Below is a list of 118 classmates (41 girls,77 guys) who are no longer with us.

Below the list are short Biographical Notes, when available, to help us remember these friends.

When “Newis shown it means it is a listing added in the past 12 months or so, not necessarily a recent death.


If anyone would like to add dates, a photograph or a biographical note for those listed below, please send it to me and I will include it. Thanks, Bob.


Donna Agnew Gaston (December 2014, see obituary at end of this list)

John Auguston (February 2011)

Mike Aumell (November 2000 see obituary at end of this list)

Judy Avey Kaupp (January 2006)

Jerry Bailor (July 2005, see obituary at end of this list.)

Charles R Barker (December 23, 2011 see obituary at end of this list)

Frank Barnett (September 1978)

Richard Bellew (August 2001)

George (Hugh) Bennett (January 1981*)

Oliver A. “Ollie” Bowman (April 12, 2018 see obituary at end of this list)

Bernice Brandt Allstot (March, 2018 see obituary at end of this list)

Danny Duane Brandt (August 16, 2011 see obituary at end of this list)

New Robert L. "Bob"Brim (Jan 2020, see obituary at end of this list.)

Robert Hugh (Bob) Britt (May 2014, see obituary at end of this list.)

New Jewel Brumbaugh (March 2020, see obituary at end of this list.)

Larry Brunner (November 2014, see obituary at end of this list.)

Emory Bryant (October 2003, see obituary at end of this list.)

Mike Caldwell (May 2018, see obituary at end of this list.)

Dave (Whitey) Campbell (August 2004)

Joseph Harold Carl (August 2014, see obituary at end of this list.)

Colleen Carmody Katzowitz (November 2002)

LeNie Carter Tallman (April 1997)

Jim Cearlock (December 2007, see obituary at end of this list.)

Gene Chapton (December 2005, see obituary at end of this list.)

Larry Chicken (December 1993)

John Clark (July 2003, see obituary at end of this list.)

Dennis Clay (March 1986, see obituary at end of this list.)

New Bordie Coleman (October 2020, see obituary at the end of this list)

Jeannette (Connery) Phillips (July 13, 2007 see obituary at end of this list)

Milton Conrad (February 2009, see obituary at end of this list.)

Bonnie (Crawford) Strop (March 2014)

Bob Daugharty (April 1996)

Lloyd Day (2001, see obituary at end of this list.)

David Deal (October 2001, see obituary at end of this list.)

Judith Denton (Feb 2006)

Jacqueline “Jackie” Duncan (December 2019, see obituary at end of this list.)

 Melvin Duvaul (May 2012, see obituary at end of this list.)

Jennie Mae (Eakin) Eakin-Zinke (January 2007, see obituary at end of this list.)

Gary Emerson (March 2008)

Gary Faris (May 1964)

Angela Joyce (Frostad) McQuinn (May 2018, see obituary at end of this list.)

Chet Fryhover (December 1991*)

Joseph Gaynor (July 2015, see obituary at end of this list.)

Don Gerber (December 1978*)

Nadine Gilbert (June 2010)

Esther Gilliam (Feb 2011, see note at end of this list)

Cheryl Gliddon (2010, see obituary at end of this list)

Paul Greenwood (March 2013)

Larry Grossarth (April 2007, see obituary at end of this list.)

Bill W. Hall (January 1999)

Kennard Hall (December 1988*)

Newton Hamon (May 2009, see obituary at end of this list.)

Jerry Haynes (June 2002*)

Marilyn (Heath) Henson (July 2018, see obituary at end of this list.)

Phil (Spike) Helmer Jr. (August 2001)

New Dan Hepler (2020)

Norman Hersel (September, 2009, see obituary at end of this list.)

Nancy Hodgen Steele (September 2003)

New Rocky Holloway (May 2020, see obituary at end of this list.)

David Hyde (October, 1964)

Richard (Dick) Jaspers (July 2017, see obituary at end of this list.)

Marilyn Adele (Jessup) Price (November 4, 2015, see obituary at end of this list.)

JoAnn (Jo) Serene (Johnson) Sporer (February 2015, see obituary at end of this list.)

Breese Jones (November 2002)

Julie (Kienitz) Phipps (May, 2018, see obituary at end of this list.)

Bob Lapthorn (before 1977)

John Littrell (March 1990*)

Jack Macy (February 1977)

Barbara McClain Santini (October 1988*)

Nick McColm (February 1994)

Michael “Mike” McGhee(December 9, 2011, see obituary at end of this list

Leo R. McFarlane (November 2018 see obituary at end of this list.)

Deanna Meuret Yancey (April 2005, see obituary at end of this list.)

Michael "Mike" Dana Miller (December 2019, see obituary at end of this list)

Harry Mickey (May, 2016, see obituary at end of this list.)

Alice Kay Miller Wolfe (1987 -1997*)

Ed Monnot (December 2009, see obituary at end of this list.)

Barbara Moore Hefley (August 2000)

Roger Moore (August 2009, see obituary at end of this list)

Bonnie Morrison (1987 – 1997*)

New Gary Montague (March 2013, see obituary at end of this list.)

John Murphy (March 2013, see obituary at end of this list.)

Mike Murphy (abt 2000)

Stoney Murphy (May, 2016, see obituary at end of this list.)

Angela “Angie” Navone (May, 19, 2019, see obituary at end of this list)

Kenneth Leroy Perkins (December 3, 2017, see obituary at end of this list.)

Bud Phipps ((October 2017, see obituary at end of this list)

Neil L. Payne (1987 -1997*)

Herschel Pike (1987 -1997*)

LaVerne (Bus) Provo Jr, (February, 2018, see obituary at end of this list.)

Pat Quinn (September, 2017, see obituary at end of this list.)

Tom Preston (December, 2015, see obituary at end of this list.)

Arden Racus (September, 2018, see obituary at end of this list.)

David Ramsey (December 2012, see obituary at end of this list)

Margaret Beth (Rash) Lansing (August, 2015, see obituary at end of this list.)

Dick Rice (March 26, 2014, see obiturary at end of this list)

Ed Rich (1987 -1997*)

Barbara /Rochelle (~2016, see obituary at end of this list.)

Robert LeRoy Roper (November 2018, see obituary at end of this list.)

Jackie Rose Monsey (October 2008, see obituary at end of this list.)

Arleen Sanderson Blackburn (November 2010, see obituary at end of this list.)

Richard Schmidt (1998)

Sandra Sloane Nordheim (April 1999)

Carol Soule (May 15, 2015, see obituary at the end of this list)

Janice Swindell (2006)

Susan Seyster Maughan (March 13, 2015, see obituary at end of this list)

Larry Thaut ( See obituary at end of this list April 14, 2011)

Charles (Herb) Thompson (~2000)

Sharon Thulean Prizner (1997 – 2002)

Deanna (Tibbles) Jagla (January, 2019, see obituary at end of this list)

Mary Inez (Turnipseed) Copeland (November 2017, see obituary at end of this list)

Beverly West Johnsen (December 2007, see obituary at end of this list.)

Ron Williams (before 1977)

Darlene (Wentz) Ball (July, 2018, see obituary at the end of this list)

Jerry Woods

Leonard Ward (August 19, 2013, see obituary at end of this list.)

Beverly Zodrow Ware (February 2004*)

New Bob Winslow (October 8, 2019, see obituary at end of this list.)


(* Note -- Dates above that have an asterick are primarily from Washington State & SS Death Records. The dates correspond to the correct name, including middle initial, and age, but we cannot be 100% certain the person is our classmate. Please contact me with any corrections or with dates for those where we only have a range indicated.)


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Borden Otis Coleman, 82, passed away at home in East Wenatchee, on October 27, 2020 surrounded by family. Born August 30, 1938 in Lunenberg, Arkansas to Homer and Dessie Coleman. He attended and graduated from Wenatchee High School in 1957 and entered the United States Navy in January of 1958. Borden achieved rank of E-5 and worked as an aviation electrician. Upon his honorable discharge from the U.S. Navy, he returned to the Pacific Northwest and attended Columbia Christian College in Portland, Oregon beginning in the fall of 1962. It was during this first year of college he would meet his future wife Susan Petz. He obtained his Associates of Arts degree in 1964, and moved to Wenatchee, Washington and began a career in construction. He worked on the construction of several local dams as well as worked for many construction companies in the Wenatchee area. While keeping the long-distance love alive, Borden and Susan married in 1967 and made their home in East Wenatchee. They built the house on 1st Street and had two children together, Lance & Tricia. Borden went on to attend Central Washington University and obtain his teaching certificate in 1974. He taught at Methow Valley School District from 1974-1976 before returning with his family to Wenatchee. Borden continued his work in construction for many years until retirement. Borden and Susan divorced in 1980. He remarried Beverly Leonard in 1990, whom he had known from their high school days. They divorced in 1998.
Borden loved the game of golf and spent several hours trying to improve his handicap. He shared that love of golf with his son and daughter who now love to play as much as he did. He also loved to bowl and spent lots of time at the bowling alley after he retired. His love for animals was apparent as he always needed a trusty dog, and got his wish later in life to have horses again. One horse wasn’t quite enough, so Borden and Beverly needed a few horses plus lots of saddles to go with.
Borden had five grandsons, the oldest being Cody Clymens, followed by Chase Coleman, Justyn Clymens, Peyton Coleman, and Cameron Coleman. Borden loved his grandchildren and was proud of each of them in their own way. Cody for serving in the U.S. Air Force, Chase for following his dreams of becoming a pilot, Justyn for getting his college degree from Northwest Lineman College, Peyton for serving in the U.S. Army, and Cameron for being a Senior at Wenatchee High School.
Borden is survived by his son Lance (Maryann) Coleman, his daughter Tricia Clymens, and five grandsons. He was preceded in death by his parents Homer and Dessie Coleman and sister Berniece.
A celebration of life will be held early spring. His family will update when services and times are established after covid restrictions are lifted.

Gary Montague passed away on December 7, 2020 at age 81 He was born April 4, 1939 in Idaho. He moved with his parents to Wenatchee in 1942, where his parents purchased the Wenatchee Grocery Store, later named Blue Ribbon Market located on Wenatchee Avenue. Gary was a 1957 graduate of Wenatchee High School and studied at Wenatchee Valley College, Central Washington University, and the Columbia University School of Journalism. Gary was active in and served as an officer in numerous organizations in Wenatchee. He was employed for nearly 41 years in advertising at The Wenatchee Daily World. After retiring in 1997, he served for eight years as a commissioner at the Chelan County PUD. He began studies by correspondence in 2008 and received his B.Msc. and Ordination in 2010. At his passing, he had completed all the course work for Master's and Doctorate degrees in Metaphysics, a subject outside of human sense perception that cannot be reached through objective studies of material reality.

Gary is survived by his wife, Geni Allen; daughter, Teresa Montague Scofield of Yakima, WA; son, Douglas Bryan Montague and his: wife, Amita, of Springfield, UT; son, Kevin Allen of Wenatchee, WA; grandson, James Allen of Wenatchee, WA; daughter, Kelly Allen of Doha, Qatar; daughter, Helena Caldwell of Seattle, WA; and his step-sister, Diane Wiggins of Seattle, WA. Also surviving are nine grandchildren; 11 great-grandchildren; and four God-children.

A longer obituary can be found here:

Bob Fleming, 8/17/20, age 81, loving husband and father of two children, passed away from this mortal existence, (not covid related). He was preceded in death by his parents, Homer and Jesse Fleming; two brothers, James and Garry Fleming; and four sisters, Armelda (Billie) Box, Helen McCollum, Alta Bruggman and Patty Foltz. He is survived by his wife, Joan Fleming; son, Jay Fleming (Shelly), their daughters Mekenzie, McCall and Morgan and daughter Judi Jesse (David) and their daughters Katelyn and Madison and countless cousins, nieces, and nephews. Bob was born on November 21, 1938 in Oxford, Arkansas to James "Homer" Shelby and Jesse Opal (White) Fleming. At the age of 6 he and his family moved from Arkansas to Wenatchee, Washington. At the age of 8, he learned the value of hard work when he began his own paper route. As he got older he worked at the local fish market and then joined the National Guard. Two years after high school he enlisted in the Marines. (A fact that he was proud for the remainder of his life.) Towards the end of his service he met his future wife, Joan Diane McFarland, at a party in San Bernardino. After a quick courtship they eloped to Las Vegas and married on December 1, 1962 and enjoyed 57 years of marriage. Upon his discharge from the Marines they moved back to Wenatchee where he returned to the fish market and later joined Local Loan. He was later transferred to Spokane where they raised their two children, Jay and Judi. It was in Spokane that he joined Farmer's Insurance and ran his own agency for 25 years until his retirement. Bob was an avid sportsman. He enjoyed bowling, golfing and playing softball. He was probably best known for being an "unofficial" armchair quarterback for his beloved Seahawks, Washington State Cougars football teams and Gonzaga University basketball team. Upon his retirement he was content staying at home where he loved playing games on his computer, posting on Facebook and watching Westerns (often rewatching them all several times because he said, "At this age I forget what happens so it doesn't matter how many times I've seen it.") Those that knew Bob, loved him. He was always willing to help others, even when he couldn't help himself. He had a way of making everyone he met feel loved and valued. We will never forget his infectious laugh or the way he made us feel when we were around him. A small funeral service was held on Thursday, August 27th, 2020 at the Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Medical Lake, Washington. A Celebration of Life will be held in the near future.

Jack Boushay, Cashmere, WA, age 81, passed away peacefully on Thursday, June 4, 2020, at his home in Cashmere, WA. He was born on July 9, 1938, in Sunnyslope, WA, the son of Cora Dale (Anderson) Boushay and Henry Alfred Boushay. Being a bit rebellious as a teenager, Jack left school early and joined the U.S. Navy. He was stationed in Georgia for four years, serving between the Korean and Vietnam wars. After returning to Wenatchee, WA, he met and fell in love with (Rose) Lynn Sever. When Lynn left to attend Western Washington College, Jack would drive to Bellingham every weekend to see her. After one quarter, Lynn transferred to Wenatchee Valley College to be closer, and then she didn’t have to worry about him driving so far. Jack and Lynn were married on his birthday in 1961. They had two daughters while living in Wenatchee. In 1965, they bought a house in Cashmere and have lived on the same property ever since.

Jack worked for the Wenatchee School District as a maintenance engineer, supporting his family without a high school diploma. He proudly attained his GED after retirement, when he also took drafting and CAD classes through Wenatchee Valley College. Jack was a self-taught computer enthusiast. He liked to challenge himself. Before computers, Jack had several other interests. He had a beautiful iris ‘show garden’ that he spent many spring and summer days tending to. He also collected stamps from all over the world and even traded iris for stamps. Jack and Lynn enjoyed square dancing and bowling in their younger years. He also loved golf, until his back would not allow him to play anymore. In Jack’s later years, still fascinated with computers, he remained active watching Sci-Fi movies and playing online video games.

He was steadfast in his opinion, with a great sense of humor, and simple with his desires. Family was the most important thing to him. He always had room for one more hug or time to tell us he loved us; he never tired of these things. He became a grandpa in 2006, when Lila was born in Vienna, Austria. The proud grandparents got passports and visited daughter, Teresa, and baby, Lila, their first ever trip abroad. Once Teresa and Lila moved back to the U.S., he adored spending time with her, watching princess and mermaid shows together, as she sat on his lap.

Sadly, he succumbed to an unforeseen and short battle with melanoma, with his wife, and two daughters, by his side. Jack was a loving husband, father, grandfather, and brother.

Jack leaves behind his wife of 59 years, Lynn (Sever) Boushay; daughter, Lisa Boushay-Ownby (Ray Ownby) of Moses Lake, WA; daughter, Teresa Boushay of Cashmere, WA; granddaughter, Lila Anais Boushay of Cashmere, WA; sister, Wanda Wertz (Rich Wertz) of Omak, WA; as well as nieces, nephews, and extended family. He will be greatly missed by his family and friends

Dale Ralph Barnhart September 10, 1939 ˜ June 1, 2020, Dale Ralph Barnhart of Vancouver, WA, passed away peacefully on June 1, 2020 surrounded by his family. He was born in Mason City, WA and graduated from Wenatchee High School in 1957.

After retiring from truck driving and freight, his real passion was bowling. He bowled on several leagues throughout the years and always practiced at least twice a week.
Dale will always be remembered for his quick wit and playful banter he shared with family and friends alike. He was very devoted to his family and treasured each and every moment he spent with them.

Dale is survived by his wife, Diane, of 52 years; his daughter, Darci (Peter); and son, Devin (Davina); grandchildren, Evan and Jillian, (Kira); and his two brothers, Larry and Wayne; along with several nieces and nephews.
A Celebration of Life to be decided on and held at a later date.

Rocky Holloway, Rocky passed away in May, 2020 at the age of 80. He was born May 23, 1939 to T. O. Holloway and Bernadine (Koch) Holloway at Wenatchee Washington. He lived in several places in Washington and Idaho, while his Dad looked for work. Rocky graduated from Wenatchee High School in 1957. He went to work immediately for Holloway Construction as a heavy equipment operator. Rocky worked for many companies in Wenatchee and Seattle (helping to build I-5). Many of his friends always said he was born to run a backhoe, and that he was the best.

In 1967 he married Faye Gram and in 1971 they welcomed their son Chad T. (best son ever). We loved camping, fishing and snowmobiling as a family. Rocky was a great mechanic always fixing our cars and building a VW for Chad when he turned sixteen. Rocky and Faye were founding members of 'Apple Country Snowmobile Club' and members of car clubs in town. Rocky had a 1955 T-Bird and Faye's 1966 Mustang.

Rocky is survived by his wife of 52 years Faye, son Chad his wife Christina and granddaughter Bethanie, 2 sisters-in-law Barbara Quinn and Pam McCaw, several nieces and nephews and some very special friends. Thank you Walt and Carole. Rocky will be missed so much, he and Chad were best friends, always worried about each other. Rocky saying 'Whats the kid up to' and Chad saying 'how you doing hoosie'. So much love there.

Jewel Ann Bergan-Brumbaugh, nee Brumbaugh, passed away on March 31, 2020, in College Station, TX, due to COVID-19. She was born in Wenatchee, WA, in 1939, to Stan and Laura (Bergan) Brumbaugh. Jewel grew up in Wenatchee, and was chosen Apple Blossom Queen in 1957. She married Herb Anderson, a Wenatchee Chief's first baseman in Wenatchee, and for the next 17 years, they and their children, Christy, Curt, and Brooke, began a life of travel and rich experiences that Jewel eagerly embraced. First as a baseball spouse, and later on her own terms, she celebrated each new skill and experience, befriending hundreds over her lifetime, all over the country, and mentoring people of all ages.

Returning to Seattle, WA, Jewel married L.B. ‘Mike’ Zylstra, in 1976, adding two daughters, Nancy and Wendy, and moved to a houseboat they called ‘Edward’ on Lake Union, to build, travel, enjoy great food, and fun runs, and sail Puget Sound in their 24’ Catalina sailboat. But, Jewel’s greatest joy was being a mother and grandmother, creating unique memories with each grandchild, that will live in their hearts forever.

Jewel was arguably the most competent person you’d ever meet. She could sew, cook, or build anything, learned to weld and rebuilt a VW engine, wrote memoirs and family histories, and had the gift of making a friend wherever she went. She also loved learning, and returned in midlife to UW to pursue Women’s Studies, where she met lifelong ‘sisters of the heart’, then, volunteered in Port Angeles, WA, helping women in need. She was known by many as Gramma Blue, because she wore only Royal Blue, and traveled the country with her cats in her blue van, ‘Dove’, returning to Seattle to help raise grandkids.

In later years, Jewel lived in SHAG senior housing near older sister, Laura Mae. She joined daughter, Chris (Jim), in College Station, TX, in March of 2018, after Laura’s death. Jewel was enjoying her recent move to assisted living in Texas, when she contracted the coronavirus, passing away in the ICU a week later.

Gramma Blue shone her light on so many, and will continue to live in the hearts of all she touched. Jewel was predeceased by her father and mother; beloved step-mother, Ruth Redmond; sisters: Laura Ramsey and Polly Joy. She will be remembered with love by her sister, Lou Ellen; brother, Neil (Sharon); four living children; many adored grandchildren; nieces; nephews; and countless beloved friends. A Celebration of Life gathering in Seattle is planned when it is safe to do so. Contact Chris Mabe or Brooke Strommen for more information. We invite friends and family to share memories of Jewel now through helping others and working for peace and justice in these difficult times.

Michael "Mike" Dana Miller passed away, with family by his side, on Thursday, December 20, 2018, in Santa Barbara, CA. He was 79 years old. Mike was born on October 25, 1939, in Wenatchee, WA, on the Columbia River, and graduated, in 1957, from Wenatchee Valley High School. On October 30, 1960, Mike married Margaret Lee Saul,and in 1963, they moved to Lompoc, CA. It was there that Mike discovered his love and talent for woodcarving, and he began showing his duck carvings in galleries and donated many carvings to charity auctions such as the Audubon Society.

Along with his carvings, Mike was a renowned craftsman and furniture builder. He worked at Linden’s Furniture Store in Lompoc for over 20 years. Many of his pieces are still enjoyed in homes today. Mike also loved to restore old cars, namely Austin Healeys.

In 1995, Mike and Margaret moved to Cambria, CA, and Mike began to show his carvings full-time. His work was shown in the Wildfowl Museum in Solvang, CA, and the California Carving Guild Museum and Gallery, where he was a member.

Robert L. "Bob"Brim, of Maryville, TN, died January 17, 2020, at Blount Memorial Hospital, at the age of 80.  After graduating in 1957, from Wenatchee High School in Washington State, Brim joined the Navy, serving in the aviation division as an electrical technician. Afterward, he attended Wenatchee Junior College and the University of Washington, earning a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering, and marrying his wife, Gail, in the process, in 1965.

He joined ALCOA after graduation, and was transferred to Pittsburgh, PA, in 1969, and again to Maryville, TN, in 1971, where he settled and raised his family. Strong, independent in character, and humorous in personality, Brim was devoted to implementing safety, both on the job, and in the home.  An avid golfer, he also enjoyed restoring classic automobiles and hosting car shows at his home. One of his great joys was dining with his golf buddies, fellow car enthusiasts, and former ALCOA colleagues. Brim employed his creative and pragmatic attitude in tackling both culinary and home repair projects.  A selfless, dedicated husband and father, he was preceded in death by this wife, Gail, of 53 years. He is survived by his two adult children: Julie Drake-Roberts, and Todd (Nicole) Brim; four grandchildren: Holden (Lexi), Tannen, Cora, and Carson. He is also survived by one sister, who lives in Washington State.


Jacqueline “Jackie” Duncan peacefully passed away, on December 7, 2019, at her home. Jackie was born on the September 28, 1939, in Carlisle KY, to her proud parents, Julian “Jack” and Pauline “Polly” Duncan. Prior to her father joining the Navy and serving in World War II, Jackie moved to Wenatchee, WA, to be closer to her maternal grandparents, Peter and Pearl Stevenson. Jackie remained a resident of Wenatchee for most of her remaining life. Jackie was a very active in many clubs and activities at Wenatchee High School, graduating in 1957. She also worked, during her high school years, at the Liberty Theater as an Assistant Box Office Manager.

It was at one of the Liberty movies, that she met Bud Fountain and they would eventually be married in 1958. Together, they had a child, Doug Fountain, in 1959, and would live for a brief time in San Francisco, CA. Jackie longed for the Wenatchee Valley and being near her family, returning to Wenatchee in 1961. Jackie met and married Erwin Cook, of Wenatchee, in 1964. Together, they had a son, Bryan Cook in 1964. The Cook family lived briefly in Grand Coulee, WA, and in East Wenatchee, WA, but she always returned to Wenatchee, the city that she loved. Jackie was known in the Greater Wenatchee Valley for her baking skills, numerous times being crowned the “Apple Queen” for her delicious pies. Jackie worked as a packer at some of the valley’s fruit warehouses and as a waitress at some of the most popular local restaurants. When asked what she did for a living, she would always say she was a “Jack of all Trades”, “I’ve done it all”.

She loved to volunteer at the Wenatchee Valley Senior Activity Center, especially at the weekly Bingo nights. Jackie loved to play Bingo and spending time with her friends, whether the games were in Wenatchee, East Wenatchee or Cashmere, WA. She also loved to drive up to the local casino to try her hand with Lady Luck, feeling extremely lucky, regardless if she won or lost. Jackie was an avid crafter, knitting countless hats for the local Hat Project. Jackie loved and devoted her life to her family. As her family grew, her contributions grew exponentially, and her family loved that she was a huge part of their life.

Jackie was preceded in death by her maternal grandparents, Peter and Pearl Stevenson of Wenatchee, WA; mother, Pauline Duncan of Wenatchee, WA; her father, Jack Duncan of Wenatchee, WA and Yakima, WA; brothers: Victor Duncan and Keith Duncan of Wenatchee, WA. She is survived by her sons, Doug Fountain (Donna) of Wenatchee, WA and Bryan Cook (Anne) of Wenatchee, WA; granddaughters: Nicole Santucci (Gianni) of Spokane, WA, Megan Cook of Wenatchee, WA, and Jackie Davis (Brad) of Louisville, KY; grandson, Daniel Fountain (Brittany) of Wilmington, NC; and her five great-grandchildren. The family would like to thank all the doctors, nurses, caregivers and especially the Hospice Staff for their excellent care and affection.


Robert Forbes "Bob"Winslow, Jr., succumbed to cancer in the comfort of his own home, surrounded by his close family on Bainbridge Island, WA, on October 8, 2019. Bob was born in Stockton, CA, on January 30, 1939, to Jessie Cook, a Scottish immigrant, and his father, Robert Forbes Winslow, Sr., of Wenatchee, WA. His sister was Francis Rush. Bob was a proud Wenatchee Panther, graduating with the class of 1957. After graduation, he entered the United States Marine Corp. His tales of being a Marine Corps boxer are legendary. After the Marines, Bob’s personality and fortitude led him into a career of sales and marketing, working for several firms across the nation including Uniroyal, Schick Electric, Select Brands, and American-Strevell. Finally, in 1982, Bob’s entrepreneurial spirit guided him into forming his own business, Hyak Sales, in Seattle, WA, where he worked until he retired. Back in 1960, Bob was married to Nina Lee Hardin, for 23 years and they had three children: John Robert Winslow, Robert Forbes Winslow III, and Kristine Anne Winslow Boynton. Bob spent his last 37 years living on Bainbridge Island with his beloved partner, Donna Palmer, and Bob also loved her daughter, Heidi Owens.

Bob was a natural storyteller and enjoyed the company of friends and family. His door was always open. Bob enjoyed sports, always rooting for the Mariners, the Cougs of Washington State, or going to his own children’s or grandchildren’s games. He made everyone feel important. He enjoyed coaching teams and was a Boy Scout leader and pack president. Lake Jameson was an annual family fishing trip. He and Donna have spent over a decade driving the motorhome from the island to Mexico every winter, where they have made numerous friends from many countries.

Bob lived. Bob laughed. Bob loved.

Bob was survived by his loving partner, Donna Palmer (Bainbridge Island); his son, Bob Winslow and wife, Teresa of Olympia, WA; his daughter, Kristine Boynton of Richland, WA; step-daughter, Heidi Owens and husband, Doug of Poulsbo, WA; and daughter-in-law, Kim Newberry Clark of Wenatchee, WA; his grandchildren: Zachary Winslow, Brooke Winslow, Robert Forbes "Bobby" Winslow IV, and his wife, Amanda and their three children: Maddielynn, David, and Haley, Katheryne Winslow, Allison Boynton, John Boynton, and Jennifer Boynton, and Tucker Bowman. We also celebrate those who preceded him in death: mother, Jessie; father, Robert; sister, Francis; brother-in-law, John; and son, John.



Darlene (Wentz) Ball,78, passed away in July, 2018.  She was born and raised in Wenatchee to Robert and Mary Lee Wentz with her siblings, Tom, Jim, Gordon and Susan.  Darlene earned  a masters degree in history and was the author of a book on how to type.  She was a wiz with both style and numbers.  She worked as a realtor, accountant, and an interior decorator.  But she truly loved the world of tennis.  The day after her birthday, she married Vernon Ball and spent the rest of her life with him.  For over 60 years they traveled the world together, and played a ton of tennis.  She served as manager of the various tennis clubs where he was the pro.  She was famous for her events and festivities including "orphan" Christmas parties, New Years Eve gatherings, and Port and Chocolate evenings.  On the 4th of July she would narrate fun tales of Revolutionary heroics at Community gatherings.  Her favorite event was the weekly doubles night.  She loved to have people around her.  Darlene is survived by two sons, Michael and Mark.  As a mother she worked very hard to teach them the tools they would need to succeed in life, and took great care to give them lifelong friendship.  As a family they spent many hours together.  Activities included crafting when they were sick, gaming when they were bored, the love of reading, watching Jeoparady, and the Mariners.  And of course, traveling as a family, and playing tennis together.  Darlene will be missed by many, and her departure has surely impacted those who knew her best.



Angela M. (Navone) Hall, 79, a longtime Rock Island and Conconully, WA, resident, passed on May 19, 2019 in Kennewick, WA. She was born on September 29, 1939, in Wenatchee, WA, to Bartolomeo and Robertina Navone. Angie grew up in Wenatchee and graduated from Wenatchee High School in 1957, Angie married Billie Wayne Hall on January 17, 1958. They resided in East Wenatchee, WA, where they started their family. They had three daughters: Lisa, Dena, and Dori. Angie went on to nursing school and nursed around the valley for many years. In 1969, she and Bill purchased the Rock Island Tavern. In 1976, they moved to Rock Island. In 1980, they moved to Conconully, WA, for 13 years, and ran a small resort. Angie served as Conconully's mayor and city clerk. She was active with the Ladybugs (fire department) and the museum. She was also the city clerk in Pateros.

Conconully was Angie's paradise in the mountains. Due to the hard winters, she returned to Rock Island in 2017, and resided with her daughter, Dena. In March of 2019, she moved to Kennewick to live with her oldest grandson, Patrick, and wife, Jessica, and boys: Haven, Brayden, and Ryker. We all wished she could have had more time to enjoy her beautiful new home.

Angela will continue to be loved and deeply missed by daughters: Lisa and Dena; grandsons and their families: Patrick Sagdal (Jessica), Brady Bell (Jade); great-grandsons: Haven, Brayden and Ryker Sagdal.; great-granddaughter, Meliah Bell; granddaughter, Angela Hall-Johnson; great-grandson, Ethan Welch; two great-granddaughters: Chelsea and Kayla Houck; and a great-great-granddaughter, Sophia. Her sister, Norma Clark, who was by her side the last few weeks. And, we can't forget her precious, little Emma; numerous nieces and nephews. She was preceded in death by her husband; parents; daughters, Gina Rae and Dori Ann; grandson, Nicholas Hall-Johnson; brother, Bert Navone; sister, Dolores Gere. A huge thank you to Patrick and Jessica for their undivided, around the clock care, and to Aunt Norma for all her help.


Deanna K. Jagla graduated from Wenatchee High School in 1957 and Wenatchee Valley College in 1959. She was a homemaker, seamstress, and avid collector of all things “roosters”. Dee, as she was known by her many friends, enjoyed her weekly exercise and social time with friends at the Northshore YMCA. She also loved spending time at her summer house in Chelan, WA, where she could often be found socializing with her many neighbors. Above all, Dee loved her family, especially her children and grandchildren.

Deanna was preceded in death by her husband, Leonard B. Jagla Jr.; daughter, Kimberly (Jagla) Baughman; brother, Jack Tibbles; and parents, Emma (Jenner) Tibbles and Dale Tibbles. Deanna is survived by her son, Ted Jagla (Melanie); daughter, Karla Jagla-Reitz (Tim); and grandchildren: Wyatt Baker Jagla, Dylan Baker Jagla, Colby Reitz, and Caleb Reitz.

The family would like to express their gratitude for all the love and condolences offered by so many of you.


Robert LeRoy Roper was born on January 18. 1939, and passed away on November 22, 2018, at the age of 79. He had been battling cancer for two and a half years at the time of his passing.

He had lived on Badger Mountain for many years, in a home built by himself and his wife, Nadine. He loved the outdoors and living among the wildlife that made there way through his property. He also enjoy listening to music, especially Hank Williams and the Carter Sisters, watching wrestling, and NASCAR races. He was a practical joker who loved pulling a good prank on those close to him; they always gave him a good laugh.

He will truly be missed by those who knew and loved him, especially his wife from whom he was never apart, and truly loved. He is survived by his beloved wife of 43 years, Nadine L. Roper; son, Dean Roper; daughter Rita Roper; step-children: Denise Chisum, Billy Chisum, Tim Chisum; and his four brothers: Fred Roper, Carl Roper, George Roper, and Brian Roper. He also had many grand children and great-grand children. He was preceded in death by his parents, LeRoy Roper and Mary Alice Roper Trotter; and step daughter, Theresa Chisum.



Leo R. McFarlane, 79, passed away on November 21, 2018. He was born on October 21, 1939, in Mount Vernon, WA, and later, moved to Wenatchee, WA. He served six years in the Marine Corps. He then married Judy Brown and they had two children. He was employed by Alcoa for 30 years. During those years, he started the Wenatchee Mountain Masters, was into the snowmobile club and several others. His family was with him every weekend, either jeeping, snowmobiling, or camping. 

Leo is survived by Judy, his wife of 56 years; daughter, Tracey Simmons (Ron); son, Bradley McFarlane (Diana); grandchildren: Nicholas Simmons, Brenden McFarlane, and Beranda McFarlane; great-grandchildren: Jaxson and Eilliot Wilson, Zelda Simmons; and brother, Eugene McFarlane. He was preceded in death by his parents; and sister, Gloria.

A Celebration of Life was held at the Virgil Hutchinson Union Hall, 180 Rock Island Rd., East Wenatchee, WA.




E. Arden Racus, 79, passed away on September 2, 2018, at his home, surrounded by family. Edward Arden Racus was born in Wenatchee, WA, on August 4, 1939, to Carl and Violet (Brower) Racus, joining his sister, Ella, and brother, Charles. He mainly grew up in the Wenatchee area, but for a short time, during WWII, he lived in Bremerton, WA, where his dad worked in shipyards. Once his family moved back to Wenatchee, they lived at a ranch on Stemilt Hill. Arden graduated from Wenatchee High School in 1957. He married Karen Dodd in 1958, and they had three sons: Mike was born in 1959, Darcy in 1964, and Troy in 1967.

Arden had a lifetime interest in restoring cars and worked at a body shop in East Wenatchee, WA, when he was young. His careers included: working in construction by driving a concrete truck for Kane Brothers Concrete, and moving within the construction industry from there to work at Grand Coulee Dam, owning Wenatchee Body and Fender, and owning his own fruit truck to haul fruit for Stemilt, within Central Washington. Arden and Karen worked side by side in the management of Wenatchee Body and Fender.


Arden was a good neighbor and friend, extending a helping hand to anyone who needed one. He and Karen spent many years enjoying their recreation property in the San Juan Islands, fishing and catching fresh seafood of many kinds. Family gatherings with children and grandchildren were common during these years. Karen preceded him in death in 2011.

Then, as he entered a new phase in his life, he met June McCann, at a dance at the Senior Center. One interest they had in common was antique autos and riding in his restored 1927 Model T pickup became a favorite pastime. Soon, travel became a goal, and besides spending time in their RV in the Pacific Northwest, Arden was bit by the world travel bug. A trip through the Panama Canal and to Kenya topped his list of favorites.

Arden was preceded in death by his parents; and his wife, Karen. He is survived by his sister, Ella; brother, Charles; his three sons: Mike (Chris) Racus, Darcy (Jackie) Racus, and Troy (Darla) Racus; eight grandchildren; nine great-grandchildren; and his companion, June McCann.



Marilyn Myrtle (Heath) Henson 79, passed away at her home in Gig Harbor, Washington, on July 24th, 2018. She was born in Salinas, California on Feb. 12, 1939 to Osmond & Lena Heath. She is deeply loved and will be missed everyday by her family & friends. Marilyn graduated from Wenatchee High School in 1957. She and her late husband Don owned an alarm company for 30 years. Marilyn was best known for her love of her children and grandchildren. Her favorite times spent were with family and friends. Marilyn is preceded in death by her husband Donald L. Henson, father Osmond Heath, mother Lena Heath and sister Christina VanLeuven. She is survived by sons Donald G. Henson and Cory S. Henson (Michele), and daughter Wendy J. Henson-Leist (Rob), and six grandchildren.


Angela Joyce (Frostad) McQuinn 79,died May 16, 2018, at Confluence Hospital in Wenatchee. She was born August 29, 1939 at Stanley, ND, to Carmot S. and Joyce (Reimen) Frostad. The family left North Dakota in 1940, and stopped in Wenatchee to visit relatives. Joyce's mother became seriously ill, and they never continued to California, which was their plan. Joyce attended Wenatchee schools and graduated from Wenatchee High School in 1957.

Shortly after graduation, she met Jim McQuinn on a blind date. He was stationed at Larson Air Force Base in Moses Lake, WA. She had waited 19 years to meet him. They were married on April 4, 1959, at St. Joseph's Catholic Church.

Their marriage was blessed with three children: Chris, Mike, and Laura. They also became proud grandparents of Emily, Amanda, and Meliah Lawrence. After Joyce's children were in school, she began working outside the home at the Department of Social and Health Services, from which she retired in 2000.

Jim and Joyce enjoyed their retirement years traveling and making new friends with the Good Sams. She was a member of the Catholic Daughters of the Americas. Besides her husband of 59 years, she is survived by her three children; and three grandchildren. She was preceded in death by her parents; and her siblings: Annmarie and Don.




Julie Kienitz Phipps, 79, went home to be with the Lord on Monday, May 14, 2018. She was born to Clinton and Ines Kienitz on May 12, 1939, in Wenatchee, WA. She graduated from Wenatchee High School in 1957. Julie spent the next 40 years living in Bellevue, WA, and working in banking, the family business, and raising one daughter, Annette, who works at Microsoft. Julie loved her family and was involved with their lives. She had a personal ministry of sharing her Christian faith with her many friends, relatives, strangers in Western Washington, and the Wenatchee areas. Julie was preceded in death by her husband, Bud Phipps and two sisters, Beverly and Sharon. She leaves a daughter Annette; son, Ken Jakobsen; one sister, Sue; three nephews; Michael, David, and Mathew; also two nieces: Elaine and Janelle.


CALDWELL, Michael WAge 77 Passed away on Monday, May 14, 2018 in Spokane, Washington. Mike was born June 6, 1939 in Wenatchee, WA. He graduated from Wenatchee High School in 1957 and Washington State University in 1962 where he studied music and was active and served as president in Theta Xi fraternity. He also received a master's degree from Eastern Washington University. 
After graduation, he pursued a long career as a music educator first at Sumner High School and later for over 30 years at North Central High School. In retirement, he continued his love for music education as an adjunct instructor at Spokane Community College and as a private piano teacher. Mike was also very active in music performance in the Spokane community, directing several local church choirs, the local American German Society Choir and a joint American/Canadian choir at Expo '74. He was a member of the Spokane Chorale for 50 years, performed roles in the Spokane Civic Light Opera and Spokane City Theater. He had even performed in Carnegie Hall. 

Mike is survived by his wife Elizabeth, children and stepchildren and their wives Eric (Lisa) and Sean Caldwell, David Christy (Denise), Kate Leschey (Will) and Susan Hargreaves (Neil), brother Jim Caldwell (Alicia), 14 grandchildren and former wife Richi Caldwell
His kind heart, generous spirit and love of music touched many lives and will continue to live on not just in the memories of those he shared time with but also in the continued pursuit of music of his many students.



Oliver A. “Ollie” Bowman peacefully passed away on April 12, 2018, in Spokane, WA. Ollie was born July 27, 1939, to Wilbur Bowman and Reba McCarver Bowman in Huntsville, AR. At a young age, the family moved to Whittier, CA. In 1948, the family moved to Wenatchee, WA, where he attended all grades of schooling. In 1958, Ollie enlisted in the U.S. Army and had tours of duty in Fairbanks, Alaska, and overseas assignments in France, two tours in Vietnam and Darmstadt, Germany. Ollie met and married Carol Carlton in 1961. They had two children, Lori and Joseph. After serving in the Army and retiring, the family moved to Spokane, WA. Carol passed away in August of 2009. In 2010, Ollie called his high school sweetheart, Nancy Montoya Scratch, in Wenatchee, WA. They hit it off, and in October of 2010, they married and returned to Spokane. Oliver was a member of the Masonic Lodge Concordia #249 in Millwood, WA. He was past Master, District Deputy, Worthy Patron of Magnolia #194 OES, and Rainbow Dad. Oliver had one sister, Genevieve, and one brother, Loy. Ollie is survived by his wife, Nancy; and brother, Loy. He is also survived by daughter, Lori (Paul) Allen; son, Joseph (Gerri) Bowman; and numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren.


Ruby "Bernice"Brandt Allstot passed away peacefully at home on March 31, 2018, surrounded by her family. She was born to Carl and Judy Brandt in Oklahoma City, OK, on December 19, 1938. She was the oldest of three kids. She grew up with her sister, Cleta, and brother, Frank. The family moved to Washington in 1941. Growing up, Bernice enjoyed the water, and spent time at Lake Chelan. Bernice graduated from Wenatchee High School in 1957. She married the love of her life, Lyle Allstot, on December 21, 1957, at the Wenatchee Methodist ChurchLyle and Bernice welcomed their son, Kenneth, in 1958. Their son, Keith, was born in 1960, with a daughter, Kathy, following in 1961. The family first resided in Grand Coulee, Washington, where Bernice worked at Security Bank as a teller. In 1973, the family moved to East Wenatchee. There was no one quite like Bernice. She was an incredibly classy lady who took pride in her appearance, her home, and her family. She was loyal, hard-working, caring and devoted. Bernice enjoyed gardening and canning. Bernice and Lyle enjoyed spending time at the casino, traveling, and being with their granddaughters. They spent most winters in Arizona, as Bernice loved the warm weather. She will be remembered for her contagious laughter, quick wit and love of her family. Her granddaughters will miss her incredibly, the fancy Christmas dresses, summers by the pool, and coloring together at the kitchen table.

Bernice was preceded in death by her father, Carl Brandt,and brother, Frank Brandt. She is survived by her mother, Judy Brandt, sister, Cleta Jeffrey, husband Lyle Allstot, sons Kenneth Allstot (Billie), Keith Allstot, daughter Kathy Allstot (Norm), grand daughters Rachel, Ashlee, and Breanna Allstot, Brandee Gilstrap (Alex), Jayme Manring (Josh), and Lacey Weller (James), as well as eight great grandchildren.



LaVerne (Bus) Provo Jr, 79, was born to LaVerne and Carrie Provo on January 30, 1939 in Wenatchee, WA. He passed away on February 11, 2018 at his home in East Wenatchee, WA. Bus lived life to the fullest and he will truly be missed. He had so many talents. He loved people and was a very loyal friend to many. He had a great sense of humor and always had a smile for you on his face. He served in the Coast Guard Reserve in 1957 . He had a beautiful voice for singing and sang professionally in San Francisco. He was very musical and could play the piano by ear. He was an awesome cook and chef. He loved bowling and made many friends during his bowling years. He spent his life in sales and was very good at it. In his later life he started a business called "Provo's Pride." He sold different kinds of meats around the Wenatchee Valley and in the Seattle area.He was known as the "Meat Man" to many of his dear customers.


Growing up in Wenatchee some of his fondest memories were of his hunting trips on the Clockum. He shared those trips with his Grandpa Provo, his Dad, Brother Dan, uncles and many dear cousins. It was a yearly trip and he loved to talk about how much fun they had. Bus married Carolyne Culp (Goldie) on September 9th, 1974. She was the love of his life. He helped Carolyne raise 3 wonderful boys. Troy, Brian & Tim Goldie. Last year they celebrated 43 years of marriage. They loved to go camping and fishing with their boys and their families. When they had their 5th wheel trailer their favorite place to go was Fish Lake. He leaves behind his loving Wife, Carolyne Provo of East Wenatchee. Sons: Troy (Gae) Goldie, Brian (Julie) Goldie, Tim (Jeanette) Goldie, Glen (Diane) Johnson. Sister: Debbie (Don) Gurnard, Brother-in-laws: Gary (Susan) Culp, David (llaMae) Culp. 13 Grandchildren and 5 Great­ Grandchildren. Special Nieces, Nephews and many cousins. He was preceded in death by his Parents; Brother Dan; and 1 Grandson Darin.



Kenneth Leroy Perkins, 79, left this world peacefully in his sleep on December 3, 2017. He and his twin brother, Dennis, were born in Wenatchee, WA, on August17, 1938, to Sidney Joel Perkins and Ruth (Wood) Perkins. They made their home in Orondo, WA, and in 1940, he was joined by his brother, Wilbur. They lived in Leavenworth, WA, for a short time, where his sister, Bonnie, was born in 1941, and the family then returned to Orondo. In 1946, twins, Marilyn and Merlin, were born, and in 1949, brother, Terry, and in 1958, brother, Randy. Sister, Jenny, joined the family in 1961, and Julie completed the sibling count, in 1969.

Ken attended the Orondo Elementary School, then to East Wenatchee, WA, for junior high. Ken was one of the East Wenatchee “bridge walkers” and a member of the last East Wenatchee class to graduate from Wenatchee High School in 1957. He attended Wenatchee Valley College, Multnomah School of the Bible, and attended and graduated from Seattle Pacific University. Ken worked in the family orchard, Perkins Orchard Company, in Bridgeport, WA, for a few years, then returned to East Wenatchee, where he leased and operated his dad’s orchard, until moving into Wenatchee for other employment. He was employed in several businesses including The Wenatchee Convention Center and completed his working years at Central Washington Hospital, where he retired after approximately 20 years. The true love in Ken’s life was travel and photography. He was also a very knowledgable historian, and he loved geography and learning about the world. These all melded together well and he loved sharing these with everyone that would listen. Over the years, he traveled to 37 countries and much of the United States. Prior to any travel, he read everything he could find on his destination, and recorded all points of interest and attractions in slides. He then developed entertaining slide presentations and shared them in the assisted care facilities in the area, as well as other venues. His ongoing love of history included his study of our valley and community, and he became an active participant in the local Heritage Society. His photographic presentations included much of the history of Wenatchee, surrounding areas, locations around the State of Washington, and the ongoing growth of our State. He was frequently seen walking all over the area with his camera in hand, documenting our community for the benefit of ourselves and future generations.


He attended First Baptist Church from childhood, and later, the Wenatchee Free Methodist Church. He faithfully attended regular lunches and reunions with members of his Wenatchee High School graduation class. Ken was a faithful member of his Care Group through the Free Methodist Church. This group became his second “family” and they provided ongoing support and love for Ken.

He was preceded in death by his parents, Sidney Perkins and Ruth Perkins; his twin brother, Dennis; and sister, Bonnie. He is survived by brothers: Wilbur (Linda) Perkins, Merlin (Belaynesh) Perkins, Terry (Lek) Perkins, Randy Perkins; sisters: Marilyn Webb, Jenny (David) Parks, and Julie (Bill) Hollensteiner; and many nieces, nephews, and cousins.



Mary Inez (Turnipseed) Copeland passed away early Monday morning, November 13, 2017, in Olympia, WA, after a longtime battle with heart disease. Mary was born in 1939, in Aliceville, AL, to Lois and Thomas Turnipseed. Though Mary moved with her family to Wenatchee, WA, at the age of 14, she always considered Aliceville her hometown. The south was very dear to her and she was a true southern belle.

Mary met her husband, Robert Copeland, in 1960. They had their first date at the Windmill Restaurant in Wenatchee. They were married February 3, 1961. Robert and Mary moved to the greater Seattle, WA, area, where they raised their three children: Doug, Keith, and Shelly, who consider Mary to have been “the best mom ever”. Mary was a wonderful homemaker, as well as bookkeeper, to the family business. In 1991, Bob and Mary moved to a beautiful home overlooking the water on Willapa Bay. Mary loved it there. She opened an antique store and enjoyed collecting antiques at auctions and while traveling.

Mary absolutely loved to travel, whether it was driving across the country in the motor home, or touring through Europe. She also loved to ski and hike in her younger years. Mary spent a lot of time hiking with her dear friends, Jane and Lynn, and was very happy being in the mountains. Traveling, visiting with family and friends, and spending time with her children and grandchildren, were some of the most important things to Mary. She was known to her granddaughters as “Mimi” and was the most loving and wonderful grandmother imaginable. Recently, her first great-granddaughter was born, and it was very special to Mary to be able to meet her.

Mary is survived in death by her husband, Robert Copeland of Bay Center, WA; her three children: Doug Watson of Leavenworth, WA, Keith Watson of Bay Center, WA, and Shelly Swanson of Leavenworth, WA; grandchildren: Karly, Gianna, and Alex; one great-granddaughter, Skyelar; sister, Betty Cummings of Memphis, TN; and brother, Thomas Turnipseed of San Jose, CA.



Don E. “Bud” Phipps (October 17, 2017) went home to be with his Lord on Thursday, October 26, 2017. He was born to Don H. and Pearl M. Phipps, a Wenatchee pioneer family, on February 3, 1938. He graduated from Wenatchee High School and joined the Navy. He served in Adak, AK, and on a destroyer ship in the South Pacific. His ship chased enemy submarines in the Formosa Straits and went through a typhoon off the coast of Japan. He was honorably discharged, and then married Julie Kienitz in 1962.

He graduated from the University of Puget Sound, and later, earned a Graduate Degree in Business Administration. He and his wife moved to Bellevue, WA, for
40 years. They were active in two churches and service clubs. Bud worked in Bank Management and ownership of family businesses. Bud and his wife were
active in the Wenatchee Free Methodist Church. He leaves his wife, Julie; daughter, Annette Phipps Jakobsen; son-in-law, Ken; sister-in-law, Jean; two nephews: James and Jed; one niece, Cindy, all of Everett/Marysville, WA. Bud was preceded in death by his brother, Jack. He was interred with Military Honors Wenatchee City Cemetery.




Patricia Lee Bryant was born May 6, 1939, in Everett, WA, to the late Ralph L.and Margarie Quinn. She passed away on September 8, 2017, at her home

in Wenatchee, WA. In 1948, her family moved to Wenatchee, where she attended school, and graduated from Wenatchee High School in 1957. She furthered her education at Wenatchee Valley College, and started her career working for King County Medical in Seattle, WA, then as a U.S. Postal Clerk in both the Monitor, WA, and Wenatchee offices for over 25 years, where she was very active in their Union.

On September 5, 1959, she married her high school boyfriend, Emory F. Bryant, in Wenatchee, where they made their first home until early 1967 when they moved to Friday Harbor, WA. In 1969, they moved their family to Monitor, and then settled in Sunnyslope, WA, in 1987, where they enjoyed a life together managing a small mom and pop orchard of peaches, apples, and apricots. Throughout her life, she enjoyed fishing and camping with family and friends, and trips to the ocean, Alaska, Hawaii and the world. Pat was active in Bluebirds, and Camp Fire Girls, serving on the Camp Fire and
Zanika Lache Board of Directors, and many years as a Co-Fair Superintendent of the Camp Fire booth, which she was awarded the Farnsworth Award for her years of administration operations. Pat continued to volunteer as a 4-H Leader and as Mother Adviser of the Cashmere Rainbow Girls, receiving the Grand Cross of Color, which is the highest award given to an adult leader for outstanding service. In later years, Pat enjoyed working with f ellow classmates (of Wenatchee High School 1957), to organize the class reunions. If one were to ask Pat about her greatest joys in life, she would say, “family, grandchildren, friends, crafts, flowers, and travels”.


She was preceded in death by her parents; husband; sister, Gail Quinn; and grandson, Tim. Pat is survived by her children: Cindy St. Vincent, Shari (Duane) Troxler, and Randy (Lynn) Bryant; grandchildren: Andrea, Travis, Mathew, Rachel, Spencer and Mitchell; also, three great-grandchildren.


Barbara Lee Rochelle Mason Reid (from her words by a friend from Christina Lake, BC.) I was born and raised in Wenatchee, Washington. From Wenatchee, I moved to California where I attended LaVerne College and graduated with a degree in psychology. This fitted me to be a camp counselor so I joined Brethren Volunteer Service and was sent to Poland to teach English as a second language. One group was orchardists who came from my hometown of Wenatchee to learn how to grow good apples.

I got married to Gwyn Mason and had two children in two years. We got tired of the long winters in Republic, WA so we moved to Kauai, Hawaii, for 10 years which solved that problem. It gave me a chance to be a switchboard operator, file clerk, librarian, staff artist and caterer for Coco Palms Hotel for several years until I got the opportunity to teach speech and drama at a local high school. Then I had two years of teaching choral music and special education before we moved back to Republic.

My 20 year marriage ended, but I found a new love with my square dance partner, Henry Reid of Christina Lake, BC where I lived for 29 years.

I also developed a love for hiking in the North Cascades, and I found the best job ever: making almost 200 Teddy Bears (I always felt that the world needed more “warm fuzzies” to balance out the “cold prickles”.)

As I’ve grown older I’ve enjoyed reading, quilting, bird watching and singing in a variety of church choirs and choral societies. I’ve also spent time proofreading books for my mother, Ron Walker and Lincoln Sandner.

The most important thing in my life is always striving to become a more spiritual person, and for fun would you believe I still enjoy doing my “famous” Elvis Presley impersonation of what else but “Teddy Bear”!




Richard (Dick) Jaspers, July 2017, Dick, a long-time resident of East Wenatchee, passed away Monday, July 3, 2017, at his home. He was born on November 28, 1939, in Humphrey Nebraska, to Leo and Madeline Jaspers. He was raised and attended schools in both East Wenatchee and Wenatchee, graduating from Wenatchee High School in 1957. Shortly after high school, he married his first wife, Katie (Volkmann) Jaspers. Together they had three children. Dick was employed at Alcoa as a millwright, retiring after 36 years. In 1983 he married Karen (Johnson) Jaspers. He loved fishing, boating, camping, playing cribbage, having coffee with the guys at the fire house each morning, and spending time with his grand kids. He was a huge Seattle Mariners fan, never missing a game.

Survivors include is two sons, John (& wife, Pam) of East Wenatchee, and Joe (and wife, Jade) of Wenatchee, daughter Julie Jaspers of Rock Island, sister Rose Mary Barnably of East Wenatchee, grandsons Brett, Reed, and Jordan Jaspers, and grand daughter Katie Jaspers. He was preceded in death by his parents, wife Karen, sister Stella Weaver, and brother Don Jaspers. Graveside Services will be held at 10:30 am., Wednesday, July 12, 2017 at Evergreen Memorial Park in East Wenatchee.


Gary Faris, May 1964, Airman First Class Gary Faris and his wife, Beverly Faris of 1623 N. Western Ave., died from injuries received when struck by a truck while walking along the highway at Deston Florida. Gary was born on July 13, 1939 in Wenatchee where he lived and graduated from Wenatchee High School in the class of '57. He married Beverly in 1958.

He served for 6 years in the Air Force, first stationed at Albuquerque, New Mexico, and for the last three year at Elgin Air Force Base in Florida.



Stoney L. Murphy, May 2016 Stoney started his life journey on July 12, 1939 in Eureka, KS. He was the first born child to Pearl and Ruby Murphy and was later joined by his sister, Ethel. Stoney was raised in East Wenatchee, WA and graduated from Wenatchee High School in 1957. He was known as one of the “Bridge Walkers,” those students who attended WHS, but lived across the river. Stoney continued his education at Wenatchee Valley College on a scholarship, where he earned his Associates degree. On August 13, 1960, Stoney married Janet Beuhler in Wenatchee, WA. They remained in Wenatchee and started their family and his professional career. Together, they raised three daughters: Brenda, Shellie and Dena. Family was Stoney’s priority as he became active in the lives of his daughters, and later, his six grandchildren; attending their school functions and extra-curricular activities. Planning family vacations and outings was one of his favorite pastimes.

Stoney was always employed in a position that allowed him to interact with people. He retired from a career in real estate. Helping clients fulfilled his love of meeting new people. Assisting them in selling and purchasing of their homes brought him great joy. Stoney’s many hobbies kept him busy. He enjoyed woodworking, gardening and always the challenge of any handyman project. His other interests included collecting old galvanized watering cans and belt buckles, antiquing, photographing old barns, and attending classic ––car shows. He loved watching John Wayne movies and anything Julia Roberts starred in. He
was always up for playing a card game of any kind. Stoney and a group of long time friends played cards together for nearly 50 years. He was a history buff, and when traveling, enjoyed visiting historical museums. Stoney was a long time blood donor to the American Red Cross. For over 40 years he generously donated 18 gallons of blood.

The family of five grew to include son-in-laws: Brenda and Gordon Cantelon of Kent, WA, Shellie and Dave Drollman of Maryville, TN, and Dena and Jerome Burnett of Mt. Vernon, WA; grandchildren: Matt Cantelon, Andrew and Kramer Drollman, Brianne, Loren and Macallum Burnett; great-grandchildren: Jeremy and Noah Drollman and Cameron and Maddie Drollman. Stoney’s life journey ended on May 19, 2016 at his home, surrounded by his wife and three daughters. The family would like to acknowledge and give special thanks to Stoney’s caregivers for their dedication, love and support they provided for him over the past 10½ years: Laura Diaz, Frankie Navarro, Janet Rey, Dave Talbot, Vaughn Nicholson, Christina Medina, Seth Frazer and Nichole Klingsmith.



Harry Mickey, May 29, 2016 Harry R. Mickey, 77, of Wenatchee, WA, went to be with Jesus following a long battle with Alzheimer’s disease. He was born in Wenatchee March 1, 1939 (on his mother’s 21st birthday) to Harry Oscar Mickey and Grace Annetta (Short) Mickey. His love for reading started early in grade school. He would check out a book from the library on leaving school and read the book while walking home. Story has it that his bicycle was always one of the best decorated bikes for the Apple Blossom Youth Parade (probably a tribute to his mother’s artistic abilities). In summer of 1956 at a Church camp in Burlington, WA, he met Betty DeFoer of Yakima, WA. From that time until they were married in November of 1958, Harry kept the roads “hot” between Wenatchee
and Yakima. Harry began his career with the United State Postal Service in the fall of 1957 as a letter carrier. He retired as Out-going Mail Supervisor in 1992. Later, he worked several years for Interwest Bank as a courier. He truly enjoyed the one day a week job as a driver for the Nickel Ads. In 1961, Harry joined the U.S. Navy Reserve Unit in Wenatchee. He served two years active duty aboard the USS Ranger (CVA-61), home port Alameda, CA. He also spent several months aboard ship in the Pacific. His duty aboard ship was the captain’s driver. He was honorably discharged and returned to Wenatchee, where Harry and Betty raised their family. In 1978, Harry transferred from U.S. Navy Reserve to the U.S. Army Reserve to be able to attend monthly drills in Wenatchee. Harry was a life-long member of the Wenatchee Free Methodist Church, where his family were founding members. He loved road trips and exploring the Pacific Northwest and Canada with his wife, by both car and
motorcycle. His favorite spot on earth was Watson’s Resort at Lake Chelan, where he spent 40 summers - sipping coffee, reading, sailing and boating. Harry enjoyed fixing things and could usually figure out a way to make them work. Harry was friendly and kind and loved meeting new people and exchanging stories with them.

Harry is survived by Betty, his wife of 57 years; his sons, Todd (Shelli) and Tyler (Julie); and seven grandchildren: Ashley (Ernie), Haley, Jaime, Parker, Anna, Laura and Caroline. He also leaves behind two sisters, Florence Cavcey (John) of Arlington, WA and Darlene Mickey (David Permut) of Arlington, VA, and one brother, Robert Mickey (Cindy) of Homosassa, FL.

Harry’s family would like to express their sincere thanks for the love and care that was given to Harry by Lake Ridge Care Center in Moses Lake. A Celebration of Life Service was held on Tuesday, June 7, 016 at Wenatchee Free Methodist Church. Inieu of flowers, memorial donations may be made to NARFE Alzheimer’s Research, Chapter Treasurer: Bob Wiley, 1211 Gallers St., Wenatchee, WA 98801.



Tom Preston December 4, 2015 Tom lived most of his life in Wenatchee. He is especially remembered by classmates who attended Columbia Grade School, but also by his many friends among the class of '57. Although he lived out of town in recent years, whenever possible he and Diane attended class lunches, picnics and reunions. Tom was described by friends as energetic, nice, courteous, always a smile or laugh, a friend to everyone and fun person we enjoyed being around. How he remained young instead of aging like the rest of his classmates is a mystery. He had a wonderful memory for people and places in our early years in Wenatchee and was a primary resource for some of the early stories we put on the Class of '57 web site. When we could only vaguely remember something from our school years, but not the details, Tom was the one we called on for names and details. He left us with some great memories of Wenatchee in the 40's and 50's. Growing up in the winter in Wenatchee with snow, sled riding, ice skating and other activities produced great memories and hard work as he helped his mother in her service station.

Tom was one of the charter members of the Wenatchee car club in the 50's. He built and rebuilt several cars to drag race and just show off around town. His work in his mother's service station, Dorothy Preston's Chevron, which gave him a phenomenal knowledge of cars.

Other memories of Tom are his years as a trombone player in the band. He had a wonderful ear for music. Hand him any instrument and within half an hour he could play it like a pro. His most recent interest in Native American Indian flutes often filled the house with their haunting music.

Tom began his career with the Chelan County PUD in 1963 working at Rocky Reach Dam in various positions. He then moved to the Power Dispatch/Systems Operations Control Center located in the PUD Headquarters building where it was his responsible for controlling all of the electrical operations within the District. His methodical approach to all things, attention to detail, near photographic memory and relaxed nature served him very well in working in a complex and sometimes chaotic work environment.

Tom was not only respected by his coworkers, but, also by all other employees within the PUD he had cause to interact with in the course of performing his duties. He was the Dispatcher everyone was glad to have on shift went the lights went out in the county. As any of Tom's former coworkers would verify, his love of life and boyhood energy made work fun. When things were quiet in the Control Center, practical jokes, quoting infomercials in their entirety and telling stories served to help everyone get through the long, night-shift hours.

Tom retired from Chelan County PUD in 1997 as a Senior System Operator with 35 years with the District. He soon returned to work in the control Center as a contractor for one year to help with training and staffing needs.

Tom and Diane had 30 wonderful years together pursuing hobbies and interests. There were weekends on the Washington coast and Orcas Island, and winters in Mexico. They also enjoyed sailing, beginning with a Catalina 25 and moving up to a fast, 27-foot trimaran which they sailed and raced on Puget Sound. Their next boat was a classic, a 26-foot Nordic Tug which they cruised in and restored. Although they decided to locate in Moses Lake in recent years, they continued to enjoy sailing their personal trimarans on the lake.

During their working year visits to Mexico, Tom and Diane found the working class town of Mazatlan, with friendly people and a great climate, to be what they wanted in retirement. After retirement, they bought a condo, where they spent their winters for a number of years. Mazatlan was a location which they came to love. They enjoyed the life style there where they even had occasional visits from classmates. Tom enjoyed beach fishing and often put fish on the dinner table.

It is an understatement to say that Tom and Diane were not ones to become lazy in retirement. Quite the opposite is true. In addition to refurbishing the tug, in the first few years of ownership, they remodeled their first Mazatlan condo and then moved on to another one with wonderful views of the ocean and city. Earlier, after building their home in Leavenworth, they moved on to remodeling their new home in Moses Lake. Sometimes 2 remodels were going on at the same time with Tom in one home and Diane in the other. In recent years they bought a classic hacienda home in Arizona to which they applied their talents and boundless energy to return to its original beauty. Tom's most recent pride and joy was his '33 Ford which he drove to class reunions and car shows. The meticulous care he took of the car sometimes won him trophies.

When Tom came to a fork in the road, he always took the path less traveled. Sometimes it was a disaster and sometimes it was great. No matter, because it always produced a good story for friends and classmates. There will always be an empty spot in our hearts with Tom's passing.



Marilyn Adele Jessup Price November 4, 2015 Marilyn was born at Wenatchee Deaconess Hospital to James and Mary (Carr) Jessup on May 19, 1939. As a child, she and her sister, Carol, began their lifelong, close relationship during WWII when their father was in the U.S. Navy. The girls lived with their mother in a very small apartment on Cascade Street, which necessitated the two of them sleeping in the same small bed. Many years later, “You're on my side of the bed”� remained a memory both would recall with a smile. Nearby Methow Park was a fun place to go in those days. The wading pool is still there, but the teeter-totters are gone, though not forgotten.

Marilyn had a wonderful sense of humor and a way of lifting other people up. Yet, in difficult circumstances, she saw what needed to be done and did it. She loved sports, especially tennis and swimming. Her family still remembers her swimming across Lake Chelan at the age of ten. Her love of the water was lifelong, and she remained ever grateful for the opportunities afforded by the pool at the YMCA in her early years.

Marilyn was very active in student government, serving as vice president of sophomore class and secretary in her junior year and vice president in her senior year. She was also in many of the plays and musicals, and girls' chairman of the United Fund campaign in her senior year, plus Girl of the Month. Some of her fellow Thespians might remember her in Buy Jupiter, Family Portrait, Too Much Springtime, Red Mill, Waltz Dream, and Little Women. Also, she was in Choir and S.P.Q.R.

Marilyn was full of fun and always willing to help others. She and Wes Craven were co-chairmen for the United Fund in the senior year. There was a contest to see if the girls could raise more money than the boys, apparently the boys won that one because Marilyn wound up wearing a football uniform all day. We believe Wes (and all of us) were relieved that he didn't have to wear a Drill Team uniform!

After graduating from Wenatchee High in 1957, she moved to the west side of the mountains for a job with AT&T. Married in Longview, WA, she had two children, Aaron Neiman and Teresa Neiman. She later married Dalton Price and moved to Seattle's Ballard district where they made their home and she worked in retail store positions. Marilyn and Dalton lovingly cared for her mother in their home for many years during an extended illness. They then left Ballard and moved to a small home they had been building during weekends and vacations in a secluded wooded area, by a stream, north of Elma, WA. In that beautiful setting, with her husband by her side, Marilyn died on November 4, 2015.

She was preceded in death by her parents and son. She is survived by her devoted husband, Dalton; a daughter, Teresa Neiman; a sister, Carol Ohme Peterson (Dennis) of Wenatchee, WA; grandchildren, Nichole Neiman and Nicholas Neiman of Montlake Terrace, WA; and numerous nephews, cousins, and friends who will miss her laughter, her wit, and her goodness.

At her request, no formal services were held. {from the Wenatchee World}


 Margaret Beth (Rash) Lansing went home to be with our Lord and Savior on August 1st, 2015. Beth was born to Reuben and Alice Rash on December 24, 1938. She was married to the love of her life, Bruce Lansing, on June 10th, 1956. Beth was a loving wife and mother, and leaves behind an amazing legacy. She and Bruce opened their home to a number of foster children. After raising children, they were blessed with several grandchildren and great- grandchildren. Beth was active in her church, was the center of many family functions and will be greatly missed. Beth is survived by her husband Bruce, children Teri (Dan) Baldwin, Brenda (Ed) Ogdon, Rick (Kim) Lansing, Jeannie (Todd) Thompson, 13 grandchildren, and 5 great-grandchildren. A close friend, Verna Black, was in her wedding and went to the same church. She remembers sharing lots of fun times and that Beth loved baseball and the Wenatchee Chiefs, some times going to sleep listening to the games. She and Beth worked with her in Beth's father's orchard picking up pruning with her. Verna relates that they kept in touch over the years and that Beth was always an encourager.




Joseph M. Gaynor passed away unexpectedly on July 21, 2015. He was born with his twin, Tom, to Mary T. Dowling and Josepth F.N. Gaynor on March 4, 1938 in Wenatchee. Joe came from a family of railroaders. His grandfather, Thomas Gaynor was a locomotive engineer on the Erie Lackawanna railroad, retiring after 56 years of service in 1937. Joe's father was a superintendent of electrification for Great Northern in Wenatchee until his death in 1964. Joe attended Columbia Grade School, H.B Elison Junior High, and Wenatchee high school. After school, Joe and his brother both followed in the family footsteps and joined the railroad. In 1960, Joe began his career with the Great Northern Railway in Grand Forks as an apprentice. He later trasferred to Interbay in Seattle and retired from Burlignton Northern Santa Fe after 43 years of service in August 2003.

Prior to the railroad, he served in the US Navy for two years on active duty and three years in the Navy Reserves. Joe was preceded in death by his wife, Carol, and sister, Mary T. (Mimi) Smith. He is survived by this twin brother, Tom, of Spokane and daughter, Mary, of Edmonds. Always generous and kind of heart, putting others before himself, he will be missed by many.



Carol (Soule) Alexander (March 11, 1939 - May 15, 2015) Carol Lee (Finlayson) Alexander, age, 76, of Winona, MN, passed away May 15, 2015. Preceded in death by her parents, Alin Finlayson and Nina Taylor. Carol was a loving mother, grandmother and friend. She graduated from Wenatchee High School and Moorhead State University (MN). Carol is survived by her children, Roxana (Ron) Strauss, Martha (Steve) Dilger, Michael (Margaret) Alexander and Joshua (Judy) Alexander; grandchildren, Nikolaus Strauss, Alexandra and Camilla Dilger, Jacob, Benjamin and Emily Alexander, Josh and Julia Alexander; brother, Jeff Soule; cousins, Bob (Audrey) Parkinson, Ruth Ellen Ferry and first husband, M. Wayne Alexander. A celebration of life will be scheduled at a later date. Internment at Clovis Cemetery, Clovis, CA. Memorials preferred to the National Kidney Foundation or the donor's favorite charity. Peaceful rest, Mom, we love you and will miss you.




Susan (Seyster) Maughan, January 1, 1939 ~ March 13, 2015. Susan, a 5-year resident of Bullhead City, AZ, was called home by her Lord on Friday, March 13, 2015, where she was reunited with her son, Jeffery Alvin. Susan was born January 1, 1939, in Wenatchee, WA. She was a loving wife of 60 years. She was a hard worker and worked side-by-side with her husband for 38 years as self-employed restaurant owners, Susan and Jack owned an Arctic Circle drive in in Longview, Wa. and were there for 20 years. Then they had a chance to buy Rusty's Drive Inn in Cashmere, Wa. (which classmates may remember there on the highway) and as Susan described “our chance to go home”. They lived in Cashmere for 20 years and loved it. They were snow birding in Bullhead, Az. for about 10 years before moving there more recently.

Susan was preceded in death by her son, Jeffery Alvin Maughan, in 2013. Her family was the most important thing in her life. Susan is survived by her husband, Jack; son, John Jr.; three granddaughters, Erika and husband, Scott of Kalama, WA, Heather Maughan and husband, Josh of Bullhead City, AZ and Lisa Maughan of Oceanside, CA; daughter-in-law, Suzanne Maughan of Bullhead City, AZ; three sisters; one brother; and six great-grandchildren, McKenna, Aiden, Lahna, Dominick, Beau, and Jayden.

Susan requested no services and no flowers. Donations may be made in Susan’s name to Seattle Children’s Orthopedic Hospital, 4800 Sand Point Way N.E., Seattle, WA 98105. She will be missed by her many family and friends, who she loved dearly.




JoAnn (Jo) Serene (Johnson) Sporer, beloved mother and grand mother, died on February 3, 2015, after a three year battle with cancer. She was a member of the Appleaires Women's Choir for three decades, including leadership roles. She also volunteered with the Performing Arts Center as an usher, as well as working in the box office. And, for over a decade, she worked at Town Toyota in their office until retirement. She was a doting grandmother to her two grand children, who affectionately called here “Nana”. She was, as well, a compassionate mother, who was always willing to listen. She will be missed by her family and friends.

She was preceded in death by her husband, George “Jim” Sporer. She is survived by her sons, Richard and Steven Sporer; her daughter, Stacy Sporer; and her grand children, Jake and Kayla Fox.




Marian K. (Kane) Sheldon, Marian fought MS courageously for 41 years before passing to her Lord in Heaven, January 19, 2015. She was the daughter of Albert and Ruth Kane of Wenatchee, WA; born December 1, 1938 and raised on their orchard. She graduated from Wenatchee High and attended one year at Wenatchee Jr. College before transferring to WSU. There she met and married her loving husband, David "Dave" of 55 plus years. She helped Dave through his Sr. year and then started their family of three sons. Marian continued her education at EWU and obtained her teaching degree, June 1966. She taught elementary grades in Spokane and Tacoma; and was possibly the first "Special Ed" teacher in Washington. Her career was cut short in 1973, when diagnosed with MS. Marian was never despondent or complaining and an inspiration to everyone who knew her. She was noted for her warmth, humor and enchanting smile. Marian loved all aspects of life; raising her son's and supporting all of their activities (sports, etc). She was talented in many aspects of arts and crafts; but especially painting and doll making; many paintings were made for friends and relatives. She loved the outdoors, traveling, camping, boating and wintering in Sun Lakes, AZ. She was preceded in death by her parents and brother Edward Kane. Surviving her are, husband Dave; son's, Gregory (Barbara) and grandchildren: Kelsey, Nicole and Nathan of Tacoma, WA., Bradley of Harrison Township, MI., Brian (Shannan) Spokane, WA; sister, Ruth Whitman of Ephrata, WA and brother David (Sally) of Lake Wenatchee, WA. The following letter from a son just prior to death best describes Marian as a mother and a person: "Dear Mom, I am writing this letter because you are the best mom ever. I have so many wonderful memories: - The many camping trips clamming, crabbing, boating - Teaching me to ski on the Spokane river - Helping me read when I was falling behind and the extra credit work I did to get my grades up - The Levis caps and coats you made that everyone wanted - The brass statue of me and the dog you made and the dogs we had growing up - The chocolate chip cookies that I loved - The black onyx ring you made for me for high school graduation - The wonderful paintings you made us all - Spending time visiting with you in Arizona, Spokane and the trips to Chelan. Although these are memories that will last forever, it has been your kindness to others that I hold closest to my heart. You have the ability to always put a smile on everyone's face by being happy and kind despite the difficult challenges you faced. You never let your body limit the strength of your mind, creativity and heart. I know our time together here on earth is limited and God wants you to come home to Him. I thank you for your love and will love you always. Love". She will be missed greatly by her husband, family and many friends. Special thanks to ICU nurses, Brian and Janet at Deaconess Hospital, her caregivers, LeAnne and Beth Ann, and the staff at Alderwood Manor, during her various stays there. Memorial Services will be announced at a later date. Contributions may be sent to a charity of your choice.




Donna Pauline “Sis” (Agnew) Gaston passed peacefully on December 27, 2014, with her family by her side. Donna was born on December 30, 1938, in Wenatchee, WA to her parents, Fred and Marie Agnew. Home was on an apple ranch in Peshastin, WA until her teenage years. After the folks sold the orchard and moved to Wenatchee, she attended Wenatchee High School, where she met and married her first husband, Harvey Gibson. They had two sons together, Romi and Rick Gibson, and moved to Boise, ID. Donna returned to the Wenatchee Valley and, shortly thereafter, was introduced by her mother, Marie “Rea,” to a nice young man by the name of Max Gaston, who Marie knew through the warehouse. It was meant to be - Max and Donna married on November 29, 1963, and went on to have a daughter, Ronda Celeste. Max and Donna raised their three children in Monitor, WA, where home was and still is. They were married over 51 years, and had recently celebrated their Golden 50th Anniversary in the company of friends and family from around the country. Max served as Postmaster in Monitor for 38 years. Donna began working in the office at Columbia Distributing. She then decided to work closer to home at the Monitor Market for Jim and Bunny Young. Staying in Monitor, Donna moved on to the office at Bardin Farms and, before retiring, spent her last working years at Collins Fruit Warehouse. Monitor is a community full of their lifelong friends and people whom they consider family.

Donna had a green thumb and a passion for gardening. Her peonies were beautiful, and many have been fortunate enough to continue the beauty in their own gardens with starter plants that Donna graciously gave. Her appreciation for flowers and nature were evident in her gardens, home de;cor and photographs. Donna’s creative side was always expressed through her seasonal decorations. She added her ‘special’ touch to make her projects unique and a little different, but always full of cheer! She was actively involved in the Monitor Homemakers and enjoyed hosting events for the ladies. She and Max also liked to spend time playing Pinochle with friends old and new. During basketball season, you could always count on them to cheer on Gonzaga with their basketball-loving friends!

Those who knew Donna can attest that her hearty chuckle filled a room and the cheer was contagious; you had no choice but to smile and laugh with her! Family was important, as well as her family roots. She felt it her mission to share that with others through pictures and stories. There is no doubt that Donna was the glue that held circles of family and friends together. She blessed many with a lifetime of special memories and will be missed dearly.

Donna is survived by her loving husband, Max Gaston; son and daughter in-law, Romi and Connie Gibson; daughter and son-in-law, Ronda and Doug Stewart; four granddaughters, Kristi Hills (Garrett), Tifni Buchanan (Jay), Tiffany Nelson and Rachel Stewart; three great-grandchildren, Arabella Buchanan, Brayden Hills and Gabrielle “Gabi” Buchanan; and many loving nieces, nephews, cousins and family members. She was preceded in death by her parents; son, Fredrick “Rick”; sister, Freda “Skeeter” Thurber; and brothers, Patrick Agnew and Michael Agnew.

The family would like to thank the medical team at Confluence Health, especially those in the ICU, for their skilled and compassionate care, which was appreciated by both Donna and her limited visitors during the last days.

A Memorial Service will be held on Saturday, April 25, 2015, at 1:00 p.m. at Monitor Methodist Church. All are welcome to attend and celebrate Donna’s life. A cookie/coffee reception will immediately follow in the church. In lieu of flowers, please donate to the Monitor Methodist Church Building Fund or a charity of your choice in Donna’s name.



Larry Brunner, passed away on November 19, 2014 as a result of Parkinson's disease. He was born on November 6, 1938, to Bob and Doris Brunner in Wenatchee, WA. He married Ozella Sims on November 7, 1957. They moved from Wenatchee to Kirkland, WA in 1965, where Larry worked as a mechanic. He later resided in Concrete, WA. He is survived by his wife, Ozella Sims Brunner; sons, Darrell (wife, Marianne) and Danny; grandchildren, Danielle (husband, Brandon), Jordan and Spencer; three brothers and one sister.



Joseph Harold Carl, January 28, 1938 - September 3, 2014. Joe was born to Floyd and Marie Carl in Wenatchee, WA on January 28, 1938. He was raised in East Wenatchee, WA by Cy and Rea Keener with his sister, Donna. Joe served in the Navy on the USS Platte, before marrying his love, Mary L. Tibbs, in 1960. Joe was the Chief of Police for the East Wenatchee Police Department from 1964 to 1971. He also worked for the Douglas County PUD, Coca Cola, Asamera at The Cannon Mine and Selland Construction before retiring. Joe was a volunteer firefighter for the East Wenatchee Fire Department for 30 years. Joe and Mary raised their daughter, Cheryl, in East Wenatchee. They enjoyed camping and Joe was an avid fisherman. He loved the Seahawks and the Mariners and always watched their games. Joe was a member of the Eastmont Community Church and he always looked forward to his time there with friends and family. Like many fisherman, he was a great story teller. Some stories he told so much, he believed them to be true. Some we will never know if they were true, but this we do know, if you called and wanted to talk to Grandma, it would cost you either a pickle or a nickel. Joe passed away on September 3, 2014.

His brother, Neil Richman, preceded Joe in death. He is survived by his wife, Mary L. Carl of East Wenatchee, WA; his daughter, Cheryl M. Olson of East Wenatchee, WA; his sister, Donna Gills of Spokane, WA; his granddaughters, Candi Hull Humphrey of East Wenatchee, WA and Kasey Henderson of Sheppard Air Force Base, TX; and five great-grandchildren.

Joe had a servant's heart and was always there to help someone in need, without question. He will be dearly missed.



Robert Hugh (Bob) Britt, 74, passed away peacefully in the early morning on May 3, 2014, in Everett, WA, after a courageous fight with cancer. Bob was born in Nashville, AR on August 14, 1939, to Robert C. Britt and Hester D. (Barnes) Britt. His parents and his many siblings moved from Arkansas to Wenatchee in 1942, where Bob went to school in Sunnyslope and then served four years in the U.S. Army in the Signal Corps. Bob was a natural born guitar player, learning to play on his own at an early age. Bob enjoyed spending time with his many brothers and sisters playing music and singing country songs. Bob found his most peace in life cruising around town with his brothers in their home made hot roads. Growing up, Bobby played guitar and bass guitar in many well known local bands, playing beside his brothers and many lifetime friends. Wherever Bob went, if you handed him a guitar he made friends for life with people who loved to hear him sing and play music. Bob moved with his wife and children from Wenatchee to Everett in 1980, to pursue his career working at Boeing as a mechanic that eventually led him to a Boeing Management position as a Skills Instructor, teaching others to build and repair Boeing airplanes. His management career allowed Bob to travel the world and see other countries like Ireland and Costa Rica. While in Ireland, Bob spent seven months training the Irish Airlines of Air Lingus, how to maintain and repair their new fleet of Boeing built airplanes. Bob made many more lifetime friends during his travels to other countries and Bob enjoyed sharing his experiences with his friends and family. Bob retired from Boeing in 2002, and lived out the rest of his life doing what he loved most, spending time with his family. During the last year, Bob went clamming on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, threw out a First Pitchon August 31st at the Everett Aquasox (Seattle Mariners Single A-Team) MLB Hall of Fame Night, where Bob also had the pleasure to meet Hall of Fame Pitcher Ferguson Jenkins, and Bob watched, with his family by his side, his Seattle Seahawks finally win the Super Bowl after having been a loyal fan since the team organized in 1976. Bob will be remembered and deeply missed by his family and friends. Whether in person or on the phone, Bob always ended the conversation with I love you

Bob was preceded in death by his daddy, Robert C. Britt; mama, Hester Dovie Britt; brother, Jerry Glenn Britt; sister, Sandra (Britt) Graves; and sister, Vonna Mae (Britt) Gibson. Bob is survived by his beloved sister, Doris Jean (Bud) Riker of Wenatchee Heights; brother, Larry Gale (Phyllis) Britt of Wenatchee; brother, Jack (Mary) Britt of Sumner, WA; brother, Joe (Banjo) Britt of Federal Way, WA; brother, Bill (Ayako) Britt of Carson City, NV; and brother, Dennis Britt of Wichita, KS. Bob is also survived by his wife, of 42 years, Linda S. (Dawson) Britt of Everett; son, Ozzie J. (Betty) Reeves of Wenatchee; son, Robert Michael (Lisa) Britt of Marysville, WA; son, William Cody (Shannon) Britt of Everett; and daughter, Kristine Lynn (Reeves (Dane) Dowell of Gold Bar, WA. Bob was very close and will be deeply missed by his 13 grandsons; three granddaughters; and one great-grandson and one more great-grandson on the way.


Richard “Dick” Rice, November 6, 1938 ~ March 26, 2014. Richard “Dick” Rice stepped into the arms of his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, from his home on March 26, 2014, after complications of heart failure. He was born November 6, 1938, in Gooding, ID to Philip and Peggy Rice. He graduated from high school in 1957, and attended Wenatchee Valley College for two years. He married Rosemary Pennel on October 3, 1959, in Wenatchee. They resided in East Wenatchee throughout their marriage, where they also raised four children. Dick was a carpenter’s helper, working at Rocky Reach Dam beginning in 1958. He went on to work for the Wenatchee Oxygen Company in 1959, and in addition, planted a cherry orchard in 1962. Starting in 1963, he was employed at Cascadian Fruit Shippers and continued to work with this company until his semi-retirement after 43 years. Throughout his retirement, Dick continued as an orchardist; performed mechanical and refrigeration work on cars; was active in numerous car clubs, including being President of WVAAC; and was deeply committed to volunteer ministry work at his church, Wenatchee First Assembly of God. He will be remembered as a loving husband, committed family man and a person who never met a stranger. Dick was passionate about life and living it to the max, found it hard to say “no” to anyone, and was diligent to pursue excellence in all of his work. A trustworthy, honorable man with a great big heart, who has been a friend to many and was loved by hundreds.

He was preceded in death by his parents; and his brother, Paul. He is survived by his wife, Rosemary; his four children, Steve (Ginger) Rice, Rob Rice, Ron (Joyce) Rice and Rose “Sissie” Rice; his granddaughter, Madelyn Rice; his sister, Nancy Hanan; and his sister-in-law, Jeannine Rice.


Bonnie (Crawford) Strop, February 28, 2014. Bonnie was a lifelong resident of the Wenatchee Valley, She and her husband Jack were cherry growers. She also worked as a secretary for Jennings Real Estate, and was a a homemaker. Bonnie was a friendly and well liked member of the Wenatchee High School class of 1957. She loved to read and enjoyed meeting with friends at the Library in the spring and fall. She and Jack had season tickets and enjoyed hockey. She also loved the cherry seasons. As is obvious from the photo on the right, Bonnie, in earlier years, had a good time at Disney World.

Survivors include her husband, Jack Strop of East Wenatchee; her four children, Jeff Strop of Wenatchee, Ron Strop of Boise, Idaho, Randy Strop of Spokane and Rob Strop of East Wenatchee; and her brother, Olin Crawford of Salem, Ore., and her grandchildren. Bonnie and her husband operated a large orchard in Mattawa, and a smaller one in East Wenatchee with their home on it.




Leonard Ward December 23, 1938 - August 19, 2013 Leonard suffered from a rare muscle degenerating disease (Polymyositis) for many years that hindered his quality of life. His body finally said enough. Leonard was born and raised in the Wenatchee Valley. He graduated from Wenatchee High School and Wenatchee Valley College. He spent at least 30 years working Construction in Alaska, including five years working on the Alaskan Pipeline. His passion was Nascar Racing and antique vehicles. He raced short track racing for at least 25 years in Alaska and has a huge container of Trophy’s. Leonard was voted the most popular race driver for several years. He moved back to East Wenatchee in the early 80’s and owned and ran the family farm. He started back in construction and helped build several bridges throughout Washington and Oregon. He enjoyed buying and rebuilding old cars and had several. His two favorites were a ‘32 Ford 5 window that he worked on as a teenager with Verl Childress and later bought a ‘27 Roadster that he built. Leonard once said I have lived life to the fullest and enjoyed it all.

Leonard was preceded in death by his mother and father, Arlie M. and Irene Ward; brother Arlie Ward and sister Evelyn Archer. He leaves behind three daughters, Aleta Breeze (Bill) of Portland, OR, Michelle Haynes (Steve) of Eagle River, AK and Elizabeth Baxter of Ephrata; his brother, Charles Ward of Fairbanks, AK; his sister, Nancy Thompson of East Wenatchee; special friend, Faye Wilson; grandchildren, Justin Breeze, Brittany Jackman, Sarah Haynes, Weston Haynes, Chloe Albrecht; and great-grandchildren, Macy and Tyler Jackman.Twenty six classmates and spouses were among the many attending Leonard’s services ably conducted by our own Lael Vickery. It was lovingly and humorously poignant and given the story about the Beer Truck also snuck in, amazingly heart warming. More of Leonard’s old time friends and fellow car buffs also spoke, as well as his daughter who appreciated everyone’s stories. She said it helped her better know her dad. Lael finished his eulogy by waving the checkered flag (from one of the races Leonard had won). He congratulated Leonard for a race well run and finished under the checkered flag.


Johnny Lee "John" Murphy, a 68 year Wenatchee Valley resident, passed away on Friday, March 8, 2013, at Central Washington Hospital, following a sudden illness. He was born on November 13, 1938, at Washington, IA to the late Faye and Dorothy (Rash) Murphy. He moved with his family to Wenatchee when he was six years old. He attended Whitman Elementary School, H.B. Ellison Jr. High and Wenatchee High School. He was active in the sports programs at high school. He graduated from Wenatchee High School and continued his education at the University of Washington. He entered the U.S. Navy and served at sea aboard a number of different ships. Upon receiving his honorable discharge, he returned to Wenatchee and went to work at Cedargreens, prior to going to work at ALCOA in 1965. He met and was later married to Carolyn Louise Burnett on June 2, 1967, in Wenatchee. They made their home in Wenatchee until moving to Malaga in 1977. They returned to Wenatchee in 1998. John worked at ALCOA for 35 years. He had worked as a Pot Tender, Machine Operator in the Ingot Plant, a Crane Operator and was Head Caster at the time of his retirement in 2000. After he retired, they purchased a motorhome and travelled to the Grand Canyon, through New Mexico, Branson, MO, and Las Vegas to the NASCAR races and to a number of stock car races in Central Washington and Monroe. He was a member of the Wenatchee Free Methodist Church, a former member of the Wenatchee Aerie #204 F.O.E. and a longtime member of the Aluminum Glass and Brick Workers Union. Mr. Murphy had coached baseball and was a Special Olympics Coach and had coached Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Swimming and Bowling. John was a huge supporter of his grandchildren, their activities and racing and was a great babysitter. He was an avid Seahawks fan and season ticket holder. He had and wore a lot of Seahawks apparel. He was an active Wenatchee Panthers supporter and regularly sat with his hometown boys and other sports alumnus. He loved riding his motorcycle and also rode it to work often.

He is survived by his wife, Carolyn Murphy of Wenatchee; five children, Barbara and Todd Marsh-Cain of Edmonds, WA, Tonya and Tony Parker of Wenatchee, Shawn Holtz of Shreveport, LA, Robbin "Rob" and Tammy Ingram of Wenatchee and Brian Murphy of Wenatchee; four grandchildren, Joshua Ingram of Wenatchee, Britt Holtz and Hillary Holtz, both of Vernal, UT and Jared (Megan Shaw) Ingram of East Wenatchee; and one great-grandson, Kellan Ingram of Wenatchee. He was preceded in death by his parents; one son, Michael Jon Holtz; and one brother, Jerry Wayne Murphy.

A Commemoration Service will be held on Friday, March 15, 2013, at 1:00 p.m. at the Wenatchee Free Methodist Church. Family Interment with Military Honors will precede the Services in Wenatchee Cemetery. You are invited to visit his online tribute and leave a message at Arrangements are in the care of Heritage Memorial Chapel, East Wenatchee.

By The Wenatchee World Staff

Wednesday, March 13, 2013




David John Ramsey -- passed away on Sunday, December 23, 2012, in East Wenatchee. Dave was born March 28, 1938, in Choteau, MT, to Edith and Arthur Ramsey. When he was a baby, his parents moved to Wenatchee, where his father and his uncle, Ivan, founded Ramsey's Ice Cream. Dave went to Columbia and Whitman Grade Schools, H.B. Ellison Jr. High and Wenatchee High School. He excelled in baseball and football. Following graduation from high school in 1957, Dave joined the Navy for four years. His assignments included the aircraft carrier, Princeton, which he loved, and duty on Midway Island, which he did not. After the service, Dave attended Wenatchee Junior College. Except for a few months in Fairbanks, AK as a sales manager at a radio station, Dave spent his professional life in Wenatchee. He was at Wells and Wade Hardware for 16 years, serving as credit manager. He was also a salesman at J.C. Penney, the Nickel Ads newspaper, Joe Welty Ford and Charter Communications. He continued his lifelong love of athletics as a fastpitch softball player, manager and coach on several championship teams and is a member of the Wenatchee Softball Hall of Fame. He was a dedicated golfer. Known for his exuberant sense of fun, he sometimes entertained his family and acquaintances with impressions of Midway's famous Goony birds. He cherished his friends and reveled in the class of 1957's get-togethers at Smitty's Pancake House. Dave once said, "I gave marriage a good try - four times."

Dave is survived by his brother, Doug (Charlene) of Yakima, WA; and nephew, Paul Ramsey of Santa Barbara, CA.

Esther (Gilliam) StewardWe learned that Esther died Feb. 15, 2011 in Mt. Vernon. Esther was a classmate through her sophmore year at WHS. Our records are limited but at the time of an earlier reunion she lived in Laughlin, NV. She was a sales supervisor for Shacklee Corp. Esther had four 4 boys - Rick, Steven, Mark, Bill. In more recent years, Esther lived in Bellingham and Oak Harbor. She had a brother, Dwight Gilliam who died in Oct. 2011.



Melvin Dean Duvaul - Melvin Dean Duvaul, a 73 year Wenatchee, WA resident, passed away on Thursday, May 10, 1012. He was born on June 3, 1938, to the late Roy and Clara Duvaul. While in his youth, he raised homing pigeons and beagles. He enjoyed rabbit and bird hunting with his beagles. At the age of 15, he started to work at the Vue Dale Drive Inn Theater, where he worked into management. He was known as Mr. Vue Dale by the community. He was known to tap the car window with his flashlight of many movie goers. In his 20's, he became manager and also worked at the "old" Liberty and Vitaphone Theaters, until his retirement in 2008, after 50 years. He jokingly requested that he thought his Services should be held at 1, 5, or 9:00 p.m. He also worked for his family at the Viewdale Grocery and West Fifth Market. Mel attended Wenatchee High School and played trumpet in the Golden Apple Band. He graduated in 1957. Since his retirement, he enjoyed lunch most Wednesdays at Smitty's with his classmates. In 1959, he married Melva McKloy and had three daughters. In 1989, he married Sue (Burnside) Morris and inherited three more daughters. He and his wife, Sue, loved to travel to Joseph, OR, the last weekend of July for Chief Joseph Days. They loved to attend the rodeo and host family barbecues at Wallowa Lake. Mel was a member of the fraternal order of Eagles, Aerie 204, Wenatchee, WA and the Sons of the American Legion, Post 10. He loved his dogs Daisy and Cabela. His favorite TV shows were CSI and NCIS.

He was preceded in death by his parents and his infant brother. He is survived by his wife, Sue; his children, Jeanell Duvaul of East Wenatchee; Carrie Holdren of Post Falls, ID; Lynda Goetz of East Wenatchee; Sheila Salmon of Wenatchee; Kris Phillips of East Wenatchee; Linda Gill of Port Angeles, WA; numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren; and his two dogs and four cats.




Michael “Mike” McGheeMike died December 9, 2011 in Truth-or-Consequences, NM. He was preceded in Death by his parents, Joe and Delcie McGhee and his brother, Joe McGee Jr. Mike is survived by his wife, Cindy, at home; two sons, Michael, in Virginia and Kevin, in Colorado, and tow sisters, Sharon Slattum of East Wenatchee and Susan Haydock of Coulee Dam. Mike served for many years in the US Navy and was a resident of East Wenatchee for 19 years.




Charles R. Barker 72, of Marysville, died Friday, December 23, 2011. He was born in Wenatchee and had been a letter carrier in Ellensburg and a custodian for Shoreline School District. Survivors include his wife, Betty Jean; and his children, Nina Larabee and cindy Cota. A celebration of his life was held at 1 p.m. Sunday at the Everett Eagles FOE.



Danny Duane Brandt July 8, 1939 ~ August 16, 2011 Danny passed away peacefully with his family at his side at age 72, after a courageous battle with cancer. He was raised in Wenatchee and graduated from Wenatchee High School in 1957, where he participated in baseball and men's choir. He served in the U.S. Army as a Microwave Radio Equipment Repair Specialist, stationed in Germany. Danny received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration, Finance, from the University of Washington. He worked in the accounting and finance field for Johns-Manville, ALPAC Corp., Crescent Mfg., Ball Technical Services, Douglas County Auditor and Waterville School District, retiring in 2004, where he stated in his letter of resignation that the best interests of the students of Waterville had always been foremost in his efforts. Danny's first and most passionate devotion was his family. He was always avidly involved in his children's sports and activities and could always be easily found (and heard) in the bleachers. He had unique and caring connections with so many of Waterville's youth, encouraging and cheering them on to success in all their endeavors. Dan was a member of Washington Finance Officers Association, a Regional Coordinator for the Marriage Encounter movement at Holy Rosary, Edmonds, and was currently a member of St. Joseph's Catholic Church, Waterville. He enjoyed salmon fishing on Puget Sound, was a computer "genius" and was equally at ease acting as electrician, plumber, carpenter, or auto mechanic, as the occasion arose.

He is survived by his loving and devoted wife, Marianne; his children, Michelle Lang (Eric) of Schaumburg, IL, Mark Brandt (Allice) of Seattle, Michael Brandt (Nicole) of Silverdale; his grandchildren, the joys of his heart, Olivia Lang and Sydney Brandt; and by his sisters, Gwen Wilgus of Vancouver and Wilda Komro of East Wenatchee. He was preceded in death by his parents, Francis and Opal Brandt.


 Cheryl Diane (Gliddon) Gere

By The Wenatchee World Staff

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Our beloved mother, Cheryl Diane (Gliddon) Gere, 70, passed away on August 20, 2010, at 4:27 p.m. at the University of Washington Hospital in Seattle, surrounded by family and friends, resulting from an unforeseen medical condition. Cheryl was born on December 2, 1939, in Wenatchee, WA. She graduated high school in Tonasket in 1957. She served two years in the US Air Force and was the base reporter at Lackland AFB, Texas and medically discharged due to an injury. She married in 1962, to Vance R. Gere Jr. of Wenatchee, WA. They built a home and a life in Bridgeport, WA, raising five sons and a daughter. While living in Bridgeport, Cheryl worked at Chief Joseph Dam for 24 years as the Facility Maintenance Technician. Additionally, she volunteered with the school PTAs and joined the American Legion. She enjoyed sewing, ceramics, swimming, reading and her dog, Katie.

Cheryl is survived by her husband, Vance R. Gere Jr.; sons, Terry and Carol Gere, Troy Gere, Scott and Melinda Gere and Rocky and Jeannine Gere, daughter, Shannon Gere and son, Luke and Angela Gere; her siblings, Sonnalee and Don Nixon, Rock and Darleen Gliddon, Pat and Mike Rockwell, and Clancy and Jackie Gliddon; her grandchildren, Becky Gere-Gabaldo, Amanda Jaramillo, Jamie Gere, Cory Gere, Alexandrea Gere, Mathew Gere, and Alexis Gere; and greatgrandchildren, Lola Gabaldo, Noah Gabaldo, Trent Jaramillo and Ruby Jaramillo. She was preceded in death by her parents, Kenny & Gretchen Gliddon; and her brothers, Reggie Gliddon, Duane Gliddon, and Michael Gliddon. The Memorial Service will be held at their home in Bridgeport, WA at 11 a.m. on August 28, 2010. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Veteran's Administration or the Salvation Army.



Larry Thaut - Larry passed away April 14, 2011 in Bellingham. He was born February 18, 1939 in Shepherd, Montana to Carl and Elizabeth (Yerger) Thaut. Larry graduated from High School in Wenatchee and served in the US Army Reserve. He married Judy Clark in Bellingham on September 21, 1963. Larry loved fishing, spending time with his grandchildren and he was a skilled craftsman. He was preceded in death by his parents, sisters Betty and Elsie, and brother Clarence. He is survived by his wife of 48 years, Judy, daughter Kristine and her children Kaisha, Collin, Alissa, Mia and Ania, son Kevin (Joanna) Thaut and their children Maria and Kahlan, brother Roy (Nancy) Thaut, sister Dorothy (Jim) Maydole



 Roger S. MooreRoger died on August 27th, 2009 at his residence. He was born on April 30, 1939 in Wenatchee. He was a graduate of Washington State University with degrees in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. He was also a graduate of Fairleigh Dickinson University, with an MBA and was a licenced engineer. He recently started his won company, SavEnerg, providing consulting services related to energy conservation and sustainable energy. He retired from Central Hudson Gas and Electric in 2009. Previously he worked for many years for 3M in Freehold, New Jersey. Roger was passionate about energy conservation and sustainability, and was involved in many organizations dedicated to those goals, including the Hyde Park Resource Recovery Committee and the Shade Tree Commission. He was also an avid gardener. Roger was preceded in death by his daughter, Sarah, and his parents. He is survived by his wife of 46 yeears, Janet; daughter Amy (Bryan) Cavanaugh, two granddaughters, two brothers and one sister.


 Arleen (Sanderson) Blackburn Arleen passed away on Monday, November 29, 2010, at Cascade Medical Center in Leavenworth. She had lived in Leavenworth for 57 years and was a hospital board member, business woman and homemaker. Survivors include her husband, Calvin Blackburn of Leavenworth; her children, Cindy Puckett of Leavenworth, John Blackburn of East Wenatchee, Sandra Cox of Bremerton and Gregg Blackburn of Redmond; and her brother, Gregg Sanderson of Savannah, GA.




 Ed Monnot December 4, 2009. Ed was born May 25, 1939 in Snoqualmie, Washington to the late Frank and Adrienne Monnot and passed away December 4, 2009 at his residence in Redmond, Washington.

Ed was good at a lot of things. He was marble champion as a boy in Wenatchee. He served, honorably, in the US Navy where he acquired his high school diploma and learned to run PT boats, taking officers to shore during war games. After his discharge, Ed worked for Western Craft for almost twenty years, then he was sales representative for thirty years with Jaders in Renton, Washington.

He was an avid golfer, and a natural, with a beautiful, easy swing. He maintained a ten (10) handicap most of his adult life, and had a hole in one during a local golf tournament at Snoqualmie Golf Club. He had a knack for spotting problems in your game and was always willing to help when asked. He helped his wife play a better game with his gentle instructions. He once said that his time on the links with his friends were like a vacation. He loved every minute!

His real love, though, was FISHING! He would go almost anytime, anywhere! He especially loved fishing for salmon with his friends, his brothers, and the younger men in the family. He really loved taking the kids out on Lake Sammamish in his boat and making sure they each caught a fish....and they did!

Ed had a strong love of family and he was a kind, gentle man, slow to rile, but capable of doing so. He and his wife enjoyed many activities together, including golf, limited fishing, family reunions and causal get-togethers with friends and relatives. He was a magnet for children and animals, they loved him. This man will be so greatly missed by all of us. May God keep him in His care.

Ed was preceded in death by his parents, brother Frank and sister Martha Daggett. Survivors include his beloved wife Anita of Redmond, children Trena (Norm) Shultz of Kirkland, Tami (Bart) Maas of Bellevue, Ron (Star) Moseley of Snohomish, Debbie (Chuck) Redden of Snohomish, Melanie McManus of Couer d'Alene, Idaho, John McManus of Lincoln City, Oregon, Tim McManus of Redmond, Darcie (Stefan) Sacher of Germany, Danny (Betty Lou) Moseley of Arizona, and Veta Lewis of Carnation. Ed is also survived by his siblings Leona (Ray) Bush, John (Connie) Monnot, Joe (Jenny) Monnot, Margarite Reinecker, Jim Monnot, Paul (Nancy) Monnot, David (Carla) Monnot, Mary Phinney, nineteen grandchildren and eleven great-grandchildren.


 Norman E. Hersel, September 3, 2009. Norm was a long time resident of East Wenatchee and classmate at H.B. Ellison Junior High and in Wenatchee High School. He had worked as a utility worker for Alcoa. Survivors include his wife, Mary; his children, Gary Hersel of Pennsylvania, Sharon Kightlinger, Scott Sanders, Lori Sanders and Greg Sanders, all of Wenatchee, Tanya Green of Everett, David Literal of California, Gabriel Literal of Wenatchee, Naomi Deavers of California and Sarah Collier, also of Wenatchee; three brothers, Alfy Hersel, Marvin Hersel and Wayne Hersel; and two sisters, Yvonne Ahl and Betty Brown.


 Newton Hamon May 5th, 2009 Newton was a longtime resident of East Wenatchee and had been an orchardist for many years and also an electrician. Newton served two years in the Army after high school. Survivors include his wife, Carol Hamon of East Wenatchee, his children, Wes Smith of Seattle, Dennis Hamon of Shoreline, and Joe Hamon of East Wenatchee, and his sisters, Jenith Hamon of Montesano and Kay Hamon of East Wenatchee. Internment with Full Military Honors was planned to be in Tacoma.




Milton Conrad February 11th, 2009 - It is with sadness that we relay the message about Milton's passing after a series of strokes. Milton was a former resident of Sunnyslope and most recently resided in Gold Bar. He had worked for the Sears store in Mount Vernon and for the Seattle Post Office. You may remember from an earlier note that Milton retired from the Post Office in Bitterlake, Washington because of a stroke. Survivors include his wife, Kathy; his children, Arlena, Cindy, Suzi and Christopher; his stepdaughter, Dyann; his brother, Ted Conrad; and his sisters, Midge Hurley and Charlotte Files. No services will be held. In the spring his ashes will be scattered on the Skagit River where he loved to fish.






Jackie (Rose) Monsey, 68, passed away at Central Washington Hospital on Wednesday, October 29, 2008 following her long struggle with cancer.Jackie was born in Kalispell, Montana and moved with her family to East Wenatchee in 1951. She graduated from Wenatchee High School in 1957. During the Apple Blossom Festival of 1957, Jackie met a young sailor named Ray Monsey. She came home that evening informing her parents she had just met the man she was going to marry. Later, she would tell her children that her favorite movie at the time, had been A Rebel Without A Cause, and Ray Monsey had reminded her of James Dean. The couple were engaged in January of 1958, and married October 25, 1958 (they celebrated their 50th anniversary from her hospital bed). For the first year of their marriage, they made their home in Wenatchee, where Jackie gave birth to her first child, a son, they named Keith Patrick Monsey. During the summer of 1961, the small family moved down to Eugene, OR, so Ray could attend college. The next three years brought three more children, Theresa Larie Monsey, Valerie Rose Monsey and Kevin Paul Monsey. Upon graduating from the University of Oregon, Ray took a job in Olympia and the family spent the next few years there. They moved back to the Wenatchee Valley in 1971, and made their home in East Wenatchee until 1985, at which point they moved up to Leavenworth, where they designed and built almost single-handedly, their dream home. (See “The House that Jackie Built on the Doing What Now page.) It took them over 15 years to finish the project. Jackie was an amazing woman -- optimistic and loving, her greatest joy was her family. She was a devoted daughter, sister, wife and mother. She loved holidays and family get-togethers and spent days in preparation, going over menus and creating that special ambience. She was known as a gift-giver, celebrating even the smallest holidays with cards and sentimental tokens of appreciation. A true artist, she created gifts for her family in almost every medium available. From stained glass, to quilting, to knitting/crocheting and painting, she tried it all. She spent weeks laboring over special dresses or Halloween costumes for her nine granddaughters. After crocheting afghans for her mother, husband and each of her children and grandchildren, she had plans to create quilts for them as well. She loved traveling to Australia to visit her daughter and three Australian granddaughters. A believer in community service, for several years, Jackie was involved in Childrens Unlimited, which had been a local charity. She also donated her time to Leavenworths Cascade Clinics physical therapy ward. Jackies interests were wide and varied. She loved gardening, sewing, cooking, cross-country skiing, sailing, music (particularly show tunes), going to plays, reading, traveling, history and was keenly interested in genealogy. During the fall of 2005, Jackie and Ray traveled to England, Scotland and Wales to research her fathers lineage. Her memory and spirit will live on in everyone who has ever known her. At Jackie's request, there will be a Memorial at the family home in the spring of 2009, when her tulips and daffodils will be blooming.


 Jim Cearlock, 68, died at home in Wenatchee on December 8, 2007. James graduated from the Wenatchee High School in 1957. After his graduation, he immediately enlisted with the U.S. Marines, faithfully serving our country for three years. After his return from the Marines, he worked at the Standard Oil Company in Cle Elum, WA. Together, with his first wife, Marcy, he had four children. He later relocated to Wenatchee, WA, where he worked for Alcoa for 35 years, until his retirement as an Equipment Operator. One of his favorite memories was going to breakfast with his fellow workers every Friday. This tradition was continued with his mother every Friday. Jim was a loving and caring guy and a Smitty's regular, who would do anything for friends and family. He enjoyed every moment with his grandkids. He enjoyed gardening and watching football games. Jim was preceded in death by his father, Joe Cearlock, step-father, Chet Endrizzi and younger brother, Dennis. He is survived by his mother, Gwen Endrizzi of Wenatchee; second wife, Shirley Forman of Yakima; son, Jim Cearlock of Cashmere; daughters, Teresa (James) Anderson of Harker Heights, TX, Janice (Paul) Holterhoff of East Wenatchee and Cheryl Frank of Soap Lake; sisters, Sheri (Pat) Allen of Wenatchee, Patty (Dave) Sepanen of Renton, Karlene Bickel of Bothell and Sharlene (Don) Soltero of Sammamish; and his brothers from Wenatchee, Dan, Tim and Mike Endrizzi. James is also survived by eight grandchildren and his sister-in-law, Merrily Cearlock of Orcas Island.


 Beverly (West) Johnsen, 68, of Portland, Ore., died Saturday, Dec. 1, 2007. Beverly was born April 12, 1939, to Owen and Frankie West of Wenatchee. She graduated from Wenatchee High School in 1957, and received her degree from Wenatchee Valley College. While in high school, Beverly was head cheerleader and was voted homecoming queen in her senior year. Beverly married Sam Felker of Tacoma; they later moved to Portland, where she worked in the food service industry for many years. Her interests were varied, including music, collecting antiques, gardening and animals of all kinds. She was well known with family and friends for her cooking and baking skills. Her children were her pride and joy; her grandchildren called her "Pal", and everyone enjoyed her buoyant sense of humor. Survivors include her husband, Walter Johnsen; her children, Jeffrey Felker, Nathan Felker, Migon Felker Drummond, Michele Felker Strobel and Dan Davis; her mother, Frankie West Holman; and her brother, Terry L. West, six grandchildren; one great-grandchild; and her extra-special friend, Roxy, her darling dog.


   Jeannette (Connery) Phillips, 67, of Wenatchee, died Friday, July 13, 2007. She was a lifelong Wenatchee resident, where she was a nurse and worked for the Eye and Ear Clinic for 35 years. Survivors include her husband, Paul Phillips of Wenatchee; her children, Bill Phillips and Tom Phillips, both of Seattle; her stepdaughters, Kathy Hugill of Scappoose, Ore., and Carol Morgan of El Cajon, Calif.; and her sister, Carolyn Stone of Woodland.


Larry N Grossharth -- A longtime Wenatchee resident and Chef, passed away on Friday, April 13, 2007, at Central Washington Hospital following heart surgery. Larry was buried on April 18th in a full Military Honors Funeral. He was born in Kellogg, Idaho, and moved to Wenatchee when he was three years old. He attended Columbia Elementary and Wenatchee High School, graduating in 1957. He entered the U. S. Marine Corp following high school and served during the Vietnam Era and continued his service for 21 years, prior to retiring as a Master Sergeant in 1978. He returned home to Wenatchee in 1978, and went to work as a Chef. Larry worked as Chef at Eddie May's Restaurant, inside the former Four Seasons Hotel and later worked at Covey's Restaurant. He became partners with his brother at Michael's Place, a soup and sandwich restaurant located in the Doneen Building. He later was Chef for the Camp Field Retreat, now known as the Sleeping Lady Lodge, prior to helping at the Pizza Inn and helped set up the kitchen for the Clearwater Steakhouse and Saloon in East Wenatchee. He was married to Myra D. Duncan on November 22, 1980, in Wenatchee, where they have continued to make their home. Larry enjoyed golfing, gardening, and Ginger, the family Harrier Hound. Survivors include his wife, Myra D. Grossarth of Wenatchee; four children, Sharon (Andy) Armangol of Ellensburg, Jeff (Trish) Grossarth of Cookville, TN., John Tanner and Jennifer Tanner, both of Wenatchee; his brother and sister-in-law, Michael and Helen Grossarth of East Wenatchee; his aunt and uncle, Thelma and Dick Wolfe of Wenatchee; and his sister-in-law, Vesta Cowing of San Diego, CA; seven grandchildren; and two great-grandchildren.


 Judy Avey Kaupp -- Judy died January 10, 2006 at Providence Extended Care in Anchorage, Alaska from complications resulting from Multiple Sclerosis. She had been living most recently in Anchorage where she was near her son and her grandchildren with whom she spent many quality hours. She enjoyed over 250 Books on Tape, listening to Seattle Mariners baseball games and being walked in the summer sun around her care facility. She was also able to go to a Broadway play and spend regular time at a large shopping mall enjoying lunches with her family and "people watching". Her family said Judy was an extremely proud mother of two and grandmother of six. She lived her life with courage and dignity. She held firm to her faith in spite of her circumstances and she always had a smile to share with the people around her. She will be dearly missed by her friends and family. In addition to her son, daughter and grand children, Judy is survived by her mother, Leona Avey of Wenatchee; her sister, Shirley Keller of Wenatchee; brothers, Mike Avey, and Steve Avey of Wenatchee.


Mike AumellMike died on November 22, 2000 at the age of 62. He served over four years in the U.S. Navy. He was a retired custodian at the Orchard Middle School. He loved the staff and students very much.


Jerry Bailor -- Jerry died in Downey California, Wednesday, July 13, 2005. Jerry, who was a former 18-year Wenatchee resident, and who classmates will remember as an active thespian during his years in WHS, had been a college professor. Survivors include his children, Lisa Bailor of Pasadena, Calif., and Steven Bailor of Scottsdale, Ariz.


Emory Bryant -- Emory was born in Oktaha, Oklahoma in August 1937 to Loy & Leah Bryant. He came with his family to Wenatchee in 1947. He went to schools in Oklahoma, Sunnyslope, and Wenatchee, including Columbia grade school. He loved basketball and football, and fishing with his buds, Dick Jaspers & Dan Keith. He worked for the Great Northern railroad, seven years for Claire's service station, and also on Rocky Reach Dam & other construction jobs. He helped build warehouses, churches & banks as hod carrier. He went to technical school and became a marine technician. He repaired many boat engines in Friday Harbor, Washington, where he and his family lived for four years before returning to Wenatchee to work for Lyle's Boat & Motors.

Emory married Pat Quinn September 1959 and they had two daughters & one son. He loved to go fishing & camping with his family. They had a small Mom & Pop orchard of peaches & apricots in Wenatchee in addition to working regular jobs. They enjoyed trips to ocean, Alaska & Hawaii. He fought lung cancer for a year and passed away in October, 2003 in Wenatchee


Gene Chapton -- Gene was born Wenatchee in July, 1938 to Bill & Evelyn Chapton. He attended Columbia grade school and WHS, graduating in 1957. In high school he was active in school plays & stage crew. He enjoyed tennis with his brother, Jerry. He especially liked roller skating and often on Saturdays he could be found with his best friend, Tom Gaynor. His brother had a big influence on his spiritual life. At 18 Gene joined the Army National Guard and after several years was discharged with an honorable medical discharge. Gene was baptized at age 19. He enrolled in Omaha Babtist Bible College. In August 1965 he married Lynda Hartley in Wheatland Wyoming. They were married 40 years and blessed with 3 daughters and 12 grandkids. He had diabetes and had been on dialysis. Gene passed away December 30th following a bout with cancer. Gene lived in Omaha, Nebraska where he was a retired nursing assistant in a nursing home.


John Clark -- John died at his home in East Wenatchee on July 13, 2003. He was born in Monihan, Texas and moved, with his family to Wenatchee when he was 12. John married Marlene Trogdon in 1960 and first lived in Lynnwood where they had 3 children: Terri, Jody, and Cory. John and his family moved to Cashmere in 1974 where he had a Ford dealership for many years. In 1980, he moved his automobile dealership to Wenatchee. In 1994, he began a custom golf and repair shop that expanded to its current location. Golfing was his #1 love, he was a longtime member of the Wenatchee Golf and Country Club. John's #1 golf tip: "Keep your head down and your left arm straight." John was an avid outdoorsman; he loved fishing, hunting, and snow mobiling. He also loved race cars, growing roses, motorcycles, poker, and martinis. John is survived by his wife, his son and daughters, and five grandchildren. John had many friends and he will be remembered for his big heart and great sense of humor.


Dennis Edward Clay -- Dennis was born February 4, 1939 in Washington (city unknown). His father was the manger of the Wenatchee Office of the Social Security Administration. Following graduation in 1957, Dennis served in the Navy on the aircraft carrier USS Oriskany, which was based in San Diego as part of the 7th Fleet (Pacific). Following his discharge from the Navy, Dennis pursued a career in radio station management. Some may remember him as a DJ and announcer at Station KPQ in Wenatchee. He also worked as a reporter for KPQ. Dennis enjoyed managing small radio stations in small towns. He was offered jobs by ABC and CBS in San Francisco, but turned them down. He died in an auto accident March 12, 1986 outside Humboldt, California while driving from his home in Arcata, California to work at a radio station in Eureka, California, where he was the station manager. Dennis was survived by his wife, Angie, and 5 step children.


Lloyd Day -- Lloyd died in April 2001 from complications of diabetes. He attended school in Rock Island and Wenatchee Junior High and High School. He joined the Navy in 1955 where he was an electrician's mate aboard destroyers and service craft. A memorable part of his Navy career was being in charge of setting up the audio/visual equipment for President Kennedy's press conference at the Naval War College in Newport, RI. He traveled widely in the Navy and often said "he grew up in the Navy" and was very proud of his time in the service. After the Navy, he worked for many years at Alcoa, and was also on the Board of Directors of the Wenatchee Valley Federal Credit Union. Lloyd was an avid outdoorsman who enjoyed fishing, hunting and arrow head hunting. He is survived by his wife, Kathy (Hurd) Daggett of Malaga, his mother, his brother Gary and two sisters, Kathleen and Patricia, his two children, Cyndy and Michael, and several great grandchildren.


David Michael Deal -- David died Monday, October 15, 2001, at his home in Walla Walla. He was born and grew up in Wenatchee. He taught history at Whitman College and was chair of the history department, social sciences division and faculty, and dean of the college. He is survived by his wife, Judith Ann Deal, of the home; a daughter, Laurie Kay Houck of Seattle; a son, Michael David Deal of Seattle; his mother, Eva Lois Deal of East Wenatchee; and two brothers, Lawrence Deal and Steven Deal, both of East Wenatchee.


Jennie Mae (Eakin) Eakin-Zinke -- Jennie died in Wenatchee on January 12, 2007 after a fearless battle with cancer. She went to school in Sunnyslope, and graduated with our class (1954) from H.B. Ellison Junior High. She graduated from WHS in 1959. She moved to Alaska in 1979, where she worked for the State of Alaska. She returned to Wenatchee to take care of her mother. She loved to read, garden and cook, and is remembered as a great cook who shared with her family and the food bank. Jennie is survived by her son, Steven Martin, and daughter, Diane McNulty, five grandchildren and one great grandchild, all living in Alaska, her brother James in Alaska, and her brother David and mother in Wenatchee.


David Hyde -- Milt Kansky sent me a note saying that after high school, at the time that a number of other of our classmates joined the Marines, he and David Hyde "wanted an easier way", and enlisted in the Navy. Milt said that David was killed in a car accident in 1964 while living in Alameda, California (-- Bob).


Deanna Meuret Yancey -- Deanna died April 8, 2005 following an extended illness. She is survived by 3 sons: David and Douglas Yancey of Arkansas and Daniel Yancey of Oklahoma and her brother, Don -- Don is married to Sally Raines (WHS 57) and they live in Leavenworth. Deanna had worked with her mother at Adair Dress Shop and The Sassy Shop, both women's clothing stores in Wenatchee. She was a member of the Drill Team during her years at WHS and had lived in Wenatchee since 1945. Deanna is remembered by her friends for her great sense of humor and other admirable qualities.

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