went to Atlanta to work in the Public Affairs office of the HQ Forces Command.  Then to Heidelberg Ger to be the Chief of Public affairs, Hq USA Europe and 7th Army.  I also was in charge of American Forces Network (radio and tv) .  then back to the States to HQ CHAMPUS (military medical insurance). Whilse there was sent as DOD spokesperson for the Summer Olympics in LA in 1984.  Then back to denver to CHAMPUS where I retired in 85. After retirement I went to NM where I was the Media advisor to the NM state Adjutant General.  then back to germany to munich where I worked in a German advertising agency, then home and here i am.  I've left some stuff out but this is pretty quick a nd dirty.  (9/07)


Wes Craven (Silverton, Oregon) -- I don’t make Movies.  That’s the other guy. (See Current News)  I wouldn’t mind his paycheck though.  I graduated from Stanford in ’63, served in the US Marine Corps until ’67, went to the Claremont Graduate School until ’70, went through alcoholic rehab in ’71 and have been sober ever since.  I worked for three wholesale nursery companies until ’95, when I went full time with my own company.  Still putter with that, but mostly I’ve become an avid birder and I’m having the time of my life. I am retired from Craven's Nursery, Inc. My wife, Linda and I have four children and two grandchildren. (8/07)



Catherine (Crist) Walker (Coarsegold, California) -- I am married to Phil Walker - 44 years this August! We have three married children: Our oldest daughter Lynne, husband Ruben and our 2 ½ year old granddaughter Kristen live in Fresno. Our middle daughter Brenda, husband Richard and 6 year old grandson Leo live in northern San Diego. And our son Loren and wife Ann live in Las Vegas and are expecting in December.

After college Phil and I taught school in Viet-Nam for two years under International Voluntary Services. We taught English As a Second Language in a Vietnamese public High School, and our world widened through this experience. Then we settled in Fresno, CA so Phil could get his Masters degree in Social Work. We adopted Lynne from Korea, then Brenda and Loren were born. When Loren was in fourth grade I went back to teaching school, again a pull-out program in English Language Development. My students were from Viet-Nam, Laos, and Cambodia. Later I taught third grade and retired from that in 2005. Along the way I have always had some piano students and been involved in accompanying choral groups, and also playing organ for church. Now that I’m retired I have about 24 students, and accompany the Fresno Community Chorus and Fresno Choral Artists. I have been Organist/Director of Sierra Vista Presbyterian Church in Oakhurst for 20 years. Phil is a Family Counselor in private practice with offices in Fresno and Oakhurst. We have lived 30 miles north of Fresno in a planned community, Yosemite Lakes Park, for 26 years. We are about 4 miles off the highway to Yosemite - we've spent many happy hours in Yosemite Park at different seasons. We spent two years teaching ESL in Viet-Nam with International Voluntary Services, much like the Peace Corps. It was a positive experience before the war escalated. We haven't been back yet, but will plan a trip as soon as Phil retires. We have had trips to Israel, Tahiti, Hawaii, and various places in the states. This summer we are going on a land tour/cruise to Alaska.   I've had three concerts in May to practice for, plus baby sitting a new granddaughter while our kids look for a place in Fresno. (7/07)

Marilyn Dalvit Ash (Puyallup, Washington)-- Last week (11/04) I had the opportunity to have lunch with other members of the class of ’57. It was hard recognizing people (and I’m sure that they had trouble recognizing me, also), but it has been almost 50 years since we’ve been together. As I looked around the room, I imagined that each person there had their own story to tell and that the rest of us would be interested in hearing it. So I encouraged them to send their bio to Bob Ajax to be added to the website, and told them that I would do the same…….so here it is: After leaving high school, I worked for the Washington State Apple Commission for a year. I was earning money to go to college, but got married a year later instead. For the next several years, I was a stay at home mom (3 children) and traveled around with my husband. We first went to CWU and then to Everett for his first job as a high school band director. Next to Manson for three years and then back to Wenatchee where he was the Wenatchee High School band director. I was back home at last and I was happy to be there. I went to work at Wenatchee Valley College and was there until we moved to Tacoma where my husband was head of the music department at Pierce College. 

I finished college at Pacific Lutheran College and received my teaching degree. I taught 14 years in a local high school as a business teacher. I went back to college and received my masters degree and administrative degree which took me out of the classroom and into a principal’s position and later into a director’s position. After 20 years at the high school level, I was asked to come to the Superintendent of Public Education’s state department. I served my last three years in Olympia as an Executive director. My three children live in the area. I have Two sons, one who is taking the bar for the second time, and one who is starting his own business (after years of causing me to worry), and one daughter. My daughter is an artist and will be published in an Art magazine next month. She works as an interior decorator as well and is quite talented. They all inherited musical abilities (from their father, not me)! In fact during apple blossom time when Sande, Jewell and I would travel around and have to sing, they made me lip sync!   

I’m now retired and at first was lost without a job. I decided to investigate my heritage and began traveling around to find information about my family. I put together a book with information and pictures as well as family charts. My travels took me to Montana, Salt Lake City, San Jose, California, and many libraries. This took two years, and I printed many copies so everyone in my family could have one. 

I now live in Puyallup most of year, but we have a small adobe house in Arizona that we go to for the "rainy" months. Of course I got bored again and took up watercolor painting and acrylic painting on wood objects. Since I was producing lots of work, I started a business (Southwest Art on Wood). I’m enjoying my art work and life. I hope to see everyone at our 50th! (Bio --November '04)

In recent years, Marilyn has taken up and developed a real talent painting in watercolor. She sent several photos of her recent work – the grapefruit was picked from the tree in their yard in Arizona. (March/April 2014)


Jack L. Davis (Moclips, Washington – on the coast) -– Jack is married to Margie (Eickmeyer) Davis and has three children, seven grandchildren, and one great grandchild. His career has been in geology/geophysics and he has traveled widely, including Oregon, Montana, Idaho, California, Texas, Saudi Arabia and Libya. He is retired from the Wenatchee News Agency, Inc., which he sold in 1995. Jack enjoys reading, investing, traveling, yard work, workshop projects, and volunteer work. He reports that his favorite places are all of Alaska, the Southwestern States, Moclips, the Wenatchee Valley and wherever Margie is, noting that he has been married for 29 happy years. (7/07)

 Bob Degman (The Woodlands,TX) -- I attended the University of Puget Sound and graduated with a Bachelar of Science degree.  My first job was in Seattle after 6 months in the Navy Air Reserve. I transferred to St. Louis where I married Barbara.  My work was in sales management for specialty chemicals. I worked for Betz, Amoco Chemicals, Petrolite, and Baker Hughes.

 We lived in St. Louis, Kansas City, New York, Chicago, Cleveland, Chicago and Houston. Now retired, we have been fortunate to travel through most of the US and Central and South America as well as Europe and Asia. Now my time is filled with golf, yard work, and I paint in acrylics and oils. (6/07)



Linda (DeShazo) Boster (Jacksonville, Oregon) -- I was married to my high school sweetheart, Russell Boster, in 1958.  We have 3 children Teri, Christine and Paul, and two grandchildren, Brianna and Phillip.  We were divorced after being married 33 years.  I presently live near the Applegate River in Jacksonville, Oregon.   I love living in the wilderness on the river!  Beautiful.  I retired from Alameda County Probation three years ago.  I was a Probation Officer who worked with children in San Leandro, CA and Oakland, CA.   I also worked with adult offenders in Oakland, CA.  I have traveled to Japan, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Australia, Hawaii and Fiji Islands and have cruised to the Caribbean Islands.


Dick Dexter (Bremerton, Washington) -- What to say after so many years? I'm living in Bremerton and have been at the same job for the past 44 years. I work in a funeral home as the operations manager. My wife, now a retired school teacher, is a Tacoma girl who I met on a blind date. We have been married for 39 years, and we have one son who has followed in my footsteps, working at the same funeral home. I have enjoyed exchanging e-mails with Shirley and Pat and hearing all that is happening in the old home town. Some of the fun things I have done through the years include playing in a Rock & Roll band on week-ends when I was an apprentice at the funeral home -- some of the most fun I've ever had. However, I sold my drums and haven't played since 1963. In the late 60's I got into officiating high school sports --football for 17 years, and wrestling for 22 years. I was very fortunate to do playoff games and did one Championship game in the Kingbowl. I also officiated in 5 State Wrestling tournaments. I retired from officiating when my diabetes and keeping blood sugars regulated got to be a problem. I am now working part time and will be fully retired in July -- currently I am only working for health insurance which is a bear. We are still skiing and have done so for many years, and are beginning to travel more. I hope to get to Wenatchee for a Wednesday lunch one of these days and visit with all of you. I can't believe that we have all gotten as old as we have. We all must enjoy life and live each day to its fullest and be thankful for what the good Lord has given us. (Spring 2004)

 Pat Drew (Seattle) -- After graduating from the UW, where I met my lovely wife Susan, I spent most of four decades in the plumbing/piping industry. We have two amazing, wonderful children (Alex, 39 and Rachel, 35) and two grand daughters. Now we divide our time between our Seattle town home and our La Conner beach house. We also travel and stay busy managing some rentals. (8/07)

 Barbara (Dunning) Arasim (Kenmore, Washington) -- After raising three great children, I completed my advanced degree in Special Education.  I have been working with special needs children ever since and still teach as a substitute. After remarriage my husband and I opened a bed and breakfast in Anacortes. We have traveled the world and our latest trip was to Africa.  I have 11 grandchildren and I enjoy spending time with them, gardening and walking.  We reside in Kenmore, WA and Las Vegas, NV. (6/07

 Melvin Duvaul (Wenatchee) – Melvin died in 2012. His obituary is on the Memorial page. Melvin has worked in the Theater. He and his wife, Carol Sue, have sixteen grandkids! His hobby is working and attending rodeos. (Smitty's 3/05)

 Don Eby (Seattle, Washington) -- After leaving Wenatchee 30 years ago, I spent the time in the trucking industry in operations and sales for various national companies. Deregulation took its toll on the industry but I survived. I have owned two northwest trucking companies, including a 57 year-old Seattle/Portland trucking company called Ric's Transfer Company that I bought with partners in June 2003. I am a UW alum. I am presently semi-retired. My wife, Janet (Janet Bergevin Eby, Eastmont '60), and I will probably move back to Wenatchee within the next year although I will likely bounce back and forth, using our boat for my Seattle residence. We have a son in Seattle and a daughter and granddaughter in Chelan. Also, in Wenatchee we will be close to Janet's three sisters. We have spent the last several years boating through Puget Sound, San Juans, and Canada with a great group of friends. We hope to keep our boat moored here when we move home to Wenatchee. We have always planned to come back home since moving over here in 1976.

In a recent update, Don reports that he and Janet just bought a business in Wenatchee for pilot car service for oversize vehicles. He came over the 1st of July and Janet will be coming over at the end of October. Don says that it is good to be home after 30 years. (Edited 8/07)

Margie (Eickmeyer) Davis (Moclips, Washington) – I am married to classmate Jack Davis (see Jack's bio). As for children, Margie reports that she has Jack's three rascals, seven grandchildren, and one grandchild. For hobbies, she enjoys travel, sewing, reading, volunteer work with charitable and pet rescue groups.


As for her occupational past, which Margie describes as “checkered”, she was a registered nurse at the UW Premature Baby Center, later called Neonatal Intensive Care. She was also a fourth grade teacher at Leavenworth and Jill of many trades in Jack's book and magazine distribution business. Now she is a retired grandmother, the best job of all. (7/07)


Lilly (Eddy) Mitchell (Wenatchee) -- After I graduated I worked in Seattle where I met my husband Dave.  We were married in 1959 and we have three children.  We have one son in Los Angeles, one in Seattle and a daughter in Carnation.  We have two grandchildren in Carnation ages 5 years and 8 years.  We spend a lot of time visiting Carnation.

My husband’s career has taken us to many interesting places.  We spent 4 years in Europe and lived in Iowa, Montana and Washington.  We recently moved back to Wenatchee from Mariners Cove on Whidbey Island.

Over the years I have had several interests.  I studied and taught Yoga, taught aerobics, and while living in Spokane I did modeling for Char’s Modeling Agency.  When we moved back to Seattle I worked with Arthur Andersen for about 4 years.  Then my husband retired and so did I.  Since retiring my husband and I have done lots of traveling and hope we will be able to continue. (6/07)

 Barb (Emry) Miller -- I could write a book, I really should as it would be a better than any soap on TV, I’ve had a very blessed life, with many crosses to bear, which makes us even more blessed. I married Jack Durrett at the tender age of 15, had four children and did foster care for nineteen babies, adopting one at age five. While married to “JD” we lived in Washington, Utah and Oregon. After moving to Oregon I divorced after 25 years. I went on to school to receive degree in Medical Clerical and received certification with Hospice. I worked for Hospice associated with hospital care as well as volunteer for past 28 years. Thirteen years ago I lost my son Joseph to HIV, so hard on my heart, but I know he is with our Lord Jesus. A few years after the divorce I married Clyde Miller, also called “Red”, as he also is a red head. With my 5 and his 4 kids we had a large family. We now have quite a few additions to our family -- 30 grand children and 5 great grandchildren.

I’m very active with the Church including being a lay minister to the elderly and dying. Also, I’m avid tennis nut, captain of my team which is part of a very competitive Portland city league. Also, Red and I love to play golf. I have traveled to Ireland, Spain, and Puerto Rico.

Lastly, this past January I donated one of my kidneys to a very dear friend in Bellingham, and he is doing just great. He had only a short time left and by the grace of God is going to be around for quite some time. (8/07)

 Grace (Evenhus) Cote (Nordland, Washington) -- I've been married to Don for forty six years and have two children and three step children, nine grandchildren, and two great grandchildren. I am retired from the real estate business. We have a home in Yuma, AZ as well as the one in Nordland. We travel in our motor home. There were many volunteer jobs with the children while they were in school and growing up. We have enjoyed several trips to Europe, Russia and the Scandinavian countries. We’ve been on several cruises, one through the Panama Canal. Many trips to Mexico: Vera Cruz, Mexico City, Acapulco, San Felipe plus a motor trip down and up the Baja. My hobby is oil painting. (7/07)

  Don Ferguson (Wenatchee) -- Don served in the Navy after high school and worked at Alcoa. Don and his wife, Marie have one child, Aaron. They have traveled to Hawaii and in the Southwest, as well as Don's tour in the Orient while serving in the Navy. Don's hobby is furniture restoration. (Smitty's 3/05)

 Jim Finkbeiner (Port Townsend) -- I am retired from the United Methodist Church where I served for thirty eight years as Pastor and three years as it’s Prosecuting Attorney. My wife, Nancy and I have 6 adult children and 3 grandchildren. One grandson is from East India, one from Malaysia and one from Guam. Gardening, Back Packing, mediating for the church and traveling fill retirement days. Nancy is a medical technologist at the local hospital. (7/07)


Robin Firman (Yakima) -- I am a retired fruit inspector, buyer and pollinator. I worked in agriculture - related jobs exclusively. Del Monte, WA State Dept Agriculture, USDA, A&P, Highland Fruit, Firman Pollen, Firm Yield Pollen. My wife, Marilyn (Kemp '61), and I have three children.


Regarding Firm Yield Pallen, after working as sales manager for Firman Pollen, Marilyn and I formed our own pollen business.  Although my sister thought that the new business should be named the "New Improved Firman Pollen Company" we settled upon a contraction of Firman and Yield  (Pollination is very important to a good crop, or yield.  Hence we arrived at FirmYield.  Twenty years later we sold the business and retired .  You might like to Google "bee booster", a huge improvement on a beehive pollen dispensing device originally developed by Leo Antles.   I invented it while operating FirmYield Pollen and it became one of our best selling products. I traveled from the Okanogan Valley in BC to southern Chile in search of various pollen types. Marilyn and I are both retired (7/07)



 Bob Fleming (Spokane, Washington) -- I spent seven years in the service, the last four in the USMC, including a year in the Far East. I had just returned to California from Thailand and Vietnam and was lonely for a beautiful relationship when I met my bride of almost 45 years, Joan. We have been living in Spokane since 1968 when I was transferred by Local Loan. I retired in June 2002 after spending 30+ years in the insurance business. I felt that was enough plus I wanted to enjoy my RUST years. LOL. We had two great children -- Jay born in 1965 and Judi born in 1969. Jay met his bride while attending college BYU and they have three girls and live just outside Salt Lake. Our daughter Judi met her husband David while working at McDonalds at 16. They live in Liberty Lake and have two daughters , David is a Bio - Med engineer at Sacred Heart Hospital.

We love to travel and love to cruise as we have been on many cruises . I have always loved sports and played softball until I had to hit a homer to make a single. LOL. I still love to play golf and bowl but due to some leg and hip problems (rust years) I have not been as active as I would like.

The high school years and past relationships mean a lot to me, plus the memories are important for our old age. Ha Ha I truly think we have a very unusual class and when I tell people in Spokane about our monthly luncheons they are amazed. I am looking forward to our fifty year reunion to see some OLD classmates I have missed for years. Thank you all for your labor in putting this class reunion together !!!!!

The Class of 57' Rules!! (Summer '04, Edited 4/07)

Magil (Friedrich) Greenwood (Wenatchee) -- Magil graduated from the University of Washington and from Palmer College of Chiropractic. She worked as a chiropractor and church counselor. She has four children, Derek, Lisa, Erin, and Kelli, nine grandchildren, and one great grandchild. Magil's hobby is quilting. (Smitty's 3/05)

 Joyce (Frostad) McQuinn (Wenatchee) -- Joyce and Jim McQuinn were married in 1959. She worked KB Alloys for five years and at Washington State Department of Social Health Services for twelve years, retiring in 1999. She and Jim have three children, two boys and one girl, and three granddaughters who they are very proud of. Joyce and her husband enjoy spending winters in Apache Junction, Arizona. Her hobbies are spoiling the grandkids. (7/07)

Lloyd Fryhover (Wenatchee) --, I retired from the Zellerbach Paper company in 1991, and am currently the owner of “Wheels Plus”. We are a retailer of used cars and trucks, and new trailers, ATV’S, and motorcycles. We have locations in East Wenatchee, Yakima, Moses Lake, Dryden and Okanogan. I have four children and they are all boys. I have 9 grandchildren. (7/07)



Philip Gagnon (Cashmere) -- I served in the National Guard for six years, worked for Gagnon Fuel for nine years, owned and operated Cashmere Coast to Coast Hardware Store for six years, and owned and operated a pear orchard west of Cashmere for thirty years. I retired from orcharding in 2006. My son and his wife live in Woodinville with their four children. My daughter and her husband, who is Joyce Henning Wheeler's son live in Wenatchee with their two children. My wife, Bonnie and I enjoy traveling and I enjoy woodworking. (7/07)

 Joseph W. Gaspers (Wenatchee) -- Joe served in the US Army from 1960 to 1962. In 1963, he married Ann McDowall (WHS '57). He earned a BS degree in Business Administration from the University of Idaho in 1966, and then worked for the Boeing Company for 5 years before moving back to Wenatchee in 1971. In Wenatchee, Joe was the Office Manager for The Craftsman, Inc. for three years. He retired from WSU Tree Fruit Research and Extension Center after 31 years as Finance/Budget Manager. Joe served on the Wenatchee School Board for 12 years, and was President of the Washington State School Directors in 1986. He has been a member of the Wenatchee North Rotary for 35 years and has been active in Wenatchee Applarians. Joe and Ann have two children. (5/07)

 Ed Gaston (Wenatchee) -- Ed and Marty have lived in Sunnyslope for 44 years where Ed had apple and pear orchards.  Both are retired and enjoy golf.   Ed said he used to hunt and fish a lot, but he has given them up for lots of golf -- he tries to go for a golf game at least a two or three times a week.  Their daughter, Julie lives in Sunnyslope with her husband Pat and their 2 kids. Their son, Kevin lives in Arlington, WA and has a daughter and 2 step sons. Ed and Marty have six grandchildren. (8/07)

 Nadine (Gilbert) Gouette (Klamath Falls, Oregon) – Nadine died in 2010. My husband, Mike and I have three children and five grandchildren. We have traveled to Hawaii, Mexico and St. Croix with trips to California and Washington to visit family. We are celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary with a cruise to Alaska this summer. I worked 18 years for the Klamath Falls City School District in finance and now I enjoy retirement. I enjoy scrap booking, card making and knitting. (7/07)


Sande Gillette (Shorline) -- I received a BA in Music and Music Education from WSU in 1960, and a MA in Music Performance UW 1966. I joined the Seattle Symphony as a violinist 1967. I became Assistant Personnel Manager for Seattle Symphony and Seattle Opera in 1985 while continuing to play full time. I retired as personnel manager this year, but continue to play violin for the Symphony and Opera. In 2003 I married Alan Roberts. I have two children, Wendy Allen born in 1960 and Michael Allen born in 1964.


My hobbies are Folk Music, playing fiddle in “Bag O’ Tricks and “Tricky Brits for Contra Dancing and English Country Dancing. In 2006 we toured England for three weeks. I have performed throughout US and western Canada. 2008 brings a week in Hawaii playing for English Country Dancing. (7/07)



Ralph Graves (Tacoma) -- I graduated outstanding apprentice in 1965 and taught machine shop math, and tool & die at Edison VocTech & Renton VocTech for 11 years. I then took a job as manager & general Manager –Tool & Die & Tooling at Boeing, Auburn Division. My hobbies are fishing, boating, competitive bench rest shooting, performance driving Porsches. I lived and traveled in Florida for seven years, with a condo on Singer Island. I have traveled to Jamaica 5-6 times, Bermuda, Caribbean Puerto Vallarta, England, Scotland and Panama.

I am married to Patty Noah Graves and between us we have 5 children and 7 grandchildren. (7/07)



Larry Grossarth (Wenatchee) – Larry died in 2007. His bio is on the Memorial page. After high school, Larry served 21 years in the US Marine Corps. After retiring, he was a chef for 15 years. He and his wife, Myra Darlene, have two boys and two girls. They have six grandchildren and one great-grandchild. Larry has traveled all over -- Japan, the Philippines, Okinawa, Viet Nam, Thailand, Canada and Hawaii. His hobbies are golf and fishing.

 Sharon (Gyorfi) Stock (Alameda, California)_ -- I am married to Harry Reppert and residing in California. I spent most career days in Commercial Furniture Design as National Sales Manager & Seating Specialist. (No doubt your career destiny after the jr high candy counter seating experience, Sharon. I know, I know – bad joke, but I couldn't resist.. bob) Through business and pleasure, I had the opportunity to travel worldwide – Africa, China, Japan, Eastern and Western Europe, Australia, and Mexico to name a few. I have one children and two grandchildren. I am now retired and enjoy sailing, skiing, biking, hiking, reading and volunteering – opera, church, hospital and still lots of travel and martinis! (7/07)


Dennis Hall (East Wenatchee) -- Dennis retired after working at Alcoa for 40 years.  He is married to classmate JoAnn Lorraine.  They have 2 children and 2 grandchildren. (8/07)


 Mary Lou (Hander) VanWoerden (Federal Way) -- Following Graduation from WSU, I taught English for 9 years in Sumner, WA. My husband, Dirk and I have one child. After our daughter was in school, I became owner of a ‘dresser’ business which I am still doing. I provide dressers for models at style shows and also help with production. I work shows at major malls, modeling agencies and department stores – i.e. Macy’s. Hobbies are gardening, gourmet cooking and travel. The later increased when our daughter moved to New York City where she works as a graphic designer for the New York Public Library. (7/07)


Larry Hauff (Wenatchee) -- Larry served in the US Marine Corps after high school. After the service, he graduated from Eastern Washington University in 1965. In 1991, began a round the world trip.  Met and married Beverly, from Perth, Australia in March of 1992, then back to the states in 1993. He has worked as a juvenile probation officer for 18+ years, custody officer for Chelan County for 10 years, and as a driver for Hayes Cleaners for 10 years. Larry has four children, two here and two “down under”, and one grandchild. Larry has also seen the world -- Japan, Okinawa, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Canada, Hawaii and even Omak. His hobbies are gardening, travel, walking, wild life and chasing his wife (way to go Larry -- would the latter be one or two hobbies?) They love the ocean and traveling, including Mexico two to three months at a time.  Larry's daughter owns the Sun Dog Bead Co. in Wenatchee. (7/07)


Geneva (Harrington) Gannon (Portland, Oregon) Geneva is retired from furniture finishing and being a Foster Mother. She and her husband Jerry have four children and three grandchildren. They have spent the last six or seven winters in Southern California, Arizona and Nevada, in their motor home. She reports that they take their metal detector with them. While at home in Portland they do some volunteer work for the American Legion and others. Jerry is an Honor Guard. They baby sit their four year old granddaughter 2 days a week, visit friends and family, take trips, yard sale, and maintain their home. They have two ‘doxies’ and a cockatiel, and she reports that they have lots of fun! (5/07)

 Sandra (Heide) Pettit (Redmond) -- I was married to an artist for 20 years and we made our home at Three Lakes near Malaga.  I moved to Bellevue in 1982 and worked in Commercial Management for Wright Runstad, Worked for number of years at Coldwell Banker Bain Real Estate and finally retired in 2006 from Oki Golf and Oki Foundation.

 Leanne (Heminger) Ford (Wenatchee) -- Leanne married Darrell Ford in Wenatchee, August, 1959. She received a BA degree from La Verne College in California in 1962, and also attended colleges in Chicago while her husband attended graduate school. Leanne has lived in Indianapolis, Indiana, Paradise, California, and Tennessee (one summer). Her husband died 1984. Leanne has three children, daughters Alisa born in 1963, and Cara born in 1974 in Wenatchee, and son Brian born in 1965 in Paradise. She has five grandchildren. Leanne taught school -- Grades K-3, & ESL at Eastmont, and grades K-12 in Wenatchee. She was the School District Coordinator for Migrant & Bilingual programs for 13 years. She also worked for 7 years as Director of Christian Education for her church, and is currently working as Administrator of Garden Terrace, a HUD retirement home for 150 residents since 1993. (5/07)

 Linda (Heminger) Vickery (Wenatchee) -- Linda married Lael and "went to work raising three kids". They celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in 2006. They have five grandchildren and one great grandchild. She and Lael have lived all their lives in East Wenatchee and have been self employed since 1974. Linda's hobbies are building miniature doll houses and furniture. She does a lot of volunteer work at the church. Lael and Linda have traveled to Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and Mexico. 5/07 

Joyce (Henning) Wheeler (Wenatchee) -- I married Gerald Wheeler from Wenatchee in Aug. 1957. We will celebrate our 50th anniversary this fall. We have three boys that all live here in Wenatchee and East Wenatchee. We have 8 grand children, 4 granddaughters and 4 grandsons and 3 great granddaughters. We have lived in the Sunnyslope area for 48 years. Just moved to town two years ago. Gerald was a letter carrier.


I  stayed home and raised our boys and for 11 years helped raise two grand kids. After that I looked after my parents and my moms two sisters for the next ten years. That kept us busy all the time.


We enjoy traveling. We have been to Kansas and Oklahoma a few times to see family. We took a tour to Mexico a year ago with a cousin of mine and his wife. We keep busy with our church friends and our family. I was secretary for our bowling league for 30 years. I enjoy bowling, crochet afghans and making quilts. We are Mariner fans. Our boys and Gerald like the Seahawks also. (6/07)



Danny Hepler (Eugene Oregon) -- I attended WVC and graduated from Central in 1962. I was commissioned as a USAF officer (NSA), serving from 1962 to 1966. I subsequently worked in the electronic warfare industry (1966 to present – I am not retired) in R& D engineering positions; Lab Manager at Magnavox, Technical Director at Lockheed-Sanders, VP Dynamics Technology-Virginia, President of HR&D Inc., US Observer-NATO. Extensive travel US, Europe, Russia. I have four children: Danny-1966, Katy-1979, Jon -1990, Dave-1993, and one granddaughter, Bailey – 2006. (7/07)



Lola Hinde (Encinitas, California, 20 miles north of San Diego) -- I graduated from the U of W with a degree in marketing.  I was a flight attendant with Flying Tigers in the mid 60's and since then have worked for myself. I've lived in San Francisco, New York, Sonoma, Savannah, San Diego and am currently remodeling a house in Portland, Oregon.    I've had a number of retail stores in San Francisco. The most recent store, which I retired from, is in La Jolla.  We made custom furniture for designers and retail clients. I have no children. Since retiring I've kept myself busy with new house construction.  I have traveled some, not as much as I would have liked. I won't be able to make the reunion as I have tickets to Greece but I really want to come to one of the monthly lunches. How's that for summing up my life for the last 50 years? (7/07)



Marilyn (Holcomb) Anderson (Wenatchee) -- I married Murl and moved to Renton and Lacey area where we lived for about 12 years. I have always been a homemaker with three children (a son Brian 47, daughters Lora 43, and Lisa 41), six grandchildren, and nine great grandchildren. I was a Cub Scout Leader and Girl Scout Leader. While in the Renton and Lacey area, I took lessons and have painted landscapes in oil, for about 20 years. I enjoy golf with my husband and working in the yard. We have. (7/07)



Mary Joy (Holzhauser) Seick (Port Orchard) -- Mary Joy is married to Ferd Seick. The Seicks have two children, seven grandchildren, and two great grandchildren. Mary Joy is now retired from teaching. While acknowledging that retirement is great, she reports that she really enjoyed teaching at the Manchester Christian Academy, as well as her church secretarial work. She and Ferd like cruising, (three so far), exercising with "Silver Sneakers" at the gym, and interacting with the grandkids. They enjoy attending Holden Miner’s Reunions. Mary Joy is active in Quilt Guild, the Missions Team, and Women’s Bible Study. (5/07)

 Julius ‘Jay’ Jared (Auburn) (Updated 6/08) -- After graduation from WHS, I attended Wenatchee Valley College for a couple of years, earning an AA degree in 1960.  I graduated from the University of Washington in 1963, with a Bachelor's Degree in Radio Television Production.  While at the "U", I met and became engaged to Ellen Robb of Sheridan, Wyoming.  She was a former Miss Sheridan County.  I joined the Air Force in August of 1963 and attended Officer Training School in Texas, receiving my Commission as a Second Lieutenant in November 1963.  Ellen and I were married in November 1963.  My first duty station was at Lowry Air Force Base in Colorado.  I instructed electronics fundamentals for other officers in technical training.  Then, I was the Branch Chief of an enlisted photographic maintenance course. Our two children, Christine and Robert, were born while we were stationed at Lowry.  I also attended Squadron Officer's School in Montgomery, Alabama.


The Air Force sent me to Harvard University in September 1967.  We lived in West Concord and Bedford while there.  We did a lot of sight-seeing when I wasn't studying.  I received my MBA in June 1969 and the Air Force promptly sent me to Viet Nam.  I was stationed at Danang Airbase with the 336th Tactical Fighter Wing. A Captain by this time,  I was the Electronics Branch Chief for the 336th Avionics Maintenance Squadron.  I  was reassigned from there in July 1970.


I was then assigned to the 87th Fighter Interceptor Squadron at Duluth International Airport, Minnesota. I was the Avionics Branch Chief.  Our Squadron was moved from Duluth to K.I. Sawyer Air Force Base on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in April 1971.  In August 1973, I was reassigned to the Aerospace Defense Command Headquarters to work on the Operational Readiness Inspection Team.  I was the Chief Avionics and Munitions inspector.  I traveled a LOT and saw a lot of the country. 


In May 1976, I was reassigned to the 57th Fighter Interceptor Squadron in Keflavik, Iceland as the Chief of Maintenance.  I was later the Chief of Maintenance for Air Forces Iceland.  While in Iceland, Ellen and I managed a couple of trips to the UK and one to Spain.


From Iceland, I was assigned to Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma City in June 1978 where I was the Chief of Maintenance Training for the 552nd AWACS Wing.  In 1979, I became the Commander of the 413th Field Training Detachment, providing training to maintenance and software personnel in the AWACS wing.  We also did the majority of the maintenance and software training for the the NATO AWACS Wing.  The latter got me a couple of nice trips to Brussels and Geilenkerchen.  I retired from the Air Force in August 1983.


I was hired by Boeing shortly after retirement and started working in Wichita, Kansas in September 1983.  I was a Training Systems Analyst, which involved developing cradle-to-grave training for new aircraft.  I was in the military side of Boeing.  The whole organization was moved to Huntsville, Alabama in October 1985.  I worked on developing pilot training for a developing tactical helicopter.  In October 1986, I became the sole Boeing person working on the Advanced Tactical Fighter, which later became the F-22.  I was transferred to Seattle to work on this program full-time in August 1987.  I worked on that program doing embedded training and transportability of software studies along with the maintenance and pilot training work. I completed a Bachelor of Computer Information Systems degree in September 1989 from City University.  I started on Boeing's Joint Strike Fighter Program in January 1996.  That earned me a nice trip to the UK to meet with the Royal Naval Air Force. I was the Maintenance Training Systems manager when the program was cancelled in October 2001.  At this point, I elected to retire from Boeing and did so in February 2002.


Since retiring, Ellen and I have made two trips to Alaska, the first in August 2002 and then again in June 2004.  In 2006, we did the Southwest, traveling to places like Canyonlands, Arches, Canyon DeChelly, Monument Valley, Crater Monument, Painted Desert, San Francisco Volcanic Field (by Flagstaff), Grand Canyon, Zion, and Bryce.  We just returned in May of this year from a trip back East where we visited Biltmore Mansion (Asheville, NC), Seagrove potteries, Montpelier, Monticello, Ash Lawn, the Mariner Museum (Newport News), Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, Union Station, the Capitol, Jefferson Memorial, the White House, the Air Force Memorial, the WWII Memorial, the USMC memorial, Mount Vernon, and Arlington Cemetery  We also have four grandkids that help occupy our time. (6/08)



Dick Jaspers (Wenatchee) -- Dick went to East Wenatchee schools grades K - 7, Sunnyslope 8th and 9th grades, and Wenatchee High School. He continued to live in Wenatchee after high school where he worked for Friday Pack for 7 years, and Alcoa from which he retired after 36 years. Dick was married to Katie Volkmann. He later married Karen Johnson, who passed away in 2004. Dick has three children, two boys and one girl, and four grand children. Dick's hobby is fishing. "And now 'Here We Are’." (5/07)


Gar Jeffers (Wenatchee) -- Congrats to you and Bob for doing the web site. I got a big kick out of reading about many of you. I get to the class lunch occasionally when I am not working or traveling. I am still practicing law but have cut back a wee bit. Bird shooting, fishing and boating all over the world take up most of my free time. Health is good but am too damn fat. My 15 year old son, Hunter, is a sophomore at Eastmont High School. He was the only sophomore on the varsity football team and he just made the varsity basketball team...only sophomore so I am proud as hell of him. He is also a 4.0 student, which is a hell of a lot better than his father ever did. It is fun going to his games in Yakima, Tri Cities, Walla Walla, etc where we used to play 50 years ago. Everybody thinks I am his grandfather. I have a super wife, Cindy, and great law partners so, knock on wood, all is well. Look forward to seeing all of you at our 50th  (November '04)

Kathy (Johnson) Karney (Wenatchee) -- After graduating from WSU in 1961 I worked in Denver, at the 1962 Seattle World Fair, and then in San Francisco for the TransAmerica Corporation Mortgage subsidiary 26 years. I met Jerry 1972. Jerry is originally from Wilkes Barre Pennsylvania, but lived in Newark from age 12 until about 1960 – he left before the riots.  He moved to New York City and then to Los Angeles in 1962 which was the same mo/year I arrived in San Francisco. We were married 1973 and honeymooned in Tahiti. I have one step son. We lived in the Los Angeles are for six years 6 years, then to moved Moraga 1979 during which time I was still with TransAmerica. I worked at Wells Fargo bank in 1994, and at a part-time job at home from 1999 to present. I returned to Wenatchee 2006. As for travel, my favorite trip was cooking school in Italy, or was it 9-day raft trip through Grand Canyon? (7/07)



Joy (Juchmes) Andrew (Wenatchee) -- I am married to class mate, Orlo Andrew, I am a housewife and mother of three children and three grandchildren. I was a Bookkeeper for our business in Alaska and am a Certified Nursing Assistant. I enjoy volunteering, cooking, gardening, friends, church and family. Our three children are 46, 43 and 40 years old. (Also, see Orlo Andrew) (7/07)



 Michael G. Kacson (Sequim) -- Greetings from Sequim, and Hello to my fellow classmates of 1957. Like some of you I went into the military immediately after graduation. I spent four years on active duty in the U.S. Navy. When most of the family moved to Seattle in the late fifties, I decided to join them after my discharge. I went to work in the shops of Boeing for a few years. Being somewhat bored, or restless, or just wanting to better myself, I decided to work my way through the University of Washington, then got a job with the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation working at Grand Coulee Dam. I am now retired from the Government and have settled down in Sequim, WA on the Olympic Peninsula. I continue to pursue the same old hobbies I had back in high school, building clocks, radios, and telescopes. I am also involved with the local chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society, the Port Angeles Light Opera Association, and the Sequim Seniors Softball League. Looking back on my life, as awkward and shy as I was back then, I have always regarded those days at Wenatchee High as my fondest memories, and was always glad to be a part of it. I learned early in life how well our education system was back then. As poorly as I did in high school I found out I was still pretty well prepared for the University – and for adult life. I have a wife, Shirley, and one son, grown up now, that spend most of their time in Everett, although what is left of the family have all moved out here to retire on the Olympic Peninsula. (7/07)

Marian (Kane) Sheldon (Spokane) -- Dave and I have been married 48 years and have three sons and three grandchildren. I began my education with a BA from Eastern WA University in Elementary and Special Education. I taught for seven years in Spokane and Tacoma in primary and special education classes. We have enjoyed traveling, boating and camping. My favorite destination was the Greek Islands. I continue to enjoy painting in water colors and oil. (7/07)


Milt Kansky (Salem, Oregon) -- Frances, who is from San Jose and who I met while I was in the Navy, and I have been married for 43 years. We have lived in Salem, Oregon for the last 32 years where we had six children who grew up in the same home and had the same friends at the same schools. Many even rode the same horses. They have much in common from the oldest age 42 to the youngest age 23. We also have 2 boys that are like adopted (not legally) and are part of our family. We are proud of them all for the extra effort they have put in their fields and for the honors they have received such as Policeman of the year in Bend, and Airman of the year at Schriever Air Force base. The others are in business and are doing great. They all want to give us trips and such so we go see them from New York/New Jersey to Colorado to San Diego area to the northwest, which also allows us to see our 8 grandchildren. I still work part time -- 10 to 15 hours a week -- selling cleaning products to hospitals, schools, businesses, and local governments. I have great clients, some of whom I have had for 25 years. Often my work is done with my clients over breakfast and lunch. Frances still drives more miles around town than her salesman husband. If they close the stores I guess she will also semi retire. (We husbands all understand that, Milt -- ed.) We always wanted our children to be able to make their own decisions and do better than we did and we have seen these goals achieved. The next 20 years should be even better. We have moved a bit in the last few years and now live in our first apartment ever, so this will be different. My hobbies have been fishing and gardening, although the latter has been replaced with visiting people now that we are in the apartment. We hope to see everyone at the 50th reunion. (Summer '04)


 Leon Kent (Fontuna, California) -- After high school, I stayed in Wenatchee for a year at WVC, followed by 4 – 5 years at Pepperdine in Los Angeles, and a degree in Theology. After a year as a real estate appraiser I enrolled in the graduate program of Psychology at Fresno State. I was married at the time and had three small sons. Times were tough but student loans got us through.

After graduate school, I worked as a school psychologist in Fresno County for about five years.  I then became director of Psychological Services for the Fresno County Department of Education for about 10 years. During this time I was raising three wonderful sons by myself. We subsequently moved to our vacation home on the coast in Cambria where I became a School Psychologist again. The Cambria years lasted for about 18 years.  I married again while in Cambria and Sue was a special education teacher, working with profoundly disabled children. She retired in 1995 and we opened a dog and cat gift shop  in Cambria.

I also retired in 1999.  We bought 3 1/2 acres, in Fortuna, by Eureka, to be closer to grandchildren. We spent the next two years remodeling and reclaiming the grounds. My wife has the biggest green thumb you have ever seen. Our garden in Cambria was on a garden tour while we still lived there. I next went back to work part time as a Behavior Specialist with the Humboldt County Office of Education. We have a wonderful life, a beautiful piece of property and three wonderful grandkids in town. We have six children in all strung out from Nova Scotia to Palm Desert, and a total of seven grandchildren.

I still keep in touch with Pat, Carol Soule, Don Wile, and David Deal up until his death. I wish we could get David's widow, Judy, to write a bio on David. He was an international figure. He spoke many different languages, and led many peace movements in different countries and universities. 

My hobbies include gardening, woodworking, cooking, animals (two standard poodles, two basenjis, one Rhodesian Ridgeback,  two cats, three chickens and one rooster).  We are not travelers. Can't find anything more beautiful than the Northern Coast of California. And, we have too many critters to leave behind. (6/07)


Julie (Kienitz) Phipps (Wenatchee) -- My husband, Bud (WHS '57) were married in 1961 and moved to Tacoma for College. In 1964 we moved back to Wenatchee and I worked at Alcoa 1964-1966.  We moved to Bellevue and where I worked at Seattle First Bank until 1968 when our daughter was born. I was then a stay-at-home Mom 1968 to 1991.  We started our new business in 1991 and retired in May of 2007 and moved back to Wenatchee. (7/07)


Duane Kovar, Bothell (Bothel) -- I recently retired (January 2007) from the Frontier Bank in Everett, WA. My last 30 years of employment was spent as Loan Officer and Loan Examiner at three different banks. I continue to enjoy the outdoors, hiking and camping, along with travel, primarily in the U.S. My home has always been in Washington State; Spokane and currently Bothell, except when I was in the Air Force stationed in Charleston, SC. My wife, Diane, and I have two sons, one in Spokane and the other in Seattle. (7/07)



Ron LaCasse (Edmonds) -- After graduating from WVC, I went into the Army for three years.  I was stationed in Germany and got to see a lot of Europe.  I earned my BA at Central where I met Sunnie, my wife of 37 years.  Our children are John, Kristen, Laura and Maureen; Two sons-in-law, Justin and Chad.  No grandkids yet!! I am still working at Blue Star Management. (7/07)


Iola (Long) Simmons (Wenatchee) -- At various times I’ve been a waitress, worked in a health food store and a bakery.  The waitress stint helped a lot when later I was a stay-at-home Mom feeding seven people.  I have had hobbies of cooking, cake decorating, reading, raising flowers and helping in the orchard office during busy times doing ‘time keeping’ and payroll.  Later I managed a chiropractic office until I decided on beauty school.  I then taught beauty school at Saki’s for a period of time.  I specialized in wigs and chemical hair stuff.  Now, with my husband Gene, I’ve retired from that and have started helping a realtor with photography, virtual tours, desktop publishing and data entry. 


I dearly love the computer stuff, keeping track of things, making cards and keeping in touch.  I’ll admit to being a file freak and for years I have collected graphics for my cards and emails.


I raised 2 children of my own and 3 step children who are all dear to me.  A major heartache has been the loss of our oldest son.  We have 4 grandchildren and 2 great grandsons who are all good, worthwhile people in this topsy turvy world.  We are blessed.  (6/07)



JoAnn (Lorraine) Hall (East Wenatchee) -- JoAnn retired after 40 years working as a Registered Nurse.  She is married to class mate, Dennis Hall.  They have 2 children and 2 grandchildren. (8/07)



Rena (Maughan) Stout (Malott) – I am a housewife and enjoy all crafts including knitting and crochet. I also enjoy gardening and doing things outside. We have four children, Teresa, Dan, Troy and Greg, ten grandchildren, and four great grandchildren. My husband, Stan, has been a cattle rancher, orchardist and we also had a truck driving business. He is currently putting in long hours in road construction for the Forest Service. (8/07)



Bonnie Joy (Mattig) Hurt (Riverside, California) -- My husband and I moved to California when he was transferred by Boeing. We have been divorced 27 years now. I have three daughters and one son, and my grandchildren are evenly divided at 3 boys and 3 girls. My parents are here in California and we actively enjoy each other. I retired from K Mart after 27 years and have worked for Gottschalk’s in customer service for 5 years. (8/07)



Ann (McDowall) Gaspers (Wenatchee) -- Ann graduated from the Northwest Institute of Medical Technology and the University of Idaho, with a BS degree in Bacteriology. Ann married Joe (WHS '57) in 1963. They moved back to Wenatchee in 1971 after living in the Seattle area. Ann and Joe have two children, a son and daughter, who are both WHS graduates, and four grandchildren. She is retired from "The Cupboard" (a Kitchen/Tabletop Store they owned.) Her spare time activities include: volunteering, Applarians, cooking and outdoor exercise. She and Joe enjoy traveling, wine tasting, family and their cabin at Lake Chelan. (5/07)

Harry Mickey (Wenatchee) -- After school, I joined the Navy Reserves and saw active duty. I remained in the reserves for 18 years. I subsequently joined the Army Reserves for 16 years, for a total of 34 years in the services. I worked at the Post Office for 35 years. I retired 15 years ago as Outgoing Mail Supt. My wife, Betty and I have lived in Wenatchee all our married life, except for short periods of time when we lived in the Bay area in summers. We enjoy riding motorcycles. We took some tours and enjoyed that mode of travel a lot. We have spent the summers at Lake Chelan now for 33 years. We have two sons who both married local girls; son Todd and Shelly live in Wenatchee and have 3 girls and 1 boy. Son Tyler and Julie live in Issaquah, and have 2 girls. (8/07)

 Gerald (Jerry) Miller (Cathlamet, Washington) -- Jerry and his wife Ann, who he married in 1961, have two sons. He graduated from WSU in Mining Engineering in 1962. From 1962 to 1965 he worked for the City of Los Angeles. From 1965 through 1996 he worked for The Boeing Company as a structural stress/design engineer in the Seattle area. After retiring from Boeing in 1996, they moved to Puget Island in the Columbia River. They enjoy traveling, mineral collection and they started a filbert farm. (5/07)

 Sheila (Mohr) Mattingly (Bothel) -- My intent, upon graduation, was to attend Kinman Business School in Spokane, WA. All arrangements had been made for me to live with an aunt and uncle while there, but, the best-laid plans…. I got married instead in August of 1957 to Dave (Suchland) Lowry (’55). Our first daughter, Karolyn, was born in 1959, our second daughter, Tracey, in 1960, and our third daughter, Kim, in 1961. Obviously, I was a stay-at-home mom (and a good Catholic). We moved from Wenatchee to Everett in 1961, to Edmonds in ’63, to Lynnwood in ’64, and back to Edmonds in ’71. After 23 years of marriage, we were divorced in 1980.

Since I missed out on all the "frivolity and froth" of being a young single adult, I discovered that I could somewhat recapture that piece of my life when I was single and 40. Once I got the hang of it, I enjoyed being single. I could go out dancing whenever I wanted and didn’t have to share the TV remote with anyone! I had a great job as an executive assistant with a contracting firm in Bellevue, WA, owned my own home in Kirkland, and drove a new Cougar RX-7 with white leather interior and a sunroof. With absolutely no intentions of remarrying, I met and fell in love with my soul mate, Jack. We were good friends for two years then realized we were more than that and married in September 1981. My daughters were all on their own by then.

Jack was a career Air Force officer stationed at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. We met through a divorce recovery group in Seattle while he was attending UW for his PhD in aeronautical and astronautical engineering. I left home, family, and friends and learned how to be an Air Force wife. Jack already owned a home on two acres outside of Colorado Springs in the small community of Monument. We were stationed at the Academy for 5 years where Jack taught in the Aeronautics Dept. First, we did a major remodel of the kitchen/dining area (I LOVE to cook!). Then, armed with a brand-new Apple computer, I started my own business from home as secretarial support to the small businesses in the area that did not employ full-time help. As the mother of three daughters, I now had ‘sons’ who piled into our family room each weekend and ate anything that remotely resembled food. We still keep in touch with many of them. I loved every single minute of our stay there – skiing in brand new powder snow untouched by human feet, the social life of the Academy, entertaining generals, astronauts, and the inventor of the jet engine in our home – it was all more than I had ever dreamed.

Jack’s last tour was a 3-year stint at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, OH. Life was much different than at the Academy, so I decided to become a full-time student. I graduated from Sinclair Community College with honors with an AA degree in Executive Secretarial at age 50. We returned to the Seattle area in March of ’89 where Jack was a professor in the Engineering Dept at Seattle University. We bought a new home in Bothell and last summer did a major remodel of the kitchen (that seems to be our thing, doesn’t it?) I worked briefly for Kelly Services, then for a local chiropractor, and ‘retired’ when our youngest daughter married in ’91. We were in a car accident in the big winter storm of December 1996 that resulted in Jack having emergency brain surgery three months later for a subdural hematoma. He retired from Seattle U as Professor Emeritus in 2000 and has worked from home as a consultant to the aerospace industry, teaching courses on how to design jet engines and writing textbooks for college courses. I am his live-in secretary/copy editor and he’s currently working on two books.

In 1996, I discovered a 9-month commuter retreat called the Spiritual Exercises in Everyday Life (SEEL), and have been a trained spiritual director in this program for 8 years. I also have clients that I see apart from the retreat. Last summer, I spent a month at Mercy Center in Burlingame, CA, for more extensive training which was just an awesome experience, living with 32 spiritual directors from many different cultures and faith backgrounds including Buddhist and Sufi. Jack is also a trained spiritual director and hospital chaplain. We absolutely love what we do and get back far more than we give.

Our daughters are now in their late-to-mid 40’s and we have 6 grandchildren – four girls and two boys – ranging in age from 22 to 11. Our oldest granddaughter just got married so we are considering the scary possibility of becoming great-grandparents in the next few years! All three daughters and their families live within 30 minutes of us. My mom is 93 and is in an adult family home 2 blocks from us, so we visit her every day. My dad passed away in 2000 and Mom moved here from Wenatchee in 2001. . (Sheila notified us that her mother passed away Oct. 2, 2006, only one day before her 94th birthday.)

Our lives are full of family and friends. We love going to our grandchildren’s games and having them spend the night. We belong to a couples’ bridge group and I also play once a month with a group of ladies who have been friends for over 35 years – we were all young Jaycee wives in the 60s and early 70s. Jack & I had a sailboat for 5 years but gave it up a year after his brain surgery. Our favorite places are still by the water – Maui, Carmel, all of Puget Sound, and Canada. We have always had dogs. When Jack & I married, he had a Saint Bernard and a white German Shepherd – I brought a Chihuahua/Poodle mix to the marriage. I’ve gotten him to at least scale down in size and we now have a gorgeous tri-color Sheltie, Rocky, and a Bichon Frise/Shih Tzu mix, Sadie. She rules the household and Rocky is besotted with her. I am a bookaholic – best sellers, fiction, spirituality – love discovering new authors -- and may not live long enough to read all my books, so have decided that if there are no books or pets in heaven – I’m not going!

The last 49 years have certainly not been all moonlight and roses, but I wouldn’t have missed any of it (well, maybe some of it) because it’s made me who I am. I’m truly looking forward to seeing everyone at our 50th, especially those whom we’ve not seen in the last 40 or 50 years. Thank goodness for name tags!!! See you all in 2007! (5/06)

 Gary Montague (Wenatchee) -- I am married to Mikael and have four children, eight grandchildren, and two great grandchildren. I am retired from the Wenatchee World and the Chelan County PUD. I have received the following awards and held the following offices: Stanley Lifetime Achievement Award, WHS Distinguished Alumnus Award, President, Board of Commissioners Chelan Co. PUD (two terms), Director General, Washington State Apple Blossom Festival, Chairman Washington State Arts Commission, President, Wenatchee Chamber of Commerce, President, Wenatchee Visitor/Convention Bureau, President, Central Washington Hospital Foundation, President, Music Theatre of Wenatchee, President Allied Arts Council NCW, President, Gallery ‘76, President, Mainstream Republicans, Chelan/Douglas Counties, President, Western Newspaper CAM Association, President, Pacific Northwest Association, Newspaper CAM, Commissioner, Washington State Arts Commission, serving under four Washington State Governors, Commissioner, Wenatchee Arts Commission, Director, Western States Arts Foundation, Director, Central Washington Better Business Bureau

Director, American Lung Association of Washington, Co-Founder, Wenatchee Valley Clean Air Coalition (7/07)


Roger S. Moore (Hyde Park, New York) – Roger died in 2009. His obituary is on the Memorial page. I am a Registered Engineer in New York with certified specialties in energy conservation and corrosion control, and am not yet retired. In 1962 I married Janet Dragoo, who is an elementary teacher. We have two daughters, Sara, who died at age 19, and Amy who is an attorney. We have two granddaughters, Molly and Maeve. We are non-resident members of The Ecovillage at Ithaca. Particular interests are global cooling and sustainable vegetable gardening. (7/07)


Kathryn (Morgan) Hickey (San Jose, California) -- My husband, Harold (deceased 2002 ) and I originally moved to California in 1956 when he was in the Navy, and later we returned because of jobs and schooling.  I returned to school when I was 30, finished high school and got a nursing degree.  I am retired from nursing. I have always loved gardening, reading, various types of hand sewing, bird watching and am now very involved in genealogy.  I volunteer at a family history center and a temple.  I have four children, five grandchildren and three great grandchildren. I’ve taken each of my children on a tour – to Alaska, England, the Mediterranean and recently took the whole family (13) on a cruise to Mexico. (8/07)



John Murphy (Wenatchee) – John died in 2013. His obituary is on the memorial page. John served in the Navy after high school and then went back to school. He worked at Alcoa. John and his wife Carolyn have three children, Brian, Rob, and Tonya and two grandchildren. They have traveled all over. Hobbies include attending Seahawks' games, coaching in the Special Olympics and church activities. (Smitty's 3/05)

Skip Mussen (Wenatchee) -- Skip graduated from Wenatchee Valley College and the University of Washington with a degree in Journalism/Advertising. He had worked part time for The Wenatchee World while attending college and returned to work for the newspaper full time after graduation. He was an advertising salesman, advertising director and general manager, retiring in 1995. He married Kay Schrengohst in 1966. They have two sons and one grandson. (5/07)

 Pola Nawrocki (Munich, Germany) -- After going to Germany in 1964 to learn the language, I ended up staying there. When luck got me a job in the human genetics department of the University of Marburg, I decided to study medicine myself, finishing with specialty certification in gynecology and obstetrics. Later I became a staff editor for one of Germany's leading medical publishers, Urban & Schwarzenberg (now Elsevier Germany), where I worked for over 20 years before retiring in 2005. I still do medical translations.


Since the mid-90s I've been involved at a basic level with the German cycling club, ADFC. Running errands on a bicycle is a great way to stay in shape without contributing to air pollution, especially in a big city like Munich! -- I don't travel much, except to Italy to practice the language, or to New York City to visit my daughter.


Here's wishing you and everyone else a successful reunion! (8/07)


 Marlene (Nelson) Cunningham (East Wenatchee) -- Marlene married Raye Cunningham of East Wenatchee in 1959. They will celebrate 48 years together this June. They have two children, our daughter Trudy from Spokane and son Cory living in Auburn. Their family has grown by 8 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren. We moved to the coast in 1961. Thirty of those years we were in Sumner WA. Marlene worked for 25 years for Puyallup Valley Flower Co-op, packing and shipping flowers and bulbs. Raye was a member of the Operating Engineers and operated a variety of construction equipment. He loves the outdoors, fishing, hunting & riding his ATV. She is more of a fair weather person. She loves camping and fishing when the weather cooperates. They moved back to East Wenatchee in 2000. The only thing she doesn't like about returning to this area is the snow. (5/07)

 Doug Olesen (Phoenix, Arizona) -- Doug earned his B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in civil engineering at the University of Washington. After college he initially worked at Boeing as a research engineer. In 1967 he joined Battelle Memorial Institute in Richland, where he served as Director of Battelle’s Pacific Northwest Division, and as Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer. Doug later moved to Columbus, Ohio where he became president and CEO of Battelle. Doug was honored upon his retirement in 2002, when Battelle endowed two Chairs in Technology Entrepreneurship in the UW College of Business in his name.

Doug is married to Cathy McKee Olesen and lives in Phoenix, Arizona. Doug and his first wife, Michaele, are the parents of 2 sons, Douglas, Jr. who lives with his family in Atlanta, Georgia, and Stephen who lives with his family in Everett. They are the grandparents of six grandchildren, including quadruplets, with number seven (the first girl) on the way.

In his retirement, Doug has remained active in K-12 education reform. Currently he serves on Governor Napolitano’s P-20 Council, redefining the vision for pre-school to post-secondary education in AZ. Doug is also a member of the Board of Directors of Goodrich Corporation. (7/06)

 Carlton Olson (Wenatchee) -- After high school I went to the U of W with a baseball scholarship. Our '59 team (when I was a sophomore) was inducted into the U of W Hall of Fame in 1996. Graduating in 1961, I married Mary Stewart, a 1959 WHS grad and put her through her last two years of college. After college we lived in Seattle until 1973 when we moved back to Wenatchee. We have two children, Chris and Kelly. My business career consisted of banking, being a stock broker and business manager. My last eleven years before retiring in 2002 was working at Pacific North West Bank as a mortgage lender.

Mary and I have traveled a little to such places as Hawaii, Nassau, Mexico, Israel and the Far East as well as the east coast and Florida. In July 2003 we moved into a new home we had built in East Wenatchee. It's right across the river from Three Lakes Golf Course.

Having been somewhat of a "go-getter" in my youth, I am now enjoying the leisurely pace of retirement, visiting our only grandchild, eight year old Joia in Orlando, Florida as often as possible and letting each day find meaning. I'm very grateful for being at this stage in life and looking forward to the future. With fond memories, Carlton Olson (January '05, Photo added Sept 2013)

Carlton wrote recently (March 2014) to say that he hasn't been painting for a while but this winter when there wasn't much else to do I did a few paintings.  Along with his note he sent some of his art work that is shown below.  The eagle and horse are water colors and the wolf is pen and ink.  I haven't taken any lessons and only paint now when something inspires me.





Joyce (Olson) Ensey Price (Mercer Island) -- I graduated from Seattle Pacific University in 1961. I taught for 10 years. I married Wendell Ensey and had Eric and Wendy. After being divorced, I married John Price in 1983. John had 3 boys I helped raise. They all attended U of W, are married, and are living within 12 miles of us so I had lots of time with eight grandchildren.

John and I are very involved with the Pilchuck Glass School. We collect glass art, Northwest coast art of the Native Americans and Canadian Inuit art. We have traveled to the Artic nine times to see our artist friends. We also collect the art of Toulouse La Trec. We have shown our collections in several museums. (7/07)


Daniel M. Peyton (Redmond) -- I have worked for the state of Washington for 43 years. Most of this time has been with the Department of Social and Health Services. Positions have included CSO Administrator, Regional Administrator in 3 regions and I am now a labor relations coordinator. I plan to retire within the next year.

My wife, Connie Ambrose, and I have five children and nine grandchildren. We enjoy visiting them and taking them places. We travel and work in our yards. Yes, yards. Since we both work in Olympia we have a residence there in addition to our home in Redmond. We travel to Hawaii, Mexico and to the many beautiful areas in the Pacific North West, and of course, to visit the grand kids in Arizona and Ohio. (8/07)

Gordon Pobst (Orondo) -- After high school, I attended WVC one year then the University of Washington, majoring in Engineering and then Architecture. I spent a year in the Army studying missile guidance electronics then teaching NATO students at El Paso, TX. After a year on a missile site near Washington DC, I returned to Wenatchee. I worked first for the City Engineering Department and then General Telephone where I designed and programmed the first computer cable assignment system. In 1966, I bought bare land north of Orondo and planted an orchard. In 1982, my wife Leigh and I sailed our 37 ft. sailboat to Tahiti and French Polynesia Islands and then back home. Today I continue to farm our organic apple orchard, placing and shipping our apples globally. I am NOT retired. (7/07)


LaVerneBus’ Provo (East Wenatchee) -- My career has been in the restaurant, drive in, and resort business. For about 15 years we owned a smoked meat business, specializing in jerky. We made gift boxes and smoked turkey for the Holidays. We were listed in the business journal as “Walk Tall and Carry A Beef Stick” Currently, my wife, Carolyne and I manage a mobile home court and storage units. We have four children, thirteen grandchildren, and one great grandchild. (8/07)


Pat (Quinn) Bryant (Wenatchee) -- After high school I went to business school & worked part time. Then I moved in with Sharon Gyorfi in Seattle & worked at King County Medical Insurance for a year. Then it was back to Wenatchee to go to Wenatchee Valley College, although I believe I actually learned more being on my own in Seattle. I have now lived in Wenatchee for over 50 years except for 4 1/2 years in Friday Harbor, WA in the late 60's where I enjoyed learning more about the ocean.

I was married 44 years to Emory Bryant & have two daughters, one son and 7 wonderful grandchildren. I worked for the Post Office for 26 1/2 years until I retired at age 60. During that time ('91) I suffered a stroke. Emory & I had a mom & pop orchard for 20 some odd years with cots, nectarines & peaches.  We lost Emory in October 2003 to cancer. He is flying with the eagles now.

I was a Blue Bird, Camp Fire, 4-H and Rainbow girls leader for many years. Reunions have been a hobby too, I guess. I have worked on 5 high school ones & a few family ones.  I've enjoyed going to monthly lunches at Smittys to visit with classmates. We've had some great guests there -- like Miss Lovejoy, Coach Byrne, and Paul Pugh. I swear they look younger than we do. And those of you who have made the effort to come from out of town have been an extra bonus. I enjoy taking digital pictures at lunch & then sending them to everyone with e-mails & hearing back from a few. You can see many of those photos on this web site (click on Candid Camera).

Some of my hobbies are photography, reading, flowers, painting (water color), scrap booking (grandkids sports started this), and traveling. ( 26 states & 16 countries).  Em & I took awsome trips to Alaska & Hawaii.  Of course our favorite place is the Oregon coast. I have enjoyed going to estate sales. Still learning, going, doing and enjoying widening my circle of life. (Revised - March '07)

Arden E. ‘Art’ Racus (Wenatchee) -- Arden and his wife Karen (Dodd) have three sons who are spread around the state -- Mike, in Spokane, Troy in East Wenatchee and Darcy in Kent, and eight grandchildren. He worked construction for 25 years, was owner/operator of Wenatchee Body and Fender for 9 years, and also owner/operator of Trucking /Excavation for 15 years. He enjoys antique cars. He and Karen are Snowbirds, wintering in Yuma, Arizona for 5 months each year. (8/07) 

 Dave Ramsey (Wenatchee) – Dave died in 2012. His obituary is on the Memorial page. Dave joined the Navy after high school. He attended college and tells us that "yes" he had a job, and as for wives, he lists "four". Dave has one daughter, Molly who lives in Oregon, and one granddaughter. Dave has traveled most everywhere in the world except Europe. Dave's hobbies are golf and "sex" (gee, I wonder why no one else thought to list that, Dave?) According to Gar, Dave could have been inducted into the football hall of fame but the committee said Dave drank too much beer. (Smitty's 3/05)

 Dick Rice (East Wenatchee)Dick died in 2014. He married Rosemary Pennel in 1959. He retired after forty years with Cascadian Fruit Shippers where he was employed as Refrigeration Engineer/Superintendent. Dick and Rosemary have four children and one grandchild, and lived at the same home and orchard for 43 years. In 2003, they sold and moved into a new home on the same street.

Dick is active in their church and the Antique Car Club, antique cars and hotrods being one of his hobbies. He reports that they have just waxed and polished the 1929 Model-A Ford. Their Antique Car Club is entry Number Six in the Apple Blossom Parade this year." Dick and his wife have taken six cruises that included the following areas -- Panama Canal, South America, Eastern and Western Caribbean, Mexican Riviera and Alaska (we are leaving on the 12th of May). They spent winters in Southern California until 2005. (5/07)

 Tom Rolfs (Olympia) -- Tom received BA and MA degrees from Washington State University. He devoted 32 years to public service with the State of Washington Department of Corrections, all in prison services, retiring in 1997 as Director of Prisons, for the state. Tom's wife, Dian, and he have 4 children. Their retirement time is spent with traveling, genealogy, church work, family and friends. (5/07)

 Robert Roper (Badger Mountain) -- Shirley got in touch with Roger who told her that he is living on Badger Mountain in a 3-story log house that he built 25 years ago. Heat is from a wood stove and water is from a well which he dug. Until recently, their only source of electricity was solar panels and a generator and batteries for storage. Robert said they love the peace and quiet and have a view that includes Canadian mountains, Mt. Rainer and Spokane on a clear day. Located at the 4700 foot level, they can have snow as early as September. He was a pre-stress foreman at Bethlehem Construction. Rober is married with 6 children (1 deceased). (2005)

 Kathleen (Ross) Geiger (Tacoma) – Kathleen was a nurses aid in Seattle for twenty years and for one year in Chelan. She has lived in Tacoma 29 years where she worked as a certified nurses aid. She has one daughter, Jennifer Geiger who was born in 1978. Jennifer went to UW, then she moved to Dresden, Germany. Kathy has visited her daughter three times in Europe, traveling to Prague, Karlovy Vary in Czech Republic, Berlin, Austria, Rothenburg, and Lisban, Portugal where Jennifer is getting her PHD in Science. (7/07)

 Vianna (Rusert) Nall (Bainbridge, Washington) -- I was a claims examiner for Kitsap Physicians where I worked for ten years. Previously I worked for Travelers Insurance in Seattle for eight years also in claims. Yes, I love to travel. My husband David was in the Navy and we spent two and one half years in Iwakuni, Japan and later, after he retired from the Navy, he worked for Pan Am and we traveled to New Zealand and the Fiji Islands plus Mexico. I lost my husband to cancer two years ago so our travels in our motor home came to a halt. I have three sons, eight grandchildren and two great-granddaughters. One of my hobbies was cake decorating but I don't do much of that anymore with the exception of family cakes. I sew some and garden. I will be on a cruise to Alaska during the time of the reunion. Oh yes, I forgot to mention I also play golf at least on occasion. Thank you for the e-mail and I look forward to the mini Wa Wa. Sincerely, Vi Nall (6/07)

 Joanne (Russell) Hargrave (Seattle, Washington)-- Joanne was widowed in 1994. She has four children, Katrina Borth who lives in Wenatchee, Chuck Hargrave who lives near Lake Stevens, Washington, Renee Hargrave who lives in Shoreline, and Roderick Hargrave who lives in Thousand Oaks, California. Joanne has eleven grand children, and will have two step grandchildren when Rodrick and his fiancee are married. One grandchild, Jon Borth, who is now taking classes to be a policeman, served three tours in Iraq while in the Marines. Joanne works during the tax season every year. She attends Jazz festivals and dance, and still likes to hike, walk Green Lake, and Travel. She has traveled a good bit -- to the Oregon Coast for wedding anniversaries, around Europe for a month, including Spain and Portugal with Rod, building their own adventures. She also has taken a 2-month motorcycle vacation throughout the US. She says that it would be hard to say which vacation was the best.

As for memories of school, Joanne did not like classes until she started jr. college after her children were grown. Her favorite reason for school was for the social contacts with classmates. She is looking forward to more years of travel, schooling and dancing and reports that "I am blessed with good health, wonderful friends, and catching up with classmates." (5/07)

 Diane Margret Sainsbury (Solna, Sweden) -- After getting a BA in political science at the UW, I came to Sweden.  Here I met Bob Brewster, and we celebrated our fortieth anniversary together in 2004.  I became a full professor in political science at Stockholm University.  Officially I retired from the University in 2005, but still have an office at there and am writing a book on welfare states and immigration. (7/07)

 Donnelle (Schmitz) Berschauer (Wenatchee) -- I lived in Wenatchee until 1987, where I worked for Harold Schroeder at HMS Investments. During that time I went to college (at age 35) and finished at WVC . Then I commuted to Ellensburg 4 days a week. But I did not get to graduate. I moved to Bellingham (a great city to live in!) where I worked for Fred Meyer's as a store auditor and price changer. I was subsequently transferred to the Federal Way store and then to the Tacoma/Lakewood store. We moved back here almost 7 years ago. I worked for Martin's Market in Cashmere for a year then for Grocery Outlet in Wenatchee until I had to quit and stay home with Jerry who has Alzheimer's.

My primary hobby is interior design which I got into when I won a contest in Bellingham. I enjoy that a lot -- even the associated grub work (scraping, sanding, painting) that one encounters in do-it-yourself remodeling. I've traveled a bit -- to Switzerland twice when my son lived there, to Fiji, Tahiti, and New Zealand for my 46th birthday (skied there in July), and a fantastic Caribbean Cruise in 1991. Lately, I've been occupied taking care of Jerry. I have one son - Ric and two grandchildren (Logan (6 1/2) and Sabine (19 )who lives in Switzerland with her mother. (Fall '04)

 Lowell Sever (Houston, Texas) -- 50 Years Later - I decided to try to write a brief bio to include with those of many of my classmates as we look forward to our 50th reunion. I have only been to two reunions, I think the 10th and the 25th, so I have been out of the loop for a long time.

Immediately after graduation, I went to work at the Central Washington Deaconess Hospital as an orderly and attended Wenatchee Valley College for two years in premed. Plans changed and I then worked as a technician (physician’s assistant, before such existed) for Dr. Frank Allen at the Wenatchee Valley Clinic for three years. Deciding that I was not cut out to be a technician the rest of my life, I migrated to Australia in the fall of 1962. That turned out to be the first leg in a year and a half journey around the world, and an introduction to the joys of travel.

Fast forward; after I returned to the US I went to the University of Washington, where I got my BA in anthropology, followed by a MA at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and a PhD at the University of Washington. In the course of those events I married Susan Carter – we have now been married for over 40 years – and I had my first child Jeremy. After finishing my PhD I joined the faculty at UCLA, first in anthropology and later in epidemiology in the School of Public Health. While I was at UCLA my daughter Alison was born.

In 1979, I left UCLA for a position as staff epidemiologist with Battelle Pacific Northwest Laboratories in Richland, doing health effect studies relative to the Hanford Nuclear Facility. From there I was offered a position at the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta where I was originally Deputy Chief of the Birth Defects Branch and subsequently Assistant Director for Science in the Division of Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities. In 1989 I left CDC to assume a senior leadership position with Battelle and subsequently became Program Director for Public Health Sciences with Battelle’s Centers for Public Health Research and Evaluation.

In 1998 I returned to the academic world, accepting a position as Professor of Epidemiology at the University of Texas School of Public Health in Houston. I retired from my professorship at the end of 2006 and I am looking forward to returning to Seattle. During my eight years at the School of Public Health I twice received the School’s outstanding teacher award. In the spring of 2005 I was awarded a Fulbright Lectureship in Ukraine and spent five months there, giving post-graduate medical education courses in six different cities at a number of medial schools, research institutions and public health departments.

Most of my professional career has been devoted to the area of birth defects and developmental disabilities. I have been fortunate enough to have my professional activities in the area recognized by receiving a US Public Health Service Special Recognition Award, a certificate from the National President of the March of Dimes, and, most recently, an award for scientific contributions to the study and prevention of birth defects from the National Birth Defects Prevention Network, of which I am a founding member and former president.

I have traveled extensively throughout the world, both professionally and for fun. Beginning with my trip around the world in 1962-64, I have now been in about 50 countries on all the continents, except for Antarctica. I studied Moroccan Arabic in Fez Morocco a few years ago, followed by two weeks traveling around Morocco by van buying carpets. I also traveled from Istanbul to Athens by bus and, following my Fulbright in Ukraine, I traveled by train throughout Eastern and Central Europe. Also in 2005 I did a consultation for the World Health Organization in Cairo, Egypt, and was an invited presenter at an international birth defects conference in Beijing, China. I took advantage of the latter opportunity by joining a tour group in Western China where I was able to visit many of the sites along the Chinese portion of the Silk Road, as well as the Tombs of the Terracotta Warriors in Xian.

When I moved to Houston in 1998 to accept my professorship here my wife, Susan, stayed in Seattle and I am looking forward to rejoining her. Both of my kids are in Seattle, as is a new grandson Dawson Cape Sever who was born December 15, 2007. I know that many of my WHS Class of "57 classmates are old hands at the grandparent thing but I am looking forward to getting to know the recent addition to the family when I return to Seattle this spring. (3/07)

Susan (Seyster) Maughan (Cashmere) -- My husband Jack and I have two sons, three grandchildren and 3 great grand children.  We owned a restaurant for 38 years.  We have been retired for 9 years.  We are loving every minute of retirement.  We spend six months in Arizona and six months in Washington.  (6/07)



Don Shaw (Lake Stevens, east of Everett) -- My wife Lois and I have three daughters, Shawna, who is married, Shamra who works in Wenatchee, and Maureen who is in Granite Falls. We have five grandchildren. I retired from the Cedarcrest Municipal Golf Course in Marysville after 37 years. While working there we were also built our own driving range -- Seven Oaks Golf Range. We have done little travel, except when the pipeline came through last year. That closed us down and we took a week and toured Montana. (8/07)



Mary Jean Skifte Booker (Coral Springs, Florida) -- Mary Jean and her husband, Stanley (deceased), have three children, two in real estate, one in construction. They have four grandchildren; three girls, and one boy. She spent twenty-three years in aviation buying and selling planes. They lived six years in Singapore. In late seventies they had an airline that flew scenic flights to Grand Canyon and around Nevada. She was married for twenty-seven years, and has been widowed for twenty-three years. She has been living in Florida the last twenty-one years. (5/07)


 Betty (Sims) Bromiley (Wenatchee) -- I married Stanley (Pete) Bromiley on November 3, 1956. Except for a short time living in Seattle while Pete worked for the Great Northern Railroad, we have lived in Wenatchee. We are parents to six children, 3 boys and 3 girls, 16 grandchildren, 5 great grandchildren, and we are expecting 2 more great granchildren before the end of the year. I was a stay at home mother until our last child was born, and then went back to business college , majoring in accounting. I began work at Wells and Wade Hardware, where I was in accounts receivable, when my last child started school. I worked my way up to being credit manager and office manager for the last few years before the store was sold to Thurmans. After a year staying at home, I went to work for Sear Roebuck in the office in the accounting department. I retired from Sears after working there seven years.

We love to travel, sometimes in our trailer and other times in our car. We have traveled to Alaska a number of times,Hawaai, Canada and within the USA. We especially enjoy the Oregon Coast and the beautiful state parks that state has. We love to entertain with large family picnics in their backyard. On November 3, 2006, we celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary with a large gathering of friends and family at our home. All of our 6 children were there and almost all of their grandchildren.


Pete loves to garden, fish, and hunt. He helps his cousins in the wheat fields every summer by driving the semi's down Badger Mountain. You can't take a truck driver out of his truck! Betty loves all crafts but reading books is a favorite. She also loves to buy quilts off of E Bay. We are happiest when they have a houseful of family!! (7/07) 


Mary Jo (Smart) Armstrong (Wasilla, Alaska) -- I am currently living on Wasilla Lake, 40 miles north of Anchorage. My career was in insurance and I retired in 2000 as operations manager at Eagle Pacific Insurance. I was married to Jerry Towne for 38 years. In 1999, I re-met Walker Gene Armstrong, my high school love, and we were together until his death in 2005. I have two children, one grandchild and two great grandchildren. I love Alaska in the summer and traveling in the winter. (7/07)


Richard J. Smelser (Yakima) -- I served in US Navy, worked for Standard Oil, was a Business Consultant and was a Dr. of Chiropractic for 30 years. I retired from Smelser Chiropractic in 2004. I have five sons, sixteen grandchildren and fourteen great grandchildren. I enjoy woodcarving and wood turning. I have been a campground host near Leavenworth for three summers. My wife, Barbara and I spent two and a half months this winter in Arizona. We have traveled through western and north central USA, Guam and Hawaii. (7/07)


Beverly (Smith) Coleman (Wenatchee) -- Bev lives in the Wenatchee area. She has worked in commercial contract interior design, retail sales, and for the Eastmont School District as a para-professional. She has two step children and five grandchildren. Bev has traveled widely, to Iran, Greece & ten European countries as well as Mexico, Hawaii & about two thirds of United States. Her hobby is horses.

 Ella (Smith) Langhoff (College Place, near Walla Walla) -- We have four children, ten grandchildren and one great grandchild. I am a home maker. We enjoyed country dancing until my husband Larry's health slowed us down. We enjoy our house, garden and yard. We enjoy sports and school events with our grandchildren who live nearby. The other grandkids live in Colorado and Georgia. We have been on cruises to Alaska, Caribbean, Mexico Rivera and the Panama Canal. “When a woman needs a vacation, give her a cruise!” (8/07)

 Joan (Snitily) Jahns (East Wenatchee) -- I have four children and four grandchildren. I am retired from Escrow and Mortgage Banding. After retirement my husband, Norm, and I moved from the Tacoma area to Wenatchee. We enjoy RVing (to Arizona in winter) camping, fishing, gardening and reading. (7/07)

 Verna Lee (Stillman) Black (Wenatchee) -- Verna is married to Tom Black (WHS 56). The Blacks have four children, Sandra Sager, Richard Black, John Black, and Laura Doogan, twenty one grandchildren, and one great grandchild.

Verna worked as a clerk typist and secretary at Boeing, Whitworth College, and medical offices in Seattle. She is currently working from home (via the Internet) for the Wenatchee Valley Medical Center as a Medical Transcriptionist, as well as being the Church Secretary for the Wenatchee Free Methodist Church.

A hobby which she has enjoyed for over fifty years is playing the violin and viola. She still enjoys playing five or six days a week. Verna and Tom have traveled widely in the U.S. and Canada, as well as Mexico, Alaska, Japan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Taiwan, Macao and China. (5/07)

 Allen Tackett (Huntsville, Arkansas) -- Allen and Joan both worked for Campbell Soup Company. After 26 years with Campbell, he retired as Safety Supervisor, after holding several other jobs. They didn’t stay retired long -- they bought a poultry farm and also sell hay as a family corporation with their son, Steve.

 Their grandson is a senior at the University of Arkansas. He plays trumpet in the marching band and concert band. Allen’s sister still lives on Lower Monitor Road, where he grew up. The reunion trip will be the first time back to Wenatchee in about 9 years. There is a lot of catching up to do. (8/07)


Larry Taplett (East Wenatchee) -- Larry has worked at "Peter Rabbit Store and Warehouse", construction building school, and as a traffic signal technician for the Washington State Department of Transportation from which he retired. Larry's wife, Ginny is retired from the Washington State Department of Licensing where she worked as an auditor. Larry and Ginny have been married 46 years. They have two children, Bob and Jeff, and two grandchildren. They moved back to Wenatchee three years ago after retiring. He enjoys yard work, friends, boating and their home on the Columbia River (see photos in Candid Camera). (7/07)



Robert ‘Nick’ Taylor (Salmon, Idaho) -- Nick worked for the Washington State DNR from for six months in 1961 before going in the army, He was stationed at Fort Belvoir, Virginia where he served as a topographical survey instructor from March 1962 until September 1963. He attended graduate school that fall at the University of Washington after which he joined the US Forestry Service. He was assigned in Cle Elum, Ellensburg, Burns Oregon, Glacier Washington, Chemult Oregon and North Fork Idaho, retiring in 1994. Nick was married to Margy Rosenberger in 1962 and divorced in 1974. They had three children, Sue, Mike, and Gwen who died in 1987. In 1976 he married his current wife, Diana Geddes. He adopted her son Ken. Nick's hobbies are shooting sports, fishing, gardening and cabinet making. He is employed part time driving – moving vehicles for float trip outfitters fand or vehicle dealers, and pruning fruit trees. (7/07)



Tom Taylor (Beaverton, Oregon) -- I spent the summer of '57 as an ordinary seaman on a freighter bound for the DEW Line stations in the Arctic (same as summer of '56), and returned just in time for registration at UW. Partying took its toll on grades, I but finally graduated in '63. I enlisted in the Air National Guard (I always admired Dan Quail for that), returning to Seattle following basic training where I roomed with WHS classmate Doug Olesen and other fraternity brothers. I started a banking career with SeaFirst in November 1963. My first bank assignment, after initial training, was the North Wenatchee Branch of SFNB. Not having the wisdom to pick my friends for their virtue and sobriety, I joined fellow classmates Dave Ramsey and Skip Mussen in renting a new east side townhouse. In two years with Seafirst, I can honestly say that I was never late to work despite non-stop parties in the "bachelor pad". Seafirst took me to Yakima, then to Kennewick where I met Linda Coday, schoolmarm and U of Montana grad. We were married in Wenatchee in 1967 and still are (married, not in Wenatchee). Stints followed in Yakima (again), Moses Lake (son Matt born in 1971) and Aberdeen.

A new job opportunity took us to Montana in 1973. I went to work for a bank in Havre, Montana, by coincidence my wife's home town. I worked for the bank system until retirement in 1999. Our daughter, Susie, was born in Havre in 1977. I was able to reconnect with some Seafirst friends while attending Pacific Coast Bank School at U of W during the summers of 1978-80. After thirteen years in Havre, the bank asked me to manage their bank in Conrad, MT. We were in Conrad for seven busy years with kids' education, the bank job and directorships in three other banks. Our bank was sold to Norwest Bank of Minneapolis in 1993, resulting in a relocation back to the Havre bank. The final merger of Norwest and Wells Fargo Bank took place in 1999. I worked one official day for Wells, so am of course an official Wells Fargo Bank retiree! We moved to Beaverton, Oregon following retirement.

Retirement is magnificent. We spend our time following the career paths of the offspring. Son Matt is an engineer (UW class of '95). He works in Snohomish and has a home in the Bothell. We hope a marriage is imminent to his significant other, a beautiful Taiwanese girl). He says we'll be among the first to know.

Susie graduated from the University of Montana in 1999 and received her masters in Far East studies and Chinese from Washington University in St. Louis. She spent eight months in Beijing and a year in Taipei studying Mandarin Chinese, plus worked an additional year in Taipei. She is currently employed as business manager for a group of undergraduates from University of Puget Sound on a nine month study abroad program in the Far East and India. She is due to return home in May, and promises "I'll get a real job then, Dad".

Linda and I have traveled extensively since retirement, utilizing home exchanges for fun and affordable travel. Home exchanges have included last year's month in Connecticut and previous exchanges to Wash DC( at Union Station the morning of 9/11) Chichester (2002) and Newcastle England (2004) and The Hague, Netherlands in 2003. Shorter exchanges (10 days to two weeks were made to Vancouver and Victoria BC and Ashland Oregon. We've also been to China, Thailand and other stops on tours. When home I golf, golf and golf. I was never very good and now can blame age for not improving. I still have my obligatory ten day fishing trip to Montana each spring and fall, with an occasional salmon trip to Alaska or Vancouver Island. Linda and I usually spend Jan and Feb in Palm Springs. (March 2006)

 Ed Thomas, (Wenatchee) -- Ed and his wife, Sharon (class of '58) have three children and two grandchildren. Ed retired from Marson & Marson Lumber Company in 2001. Sharon retired in 2001 also. They have traveled, cruised, attended many youth baseball and football games and spent quality time with children and grandchildren. “Life is Good” Go Mariners, Seahawks and NASCAR! (7/07)


Carol (Thrapp) Knutson (Puyallup) -- Carol is retired from her job as a private school secretary at the St. Vincent DePaul School. She and her husband, Bob will celebrate fifty years of marriage in 2008. Carol reports that they have four great children and seven marvelous grandchildren, ages ranging in age from four to twenty. They recently sold our big home in Kent and moved to an apartment home where someone else does all the up keep! Carol and Bob enjoy traveling, playing golf and doing fun things with our friends, children and grandchildren. (7/07)

New Addendum 10/18 Bob and I celebrated our 60th wedding anniversary and our 4 children put together a great party!

When we got married in 1958, Bob was in college at Gonzaga.  Today we have 3rd generation at Gonzaga.  Our youngest son Jeff’s son  Christian is in the engineering program.    He also has started a drone club at Gonzaga.

Bob graduated in 1960 and we came to Seattle and he worked for Zellerbach Paper for 35 years, retired for one year and worked for Alaska Airlines for 5 years. I was a school secretary at St.  Vincent de Paul school for 21 years. We became snowbirds in the winter and saw a lot of the USA.  Currently, we live in Federal Way in the Shag  community.  You might have seen us on the Shag commercials with Lou Pinnella.


Deanna Tibbles Jagla (Kirkland) – After attending Wenatchee Valley College I lived in Kirkland for 45 years.  I have three children, one deceased, and four grandchildren. While kids were growing up I was active in their sports programs, taught swimming and coached girls' soccer.  I was the substitute secretary for the Lake Washington School District and am retired from Canoe & Kayak Magazine where I was bookkeeper.  My main hobby is sewing, especially making donations for gift shop and annual guild fundraiser for Children's Hospital, Seattle.  Items include decorated pillowcases and quilts. I also sew dresses for weddings. Favorite vacation spot is Lake Chelan. (8/07)



Carol Ann (Travers) Poirier (Wenatchee)-- I’ve kept very busy wearing a variety of hats: daughter, wife, mother (two children and four stepchildren), grandmother (two grandchildren and eight step grandchildren), daughter-in-law, granddaughter, niece, employee, caregiver, board member, and hopefully friend to all of the above. Nothing eventful has taken place, but I’ve received much pleasure from each adventure. I’ve especially enjoyed our class lunches and wish you all could share in our monthly camaraderie. We’ve renewed friendships and made new friends all based on nothing more than truly enjoying being in each other’s presence. Of all my hats, being a wife and mom brought me the greatest joy and being a “Gramma” is a pleasure I can’t even describe. (7/07)



Bill Treadwell (Ft Meyers, Florida) -- Bill reports that "I recently retired after practicing law 40 years as a member of the Washington, D.C. Bar and married Julia Olive of Westport, Connecticut. We moved to the Gulf Coast of Florida where we enjoy the sunny days, are learning to play tennis, and do some travel. Paris, France this April and of course Wenatchee in September for the 50th. Gar and Cindy Jeffers have invited us to stay with them, and we will also visit my aunt and uncle who live on Castlerock Avenue. I am looking forward to seeing old friends and classmates, and hope everyone comes to the reunion." (3/07)

After some prodding and with reluctance, Bill shared his resume. He obtained his law degree from Willamette law school, and subsequently obtained LL.M degrees from both Georgetown law school and New York University law school. (In the legal profession, one first obtains what is essentially a doctorate (LL.B), and subsequently, masters degrees (LL.M) in specialized areas of law -- bob) Bill has held a number of interesting positions including assistant professor of law at Gonzaga University, assistant United States attorney in New Jersey, trial attorney for the District of Columbia Transit Authority, and corporate counsel for the District of Columbia Realty & Development Corp. He has had a number of publications in notable law journals. Bill reports that his most interesting law case involved representation of two clients in the Nixon era Watergate scandal, one in Federal court, one at Senate Watergate Hearing. The second most interesting was as Pro Bono defense attorney for a Viet Nam combat Marine veteran charged with rape-murder of celebrity victim at Quantico Marine Base. (And just think -- this is the same guy who was banned from the WHS campus during lunch time for being a rowdy! -- bob) (3/07)

 Larry Tucker (Wenatchee) -- Larry joined the Air Force after high school. He worked 30 years with the Power Company. He and his wife, JoAnn (Bentley - WHS '58), have two children and three grandchildren. He has traveled within the US and his hobby is woodworking. (Smitty's 3/05)

 Mary (Turnipseed) Copeland (Bay Center (on Willapa Bay), Washington -- My Spanish teachers -- Miss Nowelini and Mr. Diaz -- were my favorite teachers at WHS. I have been married for 43 years to Bob Copeland who is from Entiat ('57). We have three children, one son who lives in Leavenworth, another son who is in Iraq, and a daughter and two grand daughters who live in Leavenworth. I worked as a hairdresser in Wenatchee and in the Seattle area (Lake Forrest Park, and Aurora Village) for a few years. We then moved to Bellevue and started our own plumbing and heating business. After almost 10 years we moved our business and home to Kirkland, where we lived for ten years. We then sold and moved to Bay Center on Willapa Bay. We have lived in Bay Center for fifteen years. My husband doesn't like the idea of retiring so we bought quite a few rental properties in this area and now he also builds log houses and furniture. I worked as a bookkeeper for twenty years, and I now have an antique store, which is open only in the summer in South Bend. In the winter I spend a lot of time in the Southern California desert south of Palm Springs. Of course, I enjoy spending time with my grandkids in Leavenworth.

I did have open heart surgery last year, but have recovered completely. I've had rheumatoid arthritis for many years - which is what caused the other health problems.

 Joan (Ulrich) Hernandez (2013 Update) Tukwila, Washington –-  As many of you know, I retired from my position on the Tukwila City Council, December 31, 2011.  After serving 24 years as an elected official.  I was looking forward to spending more time with my husband, Richard.  Unfortunately, Dick passed away six months later, on June 6, 2012, just eight days before our 37th wedding anniversary.  He was my soul mate, greatest supporter in all of my campaigns, and my traveling companion to 4 countries.  He told me on his death bed that he wanted me to take the trip back to Italy that we had to cancel due to his health, so that trip and another trip back to see my pen pal in Germany are both on my bucket list.  I have spent the last year roaming around in a trance; trying to remember what I used to do when I was a single person.  My community has reached out to me in many miraculous ways and I feel like I am finally beginning to get my life back.  Since my life has always been one of community service, I began my journey as a widow by volunteering to serve a year on the City of Tukwila's Strategic Planning Committee and this year I volunteered to serve on the advisory committee for the city's facility study which will continue until the end of this year.  I continue to serve as I have for many years as an appointed member of the Equity & Diversity Commission and as vice-president of the Tukwila Historical Society and a member of the chamber of commerce.  Most of those community meetings meet just once a month which is often enough for me to keep me touch with my former colleagues and cause me to appreciate the fact that I am retired and don't need to attend any breakfast meetings or late night meetings that I don't want to attend.  My absentee son who still lives in China was worried that I was just sitting home alone feeling sorry for myself, so I send him a copy of my schedule every month and let him know I am so busy that I don't know how I ever found time to work full time.  This summer I took seven weeks of golf lessons and have only found time to play golf once with Carol Thrapp Knutson.  We used to play croquet together in our backyard in Wenatchee, and now 60 years later we are playing golf together at Foster Golf Links in Tukwila.  How sweet is that.  Life is good and I am learning that it isn't what happens to you that is important, it is how you cope with it that makes the difference.  Thanks to all of you for being part of my life.  May faith, family and friends always keep us together.

(Original Bio - 2007)  My first job upon graduating from high school was Secretary to the President of Wenatchee Valley College. In 1958 I moved to Seattle and worked in the Teacher Placement Bureau at the University of Washington. I married and moved to Burien where my son, Eric Norman Danielson, was born and raised. Later I was a Court Clerk in King County District Court. I married Richard Hernandez in 1975 and we moved to Tukwila in 1981. I worked for Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Company for five years and then the King County Housing Authority as an Executive Assistant for 20 years. When I retired in 2004, King County Executive Ron Sims signed a Proclamation declaring April 30, 2004 as Joan Hernandez Day in King County. Upon my retirement, Governor Gary Locke appointed me to the Washington State Affordable Housing Advisory Board. In 1987 I ran for election to the Tukwila City Council and am now serving my 5th term as an elected official. I have been married to my husband, Richard E. Hernandez for 32 years. My son, Eric, is an author and historian and lives in Shanghai, China. We have traveled to Japan, China, Scotland, England, Spain, Portugal, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Mexico, and Hawaii. Do any of my classmates remember being given a pen pal when we were students at Columbia Grade School? When we traveled to Germany in 2006, I met the pen pal I corresponded with in 1951, 1952, 1953 and 1954. She took us to meet the Mayor of Landshut and he called in a reporter who took our picture with him and the story of our meeting after 50 years appeared in three different newspapers in Germany. I still have all the letters my pen pal wrote to me when I was a student at Columbia Grade School and I plan to write a story about the search and journey to find her. We are still corresponding today and hope to meet again. My professional bio can be found at (5/07)

  Pat "Trish" (VanDivort) Gambill (Vancouver, Washington) Shirley located Pat VanDivort in Sept. 2006, and sent her news of the class and copies of current photos from the website. Pat responded in an e-mail as follows:

Thank you, thank you, thank you for tracking me down! I got teary-eyed looking at all the friends I've lost contact with. They all look wonderful. I was saddened to see all who are no longer with us.

I have 6 children (four girls and 2 boys) and 11 grandchildren. The three youngest grandchildren 2, 4 and 5 test my sanity. Watching "Shark Boy and Lava Girl three times a day will tend to send you over the edge. (Did I ever really have any sanity?). I take care of them daily. The rest of them have graduated or are nearly out of high school. My eldest son is a career Marine and just got stationed in Hawaii so you know where my vacations are going to be!!

My main hobby is singing. I sing in a community choir, our church choir and a trio called "The McChoir Sisters". We sing songs of the 30s, 40s, and 50s and we wear blonde wigs and beaded gowns. We have a hoot! We did win a trip to Ft Lauderdale to perform at the christening of the Sea Princess (Princess Cruise Lines). We competed with 8 other groups for a week's cruise aboard the Sea Princess. Alas, we came in second but we did have our 15 minutes of fame - actually it was 3 days. We were judged by the Pointer Sisters, Gavin McLeod and the Shirrells. Afterwards, at a media cocktail party, we rubbed elbows with "My Three Sons" and Beaver Cleaver. The day after the competition, we went shopping with the two of the Pointer Sisters aboard ship. They were shopping for souvenir key chains and mugs just like we were. We "Sisters" also went on a Tahitian cruise and we performed onboard.

Another thing I do is sing as a back-up chick for a R&R band (Memories in Motion). We have such fun at this - my daughter sings with this group also. She can be as goofy as I am so we have a good time together. As you can see, music is the center of my entertainment. I've decided I have to live another 250 years in order to sing everything I want to sing - hopefully the voice and body hold out. (I've already have one replaced knee and the other due any time! Can't take time out from fun to have it done!! LOL)

Daily life is pretty much centered around family. With the little ones around, time is taken up with trips to the zoo, watching soccer lessons, swimming lessons, school functions, and countless birthday parties. Husband John is retired from the Battle Ground Police Dept.

Please add me to the list of those planning to attend the 50th reunion. I will be there! As an additional note, I haven't been called Pat for years - probably 50 of them! LOL (10/06)

Lael Vickery (Wenatchee) -- Lael married Linda Heminger in August, 1956 and has worked as a self-employed bar owner. He retired two years ago. His hobbies are golf and fishing, and he does volunteer work at their church. The Vickery's have 3 children, 5 grandsons and 1 beautiful great granddaughter. He does volunteer work for their church. The Vickerys have lived in East Wenatchee all of their married lives. They celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in 2006. (See Linda Heminger for additional information.) (5/07)

 Gary Watkinson (Flower Mound (near Dallas), Texas) -- After high school I joined the Army Reserve and spent six months at Ft. Ord California. I began college at Wenatchee Valley and then graduated in Business at University of Washington in 1963. My first and only job was with J.C. Penney and I retired 35 years later. I married my beautiful wife, Patty on July 4th 1976. Carlton Olson was my best man. Thanks Carlton, it’s been a great 29 years! My first wife, Susie, and I are the parents of one daughter, Julie, a flight attendant for Northwest Airlines, and husband Ron living in Silverdale Washington; and one son, Scott who is married to Annika and live in Sweden with their two children, Hanna and Cooper. Scott works for Fed Ex there. Patty and my son Gary, works for Social Security in Seattle and has two children Mitchell and Mishaela; pir Daughter, Heidi is a buyer for J.C. Penney and lives in McKinney Texas with her husband Reid.

After my retirement from J.C. Penney I was able to spend the following year overseeing the building of our new home in Flower Mound Texas. Before construction began, Patty surprised me with a trip to London as my retirement gift. Patty and I are enjoying our jobs in Real Estate with Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage here in Dallas and we love to travel. We enjoy our membership in Bent Tree Bible Fellowship Church here in Texas. In October of 2004 we visited Scott and Annika in Sweden and from there they all (including Julie) joined us in our trip to Ireland. We visit Seattle often to see our kids, grandkids, and parents. We are also enjoying our involvement in a web based private franchise business with Heidi and her husband, Reid. I have a lot of memories from good ‘ol Wenatchee High. Life is a wonderful Journey. My hope is that you are all having an enjoyable journey as well! See you at the 50th! Fondly, Gary Watkinson. (January '05) 

Judy (Wayerski) Wallace (Warm Beach --across from Camano Island., Washington) -- I worked at Alcoa after graduation to save money to go to Seattle University. While at Seattle U, I worked at Seattle Yacht Club for a couple of years - really enjoyed it! I married Jerry Wallace in 1961. We raised three children -- 2 girls and a boy, and we have 3 granddaughters.

We moved from the north end of Seattle to our summer cabin at Warm Beach (on Port Susan Bay across from Camano Island) in 1974 -- remodeled and made it our permanent home.

I worked part-time at my husband’s electronic sales rep company in Bellevue - we then semi-retired and had a home office for a few years.... retired in 2002. Since then, besides family responsibilities, I have been active in Warm Beach Community Association, neighborhood watch and just plain enjoying beach life’!!!!!! I also go to water aerobics and do crossword puzzles in the papers every day. I'm looking forward to our 50th... (Sept '05)

 Judy (Webb) Johnson (Wenatchee) -- Judy reports that she attended college one year, worked, then marriage. Her work was with an insurance company, and several volunteer jobs, the favorite being working with an AIDS support group for two years. In college, Judy met her husband, Ron Johnson, also from Wenatchee. They have two boys, Brian and Marshall, ages 48 and 39, and two Grandkids, Cassidy Sky, and Raven Star, ages 8 and 6. Judy and Ron lived in Seattle while he was at UW, and then moved to New Jersey for 18 years, the UK for two years, back in New Jersey, then to Mercer Island and finally back to Wenatchee. Ron was employed by Ingersoll-Rand, where he retired as a Division Manager. They enjoy travel, having been to the Bahamas, Germany, Holland, UK, Maui, Spain, and Scotland. Judy reports that they love Maui, it being one of their favorite vacation spots where they visited again this spring. Her hobbies include spending time at our cabin at Lake Chelan, walking every day with Ron and their dogs, reading Auto-Bios, anything outdoors, family and their church. (Edited 5/07)

"Elvis is still the King"

 Susan (Weidman) Lawson (Wenatchee) -- Susan attended Western Washington University and graduate school at the University of Washington. She taught school in junior high, high school and community college. Susan and her husband Bob have for daughters, and six grandchildren. They have traveled to Europe, Branson Missouri, British Columbia, Alaska, and Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks. Their travels included sight seeing on their own itineraries on the trips to Alaska and Branson. Her hobbies are community theater and camping. (Smitty's 3/05)

 Darlene (Wentz) Ball (Lakewood) -- Darlene graduated from Central Washington University and received an MS degree from the University of Oregon. She started as a history teacher but spent many years working as an interior designer. Her husband, Vernon, and she spent 15 years operating tennis clubs. They played on an ‘over 60’ team that took 3rd place at Nationals last year. (Way to go, Darlene!) They are headed for Sectionals in June of this year. They have two children and two grandchildren. (5/07)

 Don Wile (Issaquah, Washington) -- My wife, Carole, and I returned to the Northwest from Phoenix in March 2003. I purchased the Huntington Learning Center (a tutoring center) in Issaquah, WA and have been the Center Director since June 2003. My wife continues to work for the Phoenix organization, making monthly trips to the headquarters. We live at 22771 SE 277th Place, Maple Valley, WA 98038. Home phone is 425-413-8485 and my cell is 425-260-3305. Our e-mail address is We have thoroughly enjoyed being back in the Northwest among family and friends. We live three miles from our son & daughter-in-law (Jeff & Michelle) and grandsons, Kaeden (age 5 and in kindergarten) and Dylan (age 2). Jeff is Vice President, Global Solutions, Northwest Division of Savvis Communications, Inc. Our daughter Julie married Darin Burley in June, 2003, and live 20 minutes from us. They are expecting their first child (our first granddaughter) in May, 2005. Julie is Marketing Director for Microsoft X-Box and Darin is VP of Enhanced Benefits, Inc. We are really proud of our kids and we sincerely love being grandparents! In addition to my business, I have been asked to be involved with The Pacific Institute in Seattle (Lou Tice is President), and will be working on projects being developed in Ghana and Zimbabwe, as well as with education institutions in this country. My hope is to eventually sell my tutoring center and expand my work with TPI. This past August, our kids bought us a "surprise cruise to Grand Cayman and Cozumel. They went with us and we had a marvelous time. The hotel manager on the cruise ship is a close friend of our daughter and son-in-law, so we had first class treatment the whole time -- on the ship and on land. It was our first cruise -- and in fact, our first real vacation in about 15 years. We really enjoyed it and hope to do more. I have such joy in being productive every day, so in no way am I ready to retire. However, we do need to smell the roses a little more. Life is great! Write or call when you get a chance. If I can get away, I'd love to drive over for one of the monthly lunches. To each of you, have a wonderful 2005! (December '04)

 Bob Wilson (Bellingham) After WHS graduation I worked that summer for State Forestry as a firefighter and general roustabout in Conconully. I enrolled at WVC for 2 years and transferred to U Dub and majored in Forest Management. I worked summers for the US Forest Service at Ardenvoir as a firefighter and tree marker and on a lookout for one summer. (What a view) After graduation I got a permanent position with the USFS at Ardenvoir. In July, Uncle Sam’s long arm came calling by way of my army draft notice. After training at Monterey, CA and Sierra Vista, AZ I requested an assignment overseas. This was before Viet Nam became a big target for the US. Instead I was sent to Fort Lewis where I was an electronics technician and worked on unmanned aerial vehicles in the 4th ID. After my discharge from active duty I taught math and forestry for two and one half years at WVC.

In 1966 my life began a new and rewarding turn. Almost simultaneously I married Marcia Fletcher of Monitor and joined Boise Cascade Corporation. My 28-year career included forest and plant management assignments in Yakima and Kettle Falls (twice each) and LaGrande, OR. In spite of not being politically active, I was appointed by Dan Evans to the brand new Forest Practices Board and Dixy Lee Ray appointed me to a second term. One of my last assignments for Boise Cascade was to investigate timber purchase opportunities in Siberia. After 2 days of acclimating and looking at tourist sights in Moscow we flew on Aeroflot 6 time zones east into Siberia to Bratsk just NW of Lake Baikal on the Angara River. This was in January at 55 degrees north latitude. Fortunately, the weather was only slightly below freezing but the days were very short. I retired in 1994 and we moved to Bellingham to be close to salt water.

We boated for 10 years from Olympia to Skagway. We made 2 trips to SE Alaska and cruised extensively along the BC rain coast from Vancouver to Prince Rupert and Ucluelet to Bella Coola. Mixed in were various organized tours overseas to Eastern Europe, Middle East, British Isles, Caribbean and South America.

We are now living quietly in Bellingham and have 2 sons (a Biomedical Engineer and Southern Baptist Pastor) who live in the Seattle area with their wives and our 4 beautiful granddaughters. (October '06)

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Bridges, Don, Othello

Caudel, Isabelle Gere ) aka Cuppy- last address, Republic

Coby, Carol Jones, Orville

Deaton, Barbara, Franklyn,

Erickson, Judy (Mills)

Fordam, Nancy - last contact was in high school

Foreman, Gene -- last contact in 1977, Sidney, AR, c/o Sidney Foreman, father

Fulmer, Paul Jr.

Laws, Richard - last contact high school

Maier, Judith - last contact high school

Mallery, Peggy (Duncan)

Massie, Margie Lee - last contact high school

McPherson, John - last contact high school

Oliver, Richard - last contact 1977, Honolulu

Penrod, Jill - last contact high school

Ray, Betty Jean (Barton)- last contact 1977, E. Wenatchee

Scott (Mynhier) - Mary Jean - last contact Tenino, WA in 1976

Shipek, Charlene - last contact high school

Schmidt - Barbara - last contact 1977, E. Wenatchee

Smith, Jerry

Welsh, James

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