Monthly Smittys Luncheons

Our class has a "mini reunion" every month at Smitty’s Pancake House. It’s a great time to catch up, laugh, and remember when. Always a gang of 30-40 including spouses.


Where: Smitty's Pancake House

1621 N. Wenatchee Avenue

When: 3rd Wednesday of each month, 11:30 Social, 12:00 Lunch  

To be put on the e mail notification list for luncheons, BJ Herron

For more information, contact Carlton Olson

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Note: The following luncheon reports are all prior to July 2012. Since then BJ has been sending the monthly reports out via e mail each month.

Pat's WHS Summer Lunch, June 20, 2012


Hope you all have a great summer. We were so glad to see Rich Bruggman, Larry Hauff and Gary Montague and Dick Rice. They look wonderful. And our Special out of town guests were Dee Tibbles Jagla & Carlton & Mary’s beaufiul, sophmore grand daughter, Soia. Attending also, were, Sharron Bruggman, Bev Hauff, and Rosemary Rice, Dave Ramsey, Larry & Ginny Taplett, Ken Perkins, Rocky & Faye Holloway, Carol Travers, Magil Fredrick, Mary Widby, Bus Provo, Bev Smith, Lael Vickery, Linda Heminger, Pete Bromily, Betty Sims, Larry Tucker, Julie Kientz & Bud Phipps, Barb Bowman & Don Miller, Don Eby, Jay & Beth Widby and Pat Quinn.

Carol Travers reported 59 class mates were coming so far to the 55th reunion . So--------- LaVerne coughed up his check. Mark your calendar for September 14, 15, and 16th. Make checks out to Class of 1957 and send to Carol Travers Poirier – 606 Royal Anne Wenatchee, Wa $ 35. Single and $70 couple.

Found out the car on the cover of the Smitty’s menu is none other than our Rocky Holloway’s 1955 Thunderbird. He drove it today and it is just awesome.

Dave Ramsey met Elvis Presley when he was in the navy. Dave had a couple of beers with him in Tennessee and later when Dave was stationed in Hawaii. Dave went back stage to see him & he did not remember Dave. So Dave refreshed his memory and when Elvis went on he introduced Dave Ramsey. (everyone one clapped)

Well we had some reminiscing about Thrifty Drug. (BJ will include Tom Preston & Bob Winslow's memories in a future news letter.) Let us know about your Thrifty Drug memories.

The Blond jokes were many today. You know why the blonds have square boobs? They used boxes of Kleenex.

Some were in Starbucks and saw this pretty blond. This SOD truck went by & they overheard the blond. “ when I get rich I am going to send my lawn out to be cleaned.”

The blond walks in & says I would like cheese burger, fries & strawberry milkshake. The lady says, “this is a library”. So blond whispers, I’d like a cheeseburger, fries.

There were also remembrances of going to see Truman on train when in Jr High and when we were seniors, we had General Eisenhower come on train to Wenatchee.

We have heard Lynn Berry has moved back to town. Let me know of last name, address or phone number for her.

Carlton brought up-- we seniors have different kinds of bad breath. I mentioned we also fart more. (Pat, I'm shocked!! -- bob)


As always, Pat




Pat's Luncheon Report, May 16th, 2012


I hope you are having a great May. We had a very successful Apple Blossom event. I guess it got a bit cold in out laying areas and some of the apples got hurt.  We almost made to 90 degrees yesterday. The lilacs are about done and the Rhodes & Azaleas  and Clementius, & Columbine are blooming. Just a touch of snow on nearby mountains so the hills are so green. It is a beautiful time of the year.

Our luncheon was busy with conversations and so many laughs. Those attending were Mary Widby, Julie (Keintz) & Bud Phipps, Ken Perkins, Donelle Schmitz. Linda & Lael Vickery, Rocky & Faye Holloway, Barb (Bowman) & Don Miller, Jay & Beth Widby,  JoAnn Lorraine & Dennis Hall, Don & Janet Eby, Larry & Ginny Taplett, B J (Bolton) & Dewayne Herron, Kay Anderson & Buck McKenzie, Dave Ramsey, Bus Provo, Carlton & Mary Olson, Bev Smith, Carol Travers, Iris Phillips, Kathy Johnson, and from out of town – Tom & Diane Preston and Pat Quinn.

Carlton read us a few jokes and sorry, but Carol Travers had the best one. We sent cards to a few of our classmates.

Congratulationss to Leanne Heminger with a new grandson. Iris's twin grandson and grand daughter are doing fine.

Some of our homes for sale are Mary Lou Hander’s old home and Jo Ann’s Chicketti Mom’s home on Miller and Second. We are going to have a big Farmer’s Market and other small businesses in the old Pypus Building (which they are remodeling down on the Columbia River in 2013. Cherry season looks like a big one.  Yum!

We lost Melvin Duvaul and will miss him. Also, Daryl Noyd, 74 has passed away. I ran into Gary Montague last night in Walgreens and he looks so much better. He said he is still going to doctor. Let us know how you are doing Gary ? Best Wishes to Carol (Soule) and Jerry on their wedding this Saturday, the 19th.


As ever, Pat Quinn Bryant




Pat's Luncheon Report, April 18, 2012 (Ghost written by BJ)


Happy Spring Everyone,

Hello Class of ’57!  Things are in bloom every where.  Mary Jo Smart and Pat Quinn just got back from their trip, and Pat was attacked by the “Allergens” (or a travel bug) and she is determined not to share with us.  So bear with me, Bj here. 

We had a good turn out on Wednesday 18th of April.  There were 34 of us present and we had an out of town’er, Ron LaCasse!  Arden (Art) Racus is beginning to be ‘a regular’.    Lloyd Fryhover brought Dave Ramsey but had to leave.  Larry Taplett was there in his new truck, after the accident hauling a load of dirt totaled his old one. Ginny said she had been saving for a new car!   Our “snowbirds” have returned, Kaye Anderson & Buck MacKenzie and Barb Bowman & Don Miller are back, looking nice and tanned.

Rosemary & Dick Rice were there, most of the bruising from the fall out of his back door, has gone away. 

Ken Perkins arrived wearing a heavy coat and looked comfortable.  It was nippy outside.  Others there were Don Eby, Iola Long, Faye & Rocky Holloway, Julie Kienitz & Bud Phipps, Kathy Johnson, Mary Widby, Donna Agnew & Max Gaston, Betty Sims & Pete Bromiley, Ann McDowall, Magil Friedrich, Donnelle Schmitz, Jay Widby, Sherron & Rich Bruggman, Bj Bolton & Dewayne Herron. 

Carol Travers facilitated the meeting because Carlton wasn’t there.   

(Which prompted a call; Carlton is doing well.  He said he understood we had 50 or 60 in attendance since he wasn’t there!  Just lets him know how much he is standing in the way of getting really big crowds.  We had a chuckle over that.  He said he had bi-pass surgery in his right leg.  It went very well.  The Doc put a big smiley face on his right leg before he went in.  Carlton wondered out loud if maybe he couldn’t write….  Carlton said the Doc told him he could probably drive by the end of this week….I could hear Mary saying NO NO NO in the back ground.  Apparently he is on some good meds.) 

Carol said she had received about 12 forms back already and she was given several while she was there.  The question came up “How do you make the check out?” 

Answer:  WHS Class of ’57.  That was something that wasn’t covered in our mail out. 

We are keeping some of our classmates in our thoughts and prayers; Gary Montague (we haven’t heard from him in a while), JoAnn (Serene) Johnson, Carlton Olson and Pat Quinn.  We wish them well.  I’m sure there are some I’ve missed.  

Carol shared a late Easter story with us.  After teaching the Sunday School children for a month leading up to April, the teacher asked her little pupils, “What do you know about Easter?”  The first child said “We get to hunt the eggs the Easter Bunny brought and eat candy”…the second said “We get to go to Grandma’s house and have ham and cake and see all my cousins”. The third child said, “Easter is when they made Christ carry the cross up the hill and he was crucified and he was buried and he arose and he saw his shadow and there was 6 more weeks winter”. 

Carol asked Lael Vickery if he had anything to say.  Lael said “Well I had egg salad for lunch and it looks like the yolk is on me”….of course Linda Heminger just shook her head, as we all did…some of us groaned.




Pat's Luncheon Report, March 21, 2012


Happy Spring Everyone,

We are all so happy for spring - a few blossoms and birds singing and even a little yard work. Good turn out at out 3-21 lunch. Sunshine and a little snow on Mtn tops. We welcomed Bob Fleming from Spokane and Larry Hauff back from Australia (where it had been 100 + degrees).  And wish Bev Hauff good health with her bad knee. Others were Art Racus, Dave Ramsey, John Murphy, Don & Janet Eby, Linda Heminger & Lael Vickery, Betty Sims & Pete Bromiley, Leonard Ward, Magil Friedrich, Donnelle Schmitz, Richard & Sharron Bruggman, Melvin Duvaul, Bev Smith, Carlton Olson, Julie Kienitz & Bud Phipps, Mary Widby, B J Bolton & Dewayne, Kathy Johnson, Sue Weidman, Leanne Heminger, Skip & Kay Mussen, Carol Travers, Larry & Ginny Taplett, Ken Perkins, Dennis Barnes, Larry Tucker and my self Pat Quinn.

Carlton announced we would be sending out an e-mail (for those who are connected electronically) & letters by “snail mail” to all others, to register for WHS 55th reunion which will be held September, Friday 14th, at the Columbia Valley Brewing Co. They do have soft drinks for sale also.

Saturday morning, there will be Open Golf. Let Lael Vickery know if you want to play.

Then in the evening, we will meet September 15th at the Cashmere Conservatory (behind Apple Annie’s) for Saturday dinner.

Sunday the 16th we will be having breakfast at Smitty’s at 9 am.

Dick Rice took a fall out of the door and wound up with several bruises, 10 stitches in his head, and a black eye.  We all have to watch our footing now.

Judy Plughoff is recovering from shoulder surgery! We wish you well Judy.

Jo Serene Johnson hopes to feel well enough after her chemo to attend our 55th Reunion.
Carol Travers said Gary Montague is not very well. They visited a while on the phone. He knew the luncheon was coming up, so gave her a joke for us.
You should not worry about jumping out of an airplane… unless you want to do it the second time.”
We were talking about Dusty's hamburgers and how deliciously messy they were. A lot ended up on the front of you. Lael said his dad gave him $5 and he could take Linda to a movie and buy a Dusty burger, fries, pop and gas for his car & probably have change left.

Skip said it was the only $5.00 hamburger in Wenatchee. $2.50 for the burger and $2.50 to get your suit cleaned.

Carol T. said she worked at Vic’s Drive in where they served the Hi-Tone Burger.  One Apple Blossom night they ran out of chocolate syrup. She went in the back to get a gallon to replenish it. She slipped on a French fry and the gooey chocolate syrup spilled all over her from head to toes. When her mom picked her up she washed her down with the hose from the service station right across the street…cars driving by and honking all the while.

Carlton’s joke was about a blond who named her dogs Rolex and Timex. Her blond friend said that was silly names for dogs.  She said, “HELLO, they are watch dogs.”
Lael had some “little kids in church funnies”. He told about this little boy who was in a wedding. He would walk down the isle and every so often he would stop, put his hands up and growl. The minister asked him what he was doing. He told everyone he was a Ring Bear.
The little girl told her friend who was talking out loud in church to be quiet.  The friend asked why. The little girls said, “Everyone is sleeping”.
The young boy was reciting the Ten Commandments. Lael’s favorite was "Thou shall not take the cover off thy neighbor’s wife.” Or maybe it was the one where the father was dragging the naughty little boy out of the church by the arm and the boy turned to the congregation and said, “Pray for me”…
As ever, Pat


Pat's Luncheon Report – February 15, 2012


Belated Happy Valentine’s Day!   We had a very nice sunny day and had a good turn out.  Carlton & Mary Olson’s plans fell thru and they didn’t go to Arizona.  He was pleased nobody said, “Well, what are you doing here?” 

Those present also included Kathy Johnson, Ann McDowall, Mel Duvaul, Rocky & Faye Holloway, Dick & Rosemary Rice, B J Bolton & Dewayne Herron, Betty Sims & Pete Bromiley, Donna Agnew & Max Gaston, Bev Smith, Mary Widby, Carol Travers, (who presided over the luncheon) Julie Kienitz & Bud Phipps, Larry & Ginny Taplett, John Murphy, Dave Ramsey, Ken Perkins, Larry Tucker, Bus Provo, Richard & Sharron Bruggman, Linda Heminger & Lael Vickery, Jay Widby, Gary Montague and our Valentines  --  Don & Janet Eby who will be married 50 years on February 17th, 2012.  Don said when they had been married 25 years, he ask Janet, “Well, do you want to try for 50 years?”  She said, “Let’s try for 26!”.  Sue Weidman said she has four more PT sessions and then she will be done.  She can drive herself now.  So glad she is on the mend. 

Carol Travers told about the old couple who always tried to be honest and not fight with one another.  She had a box up in the closet and he did not know what is in it.  She got very ill and was not going to make it.  He was going thru papers and things and brought the box to her.  Yes, it is time to show you what is inside.  Her mother always said, when you get angry with your husband you should crochet a doily.   She pulled out 2 doilies and he was very surprised that there where only two.  But where did the $25,000.  come from? Oh, that is from selling doilies all these years.

Carol also read the poem “We Survived”, about how lucky we are if we were born between 1927 and 1970  Like bike riding until dark and we had friends to do things with.  Carol remarked it just makes you want to run across the room with a pair of scissors, doesn’t it?

Jay Widby's wife Mary Beth is in Hospital with pneumonia.  We wish her well soon.

Congratulations to Iris (Phillips) & Don Bolstad on their new twin grand babies. Welcome Reid Flynn & Gwinn Mae Bolstad. Iris said the twins & Mom are doing fine.  They weighed over 6 lbs each.  Iris has to get over a cough - then she can go see her babies. 
Larry & Bev Hauff e-mailed from Hong Kong.  They celebrated their 20th anniversary (the china one).  Bev said Larry was such a “Romantic”, he took her to China (Hong Kong) and was at the time of writing, having a beer and lying on the bed watching Chinese T V.  They are headed for Australia.

 And we heard Carol Cammack's grand niece, Nicki Schoeder and Lloyd Fryhover's granddaughter, Claire Fryhover were in the top ten of our Apple Blossom Royalty.
As ever, Pat Quinn Bryan



Pat's Luncheon Report December 21, 2011


We had a good luncheon meeting with folks dressed up in their holiday colors.  There was a good turnout with about 35 of us there.  We had some unexpected snow-birds show up.  Kaye Anderson & Buck said they were headed back as soon as Christmas was over; neighbors JoAnn Lorraine & Dennis Hall were too. 

Happy 50th Anniversary to JoAnn and Dennis

One of our favorite servers, (you’ll remember us mentioning Shelby, who lost her son in the motorcycle accident) is staying over today to serve us one last time.  She has a new job with Maurice’s, in Wenatchee, as assistant manager.

Janet & Don Eby (who is looking well), Faye & Rocky Holloway, Ann McDowall &  Joe Gaspers (who had to leave to attend another meeting), Sharron & Richard Bruggman, Betty Sims & Pete Bromiley, Doris Burke,  Mary Widby, Julie Kienitz & Bud Phipps, Linda Heminger & Lael Vickery (who is almost ready to dance on that new knee) Bev Smith, Mary Olson, John Murphy, Magil Friedrich, Donnelle Schmitz, Faye & Leonard Ward, Ginny & Larry Taplett, Bj Bolton & Dewayne all enjoyed the laughs when Ken Perkins was presented with a huge (oversized) check to sign for our lunches. 

It seems he had made a bet with Carlton that if he ever accepted a ride to the luncheon; he would pay for everyone’s lunch.  Unfortunately, Carlton saw him getting a ride last month in some nasty weather!   The oversized check was passed around as we laughed and signed it for Ken.  We also signed cards for others in the class who were recovering.

Dave Ramsey was presented with a photo album made by Pat with all the pictures of the Christmas party.  He was all smiles. 

Pat mentioned she saw Iris Phillips and Don at the symphony concert before the luncheon.  She was waiting to pick up articles she had used decorating the stage.  Yea! for Iris. Great to know you’re up and about.  Pat said Arden Racus called and she invited him to the luncheon.  He said “Not this time, I’m in Arizona!”  He is doing OK, and we expect to see him when he gets back!

Carlton and Gary Watkinson were reminiscing about a certain John Moats and Gary W. racing.  The story goes; John turned a corner too fast and wound up, upside down.  Gary saw police in the vicinity, drove on home, put his car away, got his bicycle and came back to check on poor John who was not really hurt (just upside down).  Nice move Gary! 

Carlton had a joke!  Do you know why the Turkey crossed the road?  It was the Chicken’s day off.  That let to Gary Montague’s offering; there was a fellow whose dentures were suddenly getting real bad.  He went to his dentist and in trying to find the problem he was questioning him.  Well he told the dentist, my wife suddenly is fond of making Hollandaise sauce.  We have it every day.  So the dentist said I know just what to do.  Come back in a week and I’ll have you fixed up.  When he walked in the office, the man saw the shiniest teeth he had ever seen.  The dentist explained its chrome!  The man said I don’t understand.  To which the dentist replied………..wait for it…….

There is No Plate Like Chrome for the Hollandaise! 

Pat’s Luncheon Report. 12/21/11   Merry Christmas to everyone,

As Ever,  Pat Quinn Bryant




November 16, 2011 Lunchion Report


The weather man was right with his forecast for snow.  Before our lunch was over it was snowing pretty good.  We are used to snow so we just went ahead.

We had very good turnout.  Good to see Kathy Johnson again.  Kathy mentioned she and her husband were traveling to Crystal Springs, IL to spend Thanksgiving with family.  A couple of very special nephews there think of them as grandparents. Others there were Leonard Ward & Faye, Carol Travers, Magil Friedrich, Donnelle Schmitz, Carlton Olson, Dick & Rosemary Rice (so glad they were able to be with us).   Dick said after the many times the Rice family has been there this year, he thinks they will be naming a wing after them at hospital.  BJ Bolton & Dewayne Herron mentioned they had news their great granddaughter was coming home from Seattle Children’s Hospital 11-17.  Sue Weidman told us she is having knee surgery 2 days before Thanksgiving.  Bev Smith, Rocky & Faye Holloway,  Skip & Kay Mussen, Barb Bowman & Don Miller, Richard & Sharron Bruggman, Don & Janet Eby, Bus Provo, Larry & Ginny Taplett and Larry Tucker.   Melvin Duvaul said he misses buddy Jay Jared.  I think he likes having Jay to visit with.   No one could blame him for not making the trip though, the passes were a mess.  Also there was John Murphy, with his great big grin and Ken Perkins (who took Carlton’s teasing about getting a ride home in stride) and myself, Pat Quinn. 

Lael Vickery is waiting till Dec to have his knee done; Lael and Linda are on their way to spend Thanksgiving with their daughter and family.

Iris Phillips had lung surgery to remove cancerous tumor the 16th.  We heard she is doing well and in good spirits. 

Carlton’s joke was about this married couple of 40 years having trouble.  They went to a counselor to get some help.  The wife complained, her husband never helps around the house and he is not very romantic.  The counselor got up and went to the wife and gave her a big deep kiss.  He told the husband that was what she needed 3 times a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The husband said, well I can bring her Monday and Wednesday, but I golf on Friday. 

We discussed our 55th reunion and the group was kind of split on one or two nights.   We are leaning toward a sit down diner.  Most wanted August 4th if possible. We have a few places to check out for availability.  

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

As ever, Pat Quinn Bryant


The Luncheon Report – October 19th, 2011


Pat Quinn tossed this up in the air, and apparently Bj caught it.  Pat is still having computer/phone line troubles.  Will sure be glad when Pat is operational again!

Wednesday was another beautiful fall day and we had a good turnout.  Our travelers returned and Carlton & Mary Olson said Shirley Cannon joined them, enjoying the long awaited “Branson Get-Away”.  It was a good trip and they enjoyed 7 shows with some top notch entertainers.  Unfortunately Andy Williams was ill with the flu.  They had to ‘make do’ with Ann Margaret…yeah, Carlton, sure!  

The meeting was opened with the unusual fact that Ken Perkins had accepted a RIDE.  Ken usually walks everywhere.  Ken said it was with his sister… that didn’t count.  Don Eby isn’t walking much of anywhere, not with his new ‘baby’.  He said wife, Janet, left town to visit family and he 'just happened to find' a 1990 shiny black Corvette he couldn’t resist.  Picture to follow! 

Judy Wayerski joined us for lunch.  When asked if she wanted to say anything, she replied she was “filtering”.  She said when she went to first grade, of course she couldn’t read.  No one was reading in first grade back then.  But Joan Ulrich’s baby sister came to class with her and was reading like a champ.  Judy said she was very impressed by that.  Judy brought a cute picture of her 5 month old great granddaughter, reading, to share with us! 

Jay Jared came to the Luncheon two months in a row!  He wanted us to take note of that.  We always enjoy a visit from Jay.  We're glad these classmates braved the construction on Snoqualimie Pass and came to visit. 

Lael told us a story.  We never know if it is fact or fiction, but here it is.  He came home one afternoon and parked the car out in front.  He waved to Linda thru the front window.  His friend Boswell came by and said let’s go for a ride.  Lael said, “Sure.”  The friend drove up by the airport.  He said let’s go for a ride in the airplane.  Lael said, “Sure.”  They flew up Navarre Coulee and over Lake Chelan and Waterville and finally back to the airport.  He drove Lael home and dropped him off.  Linda said when she saw him “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?”  Lael told her Navarre Coulee, Lake Chelan and back to Waterville, and she just looked at him darkly!  He had only been gone a little over an hour.  So you never know about Lael!  Was this his ride? 

There were 33 of us attending the luncheon; Betty Sims & Pete Bromiley; Kaye Anderson & Buck; Leanne Heminger; Jay Jared; Dick & Sharron Bruggman; Don Eby; John Murphy; Bus Provo; Leonard Ward & Faye; Carlton Olson & Mary; Dave Ramsey; Ken Perkins; Barb Bowman & Don; Pat Quinn; Judy Wayerski; Donnelle Schmitz; Magil Friedrich; Mel Duvaul; Mary Widby; Julie Kienitz & Bud Phipps; Bev Smith; Linda Heminger & Lael Vickery; Carol Travers and Dewayne and yours truly, Bj Bolton






WHS Class of ’57 Lunch at Smitty’s.  September 21, 2011


The end of summer is near but it did not stop a great crowd from coming to our September lunch.  The fresh fruit and vegetables from our valley have been yummy.  Some of our guests may be back to get some boxes of fresh apples from the orchard.  Our special guests from out of town were Jay & Ellen Jared from Auburn and Bob & Marci Wilson from Bellingham. Others there were Donna Agnew, BJ (Bolton) & Dewayne Herron, Larry & Ginny Taplett, Kaye (Anderson) & Buck McKenzie, Carlton & Mary Olson, JoAnn Lorraine & Dennis Hall, Bev Smith, Iris Phillips, Leanne Heminger, Gary Montague, Leonard Ward & Faye, Rich & Sharron Bruggman, Mary Widby, Rocky & Faye Holloway, John Murphy, Don & Janet Eby, Dave Ramsey, Lael Vickery, Barb (Bowman) & Don Miller, Carol Travers, Jay Widby & Pat.

Iris Phillips shared her good news with us.  She had children late in life and has 2 young grand daughters.  Her youngest son called and said they are expecting twins - a boy and a girl.

Congratulations were handed out to our new 50th Wedding Anniversary couples:  Larry & Ginny Taplett and Carlton & Mary Olson.  Let us know if you are having that special anniversary.

 Our Wenatchee is changing.  They are tearing down the old Pybus building, soon to be the location of the Farmer’s Market. We have a new theater in Sunnyslope run by Jackie Duncan's son. There are a couple of new hotels, The Marriott and La Quinta. Our newly remodeled Hospital (with the new tower) is open.

I found that the city of Chelan about bare of stores.   Three have gone out of business and they have had a couple of fires.  Sad. 

A few of our jokes that I can remember: This drunk wandered in the Catholic Church.  The priest saw him enter the confessional and tried to get his attention by a cough and then later a sniff.  No response from the drunk.  So the priest decides to knock 3 times on wood.  The drunk says, “Knock all you want, there’s no paper over here either.” 

There was a Republican Candidate who was campaigning in a well known, strongly Democratic area in Texas.  They were trying to find a place for him to speak.  Some of the jokesters told him he would have to speak behind the barn.  They wanted him to stand on a huge pile, (where the barn had been cleaned out).  He began his speech with “Well, this is the first time I’ve ever given a Republican speech standing on a Democratic platform”.   

This guy was praying to God to win the lottery.  He just lost his job and needed money to eat and pay his house payment.  After praying for 2 to 3 weeks, God said, “You have to meet me half way.  Go buy a lottery ticket.” 

Lael Vickery is having his knee surgery at end of month.  He said, he knows he will get no sympathy from Linda because she had both knees done at the same time.


As ever, Pat Quinn Bryant



WHS Class of ’57 Lunch at Smitty’s.  August 17, 2011


Another beautiful day  August  17, 2011 for a WHS lunch.  Out of town guest were Judy Wayerski,- Stanwood & Doris Burke of Brinnin.  Others
were MELVIN DUVUAL, Donnelle Schmitz, Mary Widby, Carlton & Mary Olson, Larry & Bev Hauff ( thanks Bev for beautiful pictures you took at our Evening In Park III), Barb Bowman, Linda Heminger, Lael Vickery, Kaye Anderson & Buck , Skip Mussen, Bev Smith. Larry & Ginny Taplett, birthday guy Ken Perkins, Dick & Rosemary Rice, Carol Travers, Rich & Sharron Bruggman, Jay Widby, Pat Quinn, Gary Montague. Our best to Jo Ann Lorraine Hall and Lael Vickery and a speedy recovery with their knee surgery.
Congradulation to Cathy (Christ) & Phil Walker on their 50th Wedding Anniversary.
The Evening In the Park III on Sat. Aug 13th, was very successful.  We had about 114 give or take.  It was so good to see the ones from out of town and State. I will be sending out more pictures of the evening.  Big thank you to Carol Travers Poirier & Linda Heminger (who without. we would not have had a meal) .  (Those onions were great from your garden, Linda)  We thank Leanne Hemminger, Bev Smith, Sharron Bruggman, Ginny Taplett for all your great help.  Want to thank our special cooks - Richard Bruggman and Max Gaston.  They had a hot time in 90 degree heat to boot.  And Don Miller - what can I say.  You are a life saver for many who got to use your golf cart for their transportation  --- Thanks a million. A Special Thanks to Bev Hauff who took beautiful pictures.
Carol Travers, our treasurer said we got the picnic done for $623.68 (with some donations & a few left overs from last year).  We have $1910.72 left which can go for maybe a catered affair next year.  We will need a little for postage for those who do not have e-mails.
Judy Wayerski said her friend told her she could name every capital in the U S.  Judy said okay what is the capitol of Wisc, ? Her friend said that is easy     W.
We wish Jo Ann Lorraine Hall & Lael Vickery success and a speedy recovery from their knee surgery.
We took a vote and most at luncheon prefer something outdoors for next year (our 55th).  We want to visit as some of us may not be around forever.
Lael Vickery and his son had good fishing - caught halbut ( one 60 lbs) and salmon and lobsters, etc.  Cost them a fortune to bring back from Ketican, Ak.  He had pictures to prove what they caught.  They had a Coast Guard friend who was able to show them the best places to fish.  
As ever  Pat Quinn Bryant


(What happened to July, you ask? I have no idea. July must have been a “senior month” for me. -- bob)


WHS Class of ’57 Lunch at Smitty’s.  June 15, 2011


Ordered up another sunny day—a little windy but nice.  We had surprise guests from Bremerton area – Grace (Evenhus) and Don Cote.  They will be married 50 years tomorrow.  They have raised oysters for about 20 years, but for the last 4 years they have raised them commercially.  Their beach has to be certified every year.  They go south in the winter and ‘just let those babies grow’. 

Other special people there were Leonard Ward & Fay, Don & Janet Eby, Mary Widby, Donna Agnew, Linda Heminger & Lael Vickery, Kaye Anderson & Buck, Doris Burke, Larry Tucker, Iris Phillips & Don Bolstad (who will be celebrating their 50th Anniversary soon).  Bus Provo, Dave Ramsey, Bj Bolton & Dewayne, Bev Smith, Carlton & Mary Olson, Carol Travers, Gary Montague, Rocky & Faye Holloway and Jay Widby made up the small in numbers but large in good humor group. 

Evening in the Park III” is planned for August 13th, 2011 at Walla Walla Point Park in the pavilion #2.  It is coming up soon, so get signed up if you haven’t done so.

Sue Weidman Lawson invited us to Leavenworth, WA for The Upper Valley Connection Icicle Players presentation of “The Jungle Book / Kids”, Friday, June 24th ~ 6 PM and Saturday, June 25th ~ 1PM, Located in the Cascade High School ~ the admission is by donation. This is the culmination of a week of work with this group of people with and without disabilities at a camp.  They love applause, and I’m sure there will be lots of that.  

Save the Date: July 30th there will be a “50’s & 60’s” Gathering of WHS Friends Potluck at 5 PM. at Corky and Carleen Elliott’s.  More information to follow.

We learned of a train load of beer with a higher alcohol content would be coming thru Wenatchee.  (That would have been illegal in Washington state).  Instead of sending it back, apparently they buried it in south Wenatchee.  Now being enterprising, as our generation was, ‘some people’ found out about it and where it was buried.  Everyone (almost – not Carlton) brought shovels to school.  One guy, from East Wenatchee, brought his boat over and loaded it up with beer.  Maybe Lael (or Joe Carl) could tell us how long it lasted?

Gary Montague brought up an old song about “Granma’s Lye Soap”.  He sang a little of it.  He found the words somewhere and now he doesn’t have to lip-sync any more.

 Gary also told us about Julie’s dad, Hu Blonk writing funny stories he heard about.  One was about this 3 legged pig tied up in the front yard of a mobile home on Badger Mtn.  So he drove up to check it out.  He explained to the owner who he was and asked about the three legged pig.  “There is a story all right.  Our trailer caught fire and the pig was pushing and grunting against our bedroom wall.  Woke us up and saved all our lives”.  Hu said, “But why does the pig only have 3 legs?” The fellow said, “Well you wouldn’t expect us to eat that fabulous pig all at once, now would you?”

As ever, Pat Quinn Bryant



WHS Luncheon   May 18, 2011


We did not have a huge crowd today but we sure learned a lot about ourselves and what’s going on.  Attending from out of town was Doris Burke from Brinnon, WA.  She said they are going to have their house done in Sunnyslope by August.  Others there were Mary Widby, Kathy Johnson, Kay Anderson & Buck MacKenzie, Barb Bowman & Don Miller, Betty Sims & Pete Bromiley, Linda Heminger & Lael Vickery, Larry Tucker, JoAnn Lorraine & Dennis Hall, Sue Weidman, Dick & Sharron Bruggman, Don & Jan Eby,  (Don, who has now gained 14 lbs. after his accident is looking really good). Also there were Bev Smith, Leanne Heminger, Dave Ramsey, Jay Widby, Carlton & Mary Olson, Gary Montague and Pat Quinn. 

We were talking about a math teacher; Gary Montague said when you went into Miss Libby’s quiet room, she was already at the Blackboard.  You got on the right page and wasted no time.  JoAnn Lorraine said her Dad had Miss Libby for a teacher.  JoAnn said she retired from nursing after 40 years. 

Mary Widby said Jay was 5 minutes older than her.  Her red headed grandson is a doll.  She baby sits Jay’s dog once in a while.  Mary also

said her folks and the Heminger’s got together quite often during the war and had cook outs. Don Eby said he ran into Ken James (who is still coaching girl’s baseball team).   Jan Chase was working at nursery at Eastmont & 3rd.  She has lunch with Joan Snitley.

Leanne said when she was working at the nursing home, one of her ladies (who was Russian) kept running away & police would find her in different places.  One day Leanne got a call to come to N Wenatchee Ave to get her.  When she got there the woman would not get in.  It seems she rather enjoyed riding with the police.  They finally had to put her in a home.  When police heard she was moving they asked, “out of our county?” 

Carlton told of their vacation to nice resort up North.  When they got there Carlton asked Mary if she had put their luggage in the trunk.  She said, no I thought you did.  (Say What? Mary forgot to carry the luggage!) They stayed a few days of their week and he had Mary check them out.  He said he was too chicken to do it.  

Gary Montague ran into Arden Racus and Paul Miller was visiting & he got to see him & brothers.  Well Paul & his wife are building

a place in Costa Rico out of a container car.  

Sue Weidman told us about the “Upper Valley Connection” a group consisting of mental challenged kids and adults and their friends.  They have a Camp the end of June and put on a play at Leavenworth, WA.  They learn songs, dance routines and during week also do crafts, have a hay ride and a barbeque.  We are invited to their play the end of June  -- they do love applause.  There are about 90 people involved. 

I mentioned seeing “newlyweds” Nancy (Montoya) and Oliver Bowman at Costco.  I invited them to our “Evening in the Park”, August 13th, 2011 at Walla Walla Point Park, in Wenatchee. 

I told of an author from Seattle I met on my resent trip.  He has written 8 books and I bought “Seattle’s Best Kept Secret”.   A

History of the Lighthouse for the Blind, Inc. by Junius Rochester.  He mentioned our teacher, Don Donaldson, several times. 

Lael Vickery has invited us to his services at the Brethren Baptist Church at 535 Okanogan St in Wenatchee, WA. On May 29th, 2011

at 10 am Sunday.  He wants to all sit together so he will know which direction the thrown tomatoes might come from. 

Here’s the joke for the day from Gary.  Ask your bartender to fix you the new Osama Bin Laden drink.    “Two shots with water.”

                                                                                                       As ever, Pat Quinn Bryant



Class of ’57 Luncheon, April 20, 2011


The WHS Class of 1957 Luncheon was packed. It was great, and according to our count, there were 42 of us there. Our special guests from out of town were Judy Wayerski, and Don (our birthday boy) and wife, Carole Wile. Don was interviewed by Carlton about his on going career; from his favorite Teacher to his worst pupil. He said he works ‘one on one’ with students who have dropped between the cracks. Don mentioned his dad had probably put a paddle to some of the behinds in the group there…. That got a nervous laugh. He enjoys the successes but hates the commute. He has to travel for about an hour. Someone jokingly asked if it was about 5 miles, and he said no, more like 20.


Judy Wayerski had a big announcement. Don Miller guessed “you are pregnant”. No, she said, but her grandkids are expecting a little girl in a couple of weeks. (Update: Amberlynn Elizabeth was born at 12:58 p.m. Tuesday May 3rd. 7 pounds and 14 fourteen ounces, 20 and ¾ inches tall. Judy reports she is HEALTHY and, of course, beautiful.)

Jan Eby said Don has finished his main physical therapy but he still goes in for pool time. He looks so good. Speaking of looking good... Pete Bromiley has been able to give up some of his medication and he has lost a lot of weight. And he is “lookin’ good”. Bev Smith told me she is going to have the pins taken out of her foot soon.


Gary Montague was telling about an attorney friend of his needing a plumber. When the job was done, his friend was presented with the bill. He said “Man! I’m an attorney and I can’t charge like this.” To which the plumber replied, “Neither could I when I was an attorney”.


Others there were Dave Ramsey, John Murphy, Barb Bowman & Don Miller, Ken Perkins, Dennis Barnes, Skip & Kay Mussen, Richard & Sharron Bruggman, Bus Provo, Lael Vickery, Linda Heminger, Donna Agnew, Jay & Beth Widby, Melvin Duvall, Mary Widby, Julie Kientz & Bud Phipps, Carlton & Mary Olson, Larry Taplett, Betty Sims, Kay Anderson & Buck, JoAnn Lorraine & Dennis Hall, Iris Phillips, Leanne Heminger, Carol Travers, B J Bolton & Dewayne, and Pat Quinn.


We were reminded to please get signed up for “Evening In The Park III” August 13, 2011. (Contact Bj at ) A list of those who have signed up so far is on the web site.


You can still sign up for the Branson, MO. trip. Contact Carlton Olson at


Our classmate, Bernice Brandt Alstott has moved back to Wenatchee.


There were approximately nine classmates who attended Don Jagla’s Memorial. There were over 400 attending.


Our Birthday cake was cut by BJ & Pat with Gary, Carlton and Bud serving. Thanks also to Mary Olson for selecting it.


A big Happy Birthday was wished to all classmates having an April Birthday.


Happy Easter to everyone, as ever Pat Quinn



Class of ’57 Luncheon, March 16, 2011


There were 31 of us enjoying a spring-like day and visiting with Margie Eickmeyer and Jim Davis from Moclips.  Glad they remembered the 3rd Wednesday was our lunch day.  Don Eby drove himself today!  Great improvement.  Skip Mussen said they are just back from Hawaii, Richard and Sharron Bruggman returned from Arizona, where they said house prices are really low.  We’re glad you came home, guys!  Magil Friedrich is selling on EBay now.  We should ask her for tips, and clean out the attic.  Linda Heminger is going to water aerobics three times a week and is feeling better, but she can’t convince Lael Vickery to join her.  Mary Widby and Carol Travers have both slimmed down to model proportions.  Great going ladies!  Always slim, Ken Perkins is doing a great deal of walking these days.  He is also giving travel shows to folks in Assisted Living.  They have “journeyed” to Indonesia, South Africa and he will show them South America soon.  Larry Tucker is going to Branson in April and John Murphy said they are going in May.

Carlton sent around a sign up sheet for the Evening in the Park III.  We have about 36 people signed up already.  We discussed the timing of serving food.  It was decided by the group to serve early dinner at about 4:30.  We have the park from 2 PM till 10 PM.  People could come early and visit and help set up.  Carlton said folks could always bring snacks if they wanted something to eat while they visited early.  There was a great discussion about hors d'oeuvres.  Poor Carlton!

Others enjoying lunch together were Rocky & Faye Holloway, Donna Agnew, Kathy Johnson, Bev Smith, Dave Ramsey, Mary Olson, Bus Provo, Beth & Jay Widby, Gary Montague, Lloyd Fryhover, Bud Phipps & Julie Kienitz, Dewayne Herron & Bj Bolton

John Auguston, Seattle, passed away February 5, 2011.  Audrey wrote a note letting us know.

Shirley wrote a reminder to let people know there is new information on the Class Website,  and lots of new photos on Candid Camera, including group shots of the Seattle-Tukwilla luncheon last month.  I inflicted my baby photos on a few people...Has there ever been a more beautiful baby? 

(Won’t you be glad when Pat gets back!)  Bj



February 16th, 2011 Luncheon Report


Spring is coming, really.  We had sun today which was swell.  Our out of town guests were Shirley Cannon - San Diego, Doris Burke – Brinnon, and a special guest was Don Baker (friend of Gary Montague who helped capture the WWII German sub.)  Others there were Joyce Frostad & Bill McQuinn, Julie Kientz & Bud Phipps, Mary Widby, Bev Smith, Dick & Rosemary Rice, Melvin Duvaul, Magil Fredrich, Ken Perkins, Gary Montague, Larry Tucker, Don & Jan Eby, Sue Weidman, Bus Provo, Joe Gaspers & Ann McDowall, Dave Ramsey, Linda Heminger & Lael Vickery, Kathy Johnson, Larry & Ginny Taplett, Carlton & Mary Olson, Donna Agnew, Rocky & Faye Holloway, Jay & Beth Widby, John Murphy & myself. We did not have too many chairs left. 


Dick Rice looks so good after heart surgery last week.  Bev Smith is just about done with her PT on her feet.  Pete Bromily is still doing PT also.  Carlton is still trying to get more to go to Branson, Mo.  Shirley Cannon said you know Ann Margaret has lost 2 Actor husbands already."Dirty ole Men".   Carlton said, but she looks so good.  Let Carlton know if you would like to go to Branson, Mo.

Don Eby said Bob Brim - Tenn.  wanted us all to know that he shot a 71 in golf – AT ANY AGE, LET ALONE AT 71 that is huge!  (Still friends after all these years, Don, Bob Brim & Ken James all went in the service together.)

And now for the jokes – It seems two gals inherited their father's ranch.  They were not making very much money so they decided to not buy any more calfs and decided to buy a Bull.  So with $600. hitch hiked to the place to buy a Bull.  She told her sister that I will wire you to bring truck & trailer to pick up Bull and me.  She felt pretty good because she got a Bull for $599.  She went to telegraph office & said I want to send a wire to my sister.  Say, bring truck & trailer to pick us up.  The guy says, it is a $1.00 a word.  So she thought for while.  I know just the word,  COMFORTABLE.  He said you sure.  Oh yes,  my sister is a blonde & slow.  She will read it as Come for the Bull.
Shirley told about the Nuns & Mother Superior who was not very well.  The nun asked Mother Superior if there was anything she wanted.  Mother Superior said I am rather thirsty.  So the Nun left room to get a glass of milk.  She looked up and there was a bottle of brandy up on shelve.  She decided to put some in milk and stirred up as Mother Superior had not been sleeping well.  Later after a good nap the Nun asked if there was anything important that the Nuns needed to know.  In a low voice she said, be sure and keep that cow.

We have been lucky this winter with weather.  Badger Mountain, Squilchuck & etc got a bit of snow yesterday.  Many are hoping for our Mission Ridge to get some more snow (it has been very icy).

Our Apple Blossom  Royalty has been chosen already. The theme is "Everyone Loves a Parade".          


Aloha!    Pat Quinn Bryant

January 19th, 2011


Hi everyone,


What a beautiful sunny day and a great group came for lunch.  We were honored to help Julie (Kienitz) and Bud Phipps celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.  (See photo on Candid Camera) Beth & Mary Widby cut & served cake.  Others there were Magil Friedrich, Kathy Johnson (who brought 3 big pictures of our Cantata), BJ (Bolton) & Dewayne Herron, Rocky & Faye Holloway (Faye had a birthday Tuesday), Ann McDowall & Joe Gaspers, Dick (bless him) Rosemary Rice, Carlton & Mary Olson, Skip Mussen, Larry & Ginny Taplett, Lael Vickery & Linda Heminger, Sue Weidman, Bus Provo, John Murphy, Leanne Heminger, Leonard Ward & Fay, Jay & Beth Widby, Mary Widby, Bev Smith (walking in her own shoes!), Don & Janet Eby, Larry Tucker, Iris Phillips, Carol Travers (doing good), Pete Bromiley & Betty Sims and Pat Quinn.


Lael Vickery said he has been busy remodeling an upstairs bath room.  He was having trouble holding a board and putting the nail in.  He yelled for Linda to help him but maybe his tone was a bit rough.  Linda came and he said I will hold the board with my head and when I say ok - hit it.  So she hit me over the head and when I came to the board was still not up.  So guys--- when you call for help make sure your tone is nice


Kathy Johnson told us about a lot of things going on at the Performing Arts Center (PAC – now called the Stanley Center in recognition of Art Stanely's million dollar donation to finish the building.) Presentations this month are “We've Got Talent”, “McManus In Love”, and “ 'S Wonderful”.

John Murphy warned us about where you use a debit card. He did at coast motel & they used his number to rack up nearly a thousand dollars.  Lucky he keeps a close eye on it.  We discussed a debit card may not the way to go. (I sent a note to John to learn more of how this happened and what we should be watching out for. If I learn more 'll add it to this paragraph when I hear from John -- Bob).


In other reports of civic activities, Iris Phillips gave a report on Wenatchee Symphony and how well they are doing with their new conductor. Sue Weidman will be in a play called, "I Hate Hamlet" for 3 weekends, Thurs, Fri and Sat, Jan 27th thru Feb 12th, 2011.


Carol Travers was telling about her husband, Don, who was fixing their sliding door.  He was grumbling and asked Carol to help.  She said Don, I cannot lift my arms.  Do you want me to get the neighbor?  No, I can do it.  Next he got into his car and drove around the block 2 times.  He came back in and said, go get the neighbor.  They got it fixed.  Then the dog needed out and it would not slide.  (They had put the part in backwards.)




As ever, Pat Quinn Bryant






December, 2010


Merry Christmas to Everyone!


Our holiday lunch was wonderful and such a good turn out. Our Special guests were Don Eby & daughter Dawn. It was his 1st outing since his head on crash this

summer. He is walking with walker & heavy shoes. He looked so good but very thin. Don said he was very thankful to be here. We declared Don Eby to be our “miracle guy”. A few others told why they are thankful, too.


Others there were: Joe Gaspers (it’s been a long time) & Ann (McDowall), Dennis Barnes, Iris Phillips, Iola Long with her Christmas joke: “Do you know why Santa plants a garden? So he can go Ho, Ho, Ho.” BJ (Bolton) & Dewayne Herron, Carlton & Mary Olson, JoAnn (Lorraine) & Dennis Hall, Carol Travers, Mary Widby, Kathy Johnson,

Kaye Anderson & Buck McKenzie, Melvin Duvall, Gary Montague, Rocky & Faye Holloway, Dick & Rosemary Rice, Skip & Kay Mussen, Larry & Ginny Taplett, Lloyd

Fryhover, Dave Ramsey, Leonard Ward & Faye Wilson, Bus Provo (who brought pictures of Tom Bousquet to share) Jay Widby and Pat Quinn. Pete Bromiley & Betty (Sims) dropped in to say hello. They were going to breakfast with family. Pete said he is doing great and in no pain. He only uses oxygen at night. (There were 36 of us there today.)


Carlton said he is still working on a trip to Branson, MO for the class. Everyone agreed to have another Evening in the Park. We talked about having a big picnic for our 55th reunion.


We are so thankful to have had Arleen Sanderson Blackburn in our lives.


We hope Bev (Smith) Coleman is recovering nicely from her foot surgery. Hang in girl!


As ever, Pat Quinn Bryant



November 17, 2010


Happy Thanksgiving!


Even if times are rough we still have a lot to be thankful for. We have great classmate friends for one thing.


Great turn out and lots of laughs as usual. Those attending were Barb (Bowman) & Don Miller, Rocky & Faye Holloway, Skip & Kay Mussen, Dave Ramsey, John Murphy, Marge (Baker) & Jim Carey, Mary Widby, Larry Tucker, Rich Bruggman, Jay Widby, Carol Travers, Larry Taplett, Melvin Duvall, Ann McDowell, Magil Fredrick, Carlton & Mary Olson, Julie (Kientz) & Bud Phipps, Gary Montague, B J (Bolton) & Dewayne Herron, Bus Provo and Pat Quinn.


We were glad to hear Pete Bromiley came thru his triple by-pass okay and wish him a speedy recovery. Pete is at home now, on oxygen 24/7 and he uses the BiPap machine to help with breathing. But he is feeling better in good spirits and looking forward to Thanksgiving. We are glad to hear Arleen Sanderson and Cal Blackburn are getting over their colds and feeling better. We just checked up on Donna Agnew Gaston. She has been through many tests at the clinic. She was having pain that felt like it could have been kidney or stomach related. Her doctor mentioned it could be a fractured vertebra, causing the wrap around pain. We wish you good luck with the outcome of those tests, Donna.


Carlton wanted to know if we had done anything exciting lately. Dave Ramsey said he got out his long sleeve shirts. Larry Taplett said he put his shorts away. Larry Tucker said, they took their first ever bus trip -- back east, into Canada and on to Philadelphia. Magil Friedrich said she was looking forward to going on a plane to CA. and (at her age) getting frisked. Carlton said that did not count as it had not happened yet. Melvin Duvall said he had lots of stories about Vue-Dale Drive In. One time in late fall, there was snow on the ground, Mel was putting letters up on marquee with only a board to stand on. Reaching out to put the last letters, he slipped and fell about 8 feet (into 2 feet of snow). That was before OSHA required railings or a safety harness. Guess Mel won!


We may have snow by our next luncheon. We have not even had our killing frost here in the valley but they are predicting lows in the teens over the weekend. We’ll just skip the thirties.


Good news from the Wenatchee High Golden Apple Band. They placed first place in Auburn Vet's Parade in the AAA division. The band has brought home 23 trophies this year.


Take Care!


As ever, Pat Quinn


August 18, 2010


Hi from hot Wenatchee,


August is ½ over and we as a class have got together twice. As you heard our “Evening In Park II” was very successful and we had 101 attend. We sure missed our Carol Travers Poirier. She could not come because of a rupture disk and has to be down for at least 6 weeks. Carol wants to thank those who jumped in and got everything ready for the picnic. We want to thank Dottie Neidhart for the ice cream bars that finished our picnic. Everyone there really enjoyed them. And a special thank you to Don Shaw for the golf balls.


Our August 18th lunch had a guest from out of town, Sheila Mohr. And a 1st timer Maggie (Baker) & Jim Baker from E Wenatchee. So neat to have them. Others there were John Murphy, Buz Provo, Dick & Rosemary Rice, Larry & Ginny Taplett, Kaye (Anderson) & Buck McKenzie, Lael Vickery & Linda Heminger, Barb (Bowman) & Don Miller, Julie Kientz & Bud Phipps, Bev Smith, Carlton & Mary Olson, Dave Ramsey. Rich & Sharron Bruggman, Ken Perkins, Gary Montague, & Pat Quinn.


Gary told us his friend, Bob that he brought to the picnic -- could not get over how close our class was & the laughter that we had. Carlton said they had a little problem with Ramsey. He could not find his seat belt. Mary said, Dave you really should put it on. So Bev Smith gave in & buckled him up. He loved that, of course.


Don Eby is at Colonial Vista Rehap for quite a while. He is making slow progress and should have the bar across hips off with a week or so. They have got him to sit up on edge of bed and in wheel chair. Don got lonesome and called Rich Bruggman & Dave Ramsey to hear their voices. You can send cards to 1715 Ninth St, Wen.


As ever, Pat Quinn Bryant (photos will soon be on candid camera)




July 21, 2010 It was hot in Wenatchee today (near 100) and will be in the 90’s most of the week.


We had a good turn out today.  There were 39 of us.  Our out of town guest was Angie Navone from Conconully.  It was great to see her.  We also had a guest, Dean Warren, who graduated from Cashmere High in 1957, and now lives in Entiat.  He drove his Baby Blue


Others there were Donna Agnew, Linda Heminger, Lael Vickery, Richard & Sharron Bruggman, Bj Bolton & Dewayne Herron, Carol Travers and Don Miller who came to represent Barb Bowman who is in California visiting her dad.  Gary Montague, Bus Provo, Rocky & Faye Holloway, Carlton & Mary Olson brought Dave Ramsey.  Ken Perkins, Skip & Kay Mussen, Larry Taplett, Lloyd Fryhover, Jay & Beth Widby, Kaye Anderson & Buck MacKenzie, Dick & Rosemary Rice, Leanne Heminger, Larry Hauff, Dennis Hal & JoAnn Lorraine, Larry Tucker, Ann McDowall and Betty Sims & Pete Bromiley. Bev Smith said she had sold her horses.  First time in about 11 years she is without horses, but she said it was time.


We had a report about Don Eby by the Bruggman’s.  Don is still in a medically induced coma.  They have pinned his pelvis back together.  They put a plate in front and back of his crushed chest bone, secured with a rod. It will later be removed. He has both legs and both ankles broken.  They had not been able to work on those because he was having episodes with his heart.  He is still at Harbor View Hospital in Seattle.   We signed a card to send. BJ sends out e mail updates on Don (as well as other classmate news) from time to time. If you are not receiving these, contact BJ to have your address added to the list.


We will all miss Lilly Eddy, who is moving back to the coast.  Their grandkids are there.


Barb (Dodson) Chipman’s home in Cashmere was saved from fire again.  They lost their barn and garden and a few trees.  Their son Jeff, from Alaska, has moved home to be with them


Kay Mussen said the mosquitoes are thick and vicious this year around Lake Wenatchee.


Carlton reminded us of our “Evening in the Park II” on August 7th (the first Saturday).  There is no charge.  Food is provided by the class treasury.  You are reminded to bring your Name Tag from our 50th reunion.  There will be a sign in table, with name tags provided, also.  Bring your lawn chair or blanket.  There are restrooms nearby.  There is a lot of shade down by the river and it is cooler in the afternoon.  The hours are 4 pm till 10 pm, at Walla Walla Point Park, Shelter # 2.  Just follow the balloons. A list of those who plan to attend is on the Class Activities page of this web site.


Carol Travers had a warning for us.  She said it is getting so bad, older men should watch out when putting purchases in their cars in parking lots of big name stores.  Well endowed young girls in very tight T-shirts come up and wash windshields, doing the moves.  Men offer to pay them, but instead, they ask for a ride to McDonalds.  On the way, the girls start taking off their clothes… Well, while you are distracted, the one in the back steals your wallet.  She said Don had been robbed on July 1st ~5th~ and  8th.  And he wanted you guys to know, billfolds are on sale at Wal-Mart for $2.99.  And he did find some at the Dollar Store but he bought them all. 

Oh, Carol, that is so bad!!


Hope to see all of you the first Saturday in August, at the Park. 

As ever, Pat Quinn Bryant




June 16, 2010 Have a great summer everyone! (even though the weather wasn't very summery today with a high temperature only about 62 and rain) Our special guest today was Carlton & Mary 0lson's grand daughter - Joia.  (Joy-aa)  She is so pretty and getting tall.  And we were sure glad to see Orlo and Joy (Juchmes) Andrew able to come out and be with us again. 


Others there were Richard & Sharron Bruggman, Lael Vickery & Linda Heminger, Lilly Eddy, Barb Bowman & Don Miller, Mary Widby, Julie Kientz & Bud Phipps (good to see him recovering after his hip surgery), Rocky & Fay Holloway, Jay & Beth Widby, Bev Smith, Ken Perkins, Dave Ramsey, John Murphy (no cane, way to go John!), Lloyd Fryhover, Carol Travers, Larry & Ginny Taplett, Skip Mussen and Pat Bryant.
We are so sorry about Judy Wayerski & family losing her great grandson, Aiden on June 3rd. You can see his obit and picture at
(Thanks for sending that Judy)
Carlton wanted to know if any of us would like to go rafting down the Columbia River.  He could get us a good deal, he said.  But there were no takers. So he said maybe we would like an "Evening in the Park on August 7th, 2010".   We agreed, IT'S A PLAN! Be sure and get your name on the list.  Call Carlton with names or email Bj at the address at the top of this page. Full information can be found on "Evening in the Park II"  on the Class Activities page of this website.

Carol Travers read us good ditty about getting old. (too many of them were too close to home). 

There will be pictures to follow in a few days. Computer/scanner problems aren't easy to deal with.  


As ever, Pat



5-19-2010 The forecasters promised 50% chance of rain this evening and we are getting rain. Our special guests today were Marilyn (Dalvit) Ash and her 90 year old mother, Dorothy (both of whom were Apple Blossom Princesses – isn't there a saying that an apple (blossom) doesn't fall far from the tree – ed.) and Marilyn's husband, Don Ash. Also, Doris Burke from Brinnon. It was so good to see them. Marilyn mentioned that she remembered JoAnn and herself getting into trouble in kindergarden at nap time. She said “hello” from Marian Kane. Marilyn and Marian paint together in the winter.


Others in attendance today were Rocky and Fay Holloway, Jay and Beth Widby, Mary Widby, Barb (Bowman) and Don Miller, Larry and Ginny Taplett, Linda (Hemminger) and Lael Vickery, JoAnn (Lorraine) and Dennis Hall, Leanne Hemminger, Carlton and Mary Olson, Jaye (Anderson) and Buck MacKenzie, Betty (Sims) and Pete Bromily, Sue Weidman, Skip and Kay Mussen, and myself, Pat (Quinn) Bryant.


Thanks to Sue Weidman bringing some great pictures of Speedy, the Old Plaza, WHS stage, campfire girls, and a Columbia grade school class photos. Sue is currently involved in two plays. She is playing a grandma (Woes of being a Wallace in which the other grandmother is Marjorie Giles's sister). The other is in upper valley for the fifth year. She is helping with a play with handicap people in a weeks time.


Larry Taplett's mother, Winifred Taplett Thomas has turned 100 and there will be a celebration this Sunday in Wenatchee. She organized a WWII bride's group.


Laverne Provo commented that he is older than Marilyn by one day. Their moms were in the hospital together.


Congratulations to Iris Phillips on her award for the 2010 Salvation Army float which she designed for the 2010 Apple Blossom parade. See parade photos of Iris and the float, and also Dick and Rosemary Rice with their Model A Ford on the Current News page on the web site. Other parade photos are on Candid Camera.


An update on Judy Wayerski's great grandson, Aiden. His two tumors have stopped growing and they are mostly vascular now, but he still has to have surgery on blood vessels. They almost lost him but I think prayers are working. He has pulled through and they hope to remove the tumors soon.


Congratulations to Sheila (Mohr) and Jack Mattingly on the birth of their new great grandson, Brechan.


On a light note, Lael asked if we remembered Cisco and Pancho? Cisco asked Pancho what did he think was further away – the moon or Texas? Poncho says, well, I can see the moon...


Carlton reminded everyone to sign up for the August Evening in the Park. A list of those who have signed up to attend is posted on the web site.


As ever, Pat (with the corny editorial comment by bob)


Happy Spring !  The lilacs, bridal veil, tulips, dogwood and magnolias are in bloom and the hills are so green (like the Brothers Four sang "Green, green grass of Home").
We had special guests today.  Coach-teacher Tom & Babs Byrnes. They were wonderful.  Coach Brynes told us he has good genes & good luck and for us to keep the Faith.  A lot there were in his biology class.  He said he learned a lot from Case & Rochelle for teaching that class.  They have been in Wenatchee for about 60 years.  Raising 6 kids was enough to keep Babs busy with all their schedules.

Our special guest from Portland, Or. was Carol Cammack.  She said they have hung up the skis for this season. Others to lunch were Bev Smith, Mary Widby, Larry & Ginny Taplett, Julie Kientz & Bud Phipps, Doris Burke, Betty Sims & Pete Bromiley, Linda Heminger & Lael Vickery, Dave Ramsey, Rocky & Faye Holloway, Bus Provo, Jay & Beth Widby,  Kaye Anderson & Buck McKenzie, John Murphy (with crutches- welcome back, John), Don & Janet Eby, Carlton & Mary Olson, Donna Gaston, JoAnn Lorraine & Dennis Hall, Richard & Sharron Bruggman, Barb Bowman & Don Miller, Gary Montague, Dick & Rosemary Rice, Carol Travers & my self.
Skip & Kay were not there as their son broke his leg quite badly.

I stand corrected as to John Murphy playing football,  It was basketball that he played till age 60.  (sorry) Lael said he had some plumbing work done at the place.  The plumber said,  just pay me for the parts.  Put the labor on my tab at the tavern.  He ate & he drank & ate & drank & finally said so how much have I got left Lael? Lael said, " Well, you can have one good meal or one good night drinking."

Gary Montague had it brought up to him again that there are certain ways to say Arkansas & others names.  And if you say it wrong that someone will correct you.
Carlton read some of the things written in my WHS year books.  Such as "Yours till the Statue of Liberty sits down" & "Until two nickels don't make a dime, consider yourself a friend of mine" & "May your life be a succession of successes.
It was 78 degrees in Wenatchee Monday but the weather has changed and it is in the 60's & very windy today.


As ever,

Pat Quinn Bryant




We hope our classmates had a great St Patty's Day.  Now, on to a wonderful spring.  The lunch today was full of blarney.  Gary Montague contributed this tidbit: There was an old Irishman who arrived at the New York airport from Ireland.  He was standing there with tears flowing.  An attendant asked him if he missed his Ireland already.   He said, “No I lost me luggage”.  The attendant said, “Oh, that is terrible”.  He said, “Aye, the cork popped out”.


Carlton and Carol regaled us with a song….or a couple of verses of “When Irish Eyes are Smiling”.  Voices were good, memories short.


Our special guests today were Becky Barnhill (from near Niagara Falls in Ontario) & her sis, Shirley.  Becky said they had a mild winter there. Others were Melvin Duval, Iris Phillips. Bev Smith, Larry & Ginny Taplett, Dick Rice (glad you are better) & Rosemary, Larry Hauff, Carlton & Mary Olson, Iola Long, Richard & Sharron Bruggman, Larry Tucker, Bus Provo, BJ Bolton & Dewayne, Dave Ramsey, Ann McDowall, Mary Widby, Ken Perkins, Skip & Kay Mussen, Rocky & Faye Holloway, Linda Heminger & Lael Vickery, Betty Sims & Pete Bromiley, Gary & Mikael Montague, Carol Travers, Lloyd Fryhover & Pat Quinn Bryant.


John Murphy had bit of bad luck recently.  John was watching sports (his favorite thing) at our new Arena and stepped down a very long step and fell.  He did such a number on the old knee he had to have surgery to repair 3 ligaments in the knee.  Stay down, me boy for a bit and get that healing done.  We heard Dick Jaspers had knee surgery, too. 


Judy Wayerski sent a message about her little great grandson.  She thanked us for the prayers and the monetary gifts we had made.  The surgery is put off for now.  He is not doing so good (tumor is bigger).  Judy asks we all pray hard for a miracle for Baby Aiden.


Lael said after almost 54 years of marriage, he told Linda the other night, "Good Night & Love You" and she said," Back at you." 

He wondered, “Do you suppose the honeymoon is over?”


We have 59 signed up for Aug. 7th 2010, “Evening in the Park II”.


                  As ever, Pat Quinn Bryant



February 17, 2010

Hello Everyone! We had beautiful SUN all day! Our special guest, Shirley Cannon, must have brought it with her.  We were low in numbers but high in volume.

Our sincere Congratulations to Don & Janet Eby on their 48th wedding anniversary today  2-17-10.

Others attending were Rocky & Faye Holloway, Dick & Rosemary Rice, Mary & Carlton Olson, Dave Ramsey, John Murphy, Iris Phillips, Betty Sims & Pete Bromiley, Bus Provo, Larry Tucker, Leanne Heminger, BJ Bolton & Dewaye Herron, Linda Heminger & Lael Vickery and Pat Quinn.

BJ reported letters were sent out to classmates who don't have e-mails about the August 7th, 2010, WHS “Evening in the Park II” at Walla Walla Point Park (4-10 pm).  Same place as last year.  Mark your calendars.

Shirley brought some grade school pictures for us to help with names and asked for any old pictures any one might have.

An update was given on Judy Wayerski's great grandson, Aiden (who was born prematurely Dec. 23rd with a cancerous tumor in his chest).  They removed the respirator yesterday and so far so good!  They will clamp off the chest tube today and if no more air pockets form, he should start improving!  Judy said to thank everyone for their prayers, cards, and money to help her grandkids.  We took up a collection from the Lunch Bunch to send to Judy's grandkids for expenses.  They are staying at the Ronald McDonald House at Children's Hospital. 

Linda Heminger Vickery said her grandchildren (in TEXAS) were able to make a 4 foot snowman this year.  They were happy about that.

One of the stories shared by Carlton was “he and Dave Ramsey were parked by the WHS high school and Dave saw Estella Kyne (Latin Teacher) approaching in the rear view mirror.  Dave (doing his best Brando imitation) yells, "STELLA" and then ducks down under the steering wheel.  That leaves Carlton looking out the window, face to face with Miss Kyne.  It looked like he was the only one in the car (and the only one taking Latin).”

We were still talking about fire chutes and old buildings.  There was no fire escape in WHS high school.  Don Eby was telling how they sneaked out of one class by climbing out on the ledge and walking down to the Library, in the window and out of school.  

As ever, Pat


Picture included was one that was passed around (purportedly Dave Ramsey’s 1st Girlfriend...He said he did not remember it!)  <grin>


After BJ included this photo in her recent all hands e mail, Carol Soule wrote BJ to say Dave Ramsey was her 1st boy friend. So now we know who that beautiful

little curly-haired girl really was. Folks at lunch wondered who it was. Dave should have remembered that.



















January 20th, 2010

Can you believe it’s a new Decade?  We had a good turnout at our Jan 20th lunch.  We almost ran out of chairs.  Our special out of town guest was Bob Fleming from Spokane.  Others attending were Larry & Ginny Taplett, Mary Widby, Rocky & Faye Holloway, Julie Kienitz & Bud Phipps, Bj Bolton & Dewayne Herron, LaVerne (Bus) Provo, Donna Agnew, Iris Phillips, Linda Heminger & Lael Vickery, Donnelle Schmitz, Magil Friedrich, Ken Perkins, Betty Sims & Pete Bromiley, Dave Ramsey Gary & Mikael Montague, Skip & Kay Mussen, Carlton Olson, Leanne Heminger, Bev Smith, Iola Long, Rich & Sharron Bruggman, Larry Tucker, Jay Widby, John Murphy, Lily Eddy, Carol Travers, Sue Weidman, Dick & Rosemary Rice & Pat Quinn. 

There was such a positive response, we all agreed it would be great to have another picnic at the same place as last year.  So, mark your calendars.  The date is August 7, 2010.  There will be a mailing to go out soon. 

Donna Agnew just returned from 3 weeks in Arizona visiting her little granddaughter.  Mary Widby said her new home is not done yet.  She said she had to go look at paint samples after the luncheon.  Her new home has wide halls and is all on one floor.  She expects to move in April or May.

I would like to thank everyone for their prayers & cards for my sis, Gail, who had open heart surgery 1-12-10.  She has a good 3 months of recovery to go.  I know your prayers worked. 

Gary Montague was in good form again but Lael said he was supposed to keep his mouth shut.  Gary’s contribution:  Bud & Skip were fishing at Fish Lake and really hit a good spot.  They were just dragging in the fish.  As they were going back to the dock, Bud said, “It would be great if we could mark this spot”.  Skip said, “Oh, I have a marker”.  And he marked the side of the boat.  Bud said, “That is ridiculous, we may not get the same boat again.”  Gary said it was easier telling jokes to older people, they didn’t mind hearing the same ones over and over.

Some of the classmates are encouraging Carlton to write a book, he said.  He has decided on a subject.   He will write about “secrets we had in High School”.  All contributions will be gratefully accepted.  (Like yea, we're going to do that - bob)

We were treated to a reading by Sue Weidman.  She gave a condensed version (which she did off the cuff) of the performance she gave at the Museum and Park in November.  You will remember Sue performed several times as a Suffragist in full costume.  (See Current News) It was very powerful and she got a great ovation from our class.  Women of Washington have had the right to vote for 100 years.  The ladies were asked if they voted in the last election.  Yes, we all did.

Let us know what you are up to these days.

As ever, Pat Quinn Bryant



December 15th -- Merry Christmas Classmates,


We are having a heat wave - up to 20 degrees this morning.  We had a good turn out.  Even had some of the snowbirds, Dennis & JoAnn (Lorraine) Hall and Kaye (Anderson) & Buck McKenzie home for Christmas.


And our nice surprise was Leanne (Heminger) Ford & she looked wonderful.  Leanne has retired now and expects to be a ‘regular’.  Others present were Larry & Ginny Taplett, Dave Ramsey, John Murphy, Julie (Kienitz) & Bud Phipps, Dick & Rosemary Rice, Rocky & Faye Holloway, Skip & Kay Mussen, Larry Hauff, Barb (Bowman) & Don Miller, Lael Vickery & Linda (Heminger) Vickery, B J (Bolton) & Dewayne Herron, Lilly Eddy, Jay Widby, Richard & Sharren Bruggman, Gary & Mikel Montague.  We missed many of our 'regulars' and hope to see them again in January.


Lael Vickery was the bestest Host.  He welcomed everyone & wished us all a special season.   Rosemary Rice described their cruise to Hawaii and all the islands.  Their new dog is working out great and their daughter is enjoying him a lot. Dave Ramsey thanked everyone for his new TV.  The guys delivered it the other day & set it up.  Like Lael said, we sure have a great class.  There was some talk about Dave using the cellophane wrapper that came around the set as a bath robe….


Most other classes never have the turn outs like we do.  Some are trying for regular get togethers but only muster about a dozen. We were talking about our Derby Club & Gary Montague said, he ran into an upper classman Derby Club Member.  Gary told him that Ann Landers wrote an article that advised one to kiss as many boys or men as you can.  The Derby Club guy says, yah, I did and that’s how I stayed out of the Army.


Gary Montague said he had always wondered why bikers wore leather. Everyone turned to Rocky Holloway.  He said he no longer rode.   Well Gary said he already had the answer from a former biker.  The Biker said it wrinkles less than taffeta.

 We all thought we should have another picnic.  Next time we should let those who do not have e-mail know by post card or letter.

Have a safe & healthy holidays!   As ever, Pat Quinn Bryant



We had several nice email notes from Classmates before the meeting I shared some of them, but here is the whole list:





I was so sorry to hear about Eddy Monnet! I had not seen him since our 20th reunion. Went to school with him since I was 6 years old. Boy is that a long time ago!!!!!   Betty (Sims) Bromiley


Just want to wish you a Merry Christmas and to thank you for the emails thru the year on the Class of 1957.  I really enjoy them.  Jeanette (Bickel) Brindos


Merry Christmas to all.  Sorry I will not be able to make it to the Luncheon.  I will be in Cashmere packing cookies for a donation Christmas project.  Iris (Phillips) Bolstad


Merry Christmas to All..

See ya in May?

Tom/Diane Preston



We won't be down for the lunch tomorrow as I have a hosp. board meeting. We are well. Please relay our warm wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to our '57 friends.

Arleen (Sanderson) and Cal Blackburn 

 We wish the Class of 1957 a most

Wonderful Christmas

 and the

Happiest of New Years


Pat Quinn Bryant and Bj (Bolton) Herron




November 18, 2009 (By Pat)

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone,

We had a good turn out today & sunshine to boot. Our special out of town guest was Carol Cammack (Portland, OR & CO) She will be heading to CO after Thanksgiving to Ski all winter. Her grandkids are there now skiing. And another guest is headed back to Brinnon, WA - Doris Burke and husband Gayle Halsen will head for Arizona the first of January. Glad to see Dennis Barnes & Leonard Ward back again. Dennis says he is healing up nicely and he enjoys therapy and has dropped a size. (A tough way to lose weight, Dennis!) Also present was Jay Widby, Carol Travers, Gary & Mikel Montague, BJ (Bolton) & Dewayne Herron, Betty (Sims) & Pete Bromiley, Jim & Sharron Davis, Ann McDowall, Larry & Ginny Taplett, Carlton & Mary Olson, Buz Provo, Julie Kientz & Bud Phipps, Ken Perkins, Dave Ramsey, Iris Phillips, John Murphy, Barb (Bowman) & Don Miller, who returned last month from their trip to Australia, Dick & Rosemary Rice (congratulations on your 50th Wedding Anniversary) who just returned from their Hawaiian Cruise, Bev Smith, Richard & Sherron Bruggman, Rocky & Faye Holloway, Skip & Kay Mussen, Don & Janet Eby and myself, Pat Quinn Bryant. That makes 40 of us today!

Lael & Linda are having Thanksgiving with their daughter in Texas and missed some great "Bumper Car Stories" and Drive Inn Theater (or Sneak In the back row) Stories. Jim Davis was full of them. He said some names were withheld because the statute of limitations was not up.

Carol Cammack & daughter went hiking and biking in Ireland this year. Carol told about loosing her cell phone when hiking. They went back next day searching the 4 mile stretch. Her daughter called her phone & after a while they found the phone buried deep in the heather. She also mentioned meeting the John Rutherfords in Colorado. They had a nice visit remembering the valley and the people they both knew.

I got carded yesterday & was very pleased at my age.

Iris Phillips brought information about the Mannheim Steamroller 2009 Christmas Tour, right here in Wenatchee! Thursday, December 17th, at the Town Toyota Center. Tickets are available now.

Don't forget to get tickets for Vienna Boys' Choir Feb. 24th at 7:30 at Performing Arts Center also in Wenatchee. There are some seats on the main floor and good amount in the balcony. The address below will show you where they are.

I have heard that we are to get as much as 3 feet of new snow in Mountain passes and maybe even some in Wenatchee by tomorrow, the 19th. Loved your picture, Sue Weidman & thanks for being such a great actress in our valley. As ever, Pat Quinn Bryant



October 21, 2009 (By Pat)

Hi Everyone,

Sure is good to be back home with family, puppy and friends.  We had a good turn out today for lunch.  Our Special Guests were Becky (Barnhill) & George Peterson from Ontario, Canada.  They have a daughter here & are visiting for few weeks.  Becky said she has lived in Ontario for over 30 years. 

Also Judy Wayerski from Stanwood, WA (she said she is ready to travel.)  Joanne Russell & Dee Tibbles from the coast were over to close up Dee’s Lake Chelan summer home.  Good to see Sherron & Jim Davis from Plain.  Doris Burke from Brinnon sure looks good.  They are building a home in Sunnyslope.  Our sympathy goes out to Doris and her Family in the loss of their daughter.

Others who came are Larry Taplett, Dave Ramsey, John Murphy, Kaye Anderson & Buck McKenzie, Ann McDowall,  Kay & Skip Mussen, Barb (Bowman) & Don Miller, Carol Travers, Jay Widby, Carlton Olson, Betty Sims, (broken ankle much better after surgery), Fay & Rocky Holloway, Bev Smith, BJ (Bolton) & Dewayne Herron, Bus Provo, Larry Tucker, Sharron & Richard Bruggman & myself.

Ann McDowall reported on Mobile Meals and said they could use some volunteers.  You only have to go one day a month and it only takes a couple of hours.  Let her know if you can help.    509-663-1943

Lael Vickery said he was outside getting things cleaned up around the house & barn.  He had been painting a bit & was cleaning the brush with gasoline.  Their cat had been hanging around & all of a sudden he saw the cat licking up some spilled gas.  And the cat took off like a bullet and ran around the house.  Lael tried to catch it but soon the cat came back & just lay down by him.  Linda (Heminger) came running out when she heard the noise & asked if the cat was okay.  Lael said, I think the cat just ran out of gas.

Carol Travers had a cute poem about the flu.  It is done in the style of a Square Dance call: 

Choose your partners, one and all

Asprin, Advil or Tylenol!

Now fling those covers with all you’ve got,

One minute cold, the next minute hot,

Circle right to the side of the bed,

Grab the tissues and Sudafed.

Back to the middle and don’t goof off;

Hold your stomach and cough, cough, cough.

Forget about slippers, dash down the hall,

Toss your cookies in the shower stall.

Remember others on the brink;

Wash your hands; wash the sink.

Wipe the doorknob, light switch too,

By George, you’ve got it!  You’re doing the Flu!

Some like it cold, some like it hot: If you like neither~ get the shot!!


I gave a short report about my trip to Italy.  details on the Current News page of the Web Site

Barb Bowman & Don Miller told about their trip to Australia & New Zealand, and passed around pictures.  They snorkeled with some huge fish.  They rented a car and only got lost once. 

Don said, “Australians only go to church 3 times in their lives.  At Hatching, Matching, and Dispatching.”

As ever, Pat Quinn Bryant



September 16, 2009 (By BJ Heron)

Our jokesters were in fine form for today’s luncheon.  The autumn weather is great, sunny and warm.  We had 18 classmates and 6 spouses, a number down from the usual. Many of us must be outside enjoying the fall.  The fun started pretty quickly today.


Carlton Olson had a list of “Rules to Live By” he read to us.  Dick Jaspers was asked why he was sitting off in the corner, he said he was used to sitting in the corner in school, and it felt natural.  Don Eby and Sue Weidman were reminiscing about playing football at her parents’ property on the corner of 9th and Miller.  She said they played touch and tackle.  In fact, one fellow she tackled wouldn’t fall down.  So she hung on till he dragged her out into the middle of the street.  When she finally let go, he took off for home on a dead run.  The crotch of his pants had torn out.


Then Gary Montague got in on the act with his pig story (please don’t make me repeat that!), and Lael Vickery was convinced to tell his story -that he had to revise so that Linda Heminger would let him go home with her.  Sue Weidman told us there will be a “Suffragette Rally” (in period dress) for their100 year anniversary at the Memorial Park October 24th at 2 PM.  Dave Ramsey wanted to invite all his wives.  The rest of us enjoying the fun were Mary Olson, Ken Perkins, Rocky & Faye Holloway, Janet Eby, Skip and Kay Mussen, Larry Tucker, Mary Widby, John Murphy, Larry & Ginny Taplett, Dick & Rosemary Rice and Bj Bolton.


By the time you read this, Pat Quinn will be on her way to Italy.  She was so excited; but she came to the luncheon because she was all packed.


Email From Marilyn Dalvit

Would you tell everyone that I said “Hi”.  I will just miss the luncheon.....coming over to Lake Chelan on the 17th.  Also Marian Kane would like to tell everyone thank you for the card.  I saw her last Saturday and she was not doing too well.  I spent the night with Marian and Dave and helped to get Marian’s fever down, but Dave took her to the hospital Monday.  I will try to keep everyone informed about her health.

Don and I will be leaving for Arizona the first of Oct for two months and then home in Dec for Christmas.  We will return to Arizona in January.  We have a small house in Green Valley, Arizona and it reminds me of Wenatchee.  A valley surrounded by mountains without trees!  A river runs through the valley, but I have yet to see any water in the river.   Marilyn


News on Facebook; Congratulations to Paul Burton and Peggy Day

Paul Burton said we could let his classmates know of his recent engagement to Peggy Day. They dated in 1960 in Wenatchee, where she was in nurses training.  Paul went back to UW, and their paths separated.  They married but not each other.  They each lost a spouse to cancer.  However, they have many positive things in common.  They reconnected and picked up where they left off some 49 years ago.  Paul says they have a terrific time together.




August 17, 2009 Smitty's Lunch Report (by Pat Quinn)

Hi everyone,  Our summer came back  (100 degrees today and tomorrow  102 degrees).  We still had a good turn out with a lot of laughing & visiting.  We were real glad to welcome back Dennis Barnes & Leonard Ward & Fay Wilson.  Others were Richard & Sandy Brown, Don Eby, LaVerne Provo. Dave Ramsey, Dick Jaspers, Joe Carl, Ken Perkins, Larry Taplett, Linda Vickery, Carlton & Mary Olson, Barb Bowman & Don, Dennis Hall & Jo Ann Lorraine, CarolTravers, Rocky & Fay Holloway, Lael Vickery,  Kay Anderson & Buck, & Pat Bryant.


We learned that Chev Pickup at Picnic was one of 12 of Lloyd Fryhover's vehicles.   We had a wonderful "Evening in the Park" and the weather cooperated too.  (low 80's)  There were about 127 who were there to visit & took part in the great meal prepared or bought by our classmates.  They did a bang up job.  Thanks to Don Miller with his golf cart who brought food, and guests to the shelter.

It was so great to see those from out of town.  Of course the furthest was Diane Sainsbury from Sweden.  After everyone was done eating, Rocky's wife, Fay took the left over food to the Hospitality House.  They really appreciated it and wrote us thank you on the spot.


Dick Jaspers said he has been fishing but not catching anything.  We heard a few stories from the picnic.  Dexter  (former mortician) asked Lael where the huge barbecue came from. Lael told him from Telford's Funeral Home.  He said they scraped and cleaned off the grill.   Lael said that poster of a beautiful Gal got him in trouble.  Don Eby said he walked up to Stoney and Stoney piped up & said, I see you brought your wife this time.


Carlton said maybe next year we could climb Saddlerock Mountain.  Well most of us said we would watch.  Joe Carl said he killed a couple of rattlers there a couple of weeks ago so be careful.  Carlton looked at Jo Ann Lorraine and says, maybe I better take a nurse with me.  Jo Ann offered her nurse license to take.


Congratulations to Larry & Ginny Taplett on their 48th Wedding Anniversary today, August 17th          


As Ever  Pat Quinn Bryant



July 15, 2009 Smitty's Lunch Report (by Pat Quinn)Hot, hot, hot this week. We had a nice surprise with Bob Winslow - Bainbridge Island, Dee Tibbles - Kirkland ( ole Stevens School chums), Doris Burke and Judy Wayerski attending from out of town. Others were Julie Kientz and Bud Phipps, Lily Eddy , Dave Ramsey, Don and Janet Eby, Larry and GinnyTaplett, Carlton and Mary Olson, Linda Heminger, Dick and Rosemary Rice, Ken James (who has not attended in some time), Dick Jaspers, Barb Bowman and Don Miller, Kaye Anderson and Buck McKenzie, Betty Sims, ole slim Lael Vickery, B J Bolton and Dewayne Herron, Bev Smith, Iola Long, Skip and Kay Mussen, JoAnn Lorraine, Dennis Hall, Rocky and Faye Holloway, Richard and Sharron Bruggman, Gary and Mikael Montague, John Murphy, Carol Travers and myself.

We had several reports of who is doing what and plans for the Evening in the Park:

Iola Long is traveling a lot in the states

Lily Eddy is going to the Mediterranean again soon.

Marilyn Heath reports she is still doing great with treatments.

Pat Quinn got her new Cavashon puppy today “Joquin”.

Carlton reported that we have 166 coming to “Evening In The Park” . Bring your Lawn chairs and ole name tag (if you have one). Carol Travers, Linda & Lael Vickery will be ordering food & beverages soon. If you still want to sign up let BJ Bolton Herron know at The date is Saturday August 8, 2009 at shelter # 2 ( to the right) in Walla Walla Point Park. ( Turn at Sav Mart on N Wenatchee Ave and wind down to turn left to get to Walla Walla Point Park ----across from Lowe’s. Left into park and follow down to the right. Look for Purple balloons.

Gary Montague reported that his trip to Chicago with his 84 year old neighbor, Don Baker. was a big success. As you recall this was a reunion of men that captured German sub U505. The captured crew of 58 went to a prison in Louisiana. The Germans thought they were dead. They docked the sub and later a $35 million museum house was built to put the sub in. The last boarding of any enemy ship prior to the capture of the U-505 took place in 1815 during the "War of 1812" as it is called. The fellow that did the history research is the son of the radioman (now deceased) on board the destroyer that first detected the "pings" coming from the U-505.  He recently found out his Great Grandfather was a crew member who helped capture the ship in 1812 and then his Grandfather the WWII one. How totally rare to have two family members both involved such historic happenings. Gary had lots of pictures of the capture of the sub with the men & ships. Thanks Gary for a nice story.

As ever, Pat Quinn Bryant



June 17, 2009 Smitty's Lunch Report (by Pat Quinn)

Hi Classmates,

We had a great turn out today.  Our first timer was Leo & Judy McFarlane.  Out of town guests were: Dee Tibbles (Kirkland), Judy Wayerski (Stanwood), Diane & Tom Preston (Moses Lake).  Others were Sue Weidman, Barb Bowman & Don Miller, Kaye Anderson & Buck McKenzie, Rocky & Faye Holloway, Mary Widby, Julie Kientz & Bud Phipps, Carlton & Mary Olson, Larry Tucker, BJ Bolton & Dewayne Herron, Larry & Ginny Taplett, Rich & Sharron Bruggman, JoAnn Loraine & Dennis Hall, Dick Jaspers, Dick & Rosemary Rice, Carol Travers, Linda Heminger & Lael Vickery, Gary & Mikael Montague, Bev Smith, Dave Ramsey, John Murphy, Joe Carl and Pat Quinn. 

Judy Wayerski’s grand daughter was married on Judy’s beach.  It must be an attractive place.  She has also been having a lot of deer visitors.  Dee Tibbles is over to see about some work she is having done on her place at Lake Chelan.  Sue Weidman started a new project in Leavenworth.  There is one week preparation time for a production of “Wizard of OZ” with a group of special needs kids.  She was all smiles over it.


Gary Montague is accompanying his 84 year old neighbor, Don Baker who served in WWII, to his reunion in Chicago, Illinois.  Don was part of the crew that captured the German Sub U505 and broke the German code.  Gary will hear a lot of other stories about WWII.  We'll expect a report, Gary!


Speaking of stories, Carlton told about Carol Travers’ family not being able to afford a TV when they first came out.  Her Dad put an antenna on their roof so it would look like they did have a TV.  She laughed and said it was true.


We are so happy to have Dick Rice back with his brand new pacemaker.  Now he’s running around town doing 60 where he was only doing 20 before.  Way to go Dick, we wish you well.


Carlton reported that we have about 150 coming for Aug 8th, 2009, "Evening at the Park".  If you plan to attend, let BJ know at 

Some of you may remember Loren Browning (a year ahead of us).  He passed away June 7th, 09.


Have a Good Summer!   As Always, Pat




May 20, 2009 Smitty's Lunch Report (by Pat Quinn)


Hi everyone,  Nice today -- we've even had some days recently in the mid 80's.  Our out of town guests were Don Ferguson from Gig Harbor, WA and Dale Barnhart from Vancouver, WA.  Good to see them again.  Others were Don & Janet Eby, Dick & Rosemary Rice, Linda Heminger, Lael Vickery, Skip & Kaye Mussen, Kaye Anderson & Buck, Jo Ann Lorraine, Dennis Hall, Iris Phillips, BJ Bolton & Dewayne, Dick Jaspers, Dave Ramsey, Ken Perkins, Larry Tucker, LaVerne Provo, Larry Hauff (recently home from Australia), Julie Kientz & Bud Phipps, Gary & Mikael Montague, Carlton & Mary Olson & Pat Quinn.


We were reminded to sign up for "The Evening In The Park"  August 8th, 2009 at Walla Walla Point Park #2. (4-10 pm)  We have 125 coming so far.  Jo Ann Lorraine reported on the lunch at Joan Ulrich's in Seattle.  It was a good turn out and a nice day.  Kathy Ross, Louise Campbell, & Lola Hinde had never before attended one of our functions. 


We had a few good jokes - by Rosemary Rice, Gary Montague and Lael Vickery.


Carlton reported that Iris Phillips designed a float for the Salvation Army that was in the big Apple Blossom parade.  They won an award too.   Iris did a great job.


Pat reported hearing from Kathy Morgan, Marilyn Heath, Dottie Neidhart & Storm Carrier.  Storm lives in Sun City, AZ. and plays golf and is an 'obsessive' Quilter.  She graduated from Queen Anne in Seattle but still feels part of our class.  I'm sure glad we found her. 


Now, does anyone know where Jim Sparks is?  Last address was Houston, TX.

HAVE A GREAT SPRING !                                      As ever,  Pat




April 15, 2009 Smitty's Lunch Report (by Pat Quinn)


It is spring in Wenatchee!! (although Spokane has snow) We had a lot of our q-tips back from the south.  They are Kaye (Anderson) & Buck, Barb (Bowman) & Don, JoAnn (Lorraine) & Dennis Hall and Tom Preston. Others attending were Mary (Widby), Carlton Olson, Dave Ramsey, Dick Jaspers, John Murphy, Jay Widby, Larry & Ginny Taplett, Larry Tucker, LaVerne "Bus" Provo, Iola (Long) Simmons, Julie (Kienitz) & Bud Phipps, Linda (Heminger) and Lael Vickery, Dick & Rosemary Rice, Carol (Travers), Don Eby, BJ (Bolton) & Dewayne Herron, Sue (Weidman), Judy (Webb), Joe Carl, Skip & Kay Mussen, Rocky & Faye Holloway.   


Sue Weidman is helping behind the scenes this year on the Music Theater of Wenatchee's 2009 Apple Blossom Festival production of "Gypsy".  Tickets: Adults $20, Children 12 & Under & Seniors 65+ $15. Tickets on sale to the general public April 6. This is the 90th Festival.  Pat Walker Neuman is still helping out.  Paul Pugh is being honored as Grand Marshal for the Youth Parade April 25th. We are supposed to have weather in the 70's this week end.  We just hope it lasts thru our Apple Blossom Festival.


Congratulations to Marian (Kane) & Dave Sheldon on their 50th Wedding Anniversary.  We sent a card to Newt Hamon for a speedy recovery.  He had to have lower part of his leg amputated.  He is now in Colonial Vista and healing nicely. We sure wish him well.  We learned of Sandie Austin's husband passing away in Calif after a long 12 year battle of illness.  She would love to hear from you.


On an (almost) lighter note, you may recall that on February 25th, 2006, Judy Cornell fell from a curb and broke both ankles.  This year she celebrated that anniversary, yep on February 25th again, by tripping over her dog and breaking her wrist!  She declares next 2/25, she will have a list of orthopedic surgeons in her pocket if she goes out.  Maybe she will just stay in, wrapped in bubble wrap!  She is in therapy and doing well.  It only deterred her one day from her volunteer job at the Performing Arts Center.


There was a sign up sheet for the August 8th  "Evening In The Park"   4 to 10 pm on August 8th, 2009 at Walla Walla Point Park. Let BJ Bolton know if you can come. It is for everyone near & far to come & just visit.


It was at least 60 degrees today.  The tulip trees, forsythia bush, daffodils & tulips are blooming.  I have heard the apricots trees are blooming.  They had the Pangborn  "Miss Vedol" out flying (red bi-plane) today.  Remember how the excitement increased as the festival got closer.


Some of us still get to participate because of grandchildren being in spring parades.  My 17 year old, Matt will be in Eastmont Band May 2nd.  I always like to go to the art in the Memorial Park on the last day.           Happy Planting !     


As Ever,  Pat Quinn Bryant


(Editor's additional note -- Pat has now returned from the great state of Texas where she enjoyed her tour and of course she took lots of pictures.  She even wore a 'cowgirl hat' to this month's luncheon.) 




March 2009 Smitty's Lunch Report (by Pat Quinn)


Have a Great Spring! It was 56 degrees in Wenatchee today. We had a great turn out for lunch today. Those there were BJ (Bolton) & Dewayne, Doris Burke, Betty (Sims) & Pete Bromily, Lilly Eddy, Kathy Johnson, Carol Travers, Joy Juchmes & Orlo Andrews, Dick & Rosemary Rice, Carlton Olson, Joe Carl, Linda Heminger & Lael Vickery, Rich Bruggman, Larry Tucker, John Murphy, LaVern Provo, Ann McDowall, Iola Long, Rocky & Faye Holloway, Skip & Kay Mussen, Mary Widby, Ken Perkins, Dave Ramsey, Don & Jan Eby, Gary Montague & myself.


Mark your calendars! Kathy Johnson has arranged a WHS Class of '57 Summer Barbecue. Where: Walla Walla Park -- Space 2. When: August 8th, 2009.  Time: 3 - 10 pm. There will be hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, etc.  Bring you own non-alcohol drinks.  This for WHS classmates & family to get together just to visit.  Please Let Carlton, Kathy, BJ or Pat if you can attend (see links for Carlton and BJ above). The get together/barbecue will take the place of the possible trip to Stehekin that was mentioned last month. That activity will not occur.


We received a thank you from the Symphony for the four tickets we donated to be auctioned off (See February report below).  Also, we received a thank you from Wes Craven's sister, Mary Kay & her husband for the monetary gift we gave them to help with the loss of their condo in the recent fire (See January report below).


There were some pretty good & funny stories given by Gary Montague & Lael Vickery.


Our thoughts go out to Donna Agnew Gaston & Judy Plugghoff Morical who have recently lost their mothers.


Several pictures from this month's lunch were taken that are now on Candid Camera. Also, LaVern Provo provided a nice photo that is also on Candid Camera of our 9th grade football team.


See you at our April 15th luncheon at Smittys and the WHS Summer Barbeque in August.    As ever, Pat Quinn Bryant





February 2009 Smitty's Lunch Report (by BJ Herron)


Hello from Wenatchee! We met at Smitty's today, 40+ degrees, under a high foggy sky.  By the time we left, there was sunshine.  Laughter will do that.  We had some guests who hadn't been for a while, Joy (Juchmes) and Orlo Andrew tried to sneak out before we sang Happy Birthday to him.  He didn't make it!  Mary Olson's foot is better; she was able to attend with Carlton.  Judy Wayerski (from Stanwood) made it on time, (even if the time wasn't listed in the announcement)!  Thanks Judy!  She visited classmates while in town.  Dick Jaspers looked good in his red shirt.  Arleen (Sanderson) and Cal Blackburn were in fine form. She offered to lend Dave Ramsey her oxygen, said it would help his brain function better. Dave is OK, he won a lunch bet from Carlton. Two of our recently widowed classmates were there, Iola (Long) and Donnelle (Schmitz).  Don and Janet Eby said they now considered themselves 'regulars'. 


Carlton spoke about only 3 people considering The Branson Trip. The consensus was, if you still want to go, contact Paul Pugh 509-662-2849 and go with his tour.  He has a group limited to 20 people going and there may be still some openings available. It's from 11/10/09 ~ 11/15/09 and includes breakfasts, lunches or dinners, 10 shows, one cruise, one college tour and one night to view the Christmas lights. The cost is @ $1400.00 plus air fare.


Kathy Johnson will look into a trip up Lake Chelan for the Class, thinking we can get a local summer activity going.

A report was read from the people who responded by email.  Kaye (Bradley) Miller, living in Anacortes; Bob Fleming; Bob Winslow back from Mexico for 4 months; Bev and Larry Hauff (heading for Australia till end of April) and Mary Lou (Hander) said she couldn't believe she wasn't mentioned on the Web page list from the 50th Reunion.  Gary Montague said he wasn't mentioned either.  Inquiring minds want to know, if you were there….where were the two of you?  (just kidding)  I'm sure Bob will get the list corrected. (That was a test to see if anyone looks at the web page. Mary Lou and Gary tied as the first to find that their names were missing, albeit a year and one half late. Mary Lou and Gary's names are now on the list -- Bob.)


Good to see Ken Perkins and Mel Duvaul again, along with Bev (Smith), Richard and Sharron Bruggman, Magil (Friedrichs), Mary (Widby), Rocky and Faye Holloway, Linda (Heminger) and Lael Vickery, Sue (Weidman), Larry Taplett and Larry Tucker. 

Iris (Phillips) dropped in for a minute to invite all to the Symphony Gala on the 22nd of February, and to relay gratitude from the Symphony Board for the 4 Season's Tickets we donated (last month) to be auctioned off at the Gala.  Gary Montague almost missed lunch; he said he was getting much too busy again.  Carol (Travers) did miss it, coming in as we were leaving.  She had car troubles in Cashmere where she is taking therapy on the shoulder she hurt falling on the ice.


This being "Pat Bryant for today" is tiring, Dewayne Herron, take me home.  Bj (Bolton)



January 2009 Smitty's Lunch Report (by Pat Quinn)


Hi from gray-cloud covered Wenatchee. No sun for weeks except at Mission Ridge. I may drive up there soon. We welcomed three new first timers for our WHS lunch today. Don Eby and his wife, Janet & Norm Hershel, & Joe Carl. Three others that had not been for a long time were Tony Peterson, Melvin Duvall and LaVerne Provo. Others were Julie Kientz & Bud Phipps, Mary Widby, Barb (Bolton) & Dewayne Herron, Magil Fredrich, Bev Smith, Dave Ramsey, Carlton Olson, Rocky & Faye Holloway, Linda Heminger & Lael Vickery, Sue Weidman, Larry Tucker, Lily Eddy, Iris Phillips, Larry Taplett, Gary Montague, Betty Sims & Pete Bromiley, Rich & Sharron Bruggman, Dick Jaspers, Skip & Kaye Mussen, John Murphy and Pat Quinn.


We were really humming. There are 9 or 10 that want to go to Branson this fall. We will let you know times and cost later. Carlton had a quiz on some 50's songs, movies, etc. We had the Bruggmans winning the snickers award. And Sue Weidman won the smaller peanut bar as she walked to Smittys today with the temperature at only 32 degrees. Iris Phillips wondered if we wanted to support our local Symphony & community. We took up a collections for tickets for four which we donated from our 1957 class.

BJ reported from some classmates. Cheryl Glidden is still waiting for lung.


We had excitement in our condo this past week! Our classmate Wes Craven's little sister, Mary and her husband Walter, who live in the same condo complex that I do had their unit burn to the ground January 17, 2009 – they barely escaped with only their PJs on before the roof crashing on them. There were six condos and three cars lost to the fire. There were 52 firemen fighting the fire with twelve engines. Someone was watching over me as my condo three doors down was spared. We took up a collection for Mary & Walter to let them know we care.


As ever, Pat Quinn Bryant



December 2008 Smitty's Lunch Report (by Pat Quinn)


We had a wonderful turn out considering the snow was really coming down but it did get up to 18 degrees. (Editor's note – You make it sound like it got warm! Here in the South, we less rugged folks would have canceled the lunch and stayed in the house because ... it “only” got up to 18 degrees, Pat! ) Those attending were Mary Widby, Lael & Linda Vickery, Sue Weidman, Rocky & Fay Holloway, Dick & Rosemary Rice, Iris (Phillips) Bolstad, Barb (Bowman) & Don Miller, Julie Kientz & Bud Phipps, Larry Tucker, BJ (Bolton) Dewayne Herron, Larry Taplett, Judy Webb, Dennis Hall, Kaye Anderson & Buck McKenzie, Skip & Kay Mussen, Leonard Ward, Gary Montague, Carol Travers, Dick & recently retired Sharron Bruggman, & Pat Quinn. We missed the usual wit of Dave Ramsey, who had to go in for a dialysis repeat today. We had a phone call from Carlton in who is vacationing with Mary and Mary's sister, Donna in Hawaii (guess he missed us). Lael told him we all expected a gift from Hawaii. We even all sang 'We Wish You A Merry Christmas” to him & Mary.


The role of class secretary has been passed from Judy to BJ. BJ has recently updated the list, primarily the e-mail addresses, and sent out the updated list to classmates via e mail. (Anyone without e mail, may contact her and she will mail a list to you.) In response, she received a lot of e-mails -- from Carol Cammack Burger, Tom Preston, Kaye Bradly Miller, Paul Burton, Vianna Rusert Nall, Carol Soule Alexander, Shirley Cannon, Ella Smith Langhoff, Barbara Rochelle Reid who said she has moved manufactured home subdivision, George Eaton, and Margie (Eickmeyer) Davis.


Under the heading of potpourri (i.e., announcements, jokes, sick bay reports, and anniversary reports), we sent out a lot of cards to classmates to let them know we care. Lael announced that Linda was not getting him a gift this year because I did not use last years gift ------a cemetery plot. Everyone roared (see photo on Candid Camera). We are planning to go caroling, so please let BJ or Carol Travers know if you wish to join in. Our prayers go out to classmates who are having medical issues --Cheryl Glidden (lung transplant), Iola Long whose husband, Gene, has had heart surgery, Ozella Sims Brunner (breast cancer), Carol Soule Alexander (dialysis & back surgery – healing fine), and Larry Brunner (Parkinsons). Our congratulations go out to Harry & Betty Mickey, and to Ozella & Larry Brunner on their 50th Wedding Anniversary.


As ever, Pat Quinn



November 2008 Smitty's Lunch Report (by Pat Quinn)


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone,


We were sure glad to see the sunshine after several days of inversion. Those attending lunch today were Barb Bowman & Don, Rich & Sharron Bruggman, Ken Perkins, John Murphy, Larry & Ginny Taplett, Rocky & Faye Holloway, Mary Widby, Lilly Eddy, Kathy Johnson, BJ (Bolton) & DeWayne, Carlton & Mary Olson, Iris Phillips, Skip & Kay Mussen, Larry Tucker, Jay Widby, Magil Fredrich, Dave Ramsey, Carol Travers, Leonard Ward & Pat Quinn. We were sure glad to see Ken Perkins again. He was in hospital at the end of December and first of January, but he is okay now and has moved to a new home. John Murphy is looking good & has lost a lot of weight. Our new arena is open and has had a variety of things going on. We have a hockey team.


We are all saddened by the death of Jackie (Rose) Monsey and decided, rather than flowers, to send a donation to Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center in Seattle in her memory. We did, however, send flowers to Monseys for their 50th wedding anniversary on behalf of all of Jackie's classmates. Serene (Jo) Johnson is done with her radiation and feeling good. Barb Dodson has new glasses & had computer fixed with bigger letters so she can see it. She is working a few hours a week. On the lighter side, Skip Mussen gave a rendition of the Phillips Morris man, and Dave Ramsey gave us a great rendition, as only Dave could do, of the sales pitch that he yelled out when he was selling Wenatchee Daily World papers on the street as a kid. Dave said he would buy papers for three cents & sell them on streets for five cents. Skip said Jesse Montoya was the best seller. We sent a card to Marian Kane to let her know we are thinking of her. Also, we sent a card to Don Ferguson who lost his Marie to cancer. It looks like we may get our killing frost toward the end of week.


As ever, Pat



October 2008 Smitty's Lunch Report (by Pat Quinn)


Happy Fall Everyone, The leaves are so pretty. We have had some nice weather here in Wenatchee last few days. Our special guest was Judy Wayerski from Stanwood and another nice surprise was Arleen (Sanderson) & Cal Blackburn from Leavenworth. Arleen has to be on oxygen most of the time as she only has use of 1 lung (due to scar tissue from radiation.) She said she still goes to meetings & does a lot of things to keep busy. Others there were Magil Fredrich, Kaye Anderson & Buck McKenzie who looked so good after his heart surgery, Iris Phillips who brought us big pictures of old Wenatchee, Lilly Eddy, Skip & Kaye Mussen, Rocky Holloway, Dick & Sharron Bruggman, Dave Ramsey, BJ Bolton & Dewayne Herron, Lael & Linda (Heminger) Vickery, Barb Bowman & Don Miller, Judy Webb, Carol Travers, Larry & Ginny Taplett, Leonard Ward, Larry Tucker, Carlton & Mary Olson, and Orlo Andrews.


Carlton said the barbecue honoring Tom Bryne was fantastic. Dick & Billie Williams were there. Dick had brought his original football shoes. Asked Tom if he wanted them & he said he had enough stuff. Gar Jeffers did a wonderful job of MC Saturday night with almost 300 in attendance. They gave Tom a new athletic jacket with lots of insignia. The plaque for Coach of the Year will have the names of future honorees put on each year.


Other comments of interest -- Iris Phillips wanted to honor Orlo Andrews. Orlo is sponsoring a boy in a wheel chair from Africa. He has also donated 100s of wheel chairs to help other people. Arleen said she talked to Jackie's husband, Ray last night. Jackie is home and has had some more radiation. She is very optimistic. Send a card when you can to her. Box 7, Leavenworth, Wa 98826. Serene (Jo) is doing okay with her radiation. Ozella Sims is fighting breast cancer and husband, Larry Brunner is battling Parkinson disease. Dave Ramsey said he got up this morning – so is alive. We all clapped. There is a rumor of another class trip for fall of 2009. Maybe Branson, Mo.


As ever, Pat Quinn Bryant


September 2008 Smitty's Lunch Report (by Pat Quinn)


Would you believe 93 degrees today. We had a 1st time lunch guest - Duane & Diane Kovar from Bothel. Also, Dick & Barb Smelser were here from Yakima. Other attending were Dick & Rosemary Rice & daughter – Rosemary. Rich & Sharron Bruggman, Ann McDowall, Bev Smith, Carlton & Mary Olson, Lloyd Fryhover, Dave Ramsey, Sue Weidman, Leonard Ward, Lilly Eddy, Kathy Johnson, Jay Widby, Larry Tucker, Rocky & Faye Holloway, Skip & Kay Mussen, BJ Bolton & Pat Quinn.


We had a note from Jackie Rose. She said she is feeling a little better. She is done with chemo for a while & has to recover from last chemo before they do radiation on brain. (She quips that we will see how much of a bonehead I am). Ours prayers are with you, Jackie.


Iris Phillip's mom passed away and also Gary Montague's mother-in-law whom they had been care givers at home.


Our Alaska cruisers are home and had a blast. We told of a few funny times. The crew member was showing me where to go & said, '57 huh that is 1957. Wow ! Some silly questions asked of crew ? Does the crew sleep on the ship? I see a lot of those patches behind ears – is that some sort of new religion ? And some people forget to leave out clothes for last day & especially forget to leave shoes out.


This is the big week end to honor Tom Byrne. Lloyd will be picking up Tom & his wife in 1957 red convertible. Some seventy WHS classmates are coming for dinner & game.


As ever, Pat


August 2008 Smitty's Lunch Report (by Pat Quinn)


Cool days are here again and it's about time – seventy five degrees today.  Out of town guests were Angie Navone- Connully, Dale Barnhart - Vancouver, Ron & Sunnie LaCasse - Edmonds, Judy Wayerski- Stanwood, Dee Tibbles - Kirkland.  Others were Skip & Kay Mussen, Kaye Anderson & Buck, Dennis Hall & JoAnn Lorraine, Julie Kientz & Bud Phipps, Mary Widby, Lael Vickery & Linda Heminger, Barb Bowman, Carlton & Mary Olson, Richard & Sharron Bruggman, Gary Montague, Larry & Ginny Taplett, Dave Ramsey,, Jo (Serene) Johnson, John Murphy, Rocky & Faye Holloway, Kathy Johnson, Larry Hauff, Carol Travers, Dick & Rosemary Rice, Magil Fredricks, Ann McDowall & myself Pat Quinn.


Carol Travers reported on Jackie Rose & we sent her a card.  She is not doing well but does appreciate cards or e-mails. (can't reply).

Carlton said he had about 70 have signed up so far for Tom Byrne's nights, but he is expecting several hundred. Carol Travers gave Carlton a very nicely wrapped gift.  He was kind of afraid to open it.  So he slowly opened it and was he surprized.  He got a 2 bill hat (side bills) and it say "I'M THEIR LEADER .. WHICH WAY DID THEY GO ".  So he won't have to carry a sign when we go on the bus or ship.  We will just reconize his hat.  I tried to capture his expression (the photo is on Candid Camera).  Fu n n y! 


Those that were going on Alaska cruise were reminded of the Bon Voyage party.


The following local news items were not discussed at lunch but I'm adding them here as they may be of possible interest to classmates who live out of the area: First, those of us who live in Washington state now get to vote for whomever we chose to in elections. Previously we have had to declare a party affiliation and were limited to candidates in that party.  


Secondly, and this is a big deal for the town – this fall we will have a new, 5,000 seat arena for concerts, graduations, and others shows. Our new hockey team is called “The Wild” (Maybe next month someone could enlighten us on the origin of that name – interesting choice – bob) which is the main program so far. The facility, located near Lowes, close to the river and north of 9th Street is near completion. It will be called the Toyota Center as Toyota has recently stepped up to be the main sponsor. This is a big undertaking for Wenatchee.



July 2008 Smitty's Lunch Report (by Pat Quinn)


Hi everyone, We had a nice turn out with some out of town guests, Ron & Sunny LaCasse from Edmonds and Judy Wayerski from Stanwood. We had a special guest – Patty Munch (sister of our classmate Frank Barnett) with information on their recent cruise and what we might expect on our Cruise to Alaska. Reminder to others going on our Cruise in September: Bon Voyage Party will be August 20th at Sr. Center, 1300 Maple St., Wenatchee from 5-7 pm. Remember if you are taking the bus from Wenatchee to the ship: send your $50 each to Carlton.


Others attending were Iola Long, Sue Weidman, Larry & Ginny Taplett, Mary Widby, Carol Travers, Judy Webb, Dave Ramsey, Ann McDowall, Magil Fredrich, Rocky & Faye Holloway, John Murphy, Dick & Rosemary Rice, Larry Tucker, Leonard Ward, Betty Sims & Pete Bromily, Lilly Eddy, Barb Bowman & Don, Kaye Anderson & Buck, JoAnn Lorraine & Dennis Hall, Jay Widby, Bj Bolton & Dewayne.


There were several reports of close encounters with fires: Badger Mt. fire from Larry & Ginny Taplett. It was right across the highway. It is still going and has burned over 15,000 acres (no homes). Those evacuated have gone home today. Mike Bartram in California evacuated for a while. Leon Kent said the Sur fire was a 100 miles away from him in Fortuna, California but caused lots of smoke in his area.


As for Sick Bay reports, Serene (Jo) Sporer has finished her chemo and is now working part time. Arleen Sanderson has problems with one lung, but it really doesn’t slow her down too much, just has to rest more often. Jackie Rose is to go in Monday to have a stent put in because her veins are difficult and in case she has to have IV Chemo. Her tumor markers are up. She wanted to come to the luncheon, but her back was hurting. Our thoughts and prayers are with our classmates. (NEW) Update – Jackie Rose loves our cards & e-mails. She will let us know through BJ how she is doing. She cannot answer e-mails tho.


WHS Coach Tom Bryne will be honored before the football game with a BBQ on Friday, September 19. He is going to the game in style, in Lloyd Fryhover's Red ‘57 Chevy. On Saturday, 20th, an evening to honor Tom and introduce the “Tom Byrne Coach of the Year Award” will be held at the Wenatchee Convention Center. These is a link at the top of the “Welcome” page that you can click on for current information, and a list of those who have signed up so far.


As ever, Pat Quinn Bryant


June 2008 Smitty's Lunch Report (by Pat Quinn)

Hi from beautiful sunny Wenatchee. We had thirty seven -- a pretty good gathering today. They were Magil Friedrich, Dick & Barb Smelser, Kathy Johnson, (just back from France), Lily Eddy, Julie Kientz & Bud Phipps, Barb Bowman, Mary Widby, Bev Smith, Carlton & Mary Olson, Joyce Frostad & Jim, Larry & Ginny Taplett, Rocky & Faye Holloway, John Murphy, Linda Heminger, Kaye Anderson & Buck, Dave Ramsey, LaVerne Provo, Iris Phillips, JoAnn Lorraine & Dennis Hall, Richard &Sharon Bruggman, Skip & Kay Mussen, BJ (Barb) Bolton & Dewayne, Newt & Carole Hamon, Jay Widby & Pat Quinn Bryant (just back from back-to-back trips, Panama Cruise & Eastern States & lots of Canada)

We were glad to hear JoAnn Lorraine (ankle) & Bev Smith (foot) surgeries were healing nicely. Carlton had an owie on his forehead (where the carpet in church rose up to greet him).  It looks mean, but he says he is healing.

Jay Widby brought a write up about Lowell Sever (Seattle) telling about World trips & store he has opened to sell some of the treasures he picked up on his travels. Carlton brought old photos from the '57 web site of the Liberty Theater, swimming pool on 5th street, skating rink & etc.  My camera was acting up so luckily BJ had hers so we got a few pictures. Kathy gave us a few French language lessons. She said it was very spendy in France. She will never say anything bad about France again as the people were very nice. They got to see a reenactment at Normandy - with 300 dropping out of planes. We got an update on Jackie Rose & Jo (Serene) Johnson & they are finishing up with their chemo. People were reminded to finish paying for their AK trip today. Dick & Barb Smelser are hosts at Nason Creek at Lake Wenatchee this year & invite anyone to come up to stay for a fee (no discounts!).


May 2008 Smitty's Lunch Report (by BJ Bolton)

Hello Classmates!  We met at Smitty’s on Wednesday. As it was one of those busy days just before Memorial Weekend our numbers were fewer than usual. Pat Bryant was on one of her ‘gad-abouts’, so, you’ve got Bj here.  First to arrive was Orlo Andrew, Dave Ramsey, and Carlton and Mary Olson in Orlo’s van. We were happy to have Magil Friedrich back.  She is still moving boxes and was looking for handsome men to help her, she said.  Dave volunteered.  Pete Bromiley and Betty Sims are just back from their trip to Alaska to graduate a grandchild.

Carlton told us how plans were moving ahead for the weekend in September to honor Coach Byrne.  A sign up page was passed if we wanted to ride the bus from Wenatchee to our Cruise ship. A good way to save money on parking and gas, as gas is now $3.899!  If you are in Wenatchee and want to ride, you should let Carlton know. 


We were reminded to keep these classmates not attending but with serious illnesses in our prayers.  Bev Smith had foot surgery and was told to stay off the foot for a while.  Ozella Sims is undergoing treatment for breast cancer and Jackie Rose has been battling illness since March.  Those attending but not mentioned so far were Rocky and Faye Holloway, Kaye Anderson and Buck Mackenzie, Larry Taplett, Dick Jaspers, John Murphy, Leonard Ward, Jay Widby, Barbara Bowman, Mary Widby, Carol Travers, Dewayne Herron and I, Bj Bolton.


We had our usual levity.  Dave Ramsey read a joke sent by his brother that had us all rolling our eyes and gasping.  Gary Montague added a light note and we left agreeing to see each other again on the third Wednesday of next month, if not sooner.


April 2008 Smitty's Lunch Report (by Pat Quinn Bryant)

Hi from sunny Wenatchee, (60's).  We had a whopping group of 35 today for lunch at Smittys.  Our Magil Friedrich has moved back from Florida and we are sure glad she did (Wecome back to the snowy North, Magil -- bob).  Another classmate we have not seen for a while was Julie Blonk.  And Doris Burke is moving back to Wenatchee from Brinnon, Washington. Others at our lunch were Kaye Anderson & Buck, Kathy Johnson, Donna Agnew, Jay Widby, Barb (Bowman) & Don, Carol Travers, Ann McDowall, Carlton & Mary Olson, Betty (Sims) & Pete Bromily, Leonard Ward, Skip & Kay Mussen, Sue Weidman, Larry Tucker, Joyce (Frostad) & Jim, Dick & Rosemary Rice, Larry Taplett, BJ (Bolton) & DeWayne Herron, Judy (Webb) Johnson, Lilly Eddy, Dave Ramsey, Linda (Heminger) & Lael Vickery, Mary Widby, and myself.


We sent a card to Jo (Serene) Johnson Sporer.  Also, BJ gave a update on Art Racus's wife Karen.  She came home from Hospital today.  Julie Blonk & her husband have a new motor home and just returned from Arizona.  They will be doing more traveling. Julie siad that they enjoy playing golf.  Some of our guys will be playing golf this week end at Leavenworth.  We had snow on the passes yesterday.


Carlton was quite excited with the plans for a big weekend this fall during which Coach Byrne will be honored with a kick off of the Tom Byrne Coach of the Year Award.  This will be an annual award given to an outstanding Panther Coach starting with the 2008-09 school year.  Additional details are available on the Current News page of our web site. Please check this out and make plans to attend.

Lloyd Fryhover will be taking Coach Byrne and his family to the events in his beautiful red "57 Chev Convertible.


You can still sign up for September "Inside Passage" to Alaska.  We have 42 already.  Information is on the Alaska Cruise page of our web site.


As ever, Pat Quinn



March 2008 Smitty's Lunch Report (by Pat Quinn Bryant)

Happy Easter to all of you.  We had a very nice March lunch with Mary Widby, BJ (Bolton) & Dewayne Herron, Sue Weidman, Donna Agnew, Carol Travers, Dick Jaspers, Skip & Kay Mussen, Richard Bruggman, Lilly Eddy, Bev Smith, Pete Bromiley, Linda (Heminger) & Lael Vickery, Doris Burke ( from Brinnon), John Murphy, Dick & Rosemary Rice, Larry Tucker, Leonard Ward, Dave Ramsey, Lloyd Fryhover, Jay Widby, Gary Montague, Kathy Johnson, Rocky and Faye Holloway, and myself, Pat.

We sang Happy Birthday to Dave Ramsey.  There was a gift basket full of specialty items donated by Carlton that was used as raffle gifts to those present. Carol took a game from a child's Nursery Rhyme book (since she said, “we were approaching our second child hood”.) We received a gift if we answered the questions correctly.  Lilly Eddy was so smart she received two gifts.  I reported on the two classmates just found.  Gary Emerson is in Palm Springs, California with his daughter.  The bad news is that he has terminal cancer. And via TV news we found Milton Conrad in Gold Bar, Washington.  A knapsack with his baby book, all his WHS albums, wedding pictures, family pictures and letters had been thrown into a lady's shrubs.  She took it them the news station and some of our class saw the Wa Wa's.  BJ Bolton talked with his sister, Marilyn, and found out where he is living.  Then on Sunday night Milton, his wife and the lady who found the albums were on the news.  He was just dumb founded.  His former Post Office co-workers had seen him too.  Milton and his wife had moved from the house. Before they were fully moved, he broke his arm. He said they probably left some stuff there that he didn't remember. He had a stroke and had to retire from the post office about a year ago. He has lost of bit of memory (aren't we all! – ed.) and is using a cane, but doing great.  We sent them each a 50th Reunion Wa Wa. 

Sue Weidman said one of her daughters is writing a movie script in Hollywood.  Also, Sue will be helping with a local musical this fall.

Doris Burke and husband are building a new home in Sunnyslope and will be moving back soon. Kathy Johnson commented that her broken foot is well, which is good to hear.  She is helping out a few hours a week at the Performing Art Center in Wenatchee. 

As Always, Pat Quinn Bryant



February 2008 Smitty's Lunch Report (by Pat Quinn Bryant)

Hi everyone,  It was so nice today you did not need a coat in the afternoon.  We still have some snow on mountains but it melting fast.  The visiting got underway around 11:30.  Those attending were Leonard Ward, Gary Montague, Kathy Johnson, Ann McDowall, Dennis Barnes, Don and Iris Phillips Bolstad, Carlton and Mary Olson, Dave Ramsey, Jim Davis, Dick Jaspers, Ron and Judy Webb Johnson,  Dick & Rosemary Rice, Dewayne and BJ Bolton Herron, Faye and Rocky Holloway, Larry Tucker, Lael and Linda Heminger Vickery, Sue Weidman, Jay Widby, Larry and Ginny Taplett, John Murphy, Jackie Rose, Carol Travers, and Pat Quinn – twenty four classmates, thirty one altogether.


We were really humming.  Carlton talked about our September 7th, 2008 WHS Cruise to inside passage of Alaska.  Jay Widby had some  material on actual rooms for us to look at.  I had extra copies of booklets on our cruise.  Rosemary Rice told us some facts about cruise such as she likes to pick her dinner time,  also noted that it is called a ship.  Carlton quizzed us on port, aft, poop deck, etc.  Gary Montague told us about POSH.  We were glad to see that a few more have decided to sign up.  It is going to be a blast.  I have found out one can get a Passport card for $45 (but that is not good for air travel or to Europe), but it is recommended that you get passport which costs $100.  I'm told you can also take copy of birth certificate & driver's license.  Carlton will make arrangements for bus to take us over to Port of Seattle and back to Wenatchee.  Carlton said we will have a Alaska Cruise meeting closer to the date we leave to answer questions. 

Gary Montague told us a good joke.  Linda & Lael loved their honeymoon in Maui and met the waitress (Danielle) who had choked Carlton when he was there. She is from New Jersey and a former teacher.  She said it was cheaper to find a place to live in Maui than New Jersey.      As ever,  Pat Q


January 2008 Smitty's Lunch Report (by Pat Quinn Bryant)

Brrrrrrrr  Only 12 degrees or so this morning, but there was sunshine and no wind, and Smitty's was nice and warm. Those attending lunch were Pete Bromily & Betty Sims, Skip Mussen, Dennis Barnes, Mary Widby, Jullie Kientz & Bud  Phipps,Ann McDowall, Leonard Ward, Rocky & Faye Holloway, Larry & Ginny Taplett, Dick & Rosemary Rice, Carlton & Mary Olson, Bev Smith, Rich & Sharon Bruggman, Linda Heminger & Lael Vickery, Dave Ramsey, Sue Weidman, Jackie Rose, BJ Bolton & Dewayne Herron, Donna Agnew, Lilly Eddy, Gary & Mikael Montague, and Pat Quinn. It was Bud Phipps first time to our WHS lunch. 


Everyone had a great time. Gary told us a great joke. Carlton mentioned that there are some new classmates' stories (one of a trip and another of junior high adventure) that are on the web site (See Current Events page) and he encouraged others to consider writing up and sending in similar material. Carlton told the story of Dave Ramsey calling Skip Mussen (who worked for the Daily World) to see about not getting his name in paper when he had been drunk. Skip said, I can't even keep my own name out of there.  It's public records remember. We still do not have a date in September for the Alaska cruise but hope to soon and I will let you know.  Others mentioned today that they would like to go.  As Ever,  Pat


P.S. Separately I heard that everyone had a fun time at lunch. I'm told that Carlton had an agenda, but forgot to bring it, so everything was ad libbed and there was a lot of joke telling. Also, I heard that some of our classmates have been traveling. Lilly Eddy is back from a trip to Turkey and several European countries including Ireland. Jackie Rose went to Australia at Christmas time but said Christmas just wasn't the same there--too warm and  it looked like they had left up the lights from last year. Also, Carlton and Mary took a trip to Hawaii recently where they went snorkeling. More correctly, one might say that Mary went snorkeling and then Carlton mustered up the courage to do so. It was reported to me that Mary went first and only when Mary found it to be safe -- he didn't see any sharks, or figured they were well fed -- Carlton decided to try it. -- bob.



December 2007 Smitty's Lunch Report (by Pat Quinn Bryant)

MERRY CHRISTMAS Classmates -- We were just a humming at our WHS lunch today.  Those attending were Tony Peterson, LaVerne Provo, Larry Tucker, Sue Weidman, Rocky & Faye Holloway, JoAnn Lorraine, Dennis Hall, Mary Widby, (got new puppies I hear) Lael Vickery, Linda Heminger, Carol Travers, Iris Phillips, Larry & Ginny Taplett, Ann McDowall, BJ Bolton & DeWayne, Judy Webb, Kaye Anderson & Buck, Dick & Rosemary Rice, Leonard Ward, Kathy Johnson, John Murphy, Jay Widby. 


Carol Travers gave a report on the reunion treasury.  There are funds left over. We discussed how these should be used. One plan is to retain some funds for future, small, less formal reunions.  These might be one day affairs with the funds used for catering. Also, some funds should be retained to cover the cost of future incidental expenses such as mailings. I reported on the early planning for an Alaska cruise that would leave from Seattle in September.  Paul Pugh, who organizes this sort of thing, is looking into the options including possibly a bus to take us over to Seattle.  He is trying to get us the best rates & will let us know after the 1st of year. Carol mentioned losing Bev West and Jim Cearlock.  There were 14 classmates at his services this last Sat.

I truly hope you have a healthy and safe Christmas & New Year.  As ever,  Pat



October 2007 Smitty's Lunch Report (by Pat Quinn Bryant)

Hi, We had a very nice lunch with one out of town guest -- Bob Fleming from Spokane.  Others were Orlo Andrews, John Murphy, Dave Ramsey, Bev Smith, Judy Webb, Joyce Frostad & Jim, Lloyd Fryhover, Jim Cearlock, Dick & Rosemary Rice, Carol Travers, Mary Widby, Jim & Sharon Davis, Rich & Sharon Bruggman, Rocky & Faye Holloway, Leonard Ward, Lael Vickery, Linda Heminger, Kaye Anderson & Buck, Barb Bowman, LaVerne Provo, Iris Phillips, Larry Taplett , Carlton & Mary Olson and myself.


Our Class presented Iris (Phillips) & Don Bolstad a gift certificate to the Performing Art Center for all the love she put into our elegant decorations. She was overwhelmed.


The November Smitty's lunch date would fall on the day before Thanksgiving. Therefore, it was decided that the November lunch will be canceled. The next lunch will be in December.


Lloyd Fryhover was given a big Thank You and a round of applause for donating a choice of equipment or $1,000 cash as a prize for a drawing with the proceeds going to the WHS scholarship fund.  The fund will help qualified students who otherwise might be unable to attend college. Lloyd said there would be a plaque on a WHS wall in recognition of the donation from our class. Also, there will be a plaque recognizing Bob and Corky Ajax who won the drawing and donated the prize money to the fund.


In the sick bay and other news department, Larry Hauff has had back surgery. We sent a card to him and wish him well.

The idea of a cruise was brought up and it was decided on one to Alaska one next year. So keep your plans flexible for May or Sept of 2008 for a WHS cruise. We will provide more information when available.


We have a few Wa Wa's ($18) (contact me at the link on the Welcome page). Also, you can still order Video & pic CD for $14 with postage from Vic. Send him your request and check at:



WALLA WALLA, WA 99362-3619


Happy Fall & Thanksgiving.    

As ever, Pat Quinn


September 2007 Smitty's Lunch Report (by Pat Quinn Bryant)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007 - Happy fall everyone - weather is cooling in Wenatchee and sadly, the reunion is past.  This was our best attended and most fun reunion yet.  Out of town guests were MaryJo Smart from Alaska, and Shirley Cannon from California. Also, LaVern Provo from East Wenatchee was a first timer at our lunch. Other more regular Smitty's attendees were Carol Travers, Jim Cearlock, Lloyd Fryhover, Dave Ramsey, Gary Montague, Judy Webb, Rocky & Faye Holloway, Carlton & Mary Olson, Dick & Rosemary Rice, Barb (Bolton) & DeWayne Herron, Kaye (Anderson) & Buck McKenzie, Newt Hamon, Ann McDowall, Iola Long, Ken Perkins, Linda Heminger, Lael Vickery, Dennis Barnes, Leonard Ward, John Murphy, Mary Jo's sister, Sherry and myself.


I had a great time at the reunion and believe that everyone did.  Attendance Friday evening was 225 and was 271 Saturday evening. I loved the WHS Pep Band with the fight song.  Iris Phillips made us the most elegant decorations for our 50th reunion.  Thanks will never be enough. Ann Gaspers reported that about 22 came down for the river walk. Carol Travers reported we have about $3,500 for WHS scholarships and more money may be coming in.  Many thanks to Bob Ajax who won the drawing and gave the $1,000 back to WHS scholarship fund. The mini Wa Wa was first class – absolutely super and the cost was only $1700 instead of estimated $3,000 as a result of the super job and extra work done by Barb Bolton. The Reunion Committee will have a full report to everyone later.


John Murphy said he and his wife were honored at a special award dinner in Leavenworth for their service for 35 years with the Special Olympics. He said you will never see him in a suit again except at his funeral.  Ramsey said, they had an awful time stealing that suit.  Anyway, congratulations to John and his wife.


As ever,  Pat



Minutes Prior to September 07 -- These reports prior have been removed from the site. If anyone would like to see any of these, please e mail me and I will send a copy. bob