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50th Reunion

September 14, 15, 16th, 2007

Was It Super or What!

But Why Was It That We All Felt Younger Than Everyone Else Looked??

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Welcome To The 50th Reunion Follow-up


At registration everyone received a Welcome Package that included a WaWa which was a big help in connecting names and faces and learning what our class members have been doing for the past 50 years. Read through it and you will agree, the class of '57 was special!

Our artist, not-in-residence, Marilyn Dalvit designed and produced a great WaWa cover. BJ Bolton, who earns our Editor Extraordinaire award, was the primary author and creator of the complete WaWa. It is a first-class publication. About midway through this effort BJ was asked if she knew what she was getting into. Her response was “The last thing I remember is saying “Oh, I can do the WaWa on the computer. It will be easy.”J Several, including Barbara Bowman and Kaye Anderson were a big help with the proof reading.


A few extra WaWa's are available for purchase. It is chuck full of classmate photos and bio information. If interested, contact Pat. (click on her name) The cost is $18.







The Saturday Night Dinner Party – An Affair To Remember!


Two hundred and seventy five classmates and spouses enjoyed a terrific evening meeting old friends, telling stories, laughing, dining, being entertained, dancing and having a really great time. After dinner, Gar described the WHS Scholarship program that our class is supporting (our contributions now exceed $4,000 we understand), and Shirley gave a short and entertaining program, as only Shirley can, as well a nice walk down memory lane with a narrated, fun slide show.











The stage, room, and table decorations by Iris Phillips were beyond description. Every table had a theme and an associated mini WaWa. This is only one. These decorations were hand done as a labor of love and all were donated by Iris. Iris hereby earns our Decorator Extraordinaire Award.










To say that we were surprised, amazed, and astounded is an understatement when, after dinner, the doors opened and out came the pride of WHS – 'The Golden Apple Band' marching to a snappy drum beat, playing 'When the Saints Go Marching In'. This was followed by a rousing rendition of the WHS fight song. (It sounded much better than the 50 year old version on the Welcome page.) Yes, Iris Phillips thought of this also and made it happen.











And there was dancing – who says that we can't go back. Sheila Mohr and her husband did a great job of compiling 50's music and providing the music system.







Friday Morning Golf Tournament


Events began with the superball golf tournament on Friday morning organized by Larry Taplett and Lael Vickery. When a report of the results is available we'll put it on this page, but the the word is that a good time was had by all. Is that Bordie out there?? -- To beat Tiger, you're going to have to work on straightening that left arm.





Friday Evening – Welcome Party in Cashmere


If you found the correct turn into Cashmere you were greeted by this box of Golden Delicious apples. Friday night was the ice breaker – when we got together for the Welcome Aboard Party at the Cashmere Riverside Center, and received the Welcome Package (preparation of which was another big volunteer job). This party was all about meeting old friends and attempting to assign names to faces. It was a very happy occasion. The primary activities on Friday night were mingling, schmoozing, laughing, hugging, story telling, and for a brief time, feeling young again. Dinner was included but was secondary to reuniting with classmates who we may not have seen for 50 years. We found that some of our classmates have changed, and some have not. In the latter category, Bill Treadwell, in spite of being an attorney with notable accomplishments, was observed doing his best to “pants” one of our classmates.


The Saturday Morning River Walk


The Saturday morning River Walk organized by Ann and Joe Gaspers was, indeed, as Carlton suggested, more of a stroll. It was perhaps appropriate that the “WHS 57” sign directing us to the gathering point was posted immediately under a “SLOW” sign. The walk was partly about the scenery and a stroll through the farmers market, but was more about chatting with the classmates on the walk.





Wenatchee Valley Bus Tour Saturday Morning

Lael checking his notes

Based on several informal reports, the bus tour was a lot of fun. One classmate was overheard to say that it was a tour of where places used to be 50 years ago. Indeed, Wenatchee has changed although less than one might think. Arriving in town from the north, one can observe that Dusty's, the Windmill, and the Igloo remain in operation, essentially unchanged over the years, except that Dusty's sports a bright yellow hot rod on the roof. The tour stopped at Pangborn field where Ken Perkins reported on the historic trans- Pacific flight by Clyde Pangborn for whom the field is named. I understand also that the tour went by Gar's home in East Wenatchee where the group watched Cindy bring out the garbage and Gar, after much hooting and hollering from the tour, finally appeared. Dick Rice arranged for the buses, and Carlton and Lael were the on-board historians and guides.



The Folks Who Made It All Happen


Overall, the Reunion was a huge success and the Reunion Committee deserves a big WELL DONE from all of us. Many of our classmates – primarily those in Wenatchee – deserve our thanks for their creativity and hard work. Many of these classmates worked many hours, weeks and months and were very creative in making the reunion such a success. Some of them are named along with the photos above. We understand that the decorating for Saturday began at 6 AM and involved a lot of folks, some of whom are shown in this photo. I'm told that Larry Taplett and Ray Monsey after four hours of inflating apprenticeship deserve our Balloon Inflator Extraordinaire title – that effort produced over 400 balloons! Others that worked long and hard on the decorating and the clean up are Donna Agnew, Barbara Bowman, Margie Eickmeyer, Linda and Leanne Heminger, Eloise Phillips, Jackie Rose, Joanne Russell, Ginny Taplet, Mary Widby,. Rocky & Faye Holloway, Iola Long, Ann & Joe Gaspers, Carol Travers, Pat Quinn, Jack Davis, Lael Vickery, Don Bolstad ,Vic Phillips, But there were so many workers who contributed to the reunion that it is hard to be sure we have them all. (If I've missed some, please let me know.) Folks who were major contributors are:


Donna Agnew –- Sunday Breakfast and all around helper

Kaye Anderson –- Mini WaWa Proof Reading

Barbara (BJ) Bolton –- Mini WaWa, Raffle Ticket Sales

Barbara Bowman – WaWa proofing and all around helper

Shirley Cannon -– Correspondence, Saturday Evening Video

Marilyn Dalvit –- Mini WaWa Cover Art

Lloyd Fryhover –- WHS Scholarship Fundraiser – Lloyd Donated the Prize

Joe Gaspers –- River Walk, Saturday Evening Host

Linda Heminger –- Friday Evening Menu, and all around helper

Ann McDowall –- River Walk

Sheila Mohr – 50's Music and Audio System

Carlton (and Mary) Olson -–Saturday Bus Tour, Reception Table

Iris Phillips –- Decorating, Name Tags & Reservation Cards, Banner and Welcome Signs, Raffle Ticket Sales and WHS Band

Vic Phillips –- Video and Photos

Pat Quinn --Secretary and Historian, Memorial and Memory Tables, Scholarship Ticket Sales

Jackie Rose –- Saturday Evening Menu and Reservation Cards, and all around helper

Beverly Smith -- Secretary

Larry (and Ginny) Taplett -– Committee Meeting Hosts, Friday Morning Golf, and all around help

Carol Travers -– Treasurer

Lael Vickery –- Friday Morning Golf, Friday Evening Menu, Saturday Bus Tour Guide

Judy Webb –- Addresses & Email Guru, Mailing

Other frequent and Willing Helpers -- Mary Widby, Jack Davis and wife Margie Eickmeyer, JoAnne Russell plus several spouses of classmates


Again, please let me know of any workers who I have missed.


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The attendance was great, with some coming from a good distance (Becky Barnhill - Ontario, Canada; Bill Treadwell – Florida; Bob Ajax – North Carolina; Allen Tackett – Arkansas; Carol Soule & Darlene James – Minnesota; Mary Jo Smart – Alaska; Gary Watkinson & Bob Degman – Texas; plus 10 from California, 11 from Oregon, Idaho, AZ and Colorado.) Below is a complete attendance list:


Judy Abraham, Donna Agnew, Bob Ajax, Judy Akers, Kaye Anderson, Orlo Andrew, Dennis Barnes, Dale Barnhart, Becky Barnhill, Mike Bartram, Hugh Beatty, Jeanette Bickel, Cal Blackburn, Barbara Bolton, Barbara Bowman, Pete Bromiley, Richard Brown, Richard Bruggman, Jewel Brumbaugh, Larry Brunner, Betty Buckles, Doris Burke, Paul Burton, Mike Caldwell, Carol Cammack, Delores Cannon, Shirley Cannon, Jim Cearlock, Jim Cearlock, Janice Chase, Monty Chaussee, Eugene Clift, Borden Coleman, Wes Craven, Bob Cripe, Cathy Crist, Marilyn Dalvit, Jack Davis, James Davis, Bob Degman, Linda DeShazo, Richard Dexter, Pat Drew, Barbara Dunning, Don Eby, Lilly Eddy, Margie Eickmeyer, Dave Emerson, Barb Emry, Grace Evenhus, Jim Finkbeiner, Robin Firman, Bob Fleming, Joyce Frostad, Lloyd Fryhover, Ruth Fulwiler, Phil Gagnon, Joe Gaspers and wife, Ann McDowell, Marjory Gile, Sande Gillette, Russ Goldie, Lynn Gorman, Ralph Graves, Sharon Gyorfi, Newton Hamon, Mary Lou Hander, Geneva Harrington, Larry Hauff, Marilyn Heath, Marilyn Heath, Leanne Heminger, Linda Heminger, Dan Hepler, Marilyn Holcomb, Rocky Holloway, Darlene James, Julius Jared, Dick Jaspers, Gar Jeffers, Kathy Johnson, Serene Johnson, Joy Juchmes, Dave Kane, Marian Kane, Sue Kane, Milton Kansky, Leon Kent, Julie Kienitz, Duane Kovar, Marian Hancock, Ron Lacasse, Karen Lang, Evelyn Laws, Robert Lawson, Marian Lee, Iola Long, Joann Lorraine and Dennis Hall, Rena Maughan, Joel Maupin, Ann McDowell, Leo McFarlane, Harry Mickey, Gerald Miller, Paul Miller, Sheila Mohr, Gary Montague, Kathy Morgan, John Murphy, Skip Mussen, Angela Navone, Marlene Nelson, Doug Olesen, Carlton Olson, Joyce Olson, Ken Perkins, Dan Peyton, Iris Phillips, Lowell Pickett, Judy Plughoff, Gordon Pobst, Tom Preston, LaVern Provo, Pat Quinn, Dave Ramsey, Dick Rice, Barbara Rochelle, Tom Rolfs, Jackie Rose, Joanne Russell, Arlene Sanderson, Donnelle Schmitz, Lowell Sever, Don Shaw, Ozella Sims, Betty Sims, Mary Jo Smart, Richard Smelser, Bev Smith, Joan Snitily, Carol Soule, Verna Stillman. Allen Tackett, Larry Taplett, Nick Taylor, Tom Taylor, Carol Thrapp, Deanna Tibbles, Carol Travers, Bill Treadwell, Larry Tucker, Mary Turnipseed, Joan Ulrich, Lael Vickery, Leonard Ward, Gary Watkinson, Judy Wayerski, Judy Webb, Jay Widby, Mary Widby, Don Wile, Bob Wilson, Bob Winslow

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