Anniversaries and Current News

This Section contains current, or at least relatively current news about classmates. Please help keep the page going by sending us your news items. If you wish to send cards or call any classmates listed here, please contact BJ Herron for addresses.

December 2010 – A long lost movie has recently surfaced of Classmates, Carol Travers and Gene Clift dancing a boogie-woogie back in the 50's. Check it out. This is a good one

November 2010 – For the second time this fall, we are happy to announce a marriage. Our best wishes go out to classmates Nancy Montoya and Oliver Bowman. An attractive couple, then and now. (The article below is from the Wenatchee World, Nov 27, 2010).

WENATCHEE — In a marriage more than 50 years in the making, Nancy Montoya of East Wenatchee and Oliver Bowman of Spokane exchanged wedding vows Oct. 9 at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church before the Rev. Tom Kuykendall. They attended Wenatchee High School in the 1950s and were engaged at one point, but never married. “Neither one of us remembers why we broke up,” Nancy said Monday in a phone interview from her new home in Spokane. After high school, Oliver enlisted in the Army and was sent to Alaska, but not before trying one last time to woo Nancy. “After I went into the Army, I came back (to Wenatchee) after my second eight-week training. That was in August 1958,” he said. “By that time, we had broken up, evidently. I asked her for a date, and she said, ‘No way.’ ” The heartbroken soldier went off to Alaska, with a fresh tattoo of Nancy’s name on his left wrist. They both moved on and later married other people.

Nancy lost her husband, Thomas Scratch, six years ago. Oliver’s wife died last year. It was June this year when Oliver picked up the phone and called Nancy’s brother, Lee, who lives in Spokane. Oliver wanted to know about Nancy — whether she was married, and, if not, how he could get in touch with her. Lee took his phone number and passed it on to Nancy. She dialed Oliver the next day and spoke to her former fiance for the first time in 52 years. They agreed to meet at her East Wenatchee home a week later. “I knew as soon as he stepped out of his pickup and started walking toward me that I had been waiting for him for a long time,” Nancy said. “We were both so nervous we could hardly talk.” She added, “When he saw me for the first time, he pulled up his sleeve and told me he got it (the tattoo of her name) put on there when he was on his way to Alaska after I refused to go out with him.” They quickly resumed their courtship. “He is exactly the same he was back then,” Nancy said. “When we were going together (as teenagers), he was so good and gentle-hearted. He’s a kind person and very loving.”

In September — after Oliver made several more trips to East Wenatchee — he asked Nancy to marry him. Nancy agreed, and they married three weeks later. She is the daughter of Lucy Montoya of Wenatchee and the late Epimenio Montoya. His parents are the late Reba Ayers and the late Wilburn Bowman. The couple were attended by Marian Montoya of Wenatchee, sister of the bride, and Joe Bowman of Spokane, son of the groom.

The newlyweds, both now 71, are planning a spring trip to the Oregon Coast. They have settled in Spokane. She retired in 2001 after working 10 years at Central Washington Hospital. He retired from the Army in 1975.

Marco Martinez: 664-7149

September,2010 – We couldn't have been happier than we were upon recently receiving a note from my long time friend Paul Burton announcing his marriage to Peggy. Paul and Peggy, a good friend of his from college days, were married 9-18-10 at the Little Church of the West in Las Vegas.  We wish them many years of health and happiness. We are pleased that the web site played a small part in reacquainting them.

June 16th,2010 – The several items below were received this month

Vue Dale Drive InHere are two photos that were sent to me recently. Hardly current news. Still, a nice reminder of how it was 50+ years ago and of what we did for entertainment back then – The Barrel is long gone but I'm told the Vue Dale is still in business. Is that so? I'm pretty sure there are some memories of both of these sites. Probably everyone at one time or another “buzzed the barrel”. And I'm told there are some stories of folks sneaking into the Vue Dale in car trunks – can that be so? If you care to send a write up of any memories of this sort, we would be happy to include them here.

The Triple X (aka the Barrel)

Proud GrandparentB.J. sent in these next two photos. The first shows Merrick (on right) and his friend receiving their Eagle Badge in an award ceremony together on Saturday, June 12th. BJ reports that getting that Eagle Badge has been quite an accomplishment. He earned 23 merit badges, and was a senior scout leader.

WHS Graduation 2010BJ's grandson, Merrick, is also among the graduates in the WHS Class of 2010. BJ sent the following information on this years graduation – quite interesting.

The 2010 Class of Wenatchee High School graduated 640 students June 12. The Wenatchee High School Graduation exercises were held on the field we knew used to know as the Apple Bowl.  It has since been renamed the "Lee Bofto Field".  Lee took over coaching duties from our Coach Tom Byrne in 1965.  Head Coach and much admired in Wenatchee, Leland Bofto turned the Wenatchee High Football team into a powerhouse during his 20 year career.  His teams won 74% of the games he coached.   They won 3 state championships, 1970, 1971 and 1972.  Lee Bofto passed away Friday, June 11, the morning of graduation.  A side note, Lee's grandson, Wade, graduated with the class of 2010.  

The senior then went to a party at the school and were “locked down” as BJ described it. The party and a Cruise theme. Some students worked in a coffee stand and some played. The party was planned by a parental committee and about 50 adults helped with the games. There were 15-20 card tables and each was manned by an adult. They played “Texas Hold em” and Black Jack. Two adults were in each game area. There were blowup toys that included an obstacle course, jousting and sumo wrestling. There were volley ball games, and sand castle building air hockey and Wii bowling. There was an illusionist who was really good. A “Zumba” dance instructor came to teach a new dance which was really fun. There was a fruit buffet and pizza as well as pop and coffee. One could leave at any time, but parents would be called to let them know their son or daughter was leaving. The party was over about 3:30 in the morning. The best part was thought to be the Zumba dancing and the illusionist.

The party had a $13,000 budget. An add in the paper a few days later said “The parents of the 2010 Wenatchee High School graduating senior class would like to extend their appreication to the community for its support of the Senior Party. Because of their support, we were able to provide the fun, safe, drug and alcohol free event that has become tradition at WHS.” Listed below the thank you were 153 names of a real cross-section of Wenatchee – individuals, companies, retailers, restaurants, attorneys, banks, dentists and vets.

Upon reading an earlier, shorter version of this, Shirley commented on graduation and how it has changed. “We had 287 names listed in the Graduate list. Of course, we had East Wen. kids in our class and the next year they started going to Eastmont, so that might make a difference. And we held ours in the Jr. High Gym, a much smaller venue than the Apple Bowl where the 2010 graduation was held. The “grad night” activities back in 1957 included: a first run movie at the Liberty Theater - “Desk Set” with Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn – about how the new age of computers (called “electronic brains” - alluded to the UNIVAC) – affected the research section of the library. That was before it really affected all of us! -- ahead of its time really. After the movie, there was a dance at the Cascadian or Columbia hotel and as I recall, Don Lanphere and his combo played. Then late nite or early morning breakfast. We probably paid about $5 each for that, very cheap.”

These memories from Shirley brought back memories of my own (me being Bob) and Shirley and I exchanged a few e mails attempting to piece together what folks did on graduation back then. We have different memories of which hotel the party was held. Maybe we can have a vote on that? I have no memory whatsoever of the movie, and I have some vague idea that maybe there was some liquid refreshment consumed that night that was not offered at the official party. Could that be? Shirley claims no knowledge of any intemperance. Whatever, we thought it might be fun to try to think back to what we all were doing back at that time – both at graduation, and otherwise in the spring/summer of 57 (e.g., the IOOF hall dance in Chelan on weekends that summer) and of plans for the future – summer jobs, marriage, military, college... If we receive any such memory stories, we will put make that a new topic on the “Memories” page and add to it as memories are received.

Judy (Wayerski) WallaceMany of you have followed the short life of Judy's great grandson Aiden. Sadly, Aiden passed away on June 3, 2010. His obituary can be seen here:

Iris and Salvation Army Float -- click here to enlarge

Dick and Rosemary -- Click here to enlarge

May 1, 2010 – Classmates Join in the Apple Blossom Festival Parade Several classmates participated in and contributed to the success of this year's parade. It was good to see Dick Rice up and on the road again, along with Rosemary in their Classic Model A Ford. Joe Gaspers, who is active in the Applearians, was also involved with the Queen's float, although he had to walk the route this year. (I only know of Joe's participation from a photo and suspect that I have seriously understated his role. Perhaps someone could tell us more about Joe's role..) And finally, Iris Phillips has remained as active as ever with the Salvation Army and spearheading the successful effort on their parade float. The Salvation Army float that Iris designed and decorated won the Mayor's Tropy. If anyone knows what vitamins Iris takes, let me know and I'll pass along her secret. (You can check out additional parade photos on Candid Camera.)

January 9, 2010 – Leon Kent On January 9th, a magnitude 6.5 earthquake hit Northern California, very near where Leon lives. Shirley e mailed Leon to learn about their experience. Following is Leon's reply. “We are fine. It was a whopper. Fortunately it only lasted about 30 seconds, otherwise it would have done tremendous damage. We lost a few glass items, jars in the pantry, all the pictures are hanging crooked. No structural damage to the house, we do have earthquake insurance.  It took about two hours just to clean up all the glass.

The stores all around have lost tons of stock on shelves.  Our power stayed on, but about half the area is without power. We have these little rollers or tremblers about 2-3 times a year, about 2.5 to 3 in magnitude but a 6.5 is just like a tremendous bomb going off. The house just shook violently, and it was hard to stand up. I ran outside and had trouble even standing out there.

There is always a little humor even in a bad thing. Sue was upstairs on her computer, and Gracie the 90 pound Rhodesian was sleeping on the water bed. The water bed rolled and made big waves, so that Gracie couldn't get down. Sue started for the bed  but her computer chair which  went rolling across the floor,  all the way across the room. She finally got out of the chair and helped Gracie off the bed. We had a very good laugh at that.

We had small after shocks all night so we didn't sleep well.

Click Here to Enlarge

November 16, 2009 – Sue Weidman, Suffragist -- Washington gave women the vote in 1910.  It was not until 1920, the 19th constitutional amendment that gave all women the vote. The Wenatchee Valley Museum and Cultural Center has a display about women's suffrage and many of the pioneers in the movement in the State of Washington.  Among those was May Arkwight Hutton, a colorful, crusty, profane woman, but a stalwart in the suffrage movement.  Sue Weidman Lawson portrayed Mrs. Hutton at a rally in the park earlier, at which some men, including husband Robert Lawson, protested the suffrage speakers.  Yesterday, she also portrayed Mrs. Hutton at the museum.  Here is a photo taken after the portrayal.  Notice the cigar.

October 25, 2009 – Joan (Ulrich) Hernandez - In the September 1st report below, we noted that Joan was to be honored at the Women in Power, Politics and Government lunch which was held on September 25th.  It turns out that was an understatement of this recognition of Joan's accomplishments. As Joan reports, “during the program at the lunch where Angela Russell, KIRO-TV Anchor was the Mistress of Ceremonies,  I was very surprised to be honored with "The Governor's Award of Excellence" for outstanding volunteer service to my community and the state.  I was able to invite family members and friends as guests and I was pleased that my close WHS friend and classmate, Carol Thrapp Knutson, was able to attend the lunch with me ~ so WHS had a representative there.  When I tell people in my life today that I have this tremendous classmate support from my high school friends they seem to find that very rare.  I tell them it is because they aren't just high school classmates, they are people I went to grade school, junior high school, and high school with, and most of them all knew my parents, so we all grew up together and that makes them more like family than just classmates.” Congratulations Joan!

October 13, 2009 – Pat Bryant – Pat, our world traveler, is back from her recent trip to Italy. She reports that it is a fascinating country and that she learned so much.  She describes the trip as follows. “I think my biggest surprise was how big Pompei was & how far advanced they were in 79 AD. They had shops, homes, kitchens, irrigation , brothels & an Amphytheatre.  I met some great people (40) & have 20 new e-mail friends.  I took over 3,000 pictures in 25 days.  (most I have ever taken)  We had great weather except for last day in Venice.  (rain)  I was doing 3 to 5 miles of walking a day. (lots of steps) The Vacican is another country I went to.  Just amazing.  Rome (4 days), Sorrento area (7 days), Tuscany area (7 days) and Venice (4 days).  We did a lot of country driving and visited 2 farms that raise olives for oil, grapes, sheep cheese and animals.  Really enjoyed reacting with the families.  Got to visit 2 villas of 5 that have been uncovered in the last 25 years.  One summer home had 24,000 square feet with pool, dining room & etc.  Each villa had about 1,000 slaves.  Beautiful frescas on walls.  No one was there when the Mtn Vesuvius covered it in 79 AD.  I like Florence best and least liked was Naples (very dirty & crime high).  I would not recommend anyone visiting Italy to rent a car.  They drive like mad people with their little cars, motorcycles and motor scooters.  Cut in front of bus and bigger truckers & miss by inches.  Many curves & hair pins roads in country areas.  Did get a beautiful (50') boat ride all along Amalfi Coast & even took us to the Blue Lagoon.  The American dollar was not worth much & most everything  was pretty high.”

The photo is of Pat in front of what remains of the Colosseum which took 10 years to build. It is reported that sailors made silk awnings with tie downs to shade the wealthy people who were at the Colosseum. They brought animals from Africa and other places for the gladiators to fight. Many gladiators became famous like some of our sports people. The Colosseum seated 50,000, 45,000 of whom were men.

     Pat Quinn Bryant

September 8, 2009 – Jane Lovejoy (91) died Tuesday, Sept. 8, 2009. She was a longtime resident of Waterville and Wenatchee. Miss Lovejoy was a high school English teacher who taught many in the class of '57 who will remember her fondly.  She was a very special lady.

September 1, 2009 – Joan Ulrich Hernadezhas been selected by the organization, “Women of Color Empowered”, to be one of the Honorees at the “Women in Power: Politics and Government” award luncheon at the China Harbor Restaurant in Seattle on Friday, September 25th. Joan is one of fifteen prominent women holding positions in Washington government and political organizations to be so honored.

July 15, 2009 – Gene Clift50th Wedding Anniversary

July, 2009 – Joan Ulrich HernandezTrim, youthful, active and enjoying work as a Tukwila City Council member. Joan is shown here before the cameras at the recent ribbon cutting for the new Old Spaghetti Factory in a new mini-mall on Southcenter Parkway, just South of the Westfield Southcenter Mall in Tukwila. The Mayor of Tukwila is to the right of Joan, along with other dignitaries and store management.

June, 2009 - James HerronBJ recently sent along a photo of her and Dewayne's grandson who graduated from Wenatchee High in the class of 2009. As you might expect from the photo, James was a standout basketball player where he was recognized for his hard work, having been selected as “player of the game” several times, and where he enjoyed being a close part of the team. James plans to attend Wenatchee Valley College in the fall and pursue work in sports medicine. While he is keeping in shape by visiting practices and open gyms, he isn't sure he is ready to play basketball in college this year. He knows he really needs to study hard in school and basketball is a huge commitment. BJ and Dewayne are justifiably proud. (So, how's the weather up there, James?)

July 1, 2009 – The following is from last night's Wenatchee World. We are happy for both Jay and Beth.

June 6, 2009 -- James and Margaret CareyClassmate Margaret (Baker) and her husband, James, of East Wenatchee celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary during an open house barbecue from 2 to 5 p.m. June 6 at their home, 1203 3rd Street S.E.

The event was planned by their daughters and sons-in-law, Deborah and Karl Word of Chelan and Denise and Darren Coy of East Wenatchee; and their daughter, Danette Kahler of Redmond. They were married June 6, 1959, in East Wenatchee and have lived there during their marriage. He retired after working 30 years with the Teamsters Local No. 760 as a construction worker. She works at the Sav-Mart garden center. They have three grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. (See Photo on Candid Camera)

June, 2009 – Ken ShambergerWe received news this month of the passing of Ken Shamberger.  Mr Shamberger will be remembered by many as a well liked, 8th grade science teacher at the H.B. Ellison Jr. High.  His obituary may be viewed on line on the Wenatchee World web site. Click Here.

May 9, 2009 -- Jim and Joyce (Frostad) McQuinnThe McQuinn's celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary during an April 25 reception at the Masonic Center in Wenatchee. Joyce and Jim were married April 4, 1959, at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Wenatchee. They have lived in Wenatchee for more than 48 years. They have two sons, Chris McQuinn and Mike McQuinn, both of Seattle; and a daughter, Laura McQuinn of Kalispell, Montana. (See Photo on Candid Camera)

May 7, 2009 -- 50 YEARS AGO Today. Judy Wayerski – Traffic department stenographer at Alcoa's Wenatchee Works, was chosen Miss Alcoa.

May 2, 2009 –- Wenatchee Apple Blossom Festival This is a time of year that should bring back memories for all classmates. As usual, it was a great weekend, highlighted by the parade on Saturday. A very nice photo review of the weekend's events is available on the Daily World web site. Parade photos, including classmates, are also on Candid Camera.

The following classmates and their children and grand children participated in the parade: Dick and Rosemary Rice in their classic Model A Ford, two of Pat's grandchildren, Joe Gaspers representing the Applarians, Iris Phillips with the Salvation Army, and Bernice Brandt Allstot's grand daughter who is one of the two Apple Blossom Princes – how proud Bernice must be! Also, Sue Weidman was involved in the stage production. (I expect this list is not complete. If there are other class members and relatives who were in the festival, please send the names and any photos -- bob)

One of our classmates efforts that really stood out is – surprise, surprise, Iris Phillips. Iris obviously did not receive the all-hands memo telling us seniors that it is alright to take it easy and just enjoy watching the parade. Rather, we have learned that Iris was the mover and shaker (i.e., the one who pretty much was responsible for all the work that went into the Salvation Army's award winning participation in the parade.) From the early photos we received of the parade, Iris's hand in that effort was obvious. So we asked Iris for more information on the Salvation Army's participation and her role in that. What we learned from Iris is described on the Doing What Now Page -- See Iris Phillips Bolstad, Salvation Army “Lassie” story!

April 28, 2009. Coach Of The Year Award. The first Tom Byrne Coach Of The Year award winner will be announced on June 2, 2009 at the Spring Awards Night. Tom will be there to present it. An email or letter will be sent to all donors/attendees at last September's weekend and we will post an announcement of the winner and the criteria for selection, as soon as possible after June 2nd.

April 22, 2009. Long Time No See for Several Class of '57 Women. The “Girls Afternoon Out” luncheon at Joan Ulrich Hernandez's condo clubhouse in Tukwila, attracted 19 from as far as California and Oregon. Many of the attendees hadn't seen Kathy Ross, Louise Campbell and Lola Hinde since high school, some 52 years ago! The group even wore name tags to avoid searching for a name to go with a face. So this was long overdue. Everyone shared memories of their high school and Wenatchee years. Deanna recalled her father, a detective, checking the records of the guys before she dated them! (Couldn't get by with anything..) and Darlene Wentz told about working in her uncle's bowling alley after school every day and missing out on much of the social life of high school, the consolation being she met Vernon Ball, her husband there.

Others at the pizza luncheon were Carol Thrapp, Sheila Mohr, Mary Lou Hander, Joann Lorraine, Mary Turnipseed, Joanne Russell, Margie Gile, Shirley Cannon, Sharon Gyorfi, Judy Wayerski, Delores Cannon, Carol Cammack and Judy Abraham.

Photos of everyone who attended are in the Potpourri Album in Candid Camera (click on the link) Descriptions are included above the photos and below if users click on the photo to enlarge it.

April 15, 2009. Marian (Kane) and Dave Shelton, and Marilyn (Dalvit) and Don Ash. Marilyn sent along a note describing that on April 15, 09 she and husband, Don traveled to Sun Lakes, Arizona to celebrate Marian and Dave's 50th wedding anniversary, arriving with champagne and balloons!  The four of them went out to a steak dinner with a surprise brownie sundae for the four of us.  Marian and Marilyn beat the guys in Pinochle!!!  Marilyn notes that they are both still "A" students. (Editor's note – those of you who knew Marilyn and Marian in school would know that they were best friends. And that is a friendship that has endured – they are indeed “best friends for life”.)

Jake Preston - #51.

March, 2009 – Tom Preston recently sent along an e mail describing his grand son's championship skills in kart racing. Tom didn't intend this for the web site, but it is interesting to learn what classmates and their families are doing. So I (bob) wrote and asked Tom if it would be ok to put this on the site. In the photo, #51 is Tom's grandson, Jake Preston, who is 10 years old now. He loves his kart. He qualified for Nationals last year but due to his birth date, was too young t compete. He has raced in California, Oregon, Canada, Washington, Idaho, Nevada, and Wyoming. He is currently ranked #1 in his division of the NW Regional Rotax Gold Cup Standings – Gold Cup is a points race for the Nationals.

February 14, 2009 Marilyn (Holcomb) Anderson -- Murl Anderson (WHS '55) and our Columbia grade school, HBE, and WHS classmate, Marilyn (Holcomb) Anderson will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary during a family dinner later this month. The event is being planned by their children, son and daughter-in-law, Brian and Rosie Anderson of East Wenatchee; and daughters and son-in-laws, Laura and Monty Leavitt of Entiat; Lisa and Fred Vanslyke of East Wenatchee. The Andersons live in Wenatchee. (see photo on Candid Camera)

Marilyn Holcomb and Murl Anderson were married Feb. 14, 1959, in Wenatchee. The couple have lived in Wenatchee during their marriage. He retired from the U.S. Army National Guard as a chief warrant officer, and she is a homemaker. They have eight grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren.

February 1959 – 50 Years AgoSusan Weidman was cast as lady-in-waiting in Shakespeare's “Macbeth”, at Western Washington State College

December 2008 - Joan (Ulrich) HernandezJoan was just recently elected the Tukwila City Council President for the year, and reports that she is going to be very busy, but it will also be fun. Joan is also the Mayor Pro-Tem who serves for the Mayor in the event that he is not available to carry out any responsibilities. Congratulations from all of your classmates, Joan. (We assume this means that if we get any traffic tickets in Tukwila on the way to SeaTac that you can help us with those? --bob)

September 20/21, 2008 – Coach Tom Byrne WeekendNote from Carlton – Friday evening, Lloyd Fryhover and I picked Tom and his wife, Babs up in Lloyd's "57 Bel Air Chevy and took them to the Apple Bowl for the grand kickoff. Some two hundred folks were in attendance for the barbecue before the game. Tom was introduced during the game at half time and given a new coaches jacket. Saturday we had about two hundred and sixty five at the grand ballroom at the Wenatchee Convention Center where we presented the Tom Byrne Coach Of The Year Award. The attendees included about forty five immediate family members plus a brother and sister of Tom's. One could not have asked for anything better those two days, as people were totally blessed as they blessed Tom Byrne. The event was planned by a committee of seven alumni plus B J Kuntz, WHS Athletic Director, who had been working on the plans since January of this year.

June 6, 2008 – Note From Sande Gillette - Well, well, guess what.  My oldest Grandson, Owen Jones, is now a member of the Wenatchee Apple Sox Baseball team for this summer.  He will be the starting pitcher this Sunday June 8!  The season starts today at 7:00pm and there are games Friday, Saturday and Sunday this week.  The full schedule can be viewed on the Apple Sox website as well as lots of other info on the games and players.  I hope any of you baseball enthusiasts or would-be enthusiasts come out and see some games this summer.  I will be there on Sunday June 8. (Please consider joining Sande to cheer for Owen and the Applesox!! -- Bob)

I think it is quite the coincidence that Owen is playing in Wenatchee this summer.  I used to love the baseball games when I lived there (the Wenatchee Chiefs? I believe) and when I couldn't attend I listened on my little bedroom radio. Owen is going to school at the University of Portland and plays for the Portland Pilots.  During the summer all the team members are assigned to various teams in the Northwest and Owen drew Wenatchee!!!

As you can tell, I am quite the proud Grandma.  I will be at as many of the games as I can manage and hope to see some of you there.


Sande Gillette 

June 1, 2008 – When we were young and nimble – 50 years ago the Wenatchee Valley College Cindermen and the Knight relay team qualified for the State Junior College Conference track and field championships. The Cindermen are Fred Echolm, John Lands, Paul Plunkett and Ed Gaston. The relay team is comprised of Joe Gaspers, Plunkett, Gaston and Lands.

March 30, 2008 – Gary Emerson – We learned on March 30th that Gary Emerson recently passed away. Gary had been on our Missing Classmates list until recently when we heard from Leon Kent that Gary Emerson had terminal cancer.  Leon reported that he “accidentally ran into Gary about ten years ago in Cambria, California.  His daughter and grandchildren lived there and I knew them through the school system. Gary moved there to be closer to his daughter and grandchildren. I saw him often and even attended his 60th birthday party.  His daughter eventually moved to Las Vegas for employment reasons and Gary moved on to Palm Springs for the heat.  I lost touch with him after that until his daughter called this week and told me about Gary. I have talked with him and will send him whatever I can from the 50th reunion.

“Gary was raised in East Wenatchee and attended school there K-9.  He was in band, and was the drum major.  He became a very successful business person in Seattle. He was the Comptroller and CEO, of KIRO radio for years.  I enjoyed so much our visits in Cambria and we were both enjoyed talking about the good old days. “I know some of the Smitty's bunch will remember Gary and I know he would appreciate a card from them.”

A copy of the reunion WaWa was sent to Gary following receipt of Leon's note.

March 21, 2008Class of 1957 Donation to the Wenatchee High School Alumni Foundation Scholarship Program. As most of you know by now, as part of our 50th reunion activities, Lloyd Fryhover initiated a raffle to generate funds for the Scholarship program. To kick this off, Lloyd offered a choice of several off-road and utility type vehicles or a cash prize of $1,000. Pat (Quinn) Bryant headed up the ticket sales and received help from a number of classmates including Iris (Phillips) & Don Bolstad, Carlton & Mary Olson, and BJ (Bolton) Herron. More than $2000 was collected from the ticket sales. The drawing, which was held during the Saturday night party at the reunion, was won by Bob and Corky Ajax who donated the prize money to the scholarship fund. In addition, a portion of the remaining funds from the reunion was also contributed bringing the total donation to over $4,000.

The scholarships are awarded by the Wenatchee High School Alumni Foundation which is comprised of about 10 board members. Gar is currently serving as its president. Gar advised that five to eight scholarships will be awarded based solely on need to the most deserving applicants who are selected by an unbiased committee. Each scholarship will be between $1,000 and $1500. The students attend a variety of colleges from very small to very large. The money is to help with their college expenses -- they can use it as they please but must be enrolled in school.

Our class's donation has been acknowledged with the addition of a plaque which is displayed at the high school. The Class of 57 plaque is included in the group of “Major Donors. Our class and the many class members who worked and contributed to this worthy cause, especially Lloyd, deserve a big Thank You.

February 5, 2008 - "Westside" Classmates Gather Neither rain nor sleet nor wind nor hail could keep the WHS gals from meeting for lunch in Southcenter on February 5th. When Shirley Cannon came to town she rounded up a few faithfuls from the Greater Seattle-Tacoma area for a "post reunion" time at the Bahama Breeze and foul weather didn't keep 11 from braving the elements. Due to closed passes and record snowfall in the mountains, the Wenatchee folks didn't make it. Those attending were: Marilyn Heath, Gig Harbor; Judy Abraham, Whidbey Island; Judy Wayerski, Stanwood; Judy Plughoff on lunch hour from Boeing; Sheila Mohr and Deanna Tibbles from Bothell/Kirkland; JoAnne Russell, Shoreline; Carol Thrapp, Puyallup; Mary Lou from Federal Way; Joan Ulrich could almost walk from her condo in Tukwila and Shirley flew in from San Diego. (See photo on Candid Camera in the Look At Us Now Album)

January 21, 2008 - Paul Burton wrote today to say that he is back at work following major abdominal surgery for cancer in December. He is doing well although he says that complete healing and recovery will take a month or two more. According to Paul, “The written instructions say no heavy lifting for 6 weeks after surgery, but they don't define heavy.” He mentioned that he appreciated receiving a note and an e mail from classmates.

January 18, 2008 - In a recent note, Rosemary Rice said that Dick experienced a vision problem in his left eye while working in his garage Friday. This turned out to be a ruptured blood vessel in the back of the retina of his eye. The doctor says it will take two months to heal. In the mean time Dick is getting plenty of TLC from Rosemary who is helping him finish reading a book he had recently begun reading. I know we all wish Dick a speedy recovery.

January 9, 2008 – Today's issue of the Wenatchee World had an article about a heroic rescue by Odean Andrew, an Alaskan bush pilot and son of classmates, Joy (Juchmes) and Orlo Andrew. Joy and Orlo are justifiably proud of their son as described in the DW article. You can read the story here.

January 2008 – A belated “Way to go Girl” to our classmate, Joan Ulrich Hernadez.

December 2007 – It is with sadness that we report the loss of two of our classmates in December.

Bev West died on December first after an extended battle with cancer. We will all remember her as Cheerleader, Homecoming Queen, and the friendly and popular person who was liked by all. She will be missed. (12/07)

Jim Cearlock died unexpectedly December eighth in his sleep at his home in Wenatchee. Jim was a regular at the Smitty's luncheons every month, a former Marine and a good guy who will be missed by his many friends.

See the Memorial page for more details. (12/13/07)

December 2007 – Congratulations to Lyle and our classmate, Bernice (Brandt) Allstot who celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with an open house at the Church of the Nazarene in Wenatchee. They were married December 21, 1957, at the First United Methodist Church in Wenatchee. The couple have lived in East Wenatchee throughout their marriage. They have two sons, one daughter, six grandchildren and one great-grandchild. Lyle is retired from the road construction business. Bernice was a bank teller and homemaker.

June 2007 –- 50 Years ago – Appleatchee Princesses Sharon Gensinger will represent Wenatchee as Appleatchee Princess at the Ellensburg Rodeo in September

June 2007 –- 50 Years ago -- Classmate Receives Baseball Honor Wenatchee High School's Carlton Olson is among 36 athletes from throughout the state who have been selected to play in the Seattle-State All-Star baseball game. Actually what happened here is that Carlton received so many awards that Mr. Avery called him into the office and asked him to chose two so that other classmates would have a chance. Carlton selected this one. I'm not sure who got the other awards – certainly not your editor.

June 2007 -- Friends get together for 50th Anniversary Party in Arizona Betty Buckles Thrash and her husband Wes celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on June 8th. Betty and Wes were married in Wenatchee at the First Presbyterian Church. They moved to Scottsdale, Arizona in the early 60's and have been here every since. Their children and grandchildren had a wonderful party for for them with dinner and dancing. Betty reports that they were so very touched to have family and so many friends attend for our special night. One of our Special Guests was my maid of honor, Joan Ulrich Hernandez and her husband Dick.

Infamous Classmate?? Shirley Cannon sent along the following which she wanted to share with classmates: "When you have the same name as a Hollywood celebrity, this was bound to happen. Wes Craven's bio information in the WHS Alumni Directory 2006 was mixed up with Wes E. Craven, known for "Nightmare on Elm Street" and other horror flicks. Apparently, the "Freddy Krueger" Craven graduated in 1957 from another high school and sent in his credentials which ended up in Wenatchee's listing as Dir./Writer/Producer, Wes Craven Films, L.A., CA. Our classmate Wes lives in Silverton, OR and operates a nursery business. At least he doesn't keep kids up at night with his scary movies!"  

May 1957 -- 50 Years Ago (From Wenatchee World 5/9/07) Rena Maughan donned her second crown at Eastmont High School this week. She reigned as queen over the school's May Day pageant. She was also Princess East Wenatchee at this year's Apple Blossom Festival. Performing the traditional maypole dance were Ethel Murphy, Sharol Reeves, Judy Weaver, Pat Lindell, Betty McGee, Sue Ellen Bready, Karen Patrick and Linda Williams. 

April 1957 -- 50 Years Ago -- Interview with Jewel Bergan Brumbaugh -- by Travis Hay, Wenatchee World (April 28, 2007)

Today: Spends most of her time traveling the country visiting friends and family.

Personal: Has five children and 13 grandchildren

Favorite queen memory: Brumbaugh comes from a working-class background and said she was pleasantly surprised by the way people treated her when she was queen. "People treated me very well. I felt queenly and regal, which was something else for this little girl from Wenatchee," she said. "It was a wonderful experience that I have always kept with me. So thank you Wenatchee."

Notable: Brumbaugh travels and lives in her blue 1973 Dodge camper van. She has a Leavenworth address but spends most of her time traveling and visiting family and friends in other states. The van has 230,000 miles on it and Brumbaugh has rebuilt the engine and carburetor herself. "It's like new except for the mileage," she said. Although she travels and lives all over the country, she makes regular trips back to Washington to visit family and friends here. "I have so many people I love and so many people who love me. It's a wonderful life to be able to travel whenever I want to visit them," she said about living in her van. "And if I ever need a break I just go to my van." 

March 1957 -- Keeping up with the Apple Blossom Queen and Princesses -- 50 Years Ago. Queen Jewel Brumbaugh was presented with her crown and scepter at a luncheon meeting of the Soroptimist club. Those two items as well as the tiaras for Princesses Marilyn Dalvit and Sandra Gillette were designed and made by Mrs. Fern Cousineau Duncan, a member of the club. (March 26, 1957) The Royalty soon began touring the state in a hot pink Lincoln Premiere! You Go Girls! (And who said "Happy Days" existed only on television. And when it comes to flashy cars, Elvis had nothing on us!)

March Madness in Wenatchee -- 50 Years ago. Wenatchee will be taking aim at a berth in the State Class A basketball tournament when they meet tonight. Playing for the Panthers are Melvin Baker, Carlton Olson, Danny Keith, Howard Mahugh, Gar Jeffers, John Murphy, Tom Baker, Jim Arnsberg, Ralph Graves, Gary Dasso, Gus Finkbeiner and Ronnie Johnson.

And then there were ten! On February 25th, fifty years ago, cheers and tears of joy greeted the selection of the Top 10 contenders for queen of this year's Apple Blossom Festival. Selected by a vote of the Wenatchee High School student body were Judy Avey, Becky Brennan, Jewel Brumbaugh, Marilyn Dalvit, Sandra Gillette, Sharon Gyorfi, Dorothy Shadbolt, Joan Snitily, Judy Wayerski and Beverly West.

Do you remember the anticipation of who would be the Apple Blossom Queen!! Only fifty years ago today (February 15th) the first step toward finding a new queen for the Apple Blossom Festival was taken at Wenatchee High School. Twenty-five contenders were named with the race to be narrowed to 10 next week. Here are the twenty-five who should remember this day forever: Kaye Anderson, Judy Avey, Becky Brennan, Jewel Brumbaugh, Carol Cammack, Delores Cannon, Jacqueline Duncan, Marilyn Dalvit, Sande Gillette, Sharon Gyorfi, Nadine Gilbert, Kathleen Johnson, Darlene James, Bonnie Mattig, Rena Maughan, Iris Phillips, Dorothy Shadbolt, Joan Snitily, Mary Jo Smart, Sandra Sloane, Joan Ulrich, Patricia VanDivort, Darlene Wentz, Judy Wayerski and Beverly West.

Do you remember 1957?? Graduation was within our sights! The drama class was preparing for a presentation of "Home Sweet Homicide," one of Craig Rice’s popular mysteries. Cast members included Darlene James, Skip Mussen, Margie Eickmeyer, Tricia Van Divort, Margie Gile, Becky Brennan, Jerry Bailor, Barb Rochelle, Susan Weidman, Jerry Haynes, Chuck Gillespie, Bob Lapthorn, Mike Miller and John Moats. And now it is 2007. Inside all of us is a younger person - wondering what the heck happened.

Jan/07 Stanley (Pete) and Betty (Sims) Bromiley celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on November 4, 2006 with a large gathering of friends and relatives at their home in Wenatchee. They were married November 3, 1956 in The Church of Christ in Wenatchee. They have been life-long residents of Wenatchee (except for a few months in Seattle). Pete and Betty have 6 children, 3 girls and 3 boys, 16 grandchildren, and 5 great-grandchildren.

Nov/06 James and Marian Hancock celebrated their 50th anniversary on November 16 in Mesa Arizona. Our classmate, Marian Lee, married Jim November 16, 1956, at her father’s home in Wenatchee. They have lived in Wenatchee, East Wenatchee, and Malaga, and for the last five years, they have lived in Chelan during the summer and in Mesa during the winter. Jim is a retired truck driver and orchardist. Marian worked in the apple industry and retired from real estate. Their children are Kathie Letnes and Stuart Hancock, both of Chelan; and Jim Hancock and Scott Hancock, both of Wenatchee. They have six grandchildren.

Update October/06 Stoney Murphy -- In September '05 Stoney had emergency brain surgery. He was able to return home but experienced problems with walking and balance and continued with physical therapy. In a short update today, however, we learned from Pat that Stoney has been having a difficult time. Certainly cards and, if you were close with the Murphy's, a phone call and perhaps a visit would be appreciated. Contact "Judy" (above)for his home address or number. We all wish Stoney well and the Smitty's group looks forward to his joining them again. 

October/06 Glen and Gail Haney celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary Sept. 22 with a dinner at the Cottage Inn in Wenatchee for family and friends. A vacation to Las Vegas is planned for this fall. The event was planned by their children. Gail Cress married Glen Haney Sept 22, 1956 in Wenatchee. They lived in Wenatchee until 1996 when they moved to their summer home in Plain. They returned to Wenatchee in 2004. Glen retired from Alcoa in 1996. She retired from Cashmere Valley Bank in 1995. When they moved back to Wenatchee they bought back their old house where they had lived for 19 years. Gail commented that she had back surgery a few years ago and now has arthritis so she doesn't get out much. They have three grandchildren.

October/06 Fifty Years Ago This Month -- Girl of the Month Becky Brennan was named Girl of the Month at Wenatchee High School.

October/06 Fifty Years Ago This Month --HiYu Pep Club New initiates of the pep club will prepare a dinner in honor of the other members at the home of Roberta Elmore. Pat VanDivort is the club president.

October/06 Fifty Years Ago This Month -- Wenatchee Cashmere Football Rivalry The principles of tonight's traditional Wenatchee-Cashmere football game are shown (picture not included) in a "friendly pre-game coin toss. They are co-captains Gar Jeffers and Carlton Olson for the Panthers and Jerry Key and Tonto Richardson for the Bulldogs.

October/06 Fifty Years Ago This Month -- Area Club Officers As reported in the Wenatchee World, Officers of two Wenatchee High School Boys' organizations and the Monitor Teen-age club were recently elected. For the Future Farmers of America are Bert Lake, president; Borden Coleman, vice president; Allen Tackett, secretary; and Stoney Murphy, treasurer. For the Derby Club are Tom Bousquet, president; and Frank Barnett, secretary-treasurer. For the Monitor Teen-age Club, Delores Cannon, president. Members of the club, formed eleven years ago, perform community service projects and hold two dances a month.

October/06 Fifty Years Ago This Month -- Homecoming. As reported in the Wenatchee World, the ten finalists for Wenatchee High School homecoming queen are Darlene James, Becky Brennan, Judy Wayerski, Sande Gillette, Sharon Gyorfi, Carol Cammack, Sandra Sloane, Beverly West, Jewel Brumbaugh and Dorothy Shadbolt.

Sept/06 Linda and Lael Vickery celebrated their 50th anniversary on Aug. 26 at the Wenatchee Brethren Church (where Barbara Bowman's father was minister in the 50's). Linda and Lael were married on Aug. 25, 1956 with classmate Barb Emry as a witness. For details see Candid Camera, "Retired" album.

July/06 Dewayne and Barbara Herron celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Barbara Tate-Bolton ('57) married Dewayne July 1, 1956. They have 10 grandchildren, and two great grandchildren.

July/06 Tom and Verna Black will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary with a reception at the Wenatchee Free Methodist Church. Verna Stillman ('57) married Tom September 23, 1956. They have 20 grandchildren and one great grandchild.

May/06 Don Eddy and Shirley Fisher Eddy, classmates from Malaga, celebrated their 50th anniversary May 13. They were married May 11, 1956, in Wenatchee. They lived in Malaga until 2005 when they moved to Omak. He retired as a foreman for Alcoa. She retired as a postmaster at the Malaga Post Office. They have three grandchildren and three great grandchildren. Congratulations!

50 Years Ago today (From the Wenatchee World 4/26/06)1956 -- Wenatchee Valley youths will attend the model YMCA State Youth Legislature this weekend in Olympia. They are Karen Copple, Darlene Wentz, Anne Culpepper, Jewel Brumbaugh, Kent Shoemaker, Gordon Pobst, Judy Plughoff, Pat Quinn, Lola Hinde, Ron LaFreniere, Bill Doell, Bill Sherrard and Gordon Lewis.